New Delhi, jan. 2009

Photos © Ruud Leeuw


HS.748  VT-EAV

Quite below standard quality, shot in haste, through the window opposite of me, between the other passengers on board the bus which was taking us to our domestic (SpiceJet) flight (18Jan09):
HS.748-228 Series 2B (c/n 542) of the Border Security Force, Flying Unit.

EX-059 IL-18

On board my Virgin Atlantic flight VS300 on 23Jan09, going home, I had my camera ready while we taxied to the runway...
I was quite pleased to be able to photograph Ilyushin IL-18V EX-059 (c/n 182004801), reportedly operating for Kyrgyzstan Airlines.

EX-059 on

Seems like a storage ramp to me.


From above On take off to Varanasi, 18Jan09, I took this photo in the fading light of late afternoon.

Military ramp

On board VS300, 23Jan09, we taxied along this military ramp. Things hadn't moved much in the past few days.

Spot the difference...
I hadn't noticed it, but Anne Galama had: "if you compare these two photographs, one will see no.4 engine has been removed from the large transport.. So they are working on it!"

Close up / enlarged
A close up, enlarged from the photo above.

Close up / enlarged
K2708, Antonov An-32 (c/n 503) of the Indian Air Force.

What's this???

The area, 37 seconds after take off During take off from runway 28 I suddenly noticed the shape of an aircraft below me. By the exif data from my photos, having taken a shot while the aircraft rotated, I noticed it was less than 40 seconds after take off (we were on board an A340-600, bound for London-LHR).


I thought it might be a Vickers Viscount, looking at the images of Google Maps.., the way that shadows falls around the cockpit. Some agreed with me and as the website testifies, numerous Indian Viscounts were 'withdrawn' but not necessarily scrapped.

Then Mick Butt wrote: "I saw this airframe on 7th February from both outside and inside. It's an A300 fuselage with the rear removed and a pretend tail stuck on top of it... There are no clues whatsoever as to its identity as all instrument panels etc. have been removed."
Stewart added: "Not sure if it is a formal trainer, but the intention is that the public can pay to go through a similar, simpler training program as an amusement [sic], including the opportunity to slide down an escape slide, something most of you don't have the chance to do, either emergency or practice."
Mick attached 2 images, one showing his wife in the cockpit, with the fake cockpit instruments, and the other one displaying the improvised tail...
Funny tail

Jürgen Scherbarth offered the following lead:
" Aerotransport Database / Alexandre Avrane, he has the following information on the mystery A300 fuselage in Delhi:
VT-EFW A300B2-101 (c/n 111) Indian AL ex F-WZEI Destroyed 08-03-02 at Delhi (fuselage moved off-airport mid-2004 to B.C.Gupta house and used wingless as "Franklinn Air Hostess Training" at 28 34 24.2 N 77 4 12.9 E) "

Is it possible Paul Merton took a dive from this plane..?? To watch on a PC you will need Windows Media Player. For Macs, you need Flip4Mac.
Watch in Windows Media

Location in relation to runway 10/28. Two metro (subway) stations are nearby as well as the Apeejay College

Sector 9 Metro Station is nearby

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