Well, what's new here...

After having started this website by the end of 2000, I found it useful to keep track of the changes; the initial start contained 4 pages on the Douglas DC-3, one each on the DC-4 and DC-6 and one on the Curtiss C-46 Commando. Plus two text pages with general background information on the C-46 and the DC-6. Soon followed by The Lockheed Constellation with one page and a visit (my first dedicated propliner visit abroad) to Sharjah ( 2 pages, on the Antonov An-8/An-12 and Ilyushin Il-18).
Later the TRAVEL Pages were added and indeed, a Blog.
And the rest, they say: is history!

Happy anniversary 2001 - 2018, and counting...

In 2013 I started a series of photo albums on, named '36Exp'(36 Exposures, a reference to the exposures on most common rolls of 35mm film: 12, 24 & 36.).
The books can be ordered directly from the website.
My books on!
Most subjects will be on non-aviation subjects:


Since the amount of work on the website is increasingly becoming an issue for me, please consider the following pointers, when sending an email and/or photos:
  • State the subject of your email, why is it of interest
  • Where and when was the image taken; make it clear if you do not want to see it used on my website
  • Who is the copyrightholder of the image; did you take the photo?
  • Do not send more than six photos (the size is of no concern)
  • Always sign with your name, I do not reply to emails otherwise

    These are the updates:

    John Vogel sent me 'before & after' pics of C-53 N8336C, since 2018 done up in fine Chinese 'Civil Air Transport' livery

    Updated my gallery Here & There, in Holland with images of Fokker F.27 'PH-NIV' gate guard at Schiphol

    William Swirsky sent me a photo of N88740 for my page DC-3 N5000E & Aero Service Corp

    Another Kenting C-47 plane wreck 'surfaced', which is which (CF-OOY vs CF-OOV); Abandoned Plane Wrecks of the North
    Photos on Paul Weston's gallery of C-119 N5216R seem to reopen discussion on the identity of N5216R at Battle Mountain,NV

    Mike Smyth again commented on a 'plane mystery' and seems right on the nail identifying DC-4 N32DR at McAllen,TX.
    Simon Beck wrote me a while ago a suggestion for the mystery C-119 'N801W': N8501W?
    Updated my Cherbourg (D-Day 70th anniversary) page with news DC-3A HB-IRJ has been sold to Turkey

    Ken Swartz shared a few Nov.2018 photos taken in British Columbia; his gallery on my website

    Starliner N8083H has arrived at JFK's TWA terminal, approaching final stage of becoming part of a lounge; Photos by Friends & Guests, #57

    Updated Ken Swartz' gallery with three recent photos

    Restyled my page South Coast Airways Surrenders

    Updated details of the 2018 crash of Dragon Rapide 'G-AHXW' at Abbotsford on my Photos by Friends & Guests, #55
    Updated my Friends & Guests, #39 , details on Turbo Dak C-GEAI suffering not once but twice incidents on Antarctica, but both time repaired and flown out.
    Updated my 2009 page on a visit to Dubendorf's air museum with news that JU-Air suspends all Ju-52 ops
    On my Unidentified Planes I have added a red Beech C-45, roadside I-25 south of Augusta,GA (25 miles from its previous location)

    Added an unidentified Beech 18 on my Off-Airport gallery, roadside I-25 south of Augusta,GA

    Added CV580 ZS-LYL to my Off-Airport (Africa) gallery

    Added C-47B P2-003 onto my Off-Airport Asia page, it sits at a pub 'Amaroo Tavern' in Moree,NSW

    Restyled Bob Schultz' account on his career which includes air-to-air & interior photos of DC-3 N950

    Starliner N8083H has made it from Auburn,ME to New York City; updated my Starliners @Auburn 2009 & 2011 visits

    C-47 C-FDTH at Red Deer is in fact C-FBAE (now severely stripped of parts for restoring C-FDTD at St.Hubert); Friends & Guests, #57

    Updated my visit to the Coventry Air Museum in 2011, on G-AMRA, that this C-47B saw its restoration at Berlin-Schönefeld terminated

    Restyled my DC-3 Fly Inn at Lelystad 2006 page (deleted the thumbnails)

    Buffalo's C-54G C-GBNV is now at Red Deer and outfitted as sprayer (budworm, oil pollution at sea, et cetera); Photos by Friends & Guests, #57

    Restyled my webpage dedicated to DDA's modest 25th anni celebrations in 2007

    Restyled my webpage dedicated to flightseeing over Holland in DDA's DC-3 PH-DDZ (2005)

