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On a regular basis people sent me photos, to share their enthusiasm for vintage airliners or to illustrate a question. These photos have been lingering in a scrapbook or a discarded box somewhere and/or probably wouldn't find their way to Online-use or publication.
To prevent them from getting lost, with permission of the sender, I would like to share them on this page.
Photos already online (personal websites,,, etc) are not meant to be included here.

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southport manitoba
Joey, the "King of Obsolete", sent me these images, taken during 2007 at Southport Manitoba which is an old air force base just 4 miles south of Portage la Prairie in Manitoba province. On display here are Beech D18S Expeditor serial 1560 (c/n CA-180/A-760), Beech C23-19 Musketeer (CT-134) 134201 (c/n M-1325) and a Canadair CL-41 Tutor '114000'.
Joey has a very interesting WEBSITE..

Geurt van den Berg sent me these images of Propliners at Johannesburg-Rand, taken on 26Sep08.
ZS-BMH and ZS-AUB at Johannesburg-Rand
DC-4-1009 ZS-BMH (c/n 43157)
ZS-SKY of SkyClass
ZS-CAI with SkyClass titles

NAC N6174C

Fred Barnes wrote me in Oct.2008: "NAC planned to retire their DC-6As/C-118s from service at the end of Sep08. Only 2 aircraft were left in service N6174C DC-6A c/n 44075 and N2907F C-118A c/n 44636.
Another C-118A N43872 c/n 44665 was parked at Anchorage and used as an engine test bed. That aircraft was selected to be donated to the Alaskan Aviation Heritage Museum.
Above: N6174C is seen departing from Anchorage RWY32 on 18Sep08."
N43872 Fred continued: "A number of propliner enthusiasts went to Alaska in Sep.2008. Myself and 3 colleagues had a tour at Everts in Fairbanks and Northern Air Cargo; we were escorted on to the ramp in Fairbanks and Anchorage, so we had a good trip and were grateful for the hospitality we enjoyed here.
We even had some sunshine in Fairbanks and some dry weather in Anchorage.. Luckily we witnessed the NAC DC-6 flying (above)."
Seen here is Northern Air Cargo N43872, parked at Anchorage on 18Sep08.

Northern Air Cargo retired its last 2 DC-6 cargo aircraft on 26Sep08 with a ceremony at Ted Stevens Int'l AP (ANC). N6174C operated the final revenue flight, flying mail to Emmonak and returning with a load of fresh fishto ANC. The crew consisted of Capt Becky Wilbur, F/O Jim Foss and F/E Ron Valentine.
The DC-6 has been the backbone of the NAC fleet for 39 years and has played a significant role in the development of rural Alaska. NAC added its first DC-6 in 1969 and ended up acquiring 15 Sixes over a period of 25 years. One DC-6 will be donated to the Alaska Heritage Museum.

Received following from Aviodrome (Lelystad, Netherlands):
Towed inside 06Dec08

The Connie N749NL is seen being towed inside on 06Dec08, to spend the winter in warmer climes. The Constellation is now again part of the exposition while some minor maintenance will take place during the next few months.
During the early months of 2009 the final documentation will be completed en consultation with the FAA will continue and should result in nominating an examinator for the flight engineer.
Prospects look good to have the 'Dutch Connie' flying again in 2009!
By end march or early april the Constellation will be moved outside again.

Rolf Larsson sent me these photos, taken in Bolivia, with a request for help..
C-46 CP-1267 Bolivia
Martin 404 CP-1441
Martin 404 CP-1570
A friend of mine was working for ICAO in Bolivia and when visited him I had access to all the ramps at La Paz/LPB.
CP-1570 is a Martin 404 with c/n 14167 and was initially delivered to TWA in 1952 as N40432. It later served with a number of operators before becoming CP-1570 with CAMBA in 1980. It was lost in an accident on 16 June 1987 at Paraparau, it experienced engine problems and made a forced landing. It is variously reported whether the three crewmembers were fatally injured or not. The picture was taken at LPB on 08Jan1981.
CP-1441 is a Martin 202A with c/n 14075. Initially also a TWA aircraft delivered in 1950 as N93205. It also later served with a number of operators, for approximaty a year (1960) also flew with the Mexican registration XA-NEK. It came to CAMBA in 1979 and is reported as having been transferred (leased/sold ?) to Compania Aerea Nacional in 1981. I believe its fate is unclear although it has been reported as having crashed in 1984, information most welcome. The picture was taken at LPB on 10Jan1981.
During my visit to Bolivia my friend also showed me the remains of a crashed C-46, CP-1267 c/n 30679. It was located on an open field approx. 5 NM NW of La Paz and was reported to have crashed in October 1980. It is, for me, somewhat unclear which company operated the C-46 when it crashed, it has variously been reported as TAB, TAS or Escorpion Trans Aereos, information welcome, also with regard to the exact date of the accident.
Best regards
Rolf Larsson

