N12907, donated by Saber Cargo Airlines on their demise

Jeff 'Sirius' Rankin-Lowe wrote me in May 2005 about the history of C-47 c/n 15742/27187, as displayed (at time of writing) in Carolinas Air Museum at Charlotte IAP,NC (see link below).

"Here's what I have on CAF 12907:

- initial incorrect c/n 15742
- corrected c/n 27187
- delivered to USAAF as C-47B-20-DK, s/n 43-49926, 19.1.45
- t/o/s by RAF as Dakota Mk IV, s/n KN258, 23.1.45
- to U.K., 13.2.45
- to 233 Sqdn (RAF), ?.3.45
- to 435/436 Sqdns (RCAF)*, 7.9.45
- to 436 Sqdn (RCAF)*, (date unknown)
- to 435 Sqdn (RCAF)*, 17.3.46
- to RCAF as Dakota Mk IV, s/n KN258, 7.4.46
- t/o/s by RCAF as KN258, 20.7.46
- converted to Dakota 4MSR, (date unknown)
- incorrectly wore "258", (date unknown)
- serial corrected to KN258, (date unknown)
- reserialled as 12907, effective 26.6.70
- stored (Saskatoon), 18.11.71
- to Winnipeg (for use by CFANS and/or CFS), ?.6.72
- to Cold Lake, ?.8.72
- named 'Miss Piggy', (date unknown)
- to Winnipeg, 1974
- to training aid A754, 27.10.76
- to Air Reserve Technical Training Unit, 1976
- reactivated to flying status, 18.7.84
- wfu 31.3.89
- s/o/s 17.1.90
- to CADC, 1990
- to Fleming Corp as N92BF, 9.8.91
- reregistered as N12907, 21.4.95
- operated in RCAF colour scheme and markings
- to ? as N12907, (date unknown)
- painted in USAAF D-Day markings, (date unknown)
- to Saber Cargo Airlines as N12907, 21.4.95
- badly damaged (Charlotte IAP, Charlotte, NC; starboard main gear collapsed; nosed over), 26.9.00

* The aircraft was still in the RAF's inventory when assigned to these RCAF squadrons."

Jeff Rankin-Lowe

Status by 2019:
The Carolinas Aviation Museum had to close as their lease on their accommodation had always been under the provision of possible redevelopment and that day had come.
From https://www.carolinasaviation.org/ (Sep.2019)
"After 26 years of making history and imagination soar, Carolinas Aviation Museum is now closed at 4672 First Flight Drive. We are proud to be partnering with the City of Charlotte, Charlotte Douglas International Airport, and internationally recognized firm Freeman Ryan Design to develop plans for a state-of-the-art new location in Charlotte with a planned re-opening in 2022."

The museum still have 2 DC-3s but moving to other accommodation may have effects on the collection.

C‑47‑DL N44V (c/n 4545), restored aircraft, operated by Carolinas Historic Aviation Commission in Piedmont AL livery, based Charlotte,NC.

C‑47B‑DK N12907 (c/n 27187). When operated by 'First Flight Out' suffered damage and the wreck was subsequently preserved at Carolinas Aviation Museum at CLT.
This is a former RAF aircraft, built as a C-47, and as stated seriously damaged in a landing accident at CLT in 2000, while operating a civilian cargo flight for Saber Cargo.
It was convenient that the Carolinas Aviation Museum was right on airport grounds so the damaged aircraft could be put out to a decent pasture.
Report on https://aviation-safety.net/database/record.php?id=20000926-0

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