Fokker F.27, c/n 10672 - history by Gil White

Fokker F.27 Mk 500 Friendship
VH-EWZ C/n 10672

Manufactured by N.V. Koninklijke Nederlandse Vliegtuigenfabriek Fokker and initially registered PH-EXS to the manufacturer on 6/8/1984. First flight flown on 8/8/1984. Purchased new by East-West Airlines Ltd and reregistered VH-EWZ to East-West Airlines (Operations) Ltd on 27/8/1984. Arrived at Tamworth after the ferry flight from Schiphol on 4/9/1984. Whilst in service with company aircraft was named 'City of Port Macquarie'. Its first revenue earning flight for the company was flown on 11/9/1984.

Also withdrawn from service and placed in storage at Tamworth on 23/8/1990 to await its fate. During 1990 sold to Walker Aviation Leasing and registered to the company on 30/10/1990. Later leased to Jersey European Airways Ltd Initially entered service with Jersey European Airways Ltd registered VH-EWZ on 23/8/1990. Struck off the Australian civil register on 13/12/1990. Reregistered G-JEAI on 18/12/1990. Retired from service with company and placed in storage at Exeter Airport to await its fate.

Sold to Euroceltic Airways Ltd., which was based at London's Luton Airport on 30/3/2000 and reregistered G-ECAT on 14/4/2000. In 2001 aircraft was undergoing maintenance at Exeter and had not yet entered service with the company. When it enters service with company aircraft will be used on their Luton to Waterford service. At this stage aircraft is being offered for charter. Whilst in service with the company it has been configured to carry 48 passengers.

F.27-500RF G-ECAT (c/n 10672) at Lydd Airport on that same date.

Still in service with the company until 2/11/2002 when on a flight to Sligo Airport in Ireland aircraft overran the runway and ended up with the forward fuselage in the sea. Cause of accident was attributed to strong winds and a wet runway. Of the 3 crew and 36 passengers nobody was injured in this accident. On 14/11/2002 aircraft was declared a writeoff after the accident by the company due to saltwater damage. Aircraft fuselage is in use as an instructional aid at Sligo Airport in 2004.

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