    Nigel Aylmer suggested a cockpit found at Wade Salvage (Atco,NJ) to be of Convair 880 N804AJ; Plane identities..
    Updates on Ron Mak's gallery for A-26B N500MR plus photos & history on Canso's C-FPQO (N427CV) and 5B-PBY (N315KM)
    Cessna Crane CF-LED was added to the Nanton air museum in Alberta (item has link to my 2007 report of the museum). Photos by Friends ..., Page 57

    Came across a vintage photo of R4D-1 (C-47) XA-GEU; no history of what happened to it. Photos by Friends & Guests, page 57
    Added the A-26B Invader on my Off-airport (N/Am) page

    FAA's DC-7 N464 has been suggested as the unidentified FAA propliner at Wade Salvage (Atco,NJ); Searching for identification
    Found in DC-6B N90756 a better candidate for the remaining airframe at Wade's Salvage (Atco,NJ); Searching for identification

    DC-3 HK-2494 of Laser Aéro (Colombia) crashed yesterday, with sadly all occupants fatal; Photos by Friends & Guests, page 57
    Hector Vazquez sent me a better photo of the Douglas wreck at Wade's Salvage, Atco,NJ; searching for identification
    Tanker 68, DC-6 N90739, was scrapped at Redmond,OR in 2007; fwd fuselage now at Wade Salvage. Photos by Ted Quackenbush

    CF-TES will move from Winnipeg to Poland, transported General Kazimierz Sosnkowski during WW2 Page 57
    C-121 HI-393 and DC-3 HH-CNE survive at Santo Domingo-SDQ; Photos by Friends & Guests, page 57

    Mystery 'Big Doug' wreck at Wades Salvage Inc (Atco,NJ) added on my Plane Mysteries

    A nice update with a winter photo at Selkirk (Man.) for my gallery on Rich Hulina's Bush Flying Captured

    TRAVEL - report of visit to Texel plus a few sidetrips

    C-119 N5216R, longtime resident of Battle Mountain,NV has been acquired by Rolling Boxcar! See My Visit Battle Mntn and Photos by Friends & Guests 53

    Editted my Alaska/Canada 2006 PAGE 2 webpage, got rid of the thumbnails
    Same for Aero Space Museum (2006)

    Editted my AlCan 2006 webpage, got rid of the thumbnails

    Added a few details on C-47 'Sister Ann' displayed near Lake Hamamatsu,Japan on my Off-Airport Asia gallery
    And added DH.114 Heron JA6159 on that same gallery, my Off-Airport Asia
    And on that same gallery update on Fokker F.27s preserved at People's Park, Yangon, Myanmar; XY-ADZ and XY-AEW
    On my page about submerged DC-3 and C-46 near Bimini I have posted an update on the C-46

    Captured some screendumps while catching up on Planesavers videos, E34-E46; Photos by Friends & Guests, page 57
    Reworked my Yellowknife 2006 (page 2) page, quit epleased with the result and happy memories!

    'Yukon' Cornelis forwarded me a vintage DC-3 photo, of Delta's N57539, which has bearing on the disappearance of ECT-035 (ex/ T3.25)

    Opened a new aviation page on my website, a gallery named Here & There, in Holland

    Reworked my Yellowknife 2006 (page 1) page

    Ron Mak sent me a very fine 1973 photo of DC-3 G-AMPO in support of the Macedonian Aviation history; Photos by Friends & Guests, page 57
    Ron Mak contributed a photo for the Searchfor gallery, of DC3's stored at Manilla, now two at Charlie's Hangar Hostel
    A sizeable series of 1977 photos taken at Quito's aviation museum were added to Ron Mak's page #3 gallery
    Ron also shared with me a 1983 photo of SX-ECD (& SX-ECF) stored at Athens (LGAT) airport, relevant to Off-Airport Europe
    And Ron found some (4) 1993 photos of C-47 SX-ECF preserved at Helliunikon-HEW, also on his Ron Mak's page #3

    An extended account on Macedonian Aviation (1972-1974) opens a new edition of Photos by Friends & Guests, page 57!
    Jim Monahan made me aware of the role DC-3 N26MA (Paralift / PM Leasing) plays in The Corrs video, 'Breathless'. Page 57.

