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Well-known in Dutch and international propliner circles, Ron Mak's history with classic transports goes back a long, long way.
Ron has been particularly involved in the Consolidated PBY Catalina, at some point actually organizing tours with this fascinating flying boat, but his journeys to countries far and wide concerns all vintage propliners and I am proud to be able to share some of his images and recollections here.
Where applicable, Ron has added his comments.
Much, if not most, of the historic data was learned from the online database

Photos © Ron Mak Collection

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Ron shared this image of Douglas DC-6B FAP 401 because of a recent photo of this DC-6 preserved in Cali, Colombia
DC-6B HP-401 by Ron Mak (1973)
DC-6B FAP 401 of Fuerza Aérea Panameña (FAP), by Ron Mak, taken at Tocumen Airport (1973)
For more details on this airframe see my Search For.. gallery

 This batch dates from an update made 28Jan2020. All taken by Ron Mak at Panama's Tocumen Airport in Nov.'71.

Convair CV580, HR-SAY (c/n 33) of Servicio Aéreo de Honduras SA (SAHSA; 1945-1994)
SAHSA was formed 02Jan45 by Newton Shelton. Stake acquired by Pan American (38%, transferred to TAN
in 1970, then transferred 1991 to TACA Int'l when TAN was integrated into SAHSA).

C/n 33 held the following identities: N5507K for Hawaiian AL, VH-BZG for Ansett Australian AL, N5100 for
General Motors (converted CV-340-36 to CV-580 prototype (f/f 19Jan60), rereg'd N5127 for same,
HR-SAY for SAHSA, N5599J for Penberthy Lumber / Sin Asia AS, N771PR for Prinair, XA-IAG for AL Unidas SA (unused, scrapped at Gainesville Mun'l,TX).

From my (RL) own files: 'C/n 33 was the prototype conversion CV340 to CV580, Pacific Airmotive of Califirnia (a.k.a. Pac Aero). This CV340 equipped with an Allison 501-D13D turboprop led to certification of Allison Prop-Jet Convair 340/440 in April 1960. Later type designation changed to Convair CV580.'
'XA-IAG was believed to be stored Gainesville,TX (26Mar03 but registration not read).
April 2003: Penberthy Lumber N771PR. Stored at Gainesville. N-inquiry April 2003: registration current but "undeliverable triennal" R17Nov1980, Penberthy Lumber Company, Los Angeles,CA.'

Convair 440, HP-542 (c/n 487) of Aerofletes Int'les, named 'Victoriano Lorenzo'.
Aerofletes Internacionales (AFISA) lasted only 3 years: 1966-1969, so must have been stored here in 1971.
C/n 487 was first operated by Mohawk AL (as N4404), went to AFISA as HP-582, then became N4404
again, for Trademark Leasors Inc. but was scrapped at Fort Lauderdale,FL (FLL).

From Piston Engined Airliner Production List (TAHS; 2007): 'LACSA - ntu. Stored. N4404 Mohawk AL 'Airchief
Red Jacket', dlvd 21Aug59. Trademark Leasors Inc bt 2.72. HP-542 AFISA 'Victoriano Lorenzo' bt 3.71.
N90895 Trademark Leasors Inc rep 8.72. N4404 Trademark Leasors Inc. rr 2.73.
Wfu & std Ft Lauderdale 12.73. Broken up.'

Convair CV440, HP-541 (c/n 486) of Aerofletes Int'les, named 'Urraca'.
The history of c/n 486 is as brief: started out as N4403 for Mohawk AL, under that same tailnumber reg'd for
Koscot Interplanetary, became HP-541 for AFISA and was scrapped at Miami IAP,FL (MIA).
Koscot Interplanetary, Inc. was an Orlando,FL based multi-level marketing cosmetic company selling mink oil-based cosmetics. It became entangled in numerous legal difficulties and went out of business in the 1970s. [Wikipedia]

From Piston Engined Airliner Production List (TAHS; 2007): 'LACSA - ntu. Stored. N4403 Mohawk AL 'Airchief
Shenandoah' dlvd 21Aug59. Koscot Interplanetary Inc lsd 24Mar70. Mohawk AL returned 01Jan71.
Trademark Leasors Inc. bt 17Feb71. HP-541 AFISA 'Urraca' bt 3.71. Wfu & std Miami 8.72. Broken up.'