N793VS by Ben Strasser / USAF
The Convair NC-131H (c/n 245) Total In-Flight Simulator (TIFS), a very unique aircraft created to perform research for the U.S. Air Force, lands on the back field of the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force on 07Nov08. (U.S. Air Force photo by Ben Strasser)

Fokker F-27 Friendship VH-WAN Michael Clayton distributed this photo by Alan Macdonald through his friendly 'aviantology network'. The Fokker F.27 Friendship (some people say this Dutch turbine propliner is the only DC-3 successor in terms of versatility and commercial success) is getting more rare and I welcome the fact that VH-WAN will be preserved.
Thanks to Alan for allowing the use of his photos on my website. F.27-600 VH-WAN (c/n 10315) is seen here at Caloundra, following a safe road journey re-location from Tamworth/TMW recently. Well done to all at Queensland Aviation Museum which certainly is getting bigger and better at quite a rate of knots..

Bart Tiernan of Alaska's Bush Air Cargo sent me some photos of N777YA in its superbly varied habitat, in celebration of Bush Air cargo's new website:

"This 'beach' is right on the Tsiu River, North of Yakutat about 100 miles. We hauled about 175,000 pounds of Silver salmon off the beach there in the month of September. The photo was taken approximately the 1st of October, 2008. The photographer is me," Bart wrote.
Bart Tiernan
Barton 'Bart' Tiernan and N777YA


N777YA in softer climes..

N777YA Bush Air Cargo
In 2007 I also received some photos of N777YA, HAVE A LOOK

The history of this Douglas DC-3 can be read on my Alaska 2003 page.

N777YA was seriously damaged, perhaps beyond repair, on a landing incident at Nixon Fork Mine,AK 22Nov2015.

A photo I found in a family photo album, depicting my grandfather among this group, and Lockheed Constellation 'Delft' at Amsterdam's airport Schiphol.
KLM Constellation 'Delft'

The aircraft is PH-TDD, a Lockheed 749A Constellation (c/n 2556) , registered on 01Jan1949 to KLM NV of The Hague, Netherlands and named (for the city of) "Delft". The registration was cancelled on 18Dec1953 (!) and subsequently registered N90623, G-ANUX, N1593V, N22CS.
Around 1982 it was scrapped at Lima,Peru though parts lingered on for years afterwards.

Both Jürgen Scherbarth and 'eLaReF' sent in images regarding the perplexing story of N242AG, on display at Rimini (Italy), which seems to have been converted from a cargo C-47 to a passenger DC-3 and back again, outfitted with a cargodoor for freight flying..! See my page on Sep.2008 visit to Rimini.

airtankers in action Russ Heagle sent me these images, of air tankers in action.
The Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar and the Consolidated PB4Y Privateer have been retired from fighting forest fires a number of years ago, after a series of accidents causd an evaluation of the use of these vintage warhorses. A
few Lockheed P-2 Neptunes soldier on in this airtanker role, after modifications to the aircraft in use.
See also Tanker 130 Down!
Clockwise: 1. C-119 taxies in while groundcrew is standby
2. P-2 Neptune of Evergreen
3. Retardant drop by PB4Y-2 Privateer [Wikipedia]
4. ground crew refills Hawkins & Powers PB4Y Privateer N7620C (crashed 18Jul02, see report)

Lee Holden sent me these images of deHavilland Doves at Malaga,Spain-
Dove at Malaga

Lee wrote: "These two De Havilland Dove photos were taken at Malaga Airport in September 1994. We flew on N915PJ of Private Jet, leased to Oasis, and it was only leased four 5 months in 1994.
I dont know any of the reg's or construction numbers for these aircraft.
The nicely preserved Dove is just outside the new Malaga Airport Arrivals exit."