    Daniel Bourque sent me a photo of Fairchild F.27J CF-GND, crashed in 1968 and featured on my Abandoned Plane Wrecks of the North
    DC-3 N33611 is for sale, though also expected to participate in the Daks over Normandy 2019 event; specs of c/n 34378 HERE...

    Roger Byron-Collins wrote me interesting background of DC-3 G-AMPO in the early-1970s; DC-3 Page 3

    Added Google Earth screendumps to indicate the 'Off-Airport' DC-3 location in Athens,Greece.
    Added an item on DC-3 C-GJDM at Peterborough,ONT for its use as parts supply refurbishing N308SF 'Night Fright', HERE..

    Item dedicated on Mikey McBryan's 'Plane Savers' intitiative and Vlog; see my Photos by Friends & Guests #56

    Added a report by Kyle G. Cameron of visit to crash site HU-16 7237 onto my Abandoned Plane Wrecks of the Arctic North
    Addition to my Off-Airport Latin America gallery, a DC-6 (most likely HK-3530X) in Puerto Colombia
    Another addition to my Off-Airport Latin America gallery: DC-3 HC-ALD in Tabatinga, Brazil

    C-47B SX-ECD now adorns Restaurant Dekatria in Athens,Greece; see my Off-Airport Europe.

    The 2 C-47s at Charlies Hostel in San Juan, Philippines have finally been identified, Searchfor..
    Noted that Buffalo did a bulksale of DC-3s at Red Deer to Basler Turbo Conversions; update on my Red Deer 2006 report

    Sadly Turbine DC-3-65TP N467KS crashed 21Jan19 in Ohio, both crew fatally injured; Photos by Friends & Guests #56

    Phil Brooks forwarded a Facebook post by Henry Toh as a screendump to me, fit for my Asia Off-Airport Gallery

    John Olin agreed to share a few vintage C-119 photos on my C-119 dossier, page 4

    Updated the Richard Nash vintage propliners gallery on my website with a few 1950s/60s photos he shared with me.

    The full details revealed of the damage C-FIQM suffered in 1990, relevant to Ron Mak's photos of C-FIQM.

    Ron Mak's photos of C-54G C-FIQM (Kenn Borek Air) raises questions about what sort of maintenance is going on; Ron Mak's gallery

    Ken Swartz shared a few photos of his visit to the Hagerstown Aviation Museum in Oct.2018; see his gallery on my website

    Robin Weber sent me newspaper clippings of 1955 about the Avro York CF-HMV search, on my Abandoned Planes of the Arctic North

    Paul Kelley responded to my Abandoned Planes of the Arctic North with more photos of Nordair C-46 CF-HEI

    DC-3C C-FDTD at St.Hubert has been saved from the scrapman by Buffalo Airways; see my US/Canada 2009 report

    Mike Smyth wrote me with a photo of DC-3 Gateguard 'Welcome to the Bahamas', to help in the research of Submerged DC-3 at the Bahamas

    F.27 AP-ALN crashed in 1994 and anno 2018 sees a new role as restaurant at Chitral,Pakistan; Photos by Friends & Guests #56

    Update on C-FDTD, stored at St.Hubert (Canada) and now on eBay for sale or likely to be scrapped; Photos by Friends & Guests #56
    On 30Nov18 C-97 N117GA of the BAHF went airborne at Hagerstown Reg'l AP; an update on Photos by Friends & Guests #56

    Shared another photo of the C-119L N8504W (c/n 259) incident at Dahl Creek,Alaska on Paul Weston's gallery

    C-47 HK-3349 at Tiuma Park, Colombia has been hoisted on a large tower; Off-Airport Latin America

    Expanded a selection of Boeing B-17 photos Ron Mak shared with me, visit his gallery PAGE 3

    Updated Photos by Friends & Guests #42, one of the long time stored PV-2 Harpoons N7272C will be ferried out for restoration
    Updated details of below P-2E BuNo. 131456. on Tucson salvage yards 2017

    Scott Gallaher is looking for a home for his P-2 Neptune (identity?) at the old Minden lot; Tucson salvage yards 2017

    Updated my summary of 'propliners under restoration' (Spring 2017 I believe) with present (often saddening) status; Photos by Friends & Guests #56

    Updated Jacques Hémet's gallery (page 2) with a photo, a C-47 for sale & the end of Hémet Exploration
    Updated the item on C-47 HK-3349 at Tiuma Park (Colombia) on my Off-Airport Gallery