Convair CV440, HP-485 (c/n 184) of Copa Airlines
C/m 184 started with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines as PH-CGB, transferred to Dutch Caribbean AL as PJ-CVB,
became HP-485 for Copa AL, reg'd N423AF for Gulfstream American. Scrapped at Miami IAP,FL (MIA).

Compañia Panameña de Aviación (COPA Panama), 1944-2000. Formed by Pan American (40%, later 33%). Acquired
by the Motta family. Stake taken by TACA. Stake acquired by Continental, increased to 51% by 1999, reduced to 12.3% in 2006. Renamed 0Jun2000 to Copa Airlines, which was expected to join Skyteam alliance in 2006 (formal application postponed to 4/9/07), eventually cancelled. Continental's share re-sold in 5/08 to third parties.
Joined Star Alliance (announced Nov.'2010, effective 22Jun12) - current to this date (Jan.2020).

From my (RL) files: 'Dlvd to KLM 09Jun54 PH-CGB; transferred to 'Westindisch Bedryf (ALM) 9 years later
rr PJ-CVB; COPA Panama 1968-1974 HP-485; American Jet Industries stored N423AJ at MIA 1974 and
demolished in 1975.'

From Piston Engined Airliner Production List (TAHS; 2007): 'PH-CGB KLM 'Jan van Scorel' dlvd 9.6.54.
PJ-CVB KLM rr 29.5.63. ALM - Antillean Airlines tfd 1.8.64. HP-485 COPA Panama bt 1968. N423AJ
American Jet Industries bt 6.74. Wgy & std Miami 7.74. Broken up 7.75.'

Martin 2-0-2, HP-398 (c/n 9133)
C/n 9133 held the following previous identities: N93047 for Northwest AL, was leased back by the Metin Company
for use as a demonstrator, went to California Central AL, to Pacific AL, transfer to TWA did not materialize,
same for a return to Martin Comp., to Admiral Air Service (still N93047), became HP-398 for RAPSA and
was scrapped at Panama (PTY). Rutas Aéreas Panameñas SA (RAPSA).

From Piston Engined Airliner Production List (TAHS; 2007): 'Lineas Aeropostal Venezolana - ntu. N93047
Northwest Orient Airlines '547' dlvd 23.12.47. California Central AL 'City of San Diego' bt 23.10.51. Southwest
Aws bt 25.3.55. Pacific Air Lines -new name-6.3.58. Trans World Airlines bt 24.6.60. Martin Air Leasing Inc bt
21.11.61. Jim Sorthun bt (no date). HP-398 RAPSA Panama bt 26.10.64. Wfu & std Panama City 1970. Broken up.'

Douglas C-47A, TG-O-CNA (c/n 19495)
C/n 19495 started with the USAAF, as 42-101032 (VC-47A), reg'd to N91261 (converted to C-47A),
rereg'd HR-CNA for Corp Centro Americana de Servicios de Navegacion Aérea (COCESNA), rereg'd
TG-O-CNA for same (private users in Honduras), leased with that same registration by Aviateca Guatemala,
as HR-SAZ to SAHSA. Destroyed 18Mar1990 at RTB off (wreck sunk for diving tours).

From my (RL) files: 'Submerged in lake at Oak Bay Resort - Roatan, Honduras; "offers snorkelers, shore
and boat divers a reef only short swim away and even a sunken DC-3 dive!".'

Douglas C-47, HP-496 (c/n 6068)
C/n 6068 started as 43-30637 (USAAF), but this registration was unused as it went to the US Navy, as
12402, designated R4D-1). It became C-159 for Avianca Colombia, modified to DC-3 Hiper. Rereg'd HK-159
for same. Became HP-496 for RAPSA, went to DGAC (HP-496), to Copa AL as were it was reg'd HP-665 (so
Ron probably caught it awaiting shortly before use at PTY by Copa), next was SETCO AL where it was reg'd
HR-AJY, from where it went to AV Centroamericanas (HR-AJY). Last reported under MRO/Conversion at
Tegucigalpa-Toncontin, Honduras.

