Hawkins and Powers C-119 "N1"

Juergen Scherbarth took this slide in Sep.1997 at Greybull,WY. It shows tailnumber "N1" on the aft fuselage, probably the remains of a partly wiped tailnumber.
I was wondering which airframe this is....

Graham Robson wrote me (2005)- "I think this may be N15501, I shot a C-119 exactly like this at Tucson in the October 1991, which wore its registration on the fuselage in this place. I later shot it again at Greybull in October 1997 with engines removed."

Bernard MacNamara wrote me (June 2005) - " This is indeed N15501. I saw it at Greybull in May 1995 and the registration was more discernable then than in the photo you refer to. At the time it was parked between C-97's N97KC & N97HP and both it's engines were still attached."

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