I became aware that there is a group of vintage aeroplanes which don't fit in my Off-Airport galleries nor are they preserved in a museum. I am starting this page of planes in the context of 'here & there, in Holland'.


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F.27 outside Amsterdam's Schiphol IAP
Fokker F.27 'PH-NIV' (fake) outside Amsterdam's Schiphol IAP, gate guard to an industrial area.

F.27 outside Amsterdam's Schiphol IAP
F.27 PH-NIV (c/n 10449) has been preserved in Oude Meer, in front of Fokkerweg where once Fokker Industries
was located. Where once Fokker airplanes were produced and all sorts of other aircraft, including F-16 fighter
aeroplanes, the entire area has been redeveloped for various use (many of logistical nature it seems).This Fokker Friendship was previously F-BSUO, PH-JLN and N19XE but for this preservation was repainted in this retro-
prototype livery. It is a fitting commemoration of all the great planes that came off the Fokker production line. history (april 2019):
History of F.27 'PH-NIV' preserved at Schiphol

On 10Feb2019 I was near Vliegkamp (Airfield) De Kooy in Noord-Holland, Netherlands. At the gate were
two planes preserved as gateguards, a Lockheed P-2 Neptune and a Bell UH-1 helo. I asked the guards permission
to photograph them up close, inside the base, but the guard politely declined. So these are from outside the fence.
P-2 Neptune at De Kooy
Lockheed SP-2H Neptune, 216 / V
For years it stood at the entrance of Marine Vliegkamp Valkenburg but was moved in 2006, to take up that function
with De Kooy airfield, as Valkenburg Airfield closed. [Lockheed Neptune on Wikipedia]

Bell UH-1 helo at De Kooy
Bell UH-1, 220 / K
The 220 returned by truck at NAS De Kooy during late-1990s after being stored in Sweden for many years.
The helicopter was still in its original paint scheme. Later it received some maintenance and a new coating was applied.
The original registration numbers returned as well. More on and

I recall a fact but not the source that a Grumman S-2 Tracker is somewhere on the airfield, rather
hidden by trees most of the year but able to see from a distance in winter. I did not see it on this visit.



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