From my (RL) files: 'SETCO HR-AJY, std Tegucigalpa 3/96. Ex/HP-665. Last noted Tegicigalpa-Toncontin
on 01Mar02 (wfu). Ln 27Feb03 Tegucigalpa - Toncontin SETCO. Reported not airworthy anno Jan05.
Ln ..Nov07 @Tegucigalpa. No.3 of DC-3s for Aerovias Centroamerica/Aviac, see HR-ATH + HR-ALU, still
stored in SETCO c/s at Tegucigalpa-Toncontin summer of 2009. has a March 16, 2014 photo by Heber Alejandro Doblado Perez (HN Spotters), showing
HR-AJY scrapped except for the derelict cockpit section.

Douglas C-53, HP-309 (c/n 7392)
After use by the USAAF/USAF (42-15875) it went to Dutch Caribbean AL (PJ-ALA), from where it went to
RAPSA (HP-309) as seen here, onward to Chitreana de Aviación (HP-729) and Budget Rent a Plane (HI-445:
Dominican Republic), was reg'd N90079 for North American A / c Sales; Hill Air Co; Falcon General;
Glenn Goodman. It was scrapped Wauchula Mun'l,FL (KCHN).

From my (RL) files: 'N90079 of Hill Air Inc. At FLL-Exec in Sep.'97. Ln 14Feb04 Wauchula Mun'l,TX.'

Douglas C-47A, HP-580 (c/n 19242) - named 'Rubén Cantú'.
C/n 19242 als started with the USAAF (42-100779) and after its military service became TI-204 for
TACA de Costa Rica, reregd'd C-170 for TACA de Colombia, rereg'd C-205 for same, then went to Pacific
National Air Express (NC79989), to AV Reforma (XA-HUG), under same registration to AeroMéxico, rereg'd
N75885 for Ohio Oil;Marathon Oil and lastly to AL Urraca as HP-560.
Destroyed 21Feb1973 at Cerro Horqueta, Boquete in Panama.

From 'The DC-3 struck the Cerro Horqueta mountain. Fatalities: 22 (Occupants: 28)

Douglas DC-6B/F, HP-503 (c/n 43524) of Internacional de Aviación (Inair)
PanAm was the first user of this 'Six', registered as N6524C; next was a lease (and returned) to Capital AL,
converted DC-6B in April'75 and last operator was Inair Panama (HP-503).
Destroyed in August 1982 at C. David Campbell Field/Municipal (Corsicana-CRS) in Texas, on a drug run.

From Piston Engined Airliner Production List (TAHS; 2007): 'N6524C Pan American World Airways 'Clipper Pocahontas' dlvd 19.4.52. Capital AL lsd 14.2.60. Panam 'Clipper Essen' ret 5.61. Panam 'Clipper Meteor', new
name. Wfu & std Miami 3.68. Air Lease Inc bt 17.9.68. HP-503 Inair Panama bt 12.3.70. cvtd to DC-6B(F).
4.75. Inair Panama 'Ciudad de Colon' named. HP-523 Inair Panama rr 6.75. Monarch Aviation bt 9.79
rr 9.11.79. N6524C Monarch Aviation rr 23.9.79. HP503 Monarch Aviation rr 9.11.79. HP-523 Monarch Aviation
9.11.79 (!). Inair Panama lsd 2.12.79. Wfu & std 1990.'


The recent scrapping of DC-3 PP-VBF (c/n 10156) led Ron to share this photo with me, showing it in better days!
DC-3 PP-VBF VARIG, by Ron Mak
Ron photographed it near Rio de Janeiro's Santos Dumont Airport.

Very sad...
DC-3 PP-VBF scrapped

From my (Webmaster RL) files: '42-24294 del 30Aug43, wfu/std 15Jan46, 19Jun46 Reconstruction Finance Corp(US military surplus organisation, NC68358 Air Carrier Supply Corp (no date), NC68358 Hughes Tool Co (no date), PP-VBF Varig delivered 05Dec47, pres Parque do Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro circa Sep71, PP-VBF canx reg 18Jul74, Jan80 moved to Rio Galeao after damaged by vandals, Mar80 on display after restoration.
Scrapped 31Jan20 (Facebook 'Aviation Wrecks and relics').



Ron sent me these for his gallery on my website: Air Siam's Douglas C-54B VH-TAG (c/n 27245).
C-54B c/n 27245 career: 44-9019 USAAF, NC74648 Seaboard World Airlines, N74648 Transocean
Air Lines, N74648 Flying Tigers (temp reg'd as YA-BAH), YA-BAH Ariana Afghan Airlines, VH-TAG Trans
Australia Airlines, converted to freighter by TAA, HS-VGY Air Siam. Scrapped at Don Muang Int'l Airport.