Dove PH-VLA at MalagaRoger Soupart identified this Dove as the one that was later repainted in the livery of Martinair, the Amsterdam,Netherlands-based airline which ceased its short haul segment on 01Nov08.
Malaga-AGP played a dominant role in the history of holiday flights, ever since Martinair was founded in 1958. But the tailnumber on this Dove, PH-VLA, was never carried.
Another deHavilland Dove in Martinair livery is preserved at the Aviodrome in the Netherlands.

A Feb2013 update was sent to me by Frans Truyens and can be seen on Photos by Friends & Guests (36)

Lee: "This Dove was located near to the old Malaga terminal building and may well be gone by now (Oct.2008) as it was in a sorry state when I saw it.."
Roger Soupart wrote me about this aircraft: "this Dove still exists (Nov.2008), it has been put on oildrums at the firefighters and you can not get to it..."
And Roger updated me in Sep.2016 that the Dove can still be found here but the only spot to take a picture of it seems to be the terminal and you have to use a 1200mm lens for it...
Dove at Malaga

Rolf Larsson is requesting help to identify this Lockheed Constellation...

Rolf wrote: "Could you and/or all fellow aviation enthusiasts help me to identify this L.1049 ?
Unfortunately I lost a lot of information, including the registration of this L.1049, in a data-crash. As you can see the registration is overpainted, however the picture was taken at Fort Lauderdale on 15 October 1975 and I am sure many of you out there recognize this old goodie.."

Ellis M. Chernoff identified it as N6206C (cn 4006), named 'Nani', a former Eastern Air Lines shuttle aircraft. Ellis photographed it himself in July 1977 and has his image on

Alan Miller sent me some vintage images from his collection...
Lockheed Constellation
Lockheed Constellation, apparently without any markings, at Miami Int'l
Lockheed Constellation

An unidentified Lockeed Constellation at Ft.Lauderdale,FL
Martin 404
Alan wrote:"this is Martin 404 I rode to Atlanta-ATL from Columbus Metropolitan Airport-CSG, N587S"

Richard Nash sent me these vintage photos from his collection:
Catair Super G This is a Catair Constellation "Super G", seen at London-LHR at some unknown date.

Catair on

Convair CV440 Convair CV440 'Metropolitan' OH-LRB of Finnair is seen here at Helsinki.

OH-LRB (cn 73) is preserved at the Finnish Aviation Museum!

Dirk Septer travelled the Canadian North and sent me these images..
Basler Turboprop C-GEAJ

This Douglas DC-3 C-GEAJ (14675/26120) was reconfigured by Basler to BT-67 turboprop and Dirk photographed it at Pond Inlet in the High Arctic (on the Baffin Sea), during July 2008.

Pond Inlet (Inuktitut: Mittimatalik, in English the place where Mitima is buried) is a small, predominantly Inuit community in the Qikiqtaaluk Region of Nunavut, Canada and is located at the top of Baffin Island. As of the 2006 census the population was 1,315, an increase of 7.8% from the 2001 census making it the largest of the four hamlets above the 72nd parallel. Pond Inlet was named in 1818 by explorer John Ross for John Pond an English astronomer.
Its economy is largely service based with government as the largest employer. Small businesses that serve the community, tourism, and art work though are also found.
As a tourist destination, Pond Inlet is considered one of Canada's "jewels of the North". It is one of the most picturesque communities with mountainous ranges viewable from all directions. Icebergs are most often accessible from the community within walking distance or a short snowmobile ride in winter.

Unfortunately, this aircraft C-GEAJ came to its end in another arctic region: Antarctica!
From 'RIA Novosti 05Jan09'- Artur Chilingarov, the Russian president's special representative for international cooperation in the Arctic and Antarctic, said that the plane could not be repaired and that the plans for the international expedition could change.
"Pilots transporting spare parts for the cross-country vehicles of a British expedition lost their bearings and crashed into the ice," Chilingarov said. "The crew of three and a Russian polar explorer are alive. They have been evacuated on a second plane."
He said the loss of the Basler BT-67 plane at the height of the Antarctic summer was a "heavy loss".