    TRAVEL: concluded today my extensive travel report on Oct.2018 trip to Japan
    PAGE ONE: Osaka, Himeji Castle, Hiroshima, Miyajima, Nara
    PAGE TWO: Kyoto, Inari Shinto Shrine
    PAGE THREE: Takayama, Gokayama, Shirakawa, Matsumoto Castle
    PAGE FOUR: Tokyo

    C-47A HK-3293 has been salvaged, on groundtransport through Colombia's jungle and over water; pics on Photos by Friends & Guests #56

    Updated my Abandoned Plane Wrecks of the Arctic North with recent images of Churchill's C-46F C-GYHT

    Marcel Singerling recently visited Quito's Museo Aeronáutico de la FAE and a few propliners are shared on my Photos by Friends & Guests #56

    C-47J N213GB, former mosquito sprayer, was transported from Shell Creek,FL to the Netherlands via the port of Antwerp; see Photos by Friends & Guests #56

    Ken Swartz sent me some recent pics taken at Geneseo's warplane museum and at the Glenn H. Curtiss museum; see his gallery on my website

    Ron Mak shared an aircraft mystery: is 9Q-CBK on his 1978 photo c/n 10452 or c/n 10730; solved on my Search for Aircraft Identies
    Dirk Septer came up with the answer of the identity of a stored wing at Everts': CF-FNC
    Rolf Larsson showed me that former C-118B Liftmaster N70BF should now be referred to as a DC-6A; Photos by Friends & Guests #56

    Robert Fulwiler sent me a Vietnam War era photo, of C-123 55-4548/WV; see Photos by Friends & Guests #56

    Chris Thompson sent me a recent photo of DC-6 N70BF, former Florida Air Transport (FAT), now at Hawaii with National Response Corporation

    Neville Webb hiked with a group of people to the Burgoyne's Cove B-36 crashsite; updated his gallery on my website, links to drone videos

    Updated my Visit to Evergreen's air museum at McMinnville,OR 2012 with news the museum may yet again be in dire straights..
    DC-3 converted motorhome 'VH-DAK' in Queensland,OZ updated explained, on my Photos by Friends & Guests #56

    Fred Barnes & Ron Mak sent me photos of Pembroke 'RM-9' in its days as N51964 at Blackbushe,UK (1978) and HR-ITA (Honduras, 1980);
    on Photos by Friends & Guests #56 Also additional history details added.
    The latest upload to the gallery of Bill Hill's vintage aviation photos was concluded with relevant historic detail & data.

    After decades of storage at Anoka,Minn. Pembroke N510RP (ex/ RM-9) has been saved from scrapping, on the move! Photos by Friends & Guests #56
    Updated the item on mystery C-119 'N801W' by Simon Beck's findings; C-119 Dossier, page 2

    Arnold Begeman recently photographed Norcanair's F.27J stored at Saskatoon; Photos by Friends & Guests #56

    A project that started Feb.2014 now (almost) completed: the gallery of Bill Hill & Richard Nash vintage planes photos; PAGE ONE | PAGE TWO

    L.1049A Starliner ZS-DVJ has been towed to the SAA Museum grounds - on my (new!) Photos by Friends & Guests #56

    Updated my Photos by Friends & Guests #45 for C-53 N34D 'Beach City Baby': restoration complete and ready to fly!
    There's an unidentified Twin Beech at an abandoned gasstation in Vinemont,AL - help! Photos by Friends & Guests #55

    Catalina PH-PBY has been sold to the Collings Foundation in the US; PH-PBY

    Chris Thompson wrote me an update on DC-6 N70BF which has found useful employment on Hawaii; Check Six

    I was looking for details of overgrown S-2 planes in a yard near St.Augustine(FL), but found they are all gone; Photos by Friends & Guests #55

    Updated the item on C-119 N5216R at Battle Mountain,NV and its delayed move to Alaska; Photos by Friends & Guests #53
    And another update on the delayed move of C-46 C-GIBX from Gimli to Alaska, see my Gimli 2007 report

    Added 23 photos of Convair Liner (340 - 640)- and RR Dart manuals; to illustrate training back in the days; Convair Tec
    P-2 Neptune N445NA/T45 has arrived at the Yankee Air Museum for preservation; see my Photos by Friends & Guests #55

    The unidentified 'Lockheed Twin' @Burning Man 2018 added to my Searchfor.. gallery
    Updated my CV5800 page about C-GKFS (ex/ ZK-KFS) fate: parted out / scrapped
    Gerben Groothuis shared a series of photos taken in March 2018 at Vancouver,BC see my Photos by Friends & Guests #55
    Via Phil Brooks I received a 2018 photo by Eric Teoh of Iceland's C-117D c/n 43309: ICELAND 2007 updated

    Updated my 2008 Chico,CA (Aero Union) report with relocation of Howard Super Ventura N183PL

    In my Searching for Identities gallery I have added two DC-6 forward fuselages at Marion-Zuehl airfield, Texas.

