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On a regular basis people sent me photos, to share their enthusiasm for vintage airliners or to illustrate a question. These photos have been lingering in a scrapbook or a discarded box somewhere and/or probably wouldn't find their way to Online-use or publication.
To prevent them from getting lost, with permission of the sender, I like to share them on this page.
Photos already online (personal websites,,, etc) are not meant to be included here.

With the ever growing popularity of Social Media (Flickr, Facebook, Instagram) the barrier has become much lower for people to share their photographs or scans of slides; imperfection to post aviation images is no longer an issue.
I noticed a decline in requests for publication on my website (a decline I welcome, as I struggle with the workflow) on my 'Guest Pages', so now some of these images shared below will be copied from Facebook & Flickr by me. For preservation of their historic value as I see it; always with proper credit to the photographer, of course!

Btw, while I am on social media, picking up on aviation news, I use it mainly for other interests while my website remains my main focus to share my interest in vintage aviation.


Added 9 propliner photos by Ron Mak to his gallery (PAGE #4), taken at Panama City in 1971
Propliners by Ron Mak at Panama City, 1971

These are parts of the BAHF Newsletter, forwarded to me August 2020
BAHF newsletter 2020
While The C-97 'Angel of Deliverance' was grounded due to engine problems, the Covid-19 ('Corona') pandemic
caused the 2020 air shows to be cancelled and thus chances to create income were gone...
N500EJ was considered 'damaged beyond economic repair and a replacement aircraft was procured with
proceeds from the insurance settlement. C/n 27370 (line nbr 316) will be used for spare parts supply.

BAHF newsletter 2020
Douglas C-54E, N500EJ (c/n 27370) heavily damaged.

BAHF newsletter 2020
N500EJ to be replaced by C-54D N9015Q (c/n 22178), which is expected to be painted the same as N500EJ and
also named 'Spirit of Freedom'. Plans also call for reregistering N9015Q to N500EJ, but not everyone is
enthusiastic about that idea. Read the full BAHF Newsletter (pdf doc)

This N9015Q was damaged in 2014 making a hard landing upon which the nosegear collapsed:
"An Island Air Transport Douglas DC-4 (C54-D), registration N9015Q performing a charter freight flight to New Smyrna Beach,FL (USA) with one crew, landed hard on New Syrna Beach Airport's runway 11 at 15:57L (19:57Z), during roll out the nose gear collapsed causing the aircraft to slide to a stop on its nose and main gear. The aircraft came to a stop about 630 meters/2060 feet down runway 11 blocking the intersecting runway 02/20 as well. There were no injuries, the aircraft sustained substantial damage."

Graham Robson sent me a photo to ascertain identity of this Marksman Invader being N60XX; see Searching For..
Marksman Invader N60XX (?)
The above photo is a detail focussing on the Invader at the Hill aircraft ramp at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood Int'l Airport, in 1979 – 1982 time frame. The full photo has the DC-3 (C-49J or C-53D in full) view.

Brad M. sent me this 16Aug20: "Recently I was up in Resolute Bay for work and noticed two different sections of what I was told is a DC-4.
My co-worker [sic] are not sure if it is the same plane or not as the distance is approximately 4 km between sites.
There are inscriptions/painted marks on dated 1976 and 1968."
Possible DC-4 remains near Resolute Bay
For more details and 2 more photos see my Abandoned Plane Wrecks of the North.

Ken Swartz wrote: "I had a productive visited to Brantford Airport, Ontario on July 25, 2020."
Grumman G.44 Widgeon, C-FBCP - by Ken Swartz
A 1943 Grumman G-44, C-FBCP (for sale for $275,000)."
More details plus for an American Tri-Gear Beech 18 here, one with a damaged wing, see Ken's gallery on my website.


JoeJoe Prince caught N55WE on 04Aug2020, on a beautiful day with the pilot looking down from his lofty office. JoeJoe wrote: "New to Renfro's Alaskan Adventures".
Good to see after its 2015 damage N55WE (c/n 273) has found a new home in Alaska!

DHC-2 N55WE at Bethel, Alaska - photo by JoeJoe Prince
When I checked FAA's N-inquiry on 06Aug20 registration was still 'pending', so a very 'fresh' addition indeed!
For history and details see JoeJoe's Page!


An unbelievable restoration is in progress...
DC-3 N130Q back on floats!

UPDATE JULY 31ST, 2020: "After 16 long years, The Only DC-3 in the World on Floats, N130Q, Folsom's massive seaplane of Moosehead Lake is back atop its EDO floats!
(Here) at Greenville Municipal Airport (K3B1). After all my years of research I'd never thought I'd see this. Unbelievable to witness in person towering over everything.
Word is that it is being made airworthy for a new owner in Alaska.
Been working on a book that will cover the history of the XC-47C Program evaluated in WWII as well as Greenville's iconic DC-3 on floats. Hope to have it completed this year and will post a link." ¬Jakob McKenney (FB WIX).

More details on the only commercially operated DC-3 on floats on my Photos by Guests & Friends #25.

