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Photos © Ruud Leeuw

Not the first time I travelled these parts of Canada, British Colombia and Alberta, but pleasant memories of (a.o.) 2007 and 2010 made me return.
It would again be a mix of planes and other interests, but quite a bit did not work out. All in all I am satisfied with the number of (bush)planes I came across and people I met. The weather was a handicap most days, by far more rainy days than sunny days or even dry spells, but we have to take that as it comes.
Starting date was Sep.25th with daylight fading in Vancouver upon landing at YVR, after arrival we made our way to Langley for the night and started our trek east for a first stop at Abbotsford the next day.
The 18-day trip  ended with a flight out of Vancouver on Oct. 12th. I hope you'll enjoy my report.

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Conair @Abbotsford Oct. 2019
Conair @Abbotsford Oct. 2019

I had made arrangements for a visit with Conair at Abbotsford, but due circumstance beyond my control I had to revise my itinerary and the new dat could not be accommodated by Conair. Plus, there was a condition that an escorted tour could be arranged provided it did not rain. And it did rain.. Most days in fact.
I managed to get a good series of photos of Conair's fleet, most of their aircraft returned to homebase as the fire season was over and conditions had been wet for much of the season.
Thanks to Jim Reith for allowing me a peek from the office windows, but mostly it was a bit of a scramble from the wrong side of the fence.

Conair @Abbotsford Oct. 2019
Tanker 53 is C-GKFO, c/n 78 built in 1953. It was first operated by Braniff (N3424), next was Allegheny Airlines (N5815), Aspen Airways and Air New England (N5815), to KF Aerospace (C-GKFO), leased by Trans-Provincial
Airlines, another lease by Fedex and then to Conair who converted it to 'waterbomber'. []

Alas, 2021 will most likely be the last year for Conair's active use of the Convairs.

Conair @Abbotsford Oct. 2019
Tanker 60 is Lockheed L.188AF c/n 1143 of Conair Aviation. Stored? Delivered to Western Air Lines as N9745C; converted L.188A by Lockheed in 1969, temporary reg'd as CF-IJC. Nordic Air operated it as LN-MOD, to Fred
Olsen Airtransport as LN-FOG, leased by Air de Cologne but acquisition was cancelled. As G-LOFD it went to Atlantic Airlines. Conair purchased it and converted C-FYYJ for aerial firefighting during 2/10-6/10 at Abbotsford-YXX);
tanker number 60/460. In march 2021 I read '..T60 is engineless and it's been said it's retired.'
That L.188 in Atlantic Airlines c/s must have been disgarded, unfit for conversion.

Conair @Abbotsford Oct. 2019
Conair Canadair CL-215T C-GFSL (c/n 1086). It has 'Alberta'-titles on the fuselage. Tanker 202.
During my visit to Air Spray later this trip I learned that rules and regulations to fire fighting aircraft differ,
hence certain aircraft get equipped for those specific provinces and always get stationed in (e.g.) Alberta.

Conair @Abbotsford Oct. 2019
Tanker 54 (454) is Convair CV580 C-FKFM (c/n 70), which was first delivered, as CV340-31, to United Air Lines
as N73133. Aero Spacelines operated it after its conversion to CV580. Other operators include Farmers Union
Travel Club and Aspen Airways. It was reg'd as C-FKFM for KF Aerospace and it went on lease to All Canada Express
and Trans-Provincial Airlines. Conair bought it from Kelowna Aerospace (KF) and converted it to 'slurry bomber'.

Conair @Abbotsford Oct. 2019
A peek through the (very) high fence: airtankers 449 (C-FKFL, CV580 c/n 465) and 447 (C-FKFB c/n 57) in my sights.
Early 2021 I learned that the Convairs and Electra were becoming increasingly hard to support; hence conversions of DeHavilland Q400's to tankers.

Conair @Abbotsford Oct. 2019
From my files: CV580 c/n 57; converted CV340-31, delivered 30mar53 as N73129 to United Air Lines,
cvtd CV580 redelivery 27aug64 to Frontier, in 1979 bought by Gem State, to Golden State AL. To ERA
Aviation (Alaska) Sep81, operational through the 1990s (reported on 24jul01 at Kenai,AK). On 05Feb02 at
Tuscaloosa-Lafayette/Purdue, Indiana. Bt Kelowna Flightcraft 29May03. Reg'd 17Dec03 as C-FKFB to
Conair Group. Reported on 29Jun04 at Kamloops in action. See my Photos by Friends & Guests #03 (2006).