    John Vogel shared with me several photos of preserved planes at McClellan, how they arrived in their original livery.
    Photos by Friends & Guests #55
    Scott Kordes shared on Facebook two DC-6 forward fuselages, stored at Zuehl,TX - their id's? see my Photos by Friends & Guests #55

    Updated my page 'Schiphol, the old days' with a series of historic postcards

    Fred Barnes shared a photo of DC-6 N12347, taken on 04May1986 at Anchorage,AK, on my Photos by Friends & Guests #55

    Ben Allan Smith sent me an update on The Tunison Foundation and 'Daks over Normandy' intentions; on my Cherbourg, 70th D-Day anni

    Working on a (P-3 Orion) fleetlist of a new aerial firefighter, Airstrike Firefighters LLC; on my Photos by Friends & Guests #55

    A new selection added of images from the Bill Hill collection, part of the Richard Nash archive.
    Photos of Beech 18 N2813J, derelict, by Patrick Joseph Sheehan‎ added on my Photos by Friends & Guests #55

    Dirk Septer visited Fairbanks,AK 01Aug18 and shared some photos, a.o. DC-6 N12347 on the Steese Highway

    Updated Photos by Friends & Guests #54 for the desert Aero Trader's storage yard

    Updated Ron Mak's gallery #3 with 3 additional vintage B-17 photos

    Added a few more photos by Christopher Lennie of the DC-3 crashsite in the Yukon, on my Abandoned Wrecks of the Arctic North
    Updated the item on crashed C-46 N1822M on my Photos by Friends & Guests #55

    Updated my Visit to Talkeetna (AK) 2012 for crash details of DHC-2 N323KT

    On my blog (will be archived as Blog-2018Q3 in due course) I did a write up of 1960s (Dutch) aviation books, Alkenreeks
    Did a write up on Hugo Hooftman, aviation journalist and -author, on my Aviation Reference Books Remembered

    Dillon Barron shared a photo of Albatross N122FB flown out of Pinal Airpark, saved from the scrapman; on Photos by Friends & Guests #55
    Updated Christopher Lennie contribution on my Abandoned Wrecks of the Arctic North

    Christopher Lennie sent me a contribution for my Abandoned Wrecks of the Arctic North
    Rod Saigeon sent me a photo of Dragon Rapide G-AHXW taken at that fateful day at Abbotsford; on Photos by Friends & Guests #55

    Updated the item on PBY-5 N423RS, on Frits Klinkhamers gallery, for its current status at St.Lucie County Airport,FL
    Twin Pioneer G-APRS has been moved to a 'glamcamping' in Scotland; see the update on my 2011 visit to Coventry airport & museum

    Updated my Lockheed Starliner ZS-DVJ, remembered by Erik Eriksson with a new milestone in the restoration of ZS-DVJ

    TRAVEL: added my 2018 pages ENGLAND PAGE 1 | PAGE 2 | ORFORD NESS

    Jeff Nordin shared photos of C-47 17220 at McCall,ID - a place I visited in 2014; one photo for comparison on Photos by Friends & Guests #55

    The 'Dutch Catalina' PH-PBY will be put up fore sale at the end of this season; see my webpage PH-PBY

    DC-6 N6174C of Everts Air Cargo made its last flight in 2016, to Chena Hot Springs; Photos by Friends & Guests #55
    DC-7C OY-KND has its forward fuselage preserved at Denmark's Flymuseum; Photos by Friends & Guests #55
    Ron Mak shared his 1972 photo of OY-KND to show it in better days; Ron's gallery on my website

    Added info on the C-46 N1822M of Everts Air: it will be hauled back to base! Photos by Friends & Guests #55

    Finalized my aviation subjects of ENGLAND 2018, the last being an impressing of Air-Britain's 2018 Fly In at North Weald

    DHC-2 N9878R of Regal Air crashed on 18Jul18, the pilot was killed; a report on my Photos by Friends & Guests #55