Stephen Swan published images of N2-90 road transport, on Facebook, with an arrival at the HARS Aviation Museum.
Stephen wrote with his post: "HARS Aviation Museum has started reassembly of ex/ RAN C47 that was recently acquired as part of the RAN Heritage Flight. Aircraft will most likely be finished in Royal Tour livery having flown HRH QE II to Perth in 1954. To be assessed for future airworthiness. (Photos courtesy HARS Aviation Museum)."
DC-3 N2-90 to HARS Aviation Museum
DC-3 N2-90 to HARS Aviation Museum. The Grumman S-2 Tracker is most likely 153600.
I came across N2-90 in 2005 (see my OZ2005 report with details on its history) parked on the ramp, seen from the varandah of the air museum at Nowra, overlooking the historic HMAS Albatross. By 2006 it was 'under restoration'.
I gathered from information with this FB post that the RAN Historic Flight no longer exists

From (20Jul20) on the S-2: '153600 (msn 344C) to Royal Australian Navy 22Nov1967 as N12-153600, code 845. Damaged in hangar fire at HMAS Albatross, Nowra, New South Wales 04Dec1976.
To ground instruction airframe.
Underwent restoration at Nowra *HMAS Albatros* by Fleet Air Arm Museum. Now stored at Fleet Air Arm Museum, HMAS Albatross, Nowra, NSW.'; this link dates from 16Sep2018¬
"The RAN’s defunct Historic Flight has been put to limited Tender for disposal.
For many years the RAN had a ‘Historic Flight’ (HF), comprising a number of previous Fleet Air Arm operational aircraft. The Flight included two S2-G Trackers, two UHI-B Iroquois, two Westland Wessex Mk. 31B and one C47 Dakota, remnants of a Hawker Sea Fury and a De Havilland Sea Venom, and a large quantity of miscellaneous spares. Some of the aircraft were airworthy.
Around 2008 the Navy decided to cease operating the Historic Flight and engaged with the Historic Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS, based at Albion Park not far from Nowra) to see what could be done to preserve them.
The Navy/HARS partnership approach to loaning the aircraft to HARS broke down when the issue of risk and liability came to the fore.

Of the three organisations that responded to the RFT, HARS is therefore the only one with the stated intent to keep the collection together, that has offered to locate them near to the Fleet Air Arm’s home at Nowra, and has the resources to restore the majority of the collection to either static or flying status, as appropriate."

"After many years in limbo, the future of the Navy Historic Flight was given some certainty at the end of 2018 when HARS won the Tender to acquire its assets.
Douglas Dakota C-47B – N2-90 For Static Display at HARS NHF site adjacent to FAA Museum, subject to successful application to RAN and EIG for confirmation of HARS lease on the (already identified) block of land. May be located in the short term at Air Affairs, Nowra.
Grumman Tracker S-2G – N12-152333 Flight Line at HARS Sponsor Air Affairs. The aircraft will be surveyed for a more complete restoration back to flying status.
Grumman Tracker S-2G – N12-153600 Stored at HARS Sponsor Air Affairs, and also to use for parts and training support for the other Tracker.
Spares Grumman Tracker 37 Pallet Lot - Used for lots 07 and 08 to bring these two aircraft to their maximum potential. Spares will be stored at HARS Major sponsor Air Affairs."

All French Turbo Firecats, aeroplanes for aerial firefighting, were grounded earlier this year due to a fault found
in 2019 on the landing gear. So the Sécurité Civile has taken the decision to ground their entire Turbo Firecat fleet with immediate effect. This discovery has accelerated the gradual withdrawal of the type by a few years.
French Turbo Firecats grounded (2020)

See my Air Tanker Identification & Photos

Karen Wing of Everts Air informed me yesterday, 01Jun20, that DC-6B N151 (c/n 45496/992) was on its ferry flight to the air museum at Sola, Norway. She attached 2 photos, shown below. A generous donation to preserve this propliner.
DC-6B donated by Everts Air to Norway
Karen wrote: "Ron Klemm did the nose art for the plane."
Departure on YouTube: Alaska Classic! Everts Air Cargo DC-6 N151 departs from Anchorage
Everts Air DC-6 N151 departs Alaska for Norway
In Sep.2017 I learned from Karen Wing that N151 was to be flown to Sola to be put on display in Braathens SAFE colours. As it still had plenty of hours left on the engines, they decided to use it for another year. And then even a bit
more. Now it was time to put the generous donation into action. It has reach (as Karen put it) "the end of life for
use in both the Part 121 and 125 world"; but good to see it is retired as a preservation project to serve history.

From: (posted by 'daypharris')
"After 61 years in service, this old bird is coming back to Norway. The aircraft is intended to become a museum at Flyhistorisk museum Sola (airport in Stavanger, Norway).
Everts Air Cargo N151 started its long history long time ago. Delivered to Cathay Pacific in 1958 as VR-HFK, then to Braathens as LN-SUB in 1962. Later Saga Norsk Flytjeneste as LN-MTV (re-named Troll-air 1/72) and operated for Biman Bangladesh Airlines for some months.
Then Delta Air Transport (Belgium) as OO-LVG/OO-VGL 10/72, before going to Canada as a Conair-tanker,
C-GICD 1/76.
Converted to 'F' (DC-6B/F) and delivered to Air Cargo Express as N151 9/97.
Flying many years for Everts Air Cargo in Alaska. This Cloadmaster have had some adventurous and interesting history!"

