Bart Nopper's DC-3: a project of identification and restoration

bart Nopper's DC-3 Bart Nopper acquired this front section of an unidentified DC-3 and he intends to restore it. He could use some help in his quest for its identity and finding parts to complete this mission-of-restoration!
He lives in the Netherlands but calls on help all over the globe.
Bart wrote: "the seller of this nosesection had bought half of a fuselage a while back in Germany (the fuselage had been cut over its length) and I bought that too, to fit on this nosesection; bought this in Austria. This is part of Richard Simms' DC-3.Bart Noppers' DC-3
Also bought a selection of parts from Aces High, from that fuselage they had been using for A Band of Brothers."

Bart researched its identity and history and found it to be c/n 200016.

It is not N486F (raised as a possible candidate), as this is the airframe visible in the background on the photo no.4; N486F (c/n 20214) was bought by Pall Mall for publicity purposes and later transferred to the Aviod(r)ome, but stored (due lack of space in T2 hangar) at Teuge, not Lelystad; from there it went to Zevenaar (privat owner) as the hangar at Teuge went in restoration.

Have a look at Bart Nopper's website: and history of c/n 200016.

Instrument panel
Instrument panel
Rear of frontsection

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