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Airbus A310-304 D-AHLB (cn 528) is seen here at Hannover, on 20Oct99.
During 1999 Hapag-Lloyd operated a fleet of 737-400s, -500s, 800s as well as 4 A310-200s (equipped with winglets) and 5 A310-300s.

Boeing 737-8K5 D-AHFU (cn 30414/703) taxies to the gate at Dusseldorf IAP (23Mar03), having just landed on runway 23L.
During 2002 the fleet compisition had changed to 30 Boeing 737-800s, only 3 737-400s remaining and 4 A310-200s plus 2 A310-300s (the latter for sale or sub-leased)
Preussag AG's repositioning into the world's largest tourism Group was concluded in June 2002 with its change of name to TUI AG. With "World of TUI"-brand, several airlines through Europe show the recently acquired livery.

TUI AG now includes 81 tour operator brands, over 3 700 travel agencies, 88 aircraft, 32 incoming agencies and 150 000 beds in 285 hotels. In addition, around 1 600 business travel professionals in over 60 countries look after their business customers worldwide.
The best known brands in TUI AG include the brands of the former Thomson Travel Group in the UK, now called TUI UK (Thomson, Crystal, Lunn Poly), the former Scandinavian Fritidsresor group, now called TUI Nordic (Fritidsresor, Star Tour, TEMA), and the airlines HapagLloyd Flug and Britannia.

From the Hapag-Lloyd website
Over the last 30 years almost 90 million guests have taken off with Hapag-Lloyd for the sunny south
Hapag-Lloyd started its holiday charter flight operations on 30 March1973. Its first Boeing 727-100 flew fully occupied from Hamburg to Ibiza. In the meantime, 30 years later, almost 90 million passengers have taken off with Hapag-Lloyd for the most beautiful destinations in the sun around the world. By 1980 only a total of 5.5 million passengers had been welcomed on board Hapag-Lloyd flights, yet only after another 15 years this had already jumped to 20 million holidaymakers.
Hapag-Lloyd started its air operations 30 years ago with a fleet of three Boeing 727-100s. Over the years more aircraft, either Airbus A 300s or Boeing B 737-200s, were added. By the end of the eighties the Hapag-Lloyd fleet was completely renewed with Airbus A 310s and Boeing 737-400s and 737-500s. The last fleet renewal programme between 1998 and 2002 saw the replacement of older craft with 29 Boeing 737-800s.
In the coming summer season of 2003 Hapag-Lloyd will have a total capacity of 6,691 seats on its five Airbus A 310s and 29 Boeing 737-800s. With 537 flights a week the holiday airline operates flights from 18 departure airports to 37 destinations in ten countries and boasts a flight timetable from A as in Agadir to Z as in Zakinthos to the most popular destinations in the sun around the Mediterranean, on the Canary Islands and on the southern Atlantic coast.
Over recent years the image of Hapag-Lloyd Fluggesellschaft has changed. The traditional Hapag-Lloyd colours - with the blue and cognac stripes on the fuselage and old Hapag-Lloyd logo on the cognac coloured tail have been replaced by a new colour scheme. The first Hapag-Lloyd aircraft decorated with the new light-blue colours and the new red logo and Hapag-Lloyd lettering took off in November 2001. Today, on time for the 30th anniversary, the whole Boeing fleet is clad in the new colour code - in line with the image of the "World of TUI" brand family.


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