Fokker F.27, c/n 10669 - history by Gil White

Fokker F.27 Mk 500F Friendship
VH-EWY C/n 10669

Manufactured by N.V. Koninklijke Nederlandse Vliegtuigenfabriek Fokker and initially registered PH-EXL to the manufacturer on 29May1984. First flight flown on 18Jun1984. Purchased new by East-West Airlines Ltd and reregistered VH-EWY to East-West Airlines (Operations) Ltd on 02Aug1984. Delivered to East-West on 03Aug1984 and arrived at Tamworth after the ferry flight on 10Aug1984. Whilst in service with company aircraft was named was 'City of Armidale'. Its first revenue earning service with the company was flown on 16Aug1994.

On 23Aug1989 withdrawn from service and placed in storage at Tamworth to await its fate but in September 1989 it had a reprieve when leased to Ansett W.A. on 15Sep1989 for a period of time during the pilot's strike to service the Argylle Diamond Mine contract. Reportedly leased to CC Air Inc., which was based at Charlotte in North Carolina. During 1990 sold to Walker Aviation Leasing of Jersey in the United Kingdom and registered to the company on 30Oct1990. Later leased to Jersey European Airways Ltd.

A few months after arrival in the United Kingdom aircraft reregistered G-JEAH on 21Jan1991. Struck off the civil register on 21Jan1991. First revenue earning service for the company was flown on 04Sep1990. On 28Mar1993 aircraft damaged at Brussels Airport when it landed with the starboard undercarriage unlocked. Aircraft was flown back to Exeter and repaired to reenter service with company on 29May1993. Whilst with Jersey European Airways Ltd operated as a passenger aircraft.

On 04Aug1995 whilst on a scheduled flight from Leeds Bradford Airport to Belfast City Airport with the Captain as the handling pilot. The takeoff and climb were reported as normal as was the flight to Belfast. When the aircraft was 45 nm from Belfast the crew requested clearance from the ATC and were given the initial descent clearance, where Runway 04 was in use.

During the descent the Captain requested that the High Pressure Cocks to 'Open'. As the First Officer had only recently completed line training he was unsure of the procedure and the Captain demonstrated the correct technique. The First Officer completed all other descent checks.

As the aircraft levelled at FL120 they were then informed that Runway 22 was now in use and the Captain then briefed again for the new runway. Approach checks were completed but there was no mention of the High Pressure Cocks as evidenced by the cockpit voice recorder. Shortly after the aircraft came to a standstill on the runway the crew of another aircraft advised that there were flames coming from the left engine but the instruments on the flight deck did not give any warnings but both the Captain & First Officer had visual sightings at both engines which were smoking but no fire could be observed. The Captain selected the High Pressure Cocks to feather, pressed the feather buttons and fired two extinguisher bottles into each engine.

At this stage the Airport Fire Service was on the scene and saw fire coming out both exhausts and quickly extinguished the fire. As the situation had been brought under control the order for evacuation was not given. The passengers later disembarked through the normal exit using a ladder provided by the fire service.

Examination of both engines after this incident showed that both had suffered turbine burn out and also that of the four extinguisher bottles reportedly fired in reality only one had been fired and tests showed no abnormalities. Recommendations were then made that all British registered Fokker F.27 aircraft have the High Pressure Cocks be kept in the 'lock out' during all phases of the flight. Repaired to reenter service with the company.

Retired from service with company on 06Dec1999 and placed in storage at Exeter Airport to await its fate. Sold to Euroceltic Airways Ltd., which was based at London's Luton Airport on 03Feb2000 and reregistered G-ECAH on 14Apr2000 to Nordic Aviation Contractor A/S, which was based at Skive Airport in the Kingdom of Denmark. Whilst in service with company aircraft will be used on their Luton to Waterford service. Leased to Atlantic Bridge Aviation Ltd trading as Sky-Trek Airlines, which was based at Lydd in the United Kingdom. Whilst in service with the company aircraft was named 'City of Port Lairge' on 14Sep2000 in a naming ceremony.

Returned to Euroceltic Airways on 15Sep2000 as the company declared themselves bankrupt and was placed in storage at Exeter Airport. Leased to BAC Express during the latter half of 2000 and operated again for Sky-Trek Airlines.

Its inaugural service with Euroceltic was flown on 14Feb2001 when it flew the Luton to Waterford service. Still in service as a passenger aircraft until 04Nov2002 when it was withdrawn from service with the company. On 06Nov2002 ferried initially to Waterford and placed in storage and on 13Dec2002 ferried to Billund for maintenance but was again parked in storage.

F.27-500RF G-ECAH (c/n 10669) at Lydd Airport,UK on 06Aug00. There did not seem much business going on at the time.

Final fate of aircraft has not been ascertained as Euroceltic had their Air Operating Certificate suspended by the British Civil Aviation Authority on 27Jan2003. On order to be sold or leased to P.T. Airmark Indonesia Aviation trading as Airmark Indonesia Aviation in late December 2002 but the sale did not eventuate.

Leased to Newair Airservice of Billund in Denmark and registered to the company on 20May2003. Noted still in storage at Billund inside hangar in July 2004. Returned to Nordic Aviation Contractor A/S and registered to the company on 30Jul2004. Struck off the British civil register on 21Jun2005 as it had been reported as exported to the Philippines.

Aircraft's new identity and operator has yet to be ascertained.

© Gil White (2004).
Aviation Historian (specialising Ansett)

Gil White 2005IN MEMORIAM.
"It has been a great pleasure to have known you all, but my days are now numbered." -24Jun06.
Gil White passed away on 27Jun06. He will be remembered by me as a enthusiastic (Ansett) historian and a courageous person; may he rest in peace.

Heinz Rentmeister wrote me the following update in Feb.2009:
"I can confirm to you that c/n 10669 is indeed in the Philippines now, serving with the Philippine Air Force and seen active on 16FEB09.
It carries "Philippine Air Force"-titles (at least on the starboard side) and 10669 as its serial."

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