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After having started this website by the end of 2000, I found it useful to keep track of the changes; the initial start contained 4 pages on the Douglas DC-3, one each on the DC-4 and DC-6 and one on the Curtiss C-46 Commando. Plus two text pages with general background information on the C-46 and the DC-6. Soon followed by The Lockheed Constellation with one page and a visit (my first dedicated propliner visit abroad) to Sharjah ( 2 pages, on the Antonov An-8/An-12 and Ilyushin Il-18).
Later the TRAVEL Pages were added and indeed, a Blog.
And the rest, they say: is history!

Happy anniversary 2001 - 2018, and counting...

In 2013 I started a series of photo albums on, named '36Exp'(36 Exposures, a reference to the exposures on most common rolls of 35mm film: 12, 24 & 36.).
The books can be ordered directly from the website.
My books on!
Most subjects will be on non-aviation subjects:


Since the amount of work on the website is increasingly becoming an issue for me, please consider the following pointers, when sending an email and/or photos:
  • State the subject of your email, why is it of interest
  • Where and when was the image taken; make it clear if you do not want to see it used on my website
  • Who is the copyrightholder of the image; did you take the photo?
  • Do not send more than six photos (the size is of no concern)
  • Always sign with your name, I do not reply to emails otherwise

    These are the updates:

    JoeJoe Prince shared a photo of Everts Air's N251CE visiting Bethel,AK; JoeJoe's propliners and bushplanes

    Updated my Parco Tematico dell' Aviazione report concerning the move of C-47 mm61826 to the Czech Republic
    Updated my Off-Airport Europe with a GE screendump showing the location of DC-3 SX-ECF preserved

    Found another picture of DC-3 HK-2820 off the runway Photos by Friends & Guests #58

    DC-3 HK-2820 of Aliansa was involved in a runway excursion; Photos by Friends & Guests #58
    Updated my Rimini 2008 page with news of the move of DC-3 mm61826 (c/n 4380)

    Added something on the 'speedpack' in my background info on the Lockheed Constellation
    Roy Blewett located DC-3 'ETM-6043' on GE, updated my Off-Airport Latin America
    On my Off-Airport N.America I added a HU-16 preserved on the Missouri stateline, near a liquor store
    Chris Ogden provided more data (lat/long coördinates) on the Yukon C-47 mystery wreck
    Ken Swartz shared a recent photo of the 'Geo' BT67 C-GGSU, published on Ken's propliner gallery.

    Editted some details and webpage layout on Conroy 'Skymonster' 9G-LCA

    Ian Whitlock shares a photo of 'Dutch Cat' PH-PBY at its new home New Smyrna Beach; Photos by Friends & Guests #58
    On Paul Weston's Alaska Flying added DHC-2 N37741 on a summers day in a crater lake called Jewel Lake

    Casey Lasota sent me 2 pics for my Abandoned Plane Wrecks: C-82A N208M and Carvair N103 both derelict in Alaska

    TRAVEL: added UK2019 traveloque, ENGLAND and SCOTLAND

    The C-47 in Bangkok, near Seacon Square Mall, on Off-Airport Asia updated with a GE image for its location

    Added derelict Beech SNB-5 N10909 on my Off-Airport N.America
    On Off-Airport Asia added a C-47 in Bangkok, near Seacon Square Mall. Identity unknown.
    And also on Off-Airport Asia a C-123 42 kms from Bangkok, ex/ RTAF 289 (USAF 57-6289): now 'Coffee 123'

    Fred Barnes went to 'Daks over Duxford' on different dates than I did and shares some on Photos by Friends & Guests #58

    Added BT-67 N141PR, converted last year, to Ken Swartz' gallery, noted 01Jul19 at Oshawa,Ont. To Enterprise Air?

