Unidentified DC-3's as holiday home near Madrid,Spain



Ron Mak came across these two DC-3's at Villanueva del Pardillo -near Madrid,Spain- in 1991.
According to the owner it concerned two former Iberia DC-3's.
Information / comments welcomed.

DC-3s at Villanueva del Pardillo, 1991

DC-3s at Villanueva del Pardillo, 1991

Comments on the identity welcomed !!


Comments (as posted on Yahoo's DC-3 eGroup):
  • Villanueva del Pardillo / owner unknown / type C-47 / registr ? / c/n ? / stored, holiday home built of a former Iberia C-47 fuselage, together with a Douglas C-54 Skymaster fuselage
  • In december 1991 I have visited both Dakota's (there is NO C-54). These are former Iberia DC-3's and only the fuselages were present. It was also possible to have a look inside, but it was not possible to find any ID's. There was a bathtub inside the cockpit !!!
    The location is between Villaneuva del Pardillo and Villafranca del Castillo (closer to the latter) along road M509. About 25km NorthWest of Madrid. If you ask in the village, people can help you.
  • I have a note saying they could be EC-ACL (c/n 12154 ?) and EC-ACK (c/n 20405 ?) but no confirmation.
  • José Ramón Valero wrote me in march 2012:
    "They are not EC-ACK/ACL for sure, since these registrations were never used.
    These two DC-3 were transferred to Ejército del Aire as T.3-1 and 2.
    T.3-1 had and accident at Tenerife.
    The most probably both are EC-AEJ and EC-AGS, since they were the last Iberia DC-3 in service and were scrapped at Madrid on Nov. 1973.
    EC-AHA was also in service, but it was sold flyable."
    Best regards
    José Ramón Valero
    Registro Español de Aeronaves (no oficial)
    socio de Aire 105

    Hans Hoogers wrote me in june 2015 (in Dutch, translation is mine -Webmaster):

    Could these not be EC-AGS en EC-AQE ?
    According to this link http://www.aviationcorner.net/show_photo_en.asp?id=105523 they were around 1975 seen at a scrapyard near Madrid (south of).
    Pure speculation, but still..?
    And I wonder if the DC-3s in your photos are still in place?"

    I have copied the text with that link-
    'Location & date:Desconocido (Spain) 1975'
    'En Madrid, en la carretera de Andalucia, antes de llegar a Getafe, habia un desguace donde solia haber restos de aviones. En la foto, los restos de este DC-3 de Iberia (que no puedo afirmar con seguridad que sea el EC-AGS, en cuyo caso creo seria el EC-ASG). En este mismo desguace estuvieron los restos del EC-AQE de Spantax, del cual tambien tengo fotos.'

    About EC-AQE I received following reaction:"Picture of AQE without cockpit (Oct.1973) on this link, so this seems not the one at Villaneuva del Pardillo!"
    The photos above have too much fuselage remaining if one compares it with the 1973 image here.




    Recent sightings and/or photos would be welcomed, as well as help in establishing the identities of these former airliners.



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    Created: 06-apr-08