Interior of the Convair Mosquito Sprayer
© Sean "Kern" Mosher


The Beaufort County in South Carolina,USA operates 3 C-131 Convairs, of which 2 are equipped to fight mosquitos. I came across these on my travels in the area, in 2005 and Mr Mosher, chief pilot of the Beaufort County Mosquito Control Unit, kindly sent me these photos and information for publication on my website.

Note that the unit replaced these ConvairLiners, N8149H found a new home in March 2015 in Opa Locka,FL with Conquest Air. In 2010 I noticed it for sale on the website and its ferry flight to Opa Locka originated from Columbus, Mississippi.

Convair N8149H is seen here basking in the sun on a beautiful day in Oct.2003.

The tanks inside contain the Public Health Pesticides that is used to spray for mosquitos. They include Anvil and Scourage. Both are EPA approved and are effective. The area has been inhabited by mosquitos for many years and has been the reason for several outbreaks of disease in the region. And that is where these Sprayers come in!

Click on the images for a larger photo
Click on the photo for a larger image Kern wrote me: "We normally do not spray outside the county unless we are requested by Federal Agencies. We stay pretty busy here in Beaufort".

While the box has been opened for the benefit of the photo, you can see that everything (including the lines) is well strapped to the aircraft structure.

Another shot of the interior. Kern Mosher wrote me: "We fly the airplanes usually from May through November and the helicopter year-round. I fly both so I do have a great job!!! We put about 100 hours on each a year."

Thanks Kern!

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