    Ken Swartz took stock of the plucked DC-3 C-GJDM at Peterborough (YPQ); his gallery on my website
    Received an update of disassembly C-119 N5216R in progress: C-119 N5216R at Battle Mountain,NV

    Updated my Daks over Duxford (2019) Page 2 with some other aircraft present; all done now, my goodness..

    An unidentified forward fuselage / cockpit section appeared at Idaho Falls Reg'l AP ('Mainliner Los Angeles'). Photos by ... #58

    Michael Prophet shared some info & photos for my D-DAY 75 PAGE-1

    Updated D-DAY 75 PAGE-1 on typos and added some additional pictures

    Fourth and final page on recent aviation finds & visits in England & Scotland: Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum

    Item on DC-3A NC33644 'Western Airlines' on my Photos by Friends & Guests #58
    Someone made an effort to list (recent) active DC-3's (world-wide), published on WIX forum and copied to my Photos by ... #58
    Updated D-DAY 75 PAGE-1 and PAGE-2 with comments (DoN) and info.

    Pending correction for typos, a few additions and possible contributions Daks over Duxford (2019) Page 2 is now public

    Page 1 of Daks over Duxford (2019), dedicated to D-Day Squadron, is about done; next is the European participants to this unique event

    Found I had never fully corrected N877MG's c/n mistaken as 25638 to the widely accepted c/n 20806; DC-3 Page 2

    Making progress with my D-Day 75 Years at Duxford IWM, the page on D-Day Squadron about half way complete (need more history details)

    Eric Rutter opened Photos by Friends & Guests #58, sharing derelict Beech G18S N233H of Renfro's at Bethel,AK

    Bob Parmerter shared the history of C-45 N460K (see below); Search For Identities updated
    Updated item on Photos by Friends & Guests #56 on BAHF's grounded C-97 N117GA in need of replacement engine
    Updated my page on a 2005 visit to the Carolinas Aviation Museum with news on upcoming closure this year...

    The unidentified Beech 18 wreck at Nome,AK has been identified, thanks to Bob Parmerter: Search For Identities
    Received an update by John Wills of disassembly in progress: C-119 N5216R at Battle Mountain,NV
    Scott Alford sent me an update w/ photo of DHC-3T of Superior Airways in a new colourscheme, Photos by Friends & Guests #57

    Added an unidentified Beech 18 wreck at Nome,AK on my Search For Identities gallery
    While ending MyBlog 2019Q2 I opened a new one for this 3rd quarter of 2019

    Updated the caption of DHC-2 N94DC with details of its recent crash; Dirk Septer's vintage propliners
    Added on my Q&A page a search in CIA and/or MI6 involvement during German coverts ops into Congo-Léopoldville (1960s 'Congo Crisis')

    Philippe Lavigne shared two N2501 Noratlas photos for my website; Photos by Friends & Guests #57
    Updated my UK 2019 report (work in progress) with Twin Pioneer G-APRS and a RAF Jet Provost in a beer garden...

    Started my webreport UK2019 on recent travel to England. First to be detailed are HS.748s VH-AMQ & VH-AHL at Southend (SEN).

    BT-67 C-FKGL of North Star Air went down into a lake, see my Photos by Friends & Guests #57
    Philippe Lavigne added info on the NorAtlas transport Gabriel variant on my Scanned Archive

    C-119 N5216R is being dismantled at Battle Mountain,NV for transport - photo on Photos by Friends & Guests #57

    Update my Photos by Friends & Guests #54 with the location of DC-6 N666SQ in North Pole,AK
    Updated and weeded out dead LINKS

    Added a vintage advertisement of DC-4 flights by KLM to Miami
    Updated my Off-Airport Asia page, an ex/ Thai military (Navy?) C-123 preserved near Muak Lek in Thailand

    Updated my Off-Airport Asia page, the item on DC-3 'Sister Ann' in Japan

    Updated my page on DC-3 'Betsy' VR-HDB with a pic of 'sistership' VR-HDA, also in Hong Kong
    Updated my Canada 2007: Gimli page with a 2016 view of C-46F C-GIBX, another pic by Jean Vouillon
    C-54 N74AF was added on my Off-Airport gallery, located on PR 107 near Aguadilla IAP, Puerto Rico

