Unidentified Douglas DC-3 stored at Winnipeg


When I landed at Winnipeg IAP on 19Sep07 I knew about an unidentified Douglas DC-3 at the airport and noticed it in the distance when we landed. After I collected my car from Avis, I drove to the far side of the airport but could not get close enough to the aircraft for a proper identification or photograph.
So I added my 2x converter to my 400mm telelens and took some photographs as best as I could. Unfortunately the heathaze over the considerable distance effected the image badly.

I hope someone will be able to help identify this DC-3.

DC-3 at Winnipeg

DC-3 at Winnipeg: identity?

Unidentified DC-3 at Winnipeg



X=marks the spot of the location of the DC-3. O=location from where photos were taken.

Photos courtesy Google Maps.


The following reactions led to the answer of this 'mystery'-

Sean Keating sent me this:
"Those green colours look like an old Perimeter DC-3, but it could have been sold on from them and given to airport (fire services?) by a later owner..? Could this be C-FBFV, which I last saw derelict without engines and wings in early-1990ís?" [see photo below]

Timo de Vries sent on the same date (25mar08):
"Perimeter Airways used to operate Daks....and this is their C-FBFV, c/n 7340.
It is now owned by the Western Canada Aviation Museum of Winnipeg."

I verified this by Bob Ogden's Aviation Museums and Collections of North America (Air-Britain, 2007) and this magnificent guidebook confirmed C-FBFV owned by the museum and access only by prior permission, confirming the 'remote' parking/storage.
Ogden's book shows previous identifications: 42-15545 - NC49541 - CF-BFV.

Jürgen Scherbarth kindly provided this photo and wrote:
C-FBFV seen in front here of the Western Canada Aviation Museeum's hangar in July 1991.
At that time Perimeter just stopped any DC-3 operations and focussed on the Fairchild-Swearingen Metro (incl. destinations with gravel strips!!). This was the last Perimeter DC-3 we saw at YWG at that time (the Museum also owns/owned another DC3 --CF-TES c/n 11906-- airframe, which is supposed to be stored in bad condition on a small airfield outside Winnipeg, but recent reports suggest it should go to Greenwood,N.S. for preservation).


Sean Keating sent in another photo, taken during Feb.1989, at Winnipeg. It was parked adjacent to the Perimeter hangar

Thanks all!




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Created: 25-mar-08