Conair @Abbotsford Oct. 2019
Tanker 55 of Conair is CV580(F) C-FHKF (c/n 374). It was delivered as CV440 OO-SCS to SABENA, from there
it went to Frontier Airlines (Frontier Commuter?), reregistered as N73166. To Sierra Pacific Airlines and Arizona
Airways (Sep.'93; lsf Sierra Pacific). Stored at Avra-Valley (Arizona) ca.Sep.'97. Bought by Kelowna Flightcraft
in April'99. I photographed C-GEUZ in Aug.'99 at Kelowna,BC. Rereg'd C-FHKF for Kelowna Flightcraft Air
Charter on 20oct99. Converted to airtanker in Jan.2000. Bought by Conair 18Feb2000.
Reported operational as water bomber Conair 455 in July 2000.

Conair @Abbotsford Oct. 2019
L.188 Tanker 60 has been detailed above on this page. Tanker 52 is C-FKFA, CV580(F) c/n 100.
C/n 100 was first delivered to Delta Air Lines (N4810C; CV440 or CV340?) and later went to North Central
Airlines. Operated as C-GFHD by Quebecair, rereg'd N5807 for Seair Alaska Airlines, then to KF Aerospace
(C-FKFA, converted to CV580), was leased from KF Aerospace by Trans-Provincial AL and subsequently (2002)
went to Conair Aviation ('T52'). Saw also firefightig service at Ballarat, Australia 13Dec10-02Apr11!
Bottom pic: Conair Firecats C-FEFX (c/n 527/031) and C-FEFK (c/n 014) stored; 2009 pics of both on
my Photos by Friends & Guests #31, while still operational.
In 2006 I visited Abbotsford, being shown around, and found a much larger 'cache' of S-Trackers stored.

Conair @Abbotsford Oct. 2019
Tanker 44 (444) is C-FFKF. Convair CV580 (F) c/n 179 started with United AL (N73153) as a CV340, was converted
and flew for operators such as Mountainwest and Sierra Pacific AL (leased to Aspen AW, Wings West AL and Resorts Commuter AL), was reg'd CC-FFKF for KF Aerospace and converted to waterbomber for use by Conair. []

Conair @Abbotsford Oct. 2019
Besides FEFX and FEFK we also see Conair Firecat C-FOPY (c/n DH-24/019) stored here.
It was built as CS2F-1 by Canadair for Royal Canadian Navy as RCN 1525. Bought by Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, rr CF-IOF, later rr CF-OPY coded 56. Bt Conair in 1980, rr C-FOPY; cvtd Firecat April'85, tailnbr 569.
I photographed it in Aug.'99 at Kamloops as Conair 69. And seen at Abbotsford on 09apr02, still designated tanker 69.
And still operational on 14Jun03 at Kamloops. In 2009 at Abbotsford air show, Photos by Friends & Guests #31.
My report Abbotsford 26Jun2006.

From Ralph Pettersen's website (#OCT04-2020):
"..for many years there was a large collection of retired aircraft at the Conair boneyard at Abbotsford Airport. Gord Spruyt visited the airport on 26Sep20 and reports that the remaining aircraft were being scrapped.
While many retired Firecats were donated to museums or serve as gate guards around Canada, there was absolutely no market for the remaining aircraft and it was only a matter of time before their date with the scrapman would come."


@Abbotsford Oct. 2019
Both moved from Vancouver to here, in fact CF-TCY I had seen looking good at 'Delta Heritage Airpark' in 2006. LINK.
A photo by Ken Swartz (28Nov2018) showed much of the same sad appearance on both, but has a better angle on CF-TCY.
The history of this Lockheed L.18 (built 1940, serial 2064) can also be found on Ken's Propliners gallery on my website.

Details on Grumman Tracker 148 can be found on my USCan 2006 page 2.
On Ken's gallery on my website both aircraft can be seen in the same position in June 2021.