    Updated my Canada 2007: Gimli page with a current view of C-46F C-GIBX; a sale awaits a final conclusion

    Updated fate (scrapped) of USAF C-119 at Granbury,TX on C-119 Dossier, page #4
    Restyled & updated my page Visit to Buffalo Aws at Red Deer,ALB in 2006
    Joshua Lester shared an update for my Off-Airport NAm: C-97 hulk at Unalakleet,AK

    Updated my Coventry Air Museum visit in 2011 with details of D-CXXX (ex/ G-AMRA) and D-CXXX (ex/ G-AMPZ) in Berlin

    DC-6 I-DIMA in Italy added onto my Off-Airport Europe

    Updated my Off-Airport Asia for Thai AF C-47A 'JIG 112' at a gasstation on Route 36 in Thailand

    Updated my Off-Airport Asia for Thai AF C-47A c/n 9414 with a 2019 pic
    Bill van Dyck shared a video on FB showing DC-7 N4887C at Coolidge moving under own power! Coolidge Airport,AZ 2008

    Update on C-130 N118TG on my page Visit to Coolidge Airport,AZ 2008
    Photo of S-2 N436DF / Tanker 100 as art in Phildelphia, on my Off-Airport N.America
    A C-46 (unidentified) preserved in Udon Thani (Thailand) has been nicely repainted; Off-Airport Asia

    Identity check on 'ETM-6043' near Monterrey would be most welcome; Off-Airport Latin America

    Updated my Off-Airport Latin America with a recent photo of C-54A HK-136
    Updated my Off-Airport Europe with news that Vickers Viscount SE-IVY was removed from a theme park

    Update on derelict DC-3 N51938 in Missouri, on my Photos by Friends & Guests #18.

    Updated the details on DC-3 C-GJKM on my page Visit Yellowknife 2006 regarding recent landing in open terrain

    Vickers Viscount G-AZNA, off-airport in Belgium, is reportedly for sale

    Updated and restyled my Visit to Air Spray at Red Deer (2006)

    Today I went to the opening of Thijs Postma's exhibition '100 years KLM' at the Nederlands Transport Museum

    John Vogel sent me 'before & after' pics of C-53 N8336C, since 2018 done up in fine Chinese 'Civil Air Transport' livery

    Updated my gallery Here & There, in Holland with images of Fokker F.27 'PH-NIV' gate guard at Schiphol

    William Swirsky sent me a photo of N88740 for my page DC-3 N5000E & Aero Service Corp

    Another Kenting C-47 plane wreck 'surfaced', which is which (CF-OOY vs CF-OOV); Abandoned Plane Wrecks of the North
    Photos on Paul Weston's gallery of C-119 N5216R seem to reopen discussion on the identity of N5216R at Battle Mountain,NV

    Mike Smyth again commented on a 'plane mystery' and seems right on the nail identifying DC-4 N32DR at McAllen,TX.
    Simon Beck wrote me a while ago a suggestion for the mystery C-119 'N801W': N8501W?
    Updated my Cherbourg (D-Day 70th anniversary) page with news DC-3A HB-IRJ has been sold to Turkey

    Ken Swartz shared a few Nov.2018 photos taken in British Columbia; his gallery on my website

    Starliner N8083H has arrived at JFK's TWA terminal, approaching final stage of becoming part of a lounge; Photos by Friends & Guests, #57

    Updated Ken Swartz' gallery with three recent photos

    Restyled my page South Coast Airways Surrenders

    Updated details of the 2018 crash of Dragon Rapide 'G-AHXW' at Abbotsford on my Photos by Friends & Guests, #55
    Updated my Friends & Guests, #39 , details on Turbo Dak C-GEAI suffering not once but twice incidents on Antarctica, but both time repaired and flown out.
    Updated my 2009 page on a visit to Dubendorf's air museum with news that JU-Air suspends all Ju-52 ops
    On my Unidentified Planes I have added a red Beech C-45, roadside I-25 south of Augusta,GA (25 miles from its previous location)