DC-6 stopping at Yellowknife en route to Norway
DC-6 N151 stopping at Yellowknife en route to Norway.
From : (info 01Jun20): 'DC-6B N151 departed Fairbanks this morning at 3:28am local time for the 4½ hour flight to Yellowknife, NWT but was forced to return to Fairbanks due to a minor mechanical issue. The aircraft arrived back in Fairbanks at 4:23am and the problem was quickly rectified.
Departing again at 6:38am, the aircraft arrived in Yellowknife after a 4:40 flight. After taking on fuel in Yellowknife, the aircraft is scheduled to depart for the long nonstop flight to Stavanger, Norway.
After being on the ground in Yellowknife for about 3:30 hours, the aircraft and crew departed for Stavanger
at 3:42pm local time. Expected arrival at Stavanger is about 2:00pm local time tomorrow.'

DC-6 N151 at Yellowknife; photo by Patrick Jacobson DC-6 N151 at Yellowknife: what a fabulous colourscheme! Photo by Patrick Jacobson (FB).
DC-6B N151 was painted in 1960’s era Braathen-SAFE colours. I have a peronal memory on Braathens-SAFE, when
during late-1970s a delayed SAFE flight from the Canary Islands had to depart but knew that due to the delay
and crew duty hours, they would not make it to Stavanger. This was on New Year's Eve and Amsterdam (EHAM)
was one of few airports open during the night... And I was the only one in passenger handling (Aeroground Services)
that was around to handle the passenger side of things. Shortly before midnight the plane landed and I remember
clearly how people in summer clothing swiftly crossed the ramp among snow drifts to the terminal. I 'herded'
them to the busses for the hotel transfer and soon joined family with champagne. Must have been 1977 or 1978..?
Patrick Jacobson (FB)Photo by Patrick Jacobson, through Facebook's DC-6 N151 (LN-SUB) Ferryflight Group.

Virus strands Norway racer in Alaska after Iditarod win
Thomas Waerner won this year’s Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race in March, but he is still waiting to return to his home in Norway ¬ By The Associated Press - 25 May 2020, 04:16

'ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Thomas Waerner won this year’s Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race in March, but he is still waiting to return to his home in Norway.
Waerner and his 16 dogs have been stranded in Alaska by travel restrictions and flight cancellations caused by the coronavirus pandemic, The Anchorage Daily News reported Saturday.
"I like Alaska a lot,” Waerner said. “It’s kind of my dream place. But I have a family".
Waerner has five children and 35 other sled dogs in Torpa, Norway. He missed the 10th birthday of one of his children and misses morning coffee with his wife, Guro, who left Alaska in March shortly before health restrictions stopped travel.

The 47-year-old plans to fly home in early June on a DC-6 aircraft bound for the Air History Museum in Sola, Norway.
“We are hitchhiking,” Waerner said. "The plane is going to Norway, and we are going with them. We are so lucky".
Prior to the trip Waerner is expected to undergo a COVID-19 test and collect his dogs from a kennel in Salcha owned by fellow musher Arleigh Reynolds.'

Thomas Waerner winner Iditarod race
Thomas Waerner winner Iditarod race

DC-6 N151 final leg to Stanvager 02Jun20

Arrival DC-6 LN-SUb at Sola, Norway
Karen Wing: "Great job Everts crew: Rob Everts, Andy Lyon and Larry Levin. An over 20 hour flight and all safe
and sound in Sola. There is a huge support team back here in Fairbanks that made this trip possible."

Arrival DC-6 LN-SUb at Sola, Norway
From Livestream:

For preservation by Flyhistorisk Museum, Sola (Sola Aviation Museum) is an aviation museum located in Stavanger Airport, Sola, near Stavanger, Norway. The museum was founded in 1984, and is run by local volunteers.

Arrival DC-6 LN-SUb at Sola, Norway

Stephane Pouliot shared a few pics of the repaint, these showing the starboard side of N151/LN-SUB
DC-6B N151 repainted at Everts
DC-6B N151 repainted at Everts Air prior to the ferry flight.

DC-6B N151 repainted at Everts

DC-6B N151 repainted at Everts
Sponsor QRILLPET Arctic World Series

DC-6B N151 repainted at Everts Air
Sponsor Aker BioMarine

Ken Swartz shared photos taken in March 2020 at Estrella Warbird Museum in California.
P-2 N807NA preserved at Estrella Warbirds Museum (Ken Swartz 2020)
N807NA was donated by Neptune Aviation Services to the air museum at Paso Robles,CA.
More of Ken's photos on this visit, but also plenty other vintage aircraft photos by him, on:
Propliners, warbirds and bushplanes by Ken Swartz

A bird's eye view on the Estrella Warbird Museum from their Facebook page
Estrella Warbird Museum



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