    L.12A Electra Junior NC14999 was damaged @Zwartberg-Genk in Belgium 01Jul18; Photos by Friends & Guests #55
    C-47B N47HL of the Highland Lakes Sqdn (CAF) was destroyed by fire 21Jul18; Photos by Friends & Guests #55

    Added a report of a visit to the 100th Bombardment Group Memorial Museum to my England 2018 report

    Textual updates to my 19Jul report of visit to the NTM
    Further update, by Robin Petgrave, that my theory on the DC-3 Gourmet foodtrailer is correct
    C-46 N1822M was seriously damaged recently at Manley Hot Springs,AK; Photos by Friends & Guests #55
    Aces High C-47 'L4-D' N147DC is undergoing an unplanned engine change at Valence,France; Photos by Friends & Guests #55

    Found a recently delivered DC-2 to the Nationaal Transport Museum made over to a stunning beauty!

    Update on the DC-3 'Flagship Compton' foodtrailer and a new candidate!; Photos by Friends & Guests #55

    A visit to the Lincs Aviation Heritage Museum opens my England 2018 report

    Update on the DC-3 'Flagship Compton' foodtruck, but no identity yet; Photos by Friends & Guests #55

    A DC-3 fwd fuselage has been converted to foodtruck a.k.a. foodtrailer! No identity yet; Photos by Friends & Guests #55

    Convair 340 ZS-BRV crashed yesterday after take off from Wonderboom (S.AFR); see my update on Propliners in S.Africa 2004
    deHavilland DHC-3T N3952B, from Ketchikan, crashed in mountain area; Photos by Friends & Guests #55

    Updated my 2014 page on Montana's Museum of Mountain Flying with their mission statement to fly their DC-3 N24320 to Daks over Normandy in 2019!

    Dirk Septer shows the DH89 Dragon Rapide N683DH (G-AHXW) rebuilt and repainted at Sealand Aviation in Campbell River

    Gerben Groothuis shared images of C-133s N102AR and N136AR at Mojave,CA in 1983; see his gallery on my website
    Added a few images by Ken Swartz, of his visit to The Aviation Warehouse at El Mirage,CA; see his gallery on my website

    John Vogel sent me historic info & photos of C-47 N19924, which I recently recorded at Aerospace Museum of California
    Joel Moellinger shared a photo of C-47B N1350A at Rolla being disassembled for transport to Basler; Photos by Friends & Guests #55

    Tim Chaloner sent me a few photos taken in the Jacksonville,FL area (a.o. Keystone Heights); Photos by Friends & Guests #54

    Updated my page Aviodrome 2014 about DC-2 A30-14, an update on its present location
    Terry Fletcher provided the data on 'Teacher's Pet' - on my Seachfor page, items sent by Gerben recently

    Updated the item on Chimo A/S at Red Lake on my Ontario Bushplanes 2007 page, ref takeover by Superior A/W
    Gerben Groothuis offered several images again of airframes defying identification, some derelist, some preserved; Search for..

    Rolf Larsson sent me some exquisite 1940s (!) images of the C-47 I saw recently at Flabob Airport; CALIFORNIA PAGE #2

    A few updates on YANKS AIR MUSEUM and several updates on MyBlog

    Closure of my CALIFORNIA 2018 pages: visit to YANKS AIR MUSEUM

    Added 10 photos to the Bill Hill vintage airplanes gallery on my website
    Added photos of my visit to FLABOB Airport, where I found a gaggle of Gooney Birds; CALIFORNIA P2
    And added photos of a quick visit last month to the Proud Bird restaurant (LAX) on CALIFORNIA P2
    TBM Avenger N337VT, which I photographed at Stockton,CA last month, crashed when flying it home; CALIFORNIA 2018 P1

    TRAVEL: my pictorial account of a visit to Aquarium of the Pacific concludes my CALIFORNIA 2018 report

    Photographed DC-3 PH-PBA in its new, 2018, livery today; added onto my DDA page

    Ron Mak shared some photos of Boeing B-17s in civilian use in France, during 1970s; Ron Mak's Propliners #3
    VC-47D 43-49336 was destroyed by fire at Rantoul while being scrapped; Photos by Friends & Guests #54
    Bill McClinton wrote me his memories of the DC-3 'Turkey Hauler', Amerine Air and John Caruso; HERE..