    Added an unidentified Beech 18 on my Off-Airport gallery, roadside I-25 south of Augusta,GA

    Added CV580 ZS-LYL to my Off-Airport (Africa) gallery

    Added C-47B P2-003 onto my Off-Airport Asia page, it sits at a pub 'Amaroo Tavern' in Moree,NSW

    Restyled Bob Schultz' account on his career which includes air-to-air & interior photos of DC-3 N950

    Starliner N8083H has made it from Auburn,ME to New York City; updated my Starliners @Auburn 2009 & 2011 visits

    C-47 C-FDTH at Red Deer is in fact C-FBAE (now severely stripped of parts for restoring C-FDTD at St.Hubert); Friends & Guests, #57

    Updated my visit to the Coventry Air Museum in 2011, on G-AMRA, that this C-47B saw its restoration at Berlin-Schönefeld terminated

    Restyled my DC-3 Fly Inn at Lelystad 2006 page (deleted the thumbnails)

    Buffalo's C-54G C-GBNV is now at Red Deer and outfitted as sprayer (budworm, oil pollution at sea, et cetera); Photos by Friends & Guests, #57

    Restyled my webpage dedicated to DDA's modest 25th anni celebrations in 2007

    Restyled my webpage dedicated to flightseeing over Holland in DDA's DC-3 PH-DDZ (2005)

    Nigel Aylmer suggested a cockpit found at Wade Salvage (Atco,NJ) to be of Convair 880 N804AJ; Plane identities..
    Updates on Ron Mak's gallery for A-26B N500MR plus photos & history on Canso's C-FPQO (N427CV) and 5B-PBY (N315KM)
    Cessna Crane CF-LED was added to the Nanton air museum in Alberta (item has link to my 2007 report of the museum). Photos by Friends ..., Page 57

    Came across a vintage photo of R4D-1 (C-47) XA-GEU; no history of what happened to it. Photos by Friends & Guests, page 57
    Added the A-26B Invader on my Off-airport (N/Am) page

    FAA's DC-7 N464 has been suggested as the unidentified FAA propliner at Wade Salvage (Atco,NJ); Searching for identification
    Found in DC-6B N90756 a better candidate for the remaining airframe at Wade's Salvage (Atco,NJ); Searching for identification

    DC-3 HK-2494 of Laser Aéro (Colombia) crashed yesterday, with sadly all occupants fatal; Photos by Friends & Guests, page 57
    Hector Vazquez sent me a better photo of the Douglas wreck at Wade's Salvage, Atco,NJ; searching for identification
    Tanker 68, DC-6 N90739, was scrapped at Redmond,OR in 2007; fwd fuselage now at Wade Salvage. Photos by Ted Quackenbush

    CF-TES will move from Winnipeg to Poland, transported General Kazimierz Sosnkowski during WW2 Page 57
    C-121 HI-393 and DC-3 HH-CNE survive at Santo Domingo-SDQ; Photos by Friends & Guests, page 57

    Mystery 'Big Doug' wreck at Wades Salvage Inc (Atco,NJ) added on my Plane Mysteries

    A nice update with a winter photo at Selkirk (Man.) for my gallery on Rich Hulina's Bush Flying Captured

    TRAVEL - report of visit to Texel plus a few sidetrips

    C-119 N5216R, longtime resident of Battle Mountain,NV has been acquired by Rolling Boxcar! See My Visit Battle Mntn and Photos by Friends & Guests 53

    Editted my Alaska/Canada 2006 PAGE 2 webpage, got rid of the thumbnails
    Same for Aero Space Museum (2006)