Date of the accident was 05Jan09, see the website of Aviation Safety Network

Jerry Vernon provided the following details of history on this aircraft:
C-GEAJ was built as a C-47B-5-DK, c/n 14675/26120, USAAF s/n 43-48859.
It flew with the French Air Force as F-RBNX and later with the South Vietnamese Air Force.
Basler BT-67 conversion No. 35A as N40386, with firebomber kit.
To USAF 6th SOS as a C-47T in 2007(!!)
Registered on 13Aug07 as C-GEAJ to Triumph Airways, Oshawa, Ontario.

I can add that Triumph Airways was renamed Antarctic Logistics Centre International (ALCI) Aviation in 2008. It owns four BT-67s: C-GAWI (Alfred Wegener Institute), C-FTGI, C-GEAI, and C-GEAJ.

DHC-2 c/n 712
@Hay River,NWT
July 2008

More on
c/n 1403




Dirk Septer wrote me: "This is Beech 18 CF-WUH (CA-222) which I photographed at some point at Ignace,ONT. Its registration was cancelled 18Jun2001."
During 2007 I made a trip through these parts myself, CF-WUH was one among many I photographed: HAVE A LOOK..

Cuatro Vientos
Roger Soupart went to Madrid and visited on 06Oct08 the stored deHavilland DHC-4/C-7 Caribou's at Cuatro Vientos air base.

Roger wrote me about this visit:
"One can get close to these Caribous by visiting the Aero Club, esspecially from the play area there are photo opportunities.
Nine Caribous are stored at Cuatro Vientos plus another one at the museum; Four are easy to photograph, three pretty difficult and the other three not at all..
The engines have been taken off,as the photos show.
Thar fire engine is a special one... It participated in the tragic events on 27Mar1977 at Tenerife (collision of KLM PH-BUF and Pan Am N736PA). I was at Tenerife that dramatic March 27th !
The museum at Cuatro Vientos is hard to find; I have visited it several times over the past 14 years but this time we ended up getting a cab because we couldn't find the bus.. Later we learned they built a huge underground busstation of which we had not been aware!"

Martin 404 N40417 at an unknown date, at Miami Int'l.
N40417 (cn 14123) Ex Piedmont aircraft, sold to Atlantic Southeast, wfu in 1973, broken up March 1978.

A few words from Wikipedia on the Martin 4-0-4:
"First deliveries in 1951 were made to Eastern Air Lines (who had ordered 60) and Trans World Airlines (who had ordered 40). The only other new aircraft of the production line were delivered to the United States Coast Guard who had ordered two as executive transports with the designation RM-1G later changed to RM-1 and then in 1962 to VC-3A. In 1969 they were transferred to the United States Navy and they had both been withdrawn from use by 1970. A total of 103 aircraft were built at the Glenn L. Martin factory in Baltimore.
The last airworthy 4-0-4 was ferried to the Planes of Fame Museum in February 2008, where it is on display together with a Martin 2-0-2."

I visited the Planes of Fame Museum at Valle,Arizona; see MY REPORT.

Larry Kraus is an airtanker pilot (flying Tanker 62) on the US westcoast; he is also a keen aviation enthusiast and posts his images on the Warbird Information Exchange (WIX) forum. Here are 2 images of Lockheed C-130A Hercules N479TM (ex/ USAF 57-0479, c/n 3186) restored to airworthiness recently.
This C-130A has been sitting at Redmond for 15+ years. It flew out on 22Sep08 for Visalia,CA. The one on the left was taken on 30Jul08.
N479TM registered 13Dec91 to TBM Inc and it seems it was made airworthy again, simply to fly it out to Visalia and be put in storage there again!
C-130 TBM
Tankers 60 & 62 of Butler Aircraft Company,OR on 18Sep08
Lockheed P-2 Neptune
Engine start up of Lockheed P-2 Neptune

Keith Burton sent me these sad images of Short Belfast G-BEPS..
Keith wrote: "The actual scrapping of Belfast G-BEPS commenced 23Oct08 at Southend. Quite a few parts have been removed recently along with three good engines to support the only flying example in Australia."
The photos further down were taken on 25Oct08; scrapping can be a simple and fast process...
There was a rumor that the cockpit was to be salvaged for a museum in the UK or Iceland and I hope that will become true.
Short Belfast G-BEPS
Belfast almost gone
G-BEPS awaiting doom
Scrapper at work
Doomsday for G-BEPS
G-BEPS tail
G-BEPS final (part(s)


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