C-54 HS-VGZ at Hong Kong's Kai Tak IAP
The inside cargodoor shows 'Air Cargo' + 'Big Door DC-4' titles. The name below cockpit window is 'Petchabune'.
History of this Big Doug, by

So we see this pax DC-4-1009 carried the following tailnumbers: N42922, JA6006, VH-TAE, HS-VGZ (converted to freighter by TAA for Air Siam), G-BBVN (unused), LN-NAC (transaction cancelled). Scrapped at Southend, UK.

From Wikipedia¬
The airline was established as Varan Air-Siam on 15 September 1965 by Prince Varanand, who was the major shareholder at the time.
Operations started in 1970 using Douglas DC-4 equipment, initially flying the Bangkok−Hong Kong route as a freighter service.
Following an agreement with Overseas National Airways for the wet-lease of a Douglas DC-8-63 and operational assistance from Trans World Airlines, scheduled passenger services started in March 1971 serving Bangkok, Honolulu, Tokyo and Los Angeles.
All these services were suspended in January 1972; the Bangkok–Hong Kong sector was reactivated in May the same year with a leased BAC One-Eleven and extended to Tokyo seven months later, in December 1972, operated with a Boeing 707.

Air Siam's Douglas C‑54A‑DO (DC‑4) HS-VGX (c/n 7466) can be seen on my PHOTOS BY FRIENDS & GUESTS #60

With help of Steve Darke's website and the article 'Competition Arrives - Air Siam (1965 to 1977)' which I received from Steve in pdf format, I can summarize the fate of the DC-4's of Air Siam.
HS-VGY is believed to have been withdrawn from use in 1972 and lingered at Bangkok's Don Mueang for many years until ultimately broken up there in 1986.
The other two were bought by Harold Bamberg (of British Eagle fame) for a prospective cargo carrier to be called Eagle Air Cargo.
They were registered as G-BBVN (HS-VGZ) and G-BCDT (HS-VGY, 'Sukhodaya') in early 1974, but neither wore these tailnumbers and Eagle Air Cargo was a non-starter.
VGZ was flown to Southend in Nov.'73 and was broken up there in 1977.
VGY stayed in the region and became XW-PKH in late 1974, only to be destroyed during an attack at Phnom Penh in April 1975.

The article 'Competition Arrives - Air Siam (1965 to 1977)' is from the book 'Royal Orchid - The History of Civil Aviation in Thailand' - by Steve M. Darke and Dr Virachai Vannukul. And available from
Note- he changed his name in 2012 from Darke to Ozel when married for the 2nd time; legally Ozel now.



Update dated 21May2020

Douglas DC-3, HP-86 (c/n 6144) of Copa Panama.
C/n 6144 is Douglas C-47-DL, first delivered as 41-38685 to USAAF 23Dec42, at Oran,Algeria ¬ 12 AF Italy ¬
11 TCS (July 1943) ¬ FLC 11Dec45¬ NC22434 PAA ¬ RX-86 HP-86 COPA Rd 1947/B10Dec49 ¬ HK-86 Rr
1952 'Bacoas del Toro'¬ HK-3286 Alas Chiricanas ¬ SADELCA, Neiva 'Liliana' (1988 - 2001 i/s).
History by Air-Britain's by J.M. Gradidge (2006): DC-3 The First Seventy Years.

DC-4 HK-654 of Avianca-Colombia

Douglas C-54B HK-654 is c/n 18391 with history: USAAF 43-17191 D14Nov44, to Douglas Aircraft Company (bought) 07Jan46, converted to DC-4 (pax) conversion #44, bought 19Jul46 Pan Am reg'd as N88904, to Pan American Grace Airways (Panagra) transferred 1948 as N88904, to Northeast Airlines (1952 leased & returned, N88904).
Bought 04Dec59 by Avianca Colombia and reg'd as HK-654, to Aerotal Colombia in 1974, still as HK-654.
Damaged beyond repair after undercarriage collapsed 17Jun75 at Arauca, Colombia.
¬ and Piston Engined Airliner Production List by J. Roach & A.B. Eastwood (TAHS, 2007).

