My focus in photography, and in general interests, shifts and wanders.. A few years ago, around 2012 I became more interested in photography's 'greats' and found myself more frequently visiting photo exhibitions and buying photobooks.
Photographers such as Walker Evans, Dorothea Lange, Robert Frank, John Margolies, Arnold Newman, Anton Corbijn, Steve McCurry, Werner Bischof, Annie Leibovitz, Marc Riboud, etc., took my interest. Photobooks were bought and in subsequent years I started actively collecting 'art' photobooks.
I found myself less interested in portraits and landscapes and gradually my interest was steered to photojournalism and streetphotography. Or maybe the term 'humanist photographer' is best applied here.

In the last two years streetphotography began to take up a large portion of my travel photography. In 2016 I bought a Fujifilm X100T camera for dedicated 'streetphotography'. Soon replaced by a Panasonic Lumix G (DMC-GX80) and in 2020 I bought a secondhand Leica Q (and compare it with the Pana).
Perhaps the title of 'Humanist Photography' (wikipedia) is more appropriate to my work.
The images were/are shared on my travel pages, Blog and Flickr & Facebook accounts.
In Sep.2016 I started a B&W streetphotography page, followed in August 2020 by colour work on that subject.

"There is nothing in the world that does not have a decisive moment" -Henri Cartier-Bresson
"Seeing is the paradise of the soul" -Pietro Spanno, eye doctor, elected Pope in 1276
"The basic belief in art, is the basic belief in the goodness of mankind" -Vladimir Nabakov



Corona lockdown: avoid crowds
'Probeer Drukte Te Vermijden' (EN: 'Try To Avoid Crowds')

Inspired by Edward Hopper's NIGHTHAWKS-
Inspired by Hopper's NIGHTHAWKS


Amsterdam, Oosterpark
Amsterdam, Oosterpark (-23Oct20)

Amsterdam: conversation in Corona (Covid-19) times..

Amsterdam, Dappermarkt
Amsterdam, Dappermarkt (23Oct20)

Amsterdam, Javaplein
Amsterdam, Javaplein (all the above were taken with my Nikon P950, 23Oct20)

Vijzelstraat, Amsterdam (07Aug20)
Vijzelstraat, Amsterdam (07Aug20) - Leica Q (Typ116)

Bakery 'De Laatste Kruimel', Amsterdam (07Aug20)
Bakery 'De Laatste Kruimel', Amsterdam (07Aug20) - Leica Q (Typ116)


Venice, 2020
Burano, Venice

Venice, 2020
My travelreport VENICE 2020

Venice, 2020





Created: 08-Aug-2020