C-119s in service with Royal Norwegian Air Force
by Jo-Olav Bakken

I have been reading about the C-119G at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. I have some information about what has happened with the RNoAF C-119G code BW-E at Røros the 6 December 1968. If you have information about former Norwegian C-119G and if some one still exists, please let me know.

The Norwegians had eight C-119G in the period from June 1956 to July 1969. All the Flying Boxcar used by RNoAF was modified to the C-119G before they came to Norway in June to September 1956.
The C-119G was operated by 335 sqn. at Gardermoen and was coded BW-A to BW-H. They also carried a nose-art and a name on the left side of the nose.
The C-119G which crashed at Røros 6 December 1968 was coming in too low and the left main landing gear hit the ground, 13 meter before the runway. Then the left main landing gear collapsed and the aircraft was slid down the runway, approximately 800 meters, and came to rest 10 meters outside the runway on the left side.
The clam shell doors had been taken off when the accident happened, because it was on a trainings flight with paratroopers from the Army. No one was injured in this accident.
I have been told that when the ground crew was handling the aircraft afterwards they used a tractor to tow it clear from the runway and also used the tractor to swing it by the tail boom. It seems to me that they handled the aircraft with brutality. All the instruments and the radio equipment were taken out by the ground crew from 335 sqn.
I have been told that the aircraft was written-off by the Norwegians and the Americans and sold as scrap to Brødrene London in Oslo. The aircraft which crashed at Røros was C-119G code BW-E serial 51-2695 c/n 10684, with the name "Elmer".
What the Brødrene London (the scrap firm) was doing with BW-E is unknown, but I will do some resource. I send you some picture of the crashed aircraft and a list over RNoAF C-119G.

Jo-Olav Bakken

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