Douglas DC-4 OB-R-625 of Faucett of Peru

Douglas C-54B OB-R-625 is c/n 10511 with history: USAAF delivered 09Jan1945 as 42-72406, bought by American AL in 1946, reg' d N90429 and named 'Flagship Baltimore'.
Then bought by Guest Aerovias México in 1950, reg'd as XA-HIZ, subsequent acquisition by QANTAS fell thru,
to Civil Air Transport (Transamerica Corporation) as N68578 in april 1956. Bought Dec.' 57 by CINTA reg'd as CC-CAJ, then to Faucett Perú 22Feb62 reg's as OB-PBM-625, rr OB-R-625 in 1964.
After storage at Lima, Peru in '73, scrapped at some point.
¬ and Piston Engined Airliner Production List by J. Roach & A.B. Eastwood (TAHS, 2007).

C-46 at Panama by Ron Mak in 1971
Curtiss C-46 Commando, HR-SAK/K (registration readable under lh-wing on original photo) of SAHSA.
History of C-46 HR-SAK by ATDB
History by

By Piston Engined Airliner Production List by J. Roach & A.B. Eastwood (TAHS, 2007):
44-78746 USAAF del 29Aug45, USAF nn 18Sep47. Reg'd N1801M for All Trans Airlines (leased) 31Mar48, Flying Tiger Line (lsd) 01Nov54, Aerovias Sud Americana lsd 08Jul52, acquired by same 01Nov54, bought by Ayerline Corporation 01Jul58 and reg'd as NN90445, to Aerovias Sud Americana same date, leased, bought by SAHSA (Servicio Aéreo de Honduras SA) May 1960 and reg'd as XH-SAK, rr HR-SAK in Feb.'61, as N64287 acquired by Propellor Service of Miami in 29Jan74, bought by Bellomy-Lawson Aviation 13Feb74 and reg'd as as same, to C-46 Parts Inc on 07Aug75, reg'd as CP-1280 for SAVCO on 14Oct75, to Trans Aereos Luwior in 1983, reg'd to TAVIC in 1992, (no date) wfu & stored at Cochabamba, Bolivia.

On SAHSA: based at Tegucigalpa, Honduras, operated between 1945 - 1994; formed 2/1/45 by Newton Shelton. Stake acquired by Pan American (38%, transferred to TAN in 1970, then transferred 1991to TACA Int'l when TAN was integrated into SAHSA). ¬

OB-M-764 of AGLO, named 'Bartalo'or 'Bartolo'. Both engines seen removed here at Panama.
C-46 OB-M-764

Curtiss Commando OB-M-764 is c/n 22530, a C-46F US Army AF delivered in 1945 as 44-78707, to USAAF 18Sep47. Reg'd to Nationwide Air Transport as N1667M on lease in July '48 (managed by Resort Airlines 1950), converted to Super 46C in 1955.
Became CF-HTK for Maritime Central Airways in 1955. To Easter Provincial Aws, bought in '63.
OB-M-764 Companhia Aglo bought it in '65.
Wfu & std Panama City '70. Ultimate fate obscure.
¬ and Piston Engined Airliner Production List by J.Roach & A.B. Eastwood (TAHS, 2007).

Lockheed Constellation, HP-526 (c/n 4815)

Lockheed L.1049H Super Constellation c/n 4815 was first delivered to Flying Tigers on 09Apr57 as N6917C, Leased Mar'66 & returned May '66 by Mercury General Aviation/Flying Tiger Air Svcs., bought by Murphree Air Int'l  28Feb69, to North Slope Supply Company 1969 but acquisition cancelled, bought by Sandy L. Murphy 02Jan70, to Trademark Leasors 10Feb70, to Aerofletes Int'les (AFISA) as HP-526 (named 'Orula) Aug.'70 and as N6917C to A/c Pool Lsg / George Arece (apperently its only aircraft) on 06Jul73. Leased by ANDES Nov.73.
Destroyed 15Dec73 at Miami,FL. Crashed after take off 4kms east of Miami 15Dec73.
¬ and Piston Enginedd Airliner Production List by J.Roach & A.B. Eastwood (TAHS, 2007).
/ - -/ntsb/aircraft-accident-reports/AAR74-11.pdf (will download a file for viewing)  -15 December 1973.

