DC-3 & Contempories Fly In

Aviodrome -06Sep08-

Photos © R.Leeuw

Here are a few images to give an impression of the DC-3 (and Contempories) Fly In, at the Aviodrome Aviation Theme Park. You'll have to think the sound of those radials yourself, though... Next time: be there ?!!
Douglas DC-3 PH-PBA (c/n 19434) of DDA Airlines

Douglas Invader
Douglas A-26B Invader N167B / 434602/S (cn 27881) "Sugarland Express"
More about its history on my page dedicated to an Aviodrome visit on 30Aug09


Junkers JU-52/3MG2E 'D-AQUI' (D-CDLH) of Lufthansa Traditionsflug.


The crowds were treated on a static run up of the Constellation's engines.

People prepare for travelling

Looks like a nice day for a bit of flying...

On the move for yet another flight..

Excellent air-to-air photography of D-CDLH / 'D-AQUI' by Dietmar Schreiber on:
Photos by Friends and Guests -PAGE 15-

The Douglas DC-2 starts up too, with lovely bit of smoke we've all been waiting for!

Douglas PH-AJU is a DC-2-142 (c/n 14004). PH-AJU is a fake registration, as that particular KLM DC-2 crashed in the Syrian Desert (near Rutbah Falls) on 20Dec1934; this DC-2 is actually registered N39165 (under the tailfin sits very small 'NC39165').

'Bye 'bye, see you next time!


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