    Editted my AlCan 2006 webpage, got rid of the thumbnails

    Added a few details on C-47 'Sister Ann' displayed near Lake Hamamatsu,Japan on my Off-Airport Asia gallery
    And added DH.114 Heron JA6159 on that same gallery, my Off-Airport Asia
    And on that same gallery update on Fokker F.27s preserved at People's Park, Yangon, Myanmar; XY-ADZ and XY-AEW
    On my page about submerged DC-3 and C-46 near Bimini I have posted an update on the C-46

    Captured some screendumps while catching up on Planesavers videos, E34-E46; Photos by Friends & Guests, page 57
    Reworked my Yellowknife 2006 (page 2) page, quit epleased with the result and happy memories!

    'Yukon' Cornelis forwarded me a vintage DC-3 photo, of Delta's N57539, which has bearing on the disappearance of ECT-035 (ex/ T3.25)

    Opened a new aviation page on my website, a gallery named Here & There, in Holland

    Reworked my Yellowknife 2006 (page 1) page

    Ron Mak sent me a very fine 1973 photo of DC-3 G-AMPO in support of the Macedonian Aviation history; Photos by Friends & Guests, page 57
    Ron Mak contributed a photo for the Searchfor gallery, of DC3's stored at Manilla, now two at Charlie's Hangar Hostel
    A sizeable series of 1977 photos taken at Quito's aviation museum were added to Ron Mak's page #3 gallery
    Ron also shared with me a 1983 photo of SX-ECD (& SX-ECF) stored at Athens (LGAT) airport, relevant to Off-Airport Europe
    And Ron found some (4) 1993 photos of C-47 SX-ECF preserved at Helliunikon-HEW, also on his Ron Mak's page #3

    An extended account on Macedonian Aviation (1972-1974) opens a new edition of Photos by Friends & Guests, page 57!
    Jim Monahan made me aware of the role DC-3 N26MA (Paralift / PM Leasing) plays in The Corrs video, 'Breathless'. Page 57.

    Daniel Bourque sent me a photo of Fairchild F.27J CF-GND, crashed in 1968 and featured on my Abandoned Plane Wrecks of the North
    DC-3 N33611 is for sale, though also expected to participate in the Daks over Normandy 2019 event; specs of c/n 34378 HERE...

    Roger Byron-Collins wrote me interesting background of DC-3 G-AMPO in the early-1970s; DC-3 Page 3

    Added Google Earth screendumps to indicate the 'Off-Airport' DC-3 location in Athens,Greece.
    Added an item on DC-3 C-GJDM at Peterborough,ONT for its use as parts supply refurbishing N308SF 'Night Fright', HERE..

    Item dedicated on Mikey McBryan's 'Plane Savers' intitiative and Vlog; see my Photos by Friends & Guests #56

    Added a report by Kyle G. Cameron of visit to crash site HU-16 7237 onto my Abandoned Plane Wrecks of the Arctic North
    Addition to my Off-Airport Latin America gallery, a DC-6 (most likely HK-3530X) in Puerto Colombia
    Another addition to my Off-Airport Latin America gallery: DC-3 HC-ALD in Tabatinga, Brazil

    C-47B SX-ECD now adorns Restaurant Dekatria in Athens,Greece; see my Off-Airport Europe.

    The 2 C-47s at Charlies Hostel in San Juan, Philippines have finally been identified, Searchfor..
    Noted that Buffalo did a bulksale of DC-3s at Red Deer to Basler Turbo Conversions; update on my Red Deer 2006 report

    Sadly Turbine DC-3-65TP N467KS crashed 21Jan19 in Ohio, both crew fatally injured; Photos by Friends & Guests #56

    Phil Brooks forwarded a Facebook post by Henry Toh as a screendump to me, fit for my Asia Off-Airport Gallery

    John Olin agreed to share a few vintage C-119 photos on my C-119 dossier, page 4


    This website was started in Feb.2001. See Old News