Conair @Abbotsford Oct. 2019
C-GHDY (c/n 374/029), an unidentified L.188, ex/ Air Atlantic (Atlantic AL) and another, unidentified Firecat.

Ken Swartz wrote me: "I understand that Buffalo Airways bought the Atlantic Airways L-188 at YXX and Buffalo Joe also got two Firecat’s as part of the package. A couple years ago I was told the L-188 was moved to the Cascade yard after its sale to Buffalo … so you may see it fly again .."
Fortunately, not long after Matthew Harris of Cascade Aerospace confirmed to me this L.188 is indeed C-GYCG.
He added ".. the aircraft is now owned by Buffalo Airways".
C-GYCG is L.188PF c/n 1138, which operated with Northwest AL (N134US), Int'l Jet Air (CF-IJR), NWT AIR (C-FIJR),
Air Contractors (G-FIJR, temp reg'd EI-HCF ASL AL Ireland, ntu), Atlantic Airlines (G-FIJR), Conair Aviation
(C-GYCG, unused), Buffalo A/W (C-GYCG, reg'd 31Oct2016). Photo on Photos by Friends & Guests #59.


Conair @Abbotsford Oct. 2019
CT-133 21420
This Silver Star was restored and mounted at the entrance to the Princeton Regional Airport (BC) in 2012, thanks to
the time and effort of a group of dedicated aviation enthusiasts. Perhaps that Betty Boop cartoon and 'Eva Nichole' has
to do with the volunteers? Reaction: EMAIL


Kelowna Airport, BC
deHavilland DHC-2 C-FJDS (c/n 1643) at Kelowna Airport (26Sep19)
Since KF Aerospace declined my request to visit their facilities, I toured the perimeter fence and might have
overlooked this fine DHC-2 as I was on my last legs at the end of the day.

Delivered 21Jul1967 to South Arabian Federation Air Force. Registration 303.
1976 Imported into Canada, by B & M. Aviation, Lachute, Ontario
Reg'd 27Jun79 as C-GUJV for Contact Airways Ltd., Fort McMurray, Alberta
Accident: Gardiner Lake, AB. on 05-Sep-1987: struck the tree-covered bank of the bay. Canx 24May90.
C-GUJV reg'd 24-May-1990 to '374496 AB Ltd' (Contact Charters or Laurentian Air Services Ltd), Fort McMurray, Alberta. Canx 08May95.
Various owners / operators (details see see
From my files ¬
Registered 16Jun06 C-GUJV for Transwest Air Ltd Partnership, Prince Albert, Sas.
De Coninck Smith Air Services, Fiske, SAS (C-GUJV). CoR canx 11Jun07.
R23Jul07 to Transwest Air - largest & longest operating airline in Saskatchewan!
Rr 21Feb08 to De Coninck Smith Air Services, Fisk,SAS.
R26Sep08 Island Valley Airways Ltd (of Richmond,BC).
R03Mar11 to Jeffco Aviation Ltd., Kelowna, BC.
The 'JDS Mining and Energy' logo and titles appeared somewhere in 2013 probably. Perhaps a long term contract.
Reg'd 20Mar19 C-FJDS for Jeffco Aviation Ltd., Kelowna, BC.

Kelowna Airport, BC
Parked in long term storage ('boneyard' of 4 planes) were a few 'propliners' at the very end of their careers...
Convair CV440 N4753B (c/n 340) is ex/USAF 55-4753; I have sightings at Opa Locka,FL in Nov.'96 and somewhat
later at MIA with 'Wide World'-titles. So probably still operational late-1990s. Reported on 04apr99 at
Opa Locka (KOPF) with Pro-Freight Airways (N4753B). Bought 21Dec01 by Int'l Trading Co. of Yukon Inc.
At Kelowna on 30Jun02, same on 22Jun03 and on 26Dec04: stored. And so it continued. Late 2010 reported as
'without further use (wfu)' at Kelowna minus engines (also minus tail?).

Kelowna Airport, BC
In the distance, at the operational side of Kelowna Int'l Airport (YLW/CYLW), I noticed another KF Convair.
It was probably (?) the one I saw the next morning in a smokey take off while driving past the airport, heading east.
Zooming in I 'determined' the registration to be C-GKFU, CV580 c/n 82. