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After having started this website by the end of 2000, I found it useful to keep track of the changes; the initial start contained 4 pages on the Douglas DC-3, one each on the DC-4 and DC-6 and one on the Curtiss C-46 Commando. Plus two text pages with general background information on the C-46 and the DC-6. Soon followed by The Lockheed Constellation with one page and a visit (my first dedicated propliner visit abroad) to Sharjah ( 2 pages, on the Antonov An-8/An-12 and Ilyushin Il-18).
Later the TRAVEL Pages were added and indeed, a Blog.
And the rest, they say: is history!

Happy anniversary 2001 - 2017, and counting...

In 2013 I started a series of photo albums on, named '36Exp'(36 Exposures, a reference to the exposures on most common rolls of 35mm film: 12, 24 & 36.).
The books can be ordered directly from the website.
My books on!
Most subjects will be on non-aviation subjects:


Since the amount of work on the website is increasingly becoming an issue for me, please consider the following pointers, when sending an email and/or photos:
  • State the subject of your email, why is it of interest
  • Where and when was the image taken; make it clear if you do not want to see it used on my website
  • Who is the copyrightholder of the image; did you take the photo?
  • Do not send more than six photos (the size is of no concern)
  • Always sign with your name, I do not reply to emails otherwise

    These are the updates:

    Updated Off-Airport North America and Off-Airport Europe with planes found, well, off airports....
    Compiled a list for comments and additions of aircraft with a place of honour at restaurants and hotels: Photos by Friends & Guests (49)

    Updated the info on Off-airport / Latin-America in reference to the C-123 at the hotel in Costa Verde
    Added a photo by Luis Drummand, of a Twin Beech named 'Amelia' preserved at Wichita's Hangar One Steakhouse; Photos by Friends & Guests (49)

    Added 3 more scanned b&w negatives to From the Archives

    Paul J. Hooper provided a 1993 photo of Convair N144GT, for the 'what happened to N144GT?' item.

    Introducing a new page, From the Archives.
    Updated my page Airtanker Identification for a little bit of news & background on Hercs of Coulson Flying Tankers
    Terry Fletcher showed me where to find Li-2 '46 Blue', preserved in Minsk; updated Photos by Friends & Guests (49)

    Updated my page for air events / air shows

    I think I found a rare error on Joe Baugher's USAF serials, concerning demise of EC-47 42-24304. See Q & A page

    Ralph Pettersen shared with me his report of a visit to BAHF at Floyd Bennett Field, NY at same page as previous two
    Updated Photos by Friends & Guests (49) with an image found on Twitter of BT-67 C-FKGL's crashlanding on icy Pickle Lake
    Did an item on Belfast RP-C8020 at Cairns (Australia), which is in danger of being scrapped any day now...; Photos by Friends & Guests (49)

    Rob 'Cmraseye' Olewinski provided the other side of the unidentified Beech C18S at Needles, the side with the Braniff sticker; HERE..
    Ken Swartz described the various current aspects of airtankers in Canada & USA to me; copied/editted onto Airtankers Id's

    There is a Beech C18S at Needles,CA -photographed by Axel Klegien- ; help to identify it please! HERE..
    Ken Swartz photographed the CV580 C-GRSC at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum 2 weeks ago, added on his gallery at this website
    Bob Cameron added information and photos to the crash of RCAF KJ936 on Abandoned Plane Wrecks of the North
    Gordon updated yesterday's item with clarification of ground crew tasks relevant to the added photos, Photos by Friends & Guests (49)

    Gordon Tatro sent me some photos of EC-121R spyplanes taken at Korat RTAFB 1969-1970; on Photos by Friends & Guests (49)
    Updated my page Off-airport N.America with an update on some background for Beech D18 N6065V at Angel's Ladies Brothel in Nevada
    Updated the item on transport of Constellation N4247K from Manilla to Australia, on Photos by Friends & Guests (40)
    Arnold Begeman sent me a few recent pics from Red Deer, including L.188 C-GIZU ex/ PH-LLG (KLM & Martinair); Photos by Friends & Guests (49)

    Ken Swartz recently toured the US Deep South and came across two PV-2 Harpoons sitting at Abbeville's Chris Crusta Airport in Louisiana.

    Updated my Aviodrome 2016 page with details on sections of F.27 PH-NIV stored/preserved at the Aviodrome
    Updated the Bill Hill / Richard Nash gallery with an additional 10 vintage images

    Via Phil Brooks I received 2 small images by Bret Poden of a Li-2 (56 Blue / 33444309) on display in Minsk; added on Photos by Friends & Guests (49)

    Mark Buchner shared a nice photo of Beech 18 N16U at Sun'n Fun and since its history came also along I added it on Photos by Friends & Guests (49)

    Bob Cameron shared some of the restoration projects he is working on in the Yukon Transportation Museum in Whitehorse, Canada.

    Ken Swartz wrote me and sent a photo of Canso C-FPQK, taken early april 2017 at Montreal-St. Hubért, being prepared for disassembly & transport
    Bob Cameron wrote me on aircraft his father, Gordon Cameron, and Denny McCartney retrieved from the bush, Abandoned Plane Wrecks of the North
    Updated Dirk Septer's page on the Beech Sea Wind conversion with scans of his original published-in-print article
    Ken Swartz added to the history of DC-3 C-GRSB on his gallery on this website

    Updated my page on the 2012 visit to McMinnville's Evergeen Museum with a july 2016 list (source: Scramble magazine #454)
    Concluded my blogpage for 1st quarter 2017, now start on 2nd quarter

    Stewart Bailey shared a video of DC-3 N25673 doing its 1st engine testrun in several years; on Photos by Friends & Guests (49)
    Updated my Changed Liveries: Martinair page with an MD-11 photo by Graham Robson, taken recently at Mojave.
    Gordon Tatro sent another fine vintage, early 1970s, photo of a C-47 he worked on; Photos by Friends & Guests (49)
    Graham Robson provided a photo update to the state of DC-7 N4889C at Chandler, Arizona; painful to the eyes!

    Stanley Wanlass sent me a 1963 photo of Grumman Goose N640, which features on several on my pages; now also on Photos by Friends & Guests (49)
    Updated my US-Canada 2009 page with news on Canso C-FPQK
    Update A DC-3 MYSTERY SOLVED: AUTEC DC-3 on the new owner of N845S
    Updated captions on C-47s N3BA & N8061A on Photos by Friends & Guests (43), for details of their new owner.

    Intercepted on Facebook transport of Beech C18S N218HC for restoration, see Photos by Friends & Guests (49)

    The tale of CV340 N14CD's continues, now looking for a candidate after it disappeared from FLL for illegal use; Search for Plane Identities

    CV340 c/n 99 N14CD (x/ SE-GTE) wasn't logged on 25Sep82; so scrapped between 27Nov81 - 25Sep82 - updated my Search for Plane Identities
    Added a little WW2 history on C-46 CP-973 on Photos by Friends & Guests (49)

    Did an item on the unique passenger C-46 CP-973, for sale now for 10 years. Photos by Friends & Guests (49)
    Scott Witscher (AT-11 Project Mngr, Lobo Wing) wrote me 'bout the unidentified AT-11 at Moriarty, was donated by one Loren Buss but has no c/n plate; Search for Plane Identities

    Ralph Pettersen sent me several images to support his write up on restoration of C-131F's N342GS & N343GS: Photos by Friends & Guests (48)
    Ron Mak and George Macadie sent me some fine pics of Convair c/n 99! On Ron Mak's Propliners and a new Photos by Friends & Guests (49)
    Fate of CV340 c/n 99 SE-GTE has been resolved, scrapped at FLL; updated my Search for Plane Identities

    Rolf Larsson sent me an Italian Air Force C-119 photo for my C-119 Dossier, 46-96 (couldn't find USAF serial or MM-number)
    Rolf Larson sent me two vintage images of Martinair aircraft, CV440 & F.28, updated my page Martinair (Changed Liveries)
    Rolf Larsson sent me a mystery candidate: what happened to CV340 (c/n 99) LN-FOF/SE-GTE (N14CD); photos on Search for Plane Identities
    Gordon Tatro sent me another photo of C-47 0-48073 plus some personal memories of his military days in USAFE in Germany; Photos by Friends & Guests (48)

    David White asked help to identify a derelict Beech AT-11 frame found at Lobo Wing (CAF), Moriarty,NM; see Search for Plane Identities
    David Leham asked for fate/location of Beech N8042H; Bob Parmerter provided a pic and some history; Photos by Friends & Guests (48)
    Updated my Yellowknife 2007 page for the news that DC-3 passenger flights will remain ceased and with no plans to restart in foreseeable future
    Ralph Pettersen shared exciting news on restoration of C-131F N342GS by Conquest Air for pax flights, but reaches out for $$$ help; Photos by Friends & Guests (48)
    Added some info on Italian AF C-119s on newly compiled C-119 Information, page 4
    Added some general DC-3 information on Rimini 2008, on the introduction of DC-3s in the Italian Air Force

    Ron Mak sent me another fine batch of Belgian AF & Italian AF C-119 images; Ron Mak's Propliners on my website

    Work by Skyclass and the Flying Dutchman Foundation at Rand on DC-4 ZS-AUA continues, for its return to Holland; Photos by Friends & Guests (48)

    Gordon Tatro sent me a vintage pic of USAF C-47 0-48073 and I added its history, on Photos by Friends & Guests (48)

    Fred Goth had his 1967 photo of CV640 PH-MAL shared by 'Verenigde Vleugels'; a scene of 50 years ago! Changed Liveries: Martinair

    Beech 18 (SNB-5 / TC-45) N3484 seems to have been sold but its new owner and fate is unclear; Photos by Friends & Guests (48)
    Histories added of G-ASUG & N15750 (used for restoration of ASUG); see Edinburgh's National Museum of Flight (2011)
    John B. provided more details on the restoration of Grumman Goose N95467, see Photos by Friends & Guests (48)
    Added C-47B N836M of Air Heritage to the list of restorations that may fly this year!

    Rolf Patzer sent me interesting details on Potez 25 F-AJDX with which I updated TEXAS 2015 - 1940 Air Terminal museum
    I came across Goose N95467 in 2008, at Palm Springs,CA and have updated the item with news of its restoration
    Good news on ZS-BRV, to ferry from S.Africa to Europe; some info on other 'final stages of restoration' here - Photos by Friends & Guests (48)

    Nigel Hitchman provided a 2012 photo to illustrate the good news on restoration of PBY-5A C-FNJE at Fairview,ALB; Photos by Friends & Guests (48)
    And updated the item on Harpoon N7249C, also on Photos by Friends & Guests (48), with info and history.

    Updated the item on C-46F N23AC (see below) on USA 2012 - Fairbanks with a photo of it in Israel
    Whilst on the subject of C-46s, it was nice to see JoeJoe Prince share a recent photo of Everts Fuel C-46F N1822M at Bethel,AK on his gallery
    Chris Brame enriched the Chanute Arospace Museum item on Photos by Friends & Guests (48)
    See L.Harpoon N7249C stored at Jerome,ID found on Google Earth, on Photos by Friends & Guests (48), is it for sale?

    Best answer sofar for year of scrapping (below) N144GT is 1997...
    Updated my page US92 on developments around PBY-5A N287 at Tamiami,FL
    Canso A C-FNJE 'First flight after restoration fast approaching!': Abandoned Plane Wrecks of the North.
    A candidate C-119 was offered for that damaged C-119 at Logan Airport: C-119 Dossier, page 3.
    Stuff happening around the Grumman HU-16s/G-111s at Mesa-Falcon Field, so I updated my 2008 page
    C-46F N23AC made it from Fairbanks,AK to Alaska a few days ago...; see USA 2012 - Fairbanks

    Rolf Larsson sent me a 1995 photo of VT-29B N144GT, asking help to find out the date of scrapping; Photos by Friends & Guests (48)

    Added a batch of 9 images to Bill Hill's vintage aviation photos

    Beech 18 N103AF ditched yesterday after a missed approach at Ketchikan,AK; details on my USA Northwest -part 1- 2014
    It might be interesting to follow the moves and scrapping of the aircraft of Chanute Aerospace Museum,IL - which closed in 2015

    Updated Kenneth 'Ken' Swartz by adding Karl E. Hayes' history on both Otter FSUB and GGSZ

    Yet more updates to Kenneth 'Ken' Swartz, following the Air Tahoma trail into Mexico (Air Tribe) and exploring the link with US-MX Airlink

    Updated & corrected yesterday's work on Kenneth 'Ken' Swartz, but still unable to identify the unmarked, all white CV580 at @Rickenback-LCK

    A very nice update of propliners & bushplanes on the page of Kenneth 'Ken' Swartz

    Dirk Septer sent me a recent image of Twin Beech C-GAIV at Campbell River; it starred in Al Pacino's Insomnia and is now devoid of any glamour

    Added some exquisite images of C-119s submitted by Ron Mak

    Updates on P2V N410NA (history) and general Neptune airtanker ops on my page USA 2014 - Missoula visit
    Vickers Viking ZS-DKH was moved by road to the SAA Museum; next is Starliner ZS-DVJ - Photos by Friends & Guests (48)
    Added some history details on DC-3A N34DF 'Beach City Babe' on Photos by Friends & Guests (45)
    HS.748 C-GGNZ is a worthy candidate for Off-Airport Gallery!

    Very pleased with updates pouring in for Bill Hill's vintage aviation images : updates on locations and an image of Connie XA-MAG
    Updated USA 1992 on the fate of DC-3 N600NA

    Updated the page I compiled on the C-97 Airplane Restaurant in Colorado some 15 years ago as I found it on Facebook, still open
    Updated the Bill Hill's vintage aviation images gallery with 12 fascinating photos

    Paul Janicki identified for me the unidentified airframes in Tim Chaloner's recent contribution, of aircraft stored at St.Andrews
    Fred Barnes shared a recent photo of HPR.7 Dart G-APWA, preserved at the Berkshire Air Museum, apparently recenty cleaned
    'Kato' Kent Davis told me about his start in bushplanes which resulted in a 33-year career with Air Canada; see my Red Lake 2007 report
    Tim Chaloner shared a few 2014 images taken at Gimli of a wreck that may or may not be of an incompleted Saunders airframe, HERE

    Nigel Hitchman provided information to disprove a candidate for the disassemble Beech 18 at Virginia Beach.

    Revisions made on my Iranian Aerospace & Exhibition Center page , a.o. on the DC-3 at Besat Park

    Nigel Hitchman provided a very nice update on the DC-3 at Besat Park (Tehran), taken during his visit in Feb.2017
    Was able to conclude that the Norseman stored at St.Andrews (pic'd in 2014) is CF-BTC; Photos by Friends & Guests (48)

    Updated and added remarks on Tim Chaloner's images on Photos by Friends & Guests (48); is Norseman CF-BQT fake? Is this CF-BTC?

    Tim Chaloner shared a generous amount of images of WCAM planes stored at St.Andrews, seen 2014; see Photos by Friends & Guests (48)
    Been able to identify the Tac Airlift Wing the damaged mystery C-119 operated with, on my page C-119 Dossier (page 3)

    Bob Parmerter offered possible identity of Beech 18 at Besat Park, Tehran - which has recently been reported gone.

    Updated the information on Aerometal Int'l LLC DC-3's on Photos by Friends & Guests (48)

    Updated (add'l info) on the C-119 preserved at Hill AFB,UT on my page USA 2008
    Ken Swartz sent me an excellent series of propliner images taken Aug.2016 during his US westcoast trip; Ken's gallery on my website
    Updated my Tehran Museum page with a recent report by Nigel Hitchman.

    Ron Mak sent me an image of DC-6 HK-1276 at VVC 1993, added to his gallery on this website
    Added history details on LANC Colombia, courtesy, on Tangled Histories of HK-1776 and HK-1776-W

    Latest addition to my C-119 Dossier (page 3) is a historic photo sent to me by Gordon Tatro showing a military C-119 (1950s-1960s) at Logan with severe damage
    Gordon Tatro opens Photos by Friends & Guests (48) with images of the days he worked in Thailand on Wright Turbocompound R-3350-93A-42A (C-121) radial engines

    Stef Bailis found a picture online of the LANC HK-1776 and seems we're getting a little closer to concluding HK-1776(2) is ex/ N95BL

    Updated the item of 31Jan HK-1776 / HK-1776-W with additional information and theories..

    Nicky Scherrer did me the pleasure in responding to my Search For... identities of multiple HK-1776 DC-6s; hopefully a start for fresh insights..?

    Olivier van Gorp sent me a nice 2011 image of a Lisunov 'Li-3' preserved at Belgrade airport. The Li-3 is a rare breed! Photos by Friends & Guests (47)

    Dirk Septer wrote me an update on the imported Ethiopian Otters and added an image of the only one rostered & modified and in use in Canada: C-FZDV

    News by Dirk Septer from Vancouver Isl that a Ethiopian AF DHC-3 has arrived in parts... See Dirk's gallery on my website
    Graham Robson wrote me about C-123s 54-0661 & 54-0706, also sent pictures along; added to Graham's gallery on this webite and on Search For Identities.
    Graham also sent some pics concerning C-117D N9663N (see 14Jan17 below); Photos by Friends & Guests (47)
    Neville Webb sent me a B&W-worked image of the crash remains of B-36 Pacemaker 51-13721: Photos by Friends & Guests (47)

    It seems Vicktor Bout turned 50 a few days ago, update HERE..
    Updated my page 'Vintage aviation - USA Northwest 2014', page 2, with a 'death sentence' on the use of P-2 Neptunes as fire bombers

    Phil Brooks sent me a few vintage photographs of American AL DC-3 NC17335, shared on Photos by Friends & Guests (47)
    Del Mitchell sent me some more glorious photos of C-119 48-0352, while in storage at Edwards AFB,CA. See C-119 Dossier, page 3

    Yes! Nicolai Musante found another missing identity on Search For Identities, a 2003 photo by Gerben Groothuis of a nose section which surely is that of C-117D N9663N!

    Jom Tomlinson seems to have a likely candidate for the unmarked 'Sincereways' DC-3 at Opa Locka (1997) on Search for Identities: N4797H?
    Found a YouTube video of the 'bomber trail' to the crashsite of Canso A 11007, near Tofino, B.C.; updated my Abandoned Wrecks of the North

    Added through my LINKS page a .pdf doc about B.C. Forest Service, its history of airtankers, kindly brought to my attention by John Olafson

    John H. 'Beechbuzz' posted on Beech 18 Yahoo forum that he has become the new owner of Beech AT-11 N7179C; Photos by Friends & Guests (47)
    Added some text of an article about 'Mercy Angels of Angkor', as background to the info on Texas - 2015, visit To Stinson air museum concerning C-46 N335CA & N336CA

    My webhost Midphase confirmed that they are confident by the actions undertaken that the 'Error - website not found' message for my website has been resolved
    Roy Blewett helped with the identity of Lodestar CF-OZO, which I had mistaken for a Beech 18, stored at St.Andrews airfield; Photos by Friends & Guests (47)

    A DC-6 ex/ Italian AF is expected to be restored as a restaurant in Aosta,Italy but nil on GE as yet; Photos by Friends & Guests (47)
    Updated the item on C-119 48-0352, it has been moved from Edwards AFB to Dover AFB Museum; C-119 Information Page 3
    There is another mystery to be solved in the Bejing / Xiatangshan Air Museum, an ex/ Zimbabwe AF C-47; see Photos by Friends & Guests (47)
    Gordon Macadie shared some glorious images of C-118 128427 while visiting Prestwick,Scotland a few decades ago; Photos by Friends & Guests (47)

    Corrected the information on the C-47 'Spooky' gunship at Mallard's Landing,GA - Photos by Friends & Guests (47)
    Added some info from Wikipedia to the Ju.52 photo Jacques Hemet sent me
    Also.. per 03Jan2017
    The size of per 03Jan2017: 37.972 data files in 655 folders
    Thanks to those who have contributed over the years!

    A Ben Ullings article in Verenigde Vleugels (nov-dec.2016) allowed me to update my Rimini air museum, 2008 page
    On Google Maps a found a C-47 at Mallards Landing,GA... see Photos by Friends & Guests (47)

    Jim Roode shared one of his 'C-119 memories' with me, see C-119 Information, Page 3

    Ron Mak alerted me that actually he had been the photographer of TF-LLA sent by Dirk Septer; he also sent an image of that same DC-6B, as PH-TRD

    Dirk Septer sent me a fine image from his collection, of DC-6B TF-LLA in Transavia Holland livery; see Photos by Friends & Guests (47)

    Mario Richard sent me a recent image of DC-7C EC-BBT preserved at Gran Canarias; Photos by Friends & Guests (47)
    Viktor Bout is back in the news, hoping the Trump Administration will approve extradition to Russia soon; see Viktor Bout: where did he go to? To jail!

    It was a long time since I had the pleasure of sharing an image from the Jacques Hemet collection (a French Ju52); glad he made contact again, just in time while I have overcome most of my IT problems

    Updated the history of AirSpray A-26 Invader C-GHLX on my page dedicated to a visit to Red Deer,ALB in 2006

    Updated info on PV-2 Harpoon N7273C as on my page USA 2008 Mesa-Falcon Field

    Right, I got a new PC, the old one was 6 years old and seemed beyond saving. I hate that job of configuring a new PC! There is always a loss of files, like my email adressbook.
    Since a few days I have been reinstalling applications, copying files from backups and reconfiguring the software with passwords, preferences, etc. Trying to get back to 'normal'.
    I keep coming across files that were not saved according the latest revision and find folders missing that I have overlooked when sorting my back ups. Crap.
    This in the light of reports by readers who get a 'Error 404 - Website Not Found' when going to my website and MidPhase Support, my website host, giving me very mediocre help.
    And I also found that my smartphone is sending a daily text to a mysterious number, my laptop connecting to wifi but not connecting to The Web, "DNS Server Not Found" for every website I select.
    Knees deep in crap. I seem to be loosing my connection with the 'smart age'.
    So while I have a new PC to my disposal, I am fast approaching the day I am going to chuck it all in.

    Persisting problems with my 6-year old PC wil probably result in a new one this week; may be a while before I will be fully operational again with this website.

    Greg Lee wrote me an update on changes with the Museum of Mountain Flying in Missoula,MT; see my visit in Oct.2014

    Updated my Deep South page with the news of Ron Alexander's death

    Dirk Septer wondered where all the Four Star Cargo (of San Juan,PR) had gone to.. See Photos by Friends & Guests (47)

    Bob Anderson (Lt Col USAF, Ret.) contributed to the B-17 I have seen preserved near Tulare,CA with a 1966 image! USA 2008
    While googling I came across images that served as an update for C-47D 43-49403 wreck near Gustavus,AK; Abandoned Wrecks of the North

    A posting by Chris Spear on WIX/Facebook led to findings on the new whereabouts of C-118 N427D; Photos by Friends & Guests (47)

    Brian Murray shared a 1950s C-119 image for my C-119 Dossier

    Updated the item on C-47 232892, it was airlifted out recently from its Siberian grave; Photos by Friends & Guests (47)

    Added an item on C-47 232892 which lies derelict in the vast expanse of Siberia: Photos by Friends & Guests (47)
    Added an update to the item on former F-BAIF, now in use as a DC-3 simulator at MPS, also on Photos by Friends & Guests (47)

    Paul van den Berg provided a status update on DDA's work on rebuilding former F-BAIF's to a flight simulator: Photos by Friends & Guests (47)

    Juha Kostermaa sent me a scan of a postcard which led to an extensive update on F-BAIF / L4 2100847: Photos by Friends & Guests (47)
    Added on Photos by Friends & Guests (47) an item about DC-3 N84KB being for sale at Corvallis,OR
    An update to the missing identity of a Norseman for parts/rebuilt at Red Deer (actually confirmation of 2 Norsemans at WCAM St.Andrews)
    Editted Karl Hayes' article on how a visit to the 'Wings of Liberation Museum' brought about propliner memories, in particular of a flight on DC-3 F-BAIF

    Ron Pappenhagen wrote me about his memories on the B-17 bomber preserved near Tulare,CA; see USA 2008
    Arthur (Art) Smit-Roeters shared his memories of flying as a steward in Indonesia during 1950s.

    Added a 2nd coupon Phil Brooks sent me, see Photos by Friends & Guests (47)

    Phil Brooks sent me a vintage flight document, a KLM animal attendant ticket; shared on Photos by Friends & Guests (47)

    Kim of Pickerel Lake Outfitters sent me the details of their Piper Cub-like PA-22 Bushmaster; Kenora, Canada 2007

    Added 11 vintage airliner images from the Bill Hill collection, forwarded for publication by Richard Nash.
    Ian Wilson filled a gap of C-49K's history (c/n 6337), which I added to my write up in 2003

    Added some early-2016 pics by Terry Fletcher on Photos by Friends & Guests (47)
    Norman Smith sent me a few pics of plane wrecks seen at St.Andrews storage (Manitoba). See Photos by Friends & Guests (47) for need help on identification.

    Added an update on C-46 C-GTPO on my page Visit to Gimli, Canada 2007

    It seems the restoration of 'PH-AJU' at Albury,Australia is taken in earnest; Photos by Friends & Guests (47)
    On that same page added more images and text on Cosmic Muffin's history

    A new page, no.47, opens with Dave Drimmer's unique 'Cosmic Muffin' relocating to Lakeland,FL: Photos by Friends & Guests (47)

    Corrected the c/n on N34FL in West Palm Beach on my Photos by Friends & Guests (46)

    Dirk Septer sent me an update on the YS-11 converted to a restaurant, 'Air Lekkerbek', on the island of St.Maarten; Off-Airport Latin America
    Added an update on Dirk's image of PBY-5 C-FUAW on Dirk's Page 2
    Did an item on N34FL in West Palm Beach, which moved in 2006 or 2007 to an off-airport location: G-Star School of Arts - Photos by Friends & Guests (46)

    I traced DC-3 N101SF to a remote location in Colorado; obviously questions remain. See Photos by Friends & Guests (46)

    In 2007 I visited Moose Jaw air museum but lost the images; Norman Smith provided some of Norseman CF-SAM

    Jeff Rankin-Lowe forwarded an image of the AUTEC patch, in support of Karl E. Hayes' article
    Norman Smith provided a few more images of his 2011 visit to Red Deer: Photos by Friends & Guests (46)

    Norman Smith asked my help to identify a few unidentified airframes seen at Red Deer in 2011 win Buffalo's hangar, Photos by Friends & Guests (46)
    Added a recent update on the 'Lufthansa Starliner' on my thread that started 2009 Lufthansa Starliner Project

    Weeded my LINKS page for dead links

    Updated my Kenmore,WA 2014 page with details of DHC-2 N6781L crash near San Juan Islands recently

    Added an item on Eddy Douwes Dekker on my page Aviodrome 2016, for he was our guest of honour yesterday.

    On my page Aviodrome 2016 added some images of today's visit

    Updated Andy Marden's question with a full reply, Photos by Friends & Guests (46)

    Andy Marden photographed an unidentified C-47 fuselage at Aurora,OR; see Photos by Friends & Guests (46)

    Paul Koopman sent me images of the Harvard B-193 raised on a pole in Burgh-Haamstede; see Photos by Friends & Guests (46)

    Doug sent me pics of the secretive BT67 N845S, used it to update Karl E, Hayes article on the mystery surrounding this suspected CIA plane.

    Transport by road and barge of C-47A PH-DDZ today, Schiphol to the Aviodrome,Lelystad

    Jim Macy wrote me some personal memories, having flown R4D-6Q as 50802, seen on Visit to China,CA 2008

    Added details on DHC-3 C-GCQA / N947RK, Photo by Friends & Guests page 28

    Jeremy Zyszczynski wrote in response to N845S, Karl Hayes' article on ex/ Autec C-47

    For my page on Canada's Shearwater air museum, Jason Vanderhill found more info on Stranraers
    Brian Lowe sent me a photo of Beech8 C-FMBO which was mentioned as a candidate in search of the identity of an unidentified wreck on Abandoned Wreck of the North

    Added a photo of Norseman N78691 on Martin 'JoeJoe' Prince's gallery (page 2) on my website

    Updated San Marcos, Texas - nov.2015 with Everts Air information, on its Texas' (DC-9) operations
    Created a page on streetphotography, where I will publish my B&W 'street photos' which sofar disappeared in my Facebook and Flickr accounts

    TRAVEL: added pages of a visit to PARIS,France recently

    Details, and a graphic, found in Sep.2016 issue of AirlinersWorld was used to update my USA-Alaska2012 webpage

    Made an time of the recently crashed DHC-2 N95RC with info found on Facebook, Photos by Friends & Guests (46)

    Ben Hilgers suggested the unidentified type on Schiphol - the old days to be a Fokker F.VIIb-3m
    Eddie Tao identified a typo with Spitfire H-1, which I had as MJ413, corrected to MJ143.

    Check & editted About Me page, as well as my Disclaimer page

    TRAVEL: added two pages dedicated to my trip SCOTLAND 2016 (no aviation)

    I was mighty pleased that John Cooney, after many years since I started the Cordova Airlines page, has gone throught the trouble of sending me a photo for this endeavour

    Through HARS Facebook page I learned of ZS-ARV's progress, (ex/ Rovos CV440) on its ferry flight to Australia; Photos by Friends & Guests (46)

    Anson Chapell showed DC-3 'Pinocchio' doing ok, preserved at Cold Lake AB; Photos by Friends & Guests (46)

    Half way on the Q3 my blog has gathered some nice subjects (books, films, etc)

    Updated the info on propliners at St.Hubert (QUE) on my USCan09 page

    Another update to the ex/ Hughes B-25 formerly preserved at Lancaster,CA - about the (lack of) use by Howard Hughes
    Updated the info on A-26 (ex/)C-FPGP on Red Deer 2006 / Air Spray, which is now in Australia but as yet a failing project?

    The former Hughes B-25 preserved at Lancaster's air museum in California, was moved for restoration by Ezell Aviation in Texas.
    A fine update from Dirk Septer, of Beech RC-45J in maintenance with Sealand Aviation in Campbell River, B.C.

    Added a 1980s photo of C-123 N3142D in an awkward position; Photos by Friends & Guests (46)

    Viktor Bout's name came up in connection with 'the Panama Papers', but it was recently revealed it is more probable he had hidden identities in.. the US!
    My Photos by Friends & Guests (46) has contributions by Dietmar Eckell and James Drogo

    It was with great pleasure that I added an update on the Bill Hill / Richard Nash gallery

    Sam Cole helped me on the crash details of Beech 18 CF-XVF I noted at Red Lake in 2007. Recently he sent me some photos of the crash site
    Updated below item, confirmed as XA-RPO, art work by Susana Rubin; Photos by Friends & Guests (46)

    A DC-3 at Huatulco,Mexico appeared as an art object; could be XA-RPO? See Photos by Friends & Guests (46)

    Brad Tinkham sent me a list he compiled of the C-119's with the Belgian Air Force; see C-119 Info Page (2)
    The remains (fuselage) of Canso A 9825 found its way to a trader/collector in Uxbridge,ONT; see Photos by Friends & Guests (46)

    Dirk Septer sent me a find at Trondheim,Norway: SeaBee LN-PLO!
    A few updates on Aviodrome page, the 2016 item on the Spyker V.2 and DC-2 c/n 1288

    Derek Macphail wrote me with 1981 recollections, inspecting the DC-7 at Port Sudan; see Photos by Friends & Guests (2)

    Q2 2016 in my blog was concluded with an item on a book about the (colonial) relationship of the Dutch with Indonesia

    Came across a Martin Harvey image of a military C-123 stranded in the 'jungle' of Guyana region; a good start for my Photos by Friends & Guests (46)
    Also included some images by Terry Fletcher, shot during his visit to New England in 2015; see also on Photos by Friends & Guests (46)

    Dirk Septer sent me pictures of Vancouver Island Air's sad state of Twin Beeches

    C-119 N8504X survives to this day as a shed in Shageluk,AK; see C-119 Info Page (3)

    Today I mainly focussed on updating My Blog, besides further adjustments on software and settings.

    Marko van der Hoven sent me a recent image of C-47 'FAC667' preserved at Bogota; Photo by Friends & Guests (45)
    It seems that the C-117D wreck beached in Iceland has recently been used as a film prop, as a crashed Russian plane; updated my Iceland 2007

    Added a picture of L.188 N344HA by Arthur Craig, taken in 1979, to the two images he has on Photo by Friends & Guests (45)
    Don Todd wrote interesting memories flying propliners in the Arctic North; see bottom page Abandoned Wrecks of the North
    Meanwhile I continue struggling reinstalling my PC; my email backup only returned the emails sent and the folders I'd made with emails for later use; the adressbook is gone and no doubt I've lost other emails. I'll try restoring my adressbook as much as possible from the 'emails sent' in recent months.

    The good news is I got my PC back from repairs yesterday, but the bad news is they could not find cause for PC / Windows to freeze; as a preventive measure my new SSD was replaced by another one and I was advised to be waery of all the equipment connected to my PC: printer, flatbed, scanner, external hard drives and such like. So mind how we go.
    So for now back in business: David Collier wrote me about the AD-4W Skyraider I photographed in the Erickson Collection (Madras,OR) in 2014

    My Desktop computer has been repair for the past few weeks and since a few days I have been restoring my hard- and software; it was diagnosed that my harddisk was giving up on me, after almost 6 years, and it was replaced by a SSD.
    But I have found that Microsoft Essentials (for my email MS Live Mail) as well as MS Security Essentials refuse to be reinstalled. I fear I may have to kiss my back up (emails, folders, adressbook) goodbye, as I see no way for Outlook and Thunderbird to import my back up folders.
    So people who have sent me images for my Photos by Friends & Guests gallery and who have not seen them published: I am sorry but they may be gone (though I haven't given up entirely on them).
    Another frustrating thing is that my propliner database on PerfectView software refuses to be reinstalled, while it worked fine before (the reason why I had Windows 7 installed again, not upgrade to Win8 or Win10, because that software does not work on anything beyond Win7).
    What worries me to a point of depression is that since I got my PC back from the repair shop, three days ago, the PC ceased up on me twice, for no apparent reason; so the repair may not have worked!
    If you see another lengthy period pass by without updates here, the PC may be in repair yet again!

    On Photos by Friends & Guests (45) an update on Lockheed L.188 Electra C-FIJX, now certified for Buffalo to operate as an airtanker.
    Also found a fantastic article on the Douglas C-117 in Iceland, on Só́lheimasandur beach; image and link to article by Eliot Stein on that same page.

    Updated my Coventry 2003, 2011 and Newquay 2013 pages with details of the 2015 demise of the Classic Airforce

    LeRoy W. Boardman shared his memories of flying on the C-119 for my C-119 Info Page (3)
    Added an update on C-53 N34D on Photos by Friends & Guests (45).

    Arthur Craig shared two images from his propliner flying days, C-46 HH-AHD & DC-6 N6103C; Photos by Friends & Guests (45).

    A former correspondent remembered, Terry Waddington; these were my military days

    Updated my Martin Mars report on CANADA 2010 with a status report on both aircraft at Port Alberni/Sproat Lake,BC

    Updated Photos by Friends & Guests (3) and Page 21 with details of the May 5th demise of Conair Tanker 445 C-FEKF

    Colin McKeeman wrote me about DC-6 N37544 on Richard Nash's gallery on my website; still need to know details about the demise of that Six!

    David McCartney recently visited Santa Lucia AB, Mexico and wrote me a comment on DC-3 ETM.6011 / ETM.6045; see HERE..

    A heartbreaking request added to my Q&A-page, to look into a crash of a Cessna 182 C-GWNL which disappeared with its occupants in 1978, vanished without a trace..
    I have fond memories of a 'bush planes trail', in 2007, that brought me to Sioux Lookout and I hope to revisit some day. For this reason I shared Rich Hulina's Sioux Lookout 'opening summer season' image on Photos by Friends & Guests (45).

    Arthur Craig made me aware of an error on the 'Douglas Swingtail conversion'-page; thanks much! Adressed a few typos & lay-out too, and added an image.
    Shared a 2015 image by Roy Troughton of derelict Beech UC-45J N987SC on Photos by Friends & Guests (45).

    Axel Klegien identified the airframe at Tempelhof for me; Photos by Friends & Guests (45).

    Updated history of N442JM (XA-TDL) and modified the page lay-out New Mexico & Arizone 1993

    Boeing 247D NC13347 made its final flight on 26Apr2016; update on Photos by Friends & Guests (45).
    Added on same page a recent pic of DHC-2 N39303 at Bethel,AK by Joejoe Prince Jr, Photos by Friends & Guests (45).

    Alexander Leeuw provided me with a few images of Berlin's Tempelhof airport (closed); would like to see identification of 2 airframes there

    Text corrections & updates on yesterday's batch on Richard Nash/Bill Hill collection page

    Added a fine vintage propliner selection on the Richard Nash/Bill Hill collection page

    P-2 N4692A of Minden Air is no more...; Photos by Friends & Guests (45).
    Included on that same page is a fine image of ZK-PBY by Craig Benbow.

    On Photos by Friends & Guests (45) today are contributions by Ed Stewart (DC-3 N189UM) and some of Terry Fletcher's findings in New Zealand recently
    Also my work on my blog is well into the 2nd quarter 2016; today a very nice exposure on Ansel Adams and the Photographers of the American West, by Eva Weber

    C-46 'Tinker Belle' has been prepped for the new 2016 air show circuit with a new paintjob; Photos by Friends & Guests (45)

    Ed Stewart shared a few images of the derelict Beech 18 north of Beatty,NV; see my Off-Airport N.America

    Palmer's airport (Alaska) was renamed recently and I have updated my page Propliners on the Last Frontier (2003)
    DC-3 HK-2663 burned after an emergency landing (dbr), see Photos by Friends & Guests (45)

    Fred Barnes shared a very nice image of Kar-Air DC-3 OH-VKB, 1972-vintage! See Photos by Friends & Guests (45)

    Updated my Iceland 2007 page with an image by Þórir Kjartansson of C-117 on Sólheimasandur, shortly after it had ditched.

    Updated Terry Fletcher's contribution on Photos by Friends & Guests (45) with information and a photo of all that remains of DC-3 ZK-APB

    Terry Fletcher sent a few tasty images taken at 'Warbirds over Wanaka, 2016' recently; see Photos by Friends & Guests (45)

    A profile of a Dutch magazine, now gone, but in which I made my first 'steps' as an aviation reporter! Luchtvaartwereld remembered

    Attended the Aviodrome 2016 Aviation Fair today, see my report

    Updated my Lone Star air museum 2015 page, with a photo by Luis Drummand showing Canso A N68740 has moved to Arizona too.

    Updated my 2008 visit to Avra Valley on the successful restoration and fly-out of Connie 'Columbine II' 48-0610
    Luis Drummond was able to document recently how PB4Y-2 N3739G was being pieced together at Pima's Air Museum; see my Lone Star air museum 2015 page

    Propliner Magazine is back with an annual publication that is soon to be published; read details on my page dedicated to PROPLINER
    Updated my page on Lufthansa's 'Super Star' Starliner at Auburn with some info & a new link
    Updated Remember Braniff with pages of the 'Cowboy Quick Reference'

    Over then years ago I was researching the history of DC-3 N5000E which served with Aero Service Corp.; due to many reactions & contributions it developed into a page about Aero Service Corporation. I have updated my page with a link to a website started by former employees of which several found each other through my webpage.

    VC-121B Columbine II (N9463 48-0610) took to the skies again, 1st flight since recent restoration started! Updated my 2008 Marana/Avra Valley page

    TRAVEL: a report on last week's skitrip to Haus im Ennstal, Austria

    Beech 18 'N5606NA' was now finally identified! See to identify this mystery plane...

    John Meneely added a tailfin number (392) on Beech 18 'N5606NA' (false markings); a new lead to identify this mystery plane...
    Whilst browsing historic online images made by Dr Joseph Rock ca.1925, I came across an intersting image of a Ford Trimotor with Chinese markings
    Sˇlheimasandur, Iceland is known for the wreck of a derelict DC-3 on the beach; access has now been sealed off by a fence, as tourists trampled all over the place. ICELAND 2007

    Scott Minshall wrote me about C-119 80352 (48-0352) on C-119 Info Page (3) been sold at auction in Jan.2016; but to whom?

    TRAVEL: Compiled a page (plus 7 subpages on dedicated subjects) on our TEXAS 2015 ROADTRIP, tracking a trail of Americana music and history

    Rowan Hughes wrote a specification on 'Lae' and Amelia Earhart's airport of (final) departure: USA 2008
    Chris Liggett wrote me for details of a C-119 crash in Idaho on my C-119 Info (2) Page; as yet I have nil to offer - anyone?

    Colin Devellerez found some pictures of when he was sent out to repair DC-3 VR-HDB 'Betsy', when it was stranded in Burma during the 1950s
    Mark Howard sent me the details of Lockheed Lodestar N33LM at his; see Photos by Friend & Guests (45)!

    In Nov.2015 I was contacted about an F-111 at Battle Mountain,NV with an interest to move it to another museum. I checked and no progress has been made
    Added a few images by Gerben Groothuis, taken in Oct.2015 during visits to Finland and a quick peek at Pontiac-Oakland County Airport, USA

    Colin Devellerez wrote me some nice additional info on DC-3 VR-HDB 'Betsy' preserved in Hong Kong
    Finally managed to find the fate of Lodestar N43WT: it was scrapped, parts of it were used as canvas for artwork! See Gerben's gallery Propliners & Warbirds
    Ravin Rakoe sent me a 1975 postcard with an SLM DC-3 on it, as a contribution to (a.o.) SLM's DC-3 on Frits Klinkhamer's photo page
    John Vogel sent me a nice image of Beech C18S N9109R; this concludes Photos by Friends & Guests (44) next will be page 45!
    Mark Howard sent me interesting pics of the aviation museum he set up; this starts Photos by Friend & Guests (45)!

    Terry Fletcher helped me find info on the Kris Air C-46s N335CA & N336CA; see the subject adressed on My Visit to Stinson Airfield Museum 2015
    Added captions to a few pics on Gerben's Propliners & Warbirds, taken at Addison,TX & Meacham,TX in 2011
    I received information, dated Nov.2015, revealing the true identity of the Chinook at Beking's Datangshan Aviation Museum
    Nigel & Debra Aylmer visited the unidentified Beech 18 at Virginia Beach in Nov.2015; we now have a strong candidate for its identity HERE...
    Paul J. Hooper sent me a 1988 photo of DC-6 N1037F in support of Karl E. Hayes' article "Of Men and DC-6s"

    Michael Bludworth sent me two 1990s images of Lockheed Lodestar N43WT: Photos by Friends & Guests (44) Now trying to find its current fate!
    Added images to Gerben's Propliners & Warbirds of a Galveston Lone Star Museum visit in July 2012

    Added images to Gerben's Propliners & Warbirds of a Galveston Lone Star Museum visit in Dec.2011