Lockheed L.188, HP-579 c/n 1011 of Copa Panama

A very brief history: Lockheed L.188A c/n 1011 was first delivered to Eastern Air Lines as N5506 and later moved to COPA (Compañia Panameña de Aviación, 1944-2000) Panama as HP-579.
Scrapped at Mojave,CA.



Date of this update 03Sep2020:
C-46 TI-1010C TAISA
Curtiss C-46 Commando, TI-1010C (c/n 33348) of TAISA
History by '44-77952 (USAAF), AN-FAA (FANSA), AN-ADF (Lanica), TI-1010 (Lineas Aéreas de
Costa Rica SA - LACSA), TI-1010C (same), TI-1010C (LADECA), to final operator TAISA (Transportes Aéreos de
Integracion SA): Destroyed 09Sep1974'.
Noteworthy, ATDB has no start- nor end date of TAISA operations. Was based in Costa Rica.
Add'l notes from TAHS*: 'USAAF delivered 03Apr45, War Assets Admin. transferred 28Apr47, wfu & std Bush Field, Georgia; FANSA bt '48, rr AN-ADF for FANSA '51. No mention of Lanica. LACSA bt '52. Lineas Aereas de Caribe
Ltda bt '67; TAISA bt '71. Crashed after hitting Mt. Leclerc, Haiti 09Sep74'
*) TAHS= Piston Engined Airliner Production List, by The Aviation Hobby Shop (2007)

C-46 N9890Z
Curtiss C-46D Commando, N9890Z (c/n 33111)
History by '44-77715 (USAAF), N9890Z (Capitol Airways), N9890Z leased and returned by Lufthansa (in Capitol m/s), to Butte Knitting Mills (!), still N9890Z to Brownfield Aerial, and last know operator Onyx Avn with N9890Z's 'ultimate fate obscure'...
Capitol Airways (1946-'67), Capitol Int'l Airways ('67-'81) and Capitol Air ('81-'84); formed by Jessie Stallings; acquired in 1980 by George Batchelor, 1983 by Global International/Farhad Azima.'
TAHS: 'USAAF del Jan.'45; wfu & std '59; Capitol Aws bt 08Feb61; Lufthansa Mar.'64, ret Jul.'69; Johnny Logan
Inc. bt 13Aug69; Butte Knitting Mills lsd Oct.'69; Carolina Acft Corp. bt 30Apr71; Ed Cantrell bt 23Jul71;
Repo American Nat'l Bank 20Dec71; Clarks Aerial Svce bt 11Jul72; Brownfield Aerial bt 07Oct77; Onyx bt
27Mar78; Advance Aviation Inc. bt 07Jun78; Gulf Act Sales bt 05Apr79; Pedro A. Garcia bt 10Apr79; wfu & std'

Curtiss C-46 HC-AMV Andes
Curtiss C-46A Commando, HC-AMV (c/n 174) of Andes
History by '43-47103 (USAAF), to N79095, CU-C145 (AV Q), CU-C145 (Expreso Aéreo-
Interamericano), CU-C145 (Cubana de Aviación), XH-TNG (TAN Honduras), HC-AMV (ANDES Airlines, Aerolineas Nacionales del Ecuador SA), CP-1224 (Northeast Bolivian AL). Also ex N560PG; scrapped at Cochabamba.'
TAHS: 'USAAF dlvd 30Dec44, USN BuNo.50720 tfd 30Dec44, wfu & std Aug47; N79095 Nationwide Air
Transport bt 10Mar48; Aerovia Q bt '48; Expreso Aéreo-Interamericano bt '60; CUBANA mgd July'61;
TAN Airlines bt '63; Andes bt '68; Northeast Bolivia Aws bt '75; broken up 1984'.

Curtiss C-46 HP-463 INAIR
Curtiss C-46D Commando, HP-463 (c/n 33066) of INAIR
History by '44-77670 (USAAF), YV-C-CAG (Compañia Aérea Viajes Expresos), XH-TNC
(TAN Honduras), HR-TNC (same), HP-463 (Inair Panama). Scrapped at Panama'.
TAHS: 'USAAF dlvd 11Jan45, RFC tfd 20Feb46, wfu & std Walnu Ridge,AR; CU-P183 Nat'l Acft Corp. bt 11Dec47;
N1660MClaire E. Wassenberg tfd 02Jun48; Robert L. Brown bt 15Nov48; RX-145 Lineas Aereas de Panama SA bt 09Feb49; Compañia Aérea Viajes Expresos bt '50; TAN Al bt 17Nov50; HR-TNC TAN Al rr Feb.'61; Inair bt
'67; wfu & std Panama City 1973'.