    Added a report of my visit to Museum of Flying in Santa Monica to CALIFORNIA 2018 page 2

    TRAVEL: added a page dedicated to my visit to The Huntington Library, Art and Botanical Garden near Los Angeles

    Added a photo of C-119F 51-2675 at Granbury,TX to my C-119 dossier
    Updated the Aviation Warehouse item on CALIFORNIA 2018
    On Photos by Friends & Guests 54 I added the location of an aviation boneyard near Ocotillo Wells, Southern California

    Piero Gasolino sent me a photo shortly after visiting Gila Rivel Mem'l Airfield, see Photos by Friends & Guests #54
    TRAVEL: got started with PAGE 2 of CALIFORNIA 2018 (a travelgue)

    Added a report of my visit to CAF's SoCal Wing at Camarillo to CALIFORNIA 2018 - page 2

    Added to CALIFORNIA 2018 the (sad) background details of the F-100 Super Sabre seen at Lancaster-Fox Field
    Also added details of my visit to VCV.
    Plus started a PAGE 2, California 2018 continued.

    Added my report on Aviation Warehouse, El Mirage onto my California 2018 report
    Bob Parmerter identified for me the AT-11 at Vintage Aircraft hanging from the ceiling; Vintage Aircraft @Stockton

    Added propliner photos taken at Lancaster-Fox Field on my California 2018 report
    Roy Blewett was able to identify several unmarked airframes I photographed at Stockton; Vintage Aircraft @Stockton,CA

    TRAVEL: updated my travelogue of California 2018, with photos of the Monterey Bay Aquarium

    N113FB is the first Barron Aviation Albatross frown out off Marana storage; Photos by Friends & Guests #54

    Taking a break from the planes, I started my travelogue of California 2018

    Report of 13Apr18 visit to Castle AFB Museum included on my California 2018 webpage; there's a lot to see!

    Report of 13Apr18 visit to Vintage Aircraft at Stockton,CA - could use help for unidentified airframes!

    Some updates and editting on my China 2002 page
    Updated CALIFORNIA 2018 with images of CDF & USCG aircraft at Sacramento-McClellan Airport

    Several years ago I thought to find 'Baby DC-6' N666SQ at the Vietnam Veteran Motor Club in Fairbanks, but to find it moved.
    Dakota Sharpe sent me a photo at its new location: Photos by Friends & Guests #54

    Dirk Septer captured a photo of CN-MBB, DH Dove derelict at Malaga,Spain.
    Grabbed a C-123 photo off Facebook, made an emergency landing on Southern State Parkway at night...
    A question on the correct or right Olive Drab USAAF C-47 paint specs made me add it to my Q&A page; incl answers
    C-47 N4991E @Lodi Airport Café added onto my CALIFORNIA 2018 tripreport

    Made a start with my CALIFORNIA 2018 tripreport; gradually I will work to completion
    JoeJoe Prince recorded C-118 N100CE of Everts Air Cargo technical at Bethel,AK

    The Ilyushin on nightly transport to Navapark Graz is not an IL-18, but IL-62 OK-GBH; Photos by Friends & Guests #54
    Juergen Scherbarth put an identification to the Y-5 sent by Grant Newman 05apr18; Search for..

    Andrew Usugan shared a photo of DHC-2 N77KZ in a true Alaskan scene, at Tununak; Photos by Friends & Guests #54
    An as yet unidentified IL-18 has found its way to the Wellness Hotel Novapark in Graz (Austria); Photos by Friends & Guests #54

    Grant Newman visited the 'Civil Aviation Museum of China' on 20Sep2017; he sent 4 pics of aircraft which need identification; Search for..

    Neil Aird sent me a 1966 photo by Ken Marshall reminding me of the scene at Amsterdam IAP in them days! Photos by Friends & Guests #54

    Added several (pdf) docs, on CIA Rendition Flights, on Stephen Whitaker's page, innature related to his research into his father's fate.
    Gerbe Groothuis sent me several images taken @Opa Locka,FL, one an unidentified AN-12; Photos by Friends & Guests #54
    Neville Webb spotted AN-12 UR-CAK at St.John's and sent me a photo; Neville's gallery on my website

    The aft fuselage of DC-6ST N867TA has made its way south from Fairbanks to Red Deer; Photos by Friends & Guests #54

    Updated my Off-Airport Latin America page with an image of a C-123 at a bar in Costa Rica
    Glenn Chatfield pointed out a common error on 48-795 was the 1st production C-124A and a different aircraft than C-74->YC-124 42-65406; HERE..