    The identities of 2 DC-3s @Fortaleza seen recently were discovered; for details see my Q&A-page and an aerial through Google Maps can be seen on Photos by Friends & Guests (44)
    Updated the information of DC-3 PT-BFU on my Off-Airport Latin America page
    A gift made me reminisce about an aviation magazine now gone! See my page Brian Stainer's Aviation Photo News and what I found on 'Aviation News'
    Add'l details and images of Lone Star Museum (2004) at Gerben Groothuis' Propliners & Warbirds

    Leslie Snelleman asked me the identities of 2 DC-3s @Fortaleza seen recently; for my Q&A-page, alas no photos
    Several text updates done on Vintage Flying Museum (Ft Worth - Meacham AP).
    Text updates and many images (2011) added on Gerben Groothuis' Propliners & Warbirds
    Nigel Hitchman sent me a list of what he saw and I had missed while visiting the Cavanaugh Flight Museum in Nov.2015
    Nigel also sent me some pics of aircraft I hadn't seen at the Galveston Lone Star Museum and expanded on the missing warbirds
    Terry Fletcher, of Aerial Visuals, provided additional identification details of the Pacific War Museum (Fredericksburg,TX)
    Terry also provided the correct identity for the Howard Nightingale at the Stinson Museum
    David Fidler flew recently in an airliner over Chandler-Gila River and sent a few 'from-the-air' pics as update to my 2008 page

    In response to my visit to Texas (2015), Gerben Groothuis sent me some 1999 warbirds spotted at Meacham IAP and Addison Airport

    Chris Trott sent me some very helpful info to update my 2015 Vintage Flying Museum report
    Alexandre Avrane sent me an image of C-46 N335CA in Kris Air livery as response to my query on Texas Air Wing (Stinson Field)
    Gerben Groothuis visited the on Texas Air Wing (Stinson Field) Museum in 2012, the Fw.190 was there then; photo by him added.
    Nigel Hitchman noted me mentioning C-47 N514AC 'Spooky', which I missed; he allowed me to add a 2011 pic - Lone Star Museum

    Dave Navarre wrote me about his father-in-law he may have been on an unrecorded C-119 crash in 1964; see C-119 Info Page 2

    TRAVEL: added a forgotten page, a trip to visit friends and the Kew Gardens en route: England 1995

    Rand Peck sent me a very nice update on 'Northeast' DC-3 N33623 at Mason,NH
    Richard 'Ric' Gillespie shared memories on DC-3 N63440 'The Turkey Hauler'
    Niels Helm°-Larsen solved the mystery on Ron Mak's 1972 photo of a SAS DC-7C; See Photos by Friends & Guests (44)

    TRAVEL: I found the captions of travel report on a Florida 1993 trip could do with some improvements & added remarks
    Ron Mak sent me a 1972 photo of SAS DC-7C OY-KND, but found reference it had been scrapped in 1967..? See Photos by Friends & Guests (44)

    Updated Gil White's history on ZK-AMS (later rereg'd to VH-CWS) with a recent update. Also featured on Photos by Friends & Guests Page 1, and Page 7 and Page 20!
    I photographed DHC-3 Otter C-GIWQ c/n 59 at Viking Air on Vancouver Island in 2010, subject for future turbine conversion by Viking. But it seems to have made its way to Kenmore Air, reg'd N704AK; updated my info on Canada 2010
    Found myself unable to find the identity (c/n) for Mads Oyen's An-2 EL-ALS but updated it with what I did find; see Photos by Friends & Guests (44)
    TRAVEL: Seems I forgot to make a travel report on a Florida 1993 trip, now rectified!

    Mads Oyen sent me an image of An-2 EL-ALS; he suspects a link with Victor Bout; see Photos by Friends & Guests (44)

    Came across images of Abandoned Plane wreck C-47 361062 at Isachsen, see here (scroll bottom page)

    Below identity found to be incorrect, concerns DC-7C EC-GGC (trucked 20mar11 to Parco Miraflores, downtown Córdoba)

    Update on my Q&A-page, on the location of DC-7 EC-BBT

    Robert Parmerter has come up with an identification for the Beech E18S submerged in Morrison's Quarry,QUE: Photos by Friends & Guests (44)

    Jim Phoenix shared memories on his days working with Biegert and T&G, see Chandler-Gila River Memorial Airport,AZ

    Milestones of Flight Museum at Lancaster,CA has closed; updated my 2008 page with news on the C-119 offered through auction

    Gerben Groothuis found Constellation 'Bataan' at its new home at Chino,CA recently; see Photos by Friends & Guests (44)

    Fred Streep provided a very interesting image of Antonovs at Dire Dawa, Ethiopia: Photos by Friends & Guests (44)
    John Bennett submitted a tailnumber, C-FDWS, with additional info on 'the tale of the submerged Beech'
    John Hess provided images and info on another Beech AT-11 Kansan, which came to pass: CF-JNW - Photos by Friends & Guests (44)
    Dwayne Crow provided additional info on Skyvan N101WA for my page Flying the Short SC.7 Skyvan, by Larry Miller

    Two candidates (submitted by Bob Parmerter and Ken Swartz) for the submerged Beech18 on Photos by Friends & Guests (44)
    Two winter images of the Greybull,WY aviation museum, by Preston Young; see same page

    Anyone able to help with the identity & of this submerged Beech 18: Photos by Friends & Guests (44) .

    Updated my Valle,AZ visit 2008 page with info on the 14Jan2016 ferry flight C-121 N422NA 'Bataan' to Chino,CA
    Added a page dedicated to my visit to Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas last november

    Buffalo Airways has been allowed, by TCa, to resume flight ops; as such update my Visit to Yellowknife (2006) page

    A C-123 at 'Metro-Cat' (Caterpillar dealer's yard) Bangkok defies identification; images by Luke Rogers at Photos by Friends & Guests (44) . The answer was soon found!

    'Joe Joe' Prince Jr shot Everts Air N9056R on finals into Bethel 01Jan16

    A report on a visit to the Vintage Flying Museum at Meacham Field; very much a working hangar with interesting projects

    A sizeable report on my visit to the Cavanaugh Flight Museum (Addison,TX) last november

    Happy New Year!
    Added details of a book about the Fokker XXI, by Reynout Siertsema, onto my Photos by Friends & Guests (44) . Haven't seen it myself, so I cannot endorse it, but maybe something to pursue for those interested in this aircraft or aviation era.

    This website was started in Feb.2001. See Old News