Curtiss C-46 HP-483 INAIR
Curtiss C-46A Commando, HP-483 (c/n 30452) of INAIR
History by '42-96790 (USAAF), 39574 (US Navy), XH-TND (TAN Honduras), HR-TND (same),
OB-R-829 (APSA), and as HP-483 to Inair Panama. Scrapped at Panama'.
TAHS: 'USAAF dlvd 18Sep44, tfd US Navy BuNo.39574 18Sep44, wfu & std; TAN Al bt '54; rr '61;
wfu & std Miami; Aerolineas Peruanas SA bt '66; Inair bt 31Aug68; wfu & std Panama City '73'.

DC-6 HP-493 Internacional de Aviacion
Douglas DC-6B, HP-493 (c/n 43527) for Internacional de Aviacion (Inair Panama)
History by 'N6527C (Pan Am), N6527C (Capital Airlines, leased from Pan Am), HP-493 (Inair
Panama / Internacional de Aviación), HP-493 (Cargo-Indeasa, leased from Pan Am), HP-493 (Latin Carga,
leased from Pan Am). Scrapped at Panama'.
TAHS: 'Dlvd 24Jun52 'Clipper Stargazer'; Capital Aws lsd 11Jan60, ret May'61 'Clipper Koln'; wfu
& std Miami Mar68; Air Lease Inc. bt 17Sep68; Inair bt Jun69; Cargo-Indeasa lsd Aug73, ret '74; Latin
Carga lsd Sep76, ret Sep77; wfu & std Panama City Nov77; broken up'.

Douglas DC-6B(A/B), TI-1017C (c/n 45059) for LACSA ('San Jose')
History by 'N710A (ARAMCO), Certificated new as DC-6B equipped with a DC-6A cargo door,
TI-1017C (Avianca Costa Rica), TI-LRC (same), TI-ALS (Exaco), TI-AQQ (Carga Expresa), HR-AKB (Servicios
Aéreos Generales), ETP-10022 (Fuerza Aérea Mexicana). Scrapped at Santa Lucia Air Base (Mexico).'
TAHS: 'ARAMCO dlvd 03Aug56; TI-1017C LACSA 'San Jose' bt Oct60; rr TI-LTC 'Carguero' '74;
TI-ALS Exaco Cargo bt Aug77; rr TI-AQQ '79; Bt Hector David Artica '85 HR-AKB; Servicios Aereos
Generales bt (no date); FA Mexicana bt (no date); wfu & std Santa Lucia AB (no date)'.

Douglas DC-6B, HP-536 (c/n 43518), probably with Inair Panama however the lack of titles here.
History by 'N6518C Pan Am, N6518C (Capital Airlines -lsd & returned, Capital merged 01Jun61 into United), LV-PVQ (Austral Lineas Aéreas but unused; wrongly painted as LV-PVS?), LV-HRC (Austral Lineas Aéreas)
N6518C (Pacific Airmotive but unused; broker?), lastly as HP-536 to Inair Panama. Scrapped at Panama'.
TAHS: ''Clipper Freedom' dlvd 29May52; Capital lsd 18Feb6, ret May'61; LV-PVS Austral lsd 19Oct62, rr
LV-HRC Nov62 Austral, ret PanAm 30Oct64 N6518C; bt Air Lease Inc. 17Sep68; Pacific Air Motive bt
Jan' 69; Concare Aircraft Lsng Corp. bt Sep'70; Inair bt '71; wfu & std Panama City; broken up Feb75'.

Douglas C-54G, FAC 696 (c/n 36057) with SATENA (FAC: Fuerza Aérea Colombiana).
History by '45-0604 (USAAF), FAC696 (Fuerza Aérea Colombiana), FAC696 (SATENA
Colombia). Ultimate Fate Obscure'.
'SATENA: Colombia Servicios de Aeronavegacion a Territorios Nacionales.
Formed 16/4/62 as a division of FA Colombiana.'
TAHS: 'USAAF dlvd 18Sep45; FA Colombiana bt '70; tfd SATENA (no date); wfu & std '83'.


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Created 28-Jan-2020 | Updated: 03-Sep-2020