    Updated my Starliner at Auburn page, some negative developments, threatening the completion of restoration
    Malcolm Gow shared a 2014 photo with, of the Breitling Connie on the ramp at BSL; Photos by Friends & Guests #53
    Images of C-119 N15501 by Roger Maxwell open a new page on Photos by Friends & Guests: #54

    Jay Brettle shared a photo with me of DC-3 JY-ADE, the aircraft I had difficulty identifying yesterday; The Bill Hill Collection

    Made another update to the gallery The Bill Hill Collection on my website

    A winter update of DC-3 0-17220 stored at McCall,ID - Photos by Friends & Guests #53

    See my revisit to the Aviodrome Aviation Theme Park 10Mar2018
    DC-3 N877MG is discussed on a webpage of mine, either being c/n 14193/25638 or (as the consensus has it) c/n 20806. Added info today
    BuNo.148343, which I photographed a few months ago stored at Pima Air Museum, has reached the end of the line. Read my update HERE..

    Updated Nederlands Transport Museum with add'l info

    Today I had the pleasure of visiting the new Nederlands Transport Museum, in Nieuw-Vennep (NL); a report

    Roger Janssens sent me a correction on final destination DC-3 N8016A; Photos by Friends & Guests #53

    Added a page on aviation reference books and their development

    Added an image of a C-45 on a pole at Marshall's Harrison County Airport, begging for indentification. Photos by Friends & Guests #53

    Added on Searchfor a few images provided by Ron Mak and Juergen Scherbarth, looking to identify the DC-3s at Charlie's Surf Hostel in the Philippines

    C-119 N5216R will get a new career in Alaska, however with limited mobility, with Organic Oasis. Photos by Friends & Guests #53

    JoeJoe Prince showed DHC-2 N77KZ in business in Alaska, a former Koninklijke Luchtmacht Beaver! Photos by Friends & Guests #53

    TRAVEL: my USA Southwest 2017 (2 pages) report

    Andy Mac sent me a photo of C-47 N8061A on its way from Ohio, to ...; Photos by Friends & Guests #53

    Added a 1966 photo of Dragon Rapide G-AHJS by Neville Webb to his gallery on my website Also 2 pics of DC-7 G-ATAB (1966).
    Added 2 photos by JoeJoe Prince, 01Jan2018, at Anchorage (south ramp) of DC-3 N19906 and C-119 N8504Z, see his gallery #2

    Updated my page South Coast Airways in reference to DC-3 G-DAKK with Dec.2017 images at its new location (@Overloon)
    Bob Leicht sent me an update on the C-119 48-0352 restoration at Dover AFB; C-119 Dossier, page #3

    Updated USA OCT2017 Tucson's Salvage Yards w/ ident of a bare metal HU-16 (BuNo.142428)

    Grant Newman shared two Off-Airport DC-3s in New Zealand with me
    Gerben Groothuis sent me 2 2017 images for identification, one stored at Pima Air Museum, other @Western Int'l yard

    An eight images update to the Bill Hill gallery on my website

    A nice 'Winter 2017 Alaska' update by Jim Thompson, of DC-6 N12347; see Off-Airport N.America

    Updated Pima Air & Space Museum visit 2017, for A-26 43-22494 and C-60 'LT909'

    Updated Pima Air & Space Museum visit 2017; think I am basically done now for that Oct.2017 trip

    Updated Tucson's Salvage Yard and USA 2017 Pima Air & Space Museum

    My USA 2017 PAGE 2, Tucson's Salvage Yard and Flight over AMARG & Pinal Airpark are ready to be published

    Finished USA 2017 PAGE 1 and am putting final touches to the remaining pages (finally!)

    Seeing HU-16 N4796U on my USA 2017 report, Ron Mak sent me a 1986 photo, this HU-16 in better days
    Grant Newman sent me a few (2017) photos taken in S.Korea, @Boramae Park and Seoul's War Memorial; Off-Airport Asia

    Rich Hulina shared a photo: winter in west Ontario! Photos by Friends & Guests #53

    Updated Photos by Friends & Guests #52 for the arrival in the UK of 'Biffo' ZK-EPG

    JoeJoe Prince sent me a photo of Everts' N747CE landing at ANC in a storm 02Jan17

    Added two more photos taken by Ken Swartz at Hatzerim AFM aviation museum, Ken's gallery on my website
    Added a question on names on Norwegian AF C-119s on my Q&A-page
    Closed my BLOG 2017-Q4, will start soon with 2018 Q1

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