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British Columbia Aviation Museum (Victoria, B.C.), 2010


In between a visit to Butchart Gardens and a Whale Watching seatrip from Victoria's Inner Harbor, I found time to visit this museum which can be found at the Victoria Airport (which is closer to Sidney than Victoria, actually). Date of visit was 08Sep2010.
B.C. Aviation Museum, Victoria, B.C.


Eastman E-2 Sea Rover CF-ASY (c/n 17), restored with parts from c/n 16 CF-ASW.


Avro Anson 652A Anson
Avro Anson 652A Anson II FP846


early flight simulator




Bristol Bolingbroke IV 9104
Bristol Bolingbroke IV 9104 (incorporates parts from 9093 and 10163).


The remarkable Republic RC-3 SeaBee, C-FJLC (c/n 710); previous identities were NC6459K, N6459K, CF-JLC.





Supermarine Spitfire (Scale R)


Pietenpol B4-A Aircamper C-GSNS


early propellor as exhibit


Replica Plans S.E. 5A '080279'


C-GTDV, suspended from the ceiling, is Quickie Aircraft Quickie 1 (Rutan 54), c/n 1023


Noorduyn Norseman
Noorduyn Norseman VI (C-64A / UC-64A) CF-JDG c/n 538 - parts from c/n 131 CF-DRE.


Fleet 2 CF-AOD
Fleet 2 CF-AOD (c/n 6) - on loan from Royal British Columbia Museum (RBCM), B.C.
Fleet 2 CF-AOD


Auster K AOP 6 CF-XNF, 16662
Auster K AOP 6 CF-XNF (c/n 2586), ex/ VP639, 16662.


Lincoln Sport CF-AWA
Lincoln Sport CF-AWA
Lincoln Sport CF-AWA


T-33 133462
Canadair CL-30 Silver Star 3 (CT-133) 133462, a.k.a. Lockheed T-33AN.



Vickers Viscount C-FTHG
Vickers 757 Viscount C-FTHG (c/n 224)
More photos of CF-THG on my pages Photos by Friend and Guests (1) and (9)
Vickers Viscount C-FTHG, engine
Cockpit of Vickers Viscount
> Click this thumbnail for a larger inage of the cockpit <
cabin of classic Vickers Viscount
Cabin of C-FTHG


Conair Invader
Douglas A-26B Invader CF-BMS (c/n 18506, ex/ 43-22357, N91348, CF-BMS, C-FBMS).


Douglas Super DC-3 (R4D-8, C-117D) 'CG-JGQ', c/n 43307 - rebuilt from DC-3A-456 (R4D-5) Bu17116, N116DT, C-GJGQ ('CG-JGQ'). During Oct.2010 it was cut in half and the forward fuselage is
expected to be preserved.

Karl E.Hayes wrote a remarkable history on this Super DC-3:


Volunteer of the BCAM

radar - how it works


Harvard in restoration at BCAM
RCAF Harvard restoration; it is a composite of a Canadian Car & Foundry Harvard 4, Harvard II and a Yale.


Pistons forever!
Pratt & Whitney Wasp Jr. engine


British Columbia Aviation Museum



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Aviation Museums of North America

The most wonderful book to have with you for visiting air museums and seeking out plane collections are the books by Bob Ogden, published by Air-Britain.

In 2011 a 2nd edition was published, fully revised and now also including monuments, by Air-Britain (Historians) Ltd.

Museum list The book is also extremely helpful to catalogue your photos when you return home with photos taken at aviation museums.

Besides this edition on Aviation Museums and Collections of North America (published in 2007), there are the editions Aviation Museums and Collections of Mainland Europe and Aviation Museums and Collections of the Rest of the World.
The books offer great detail and are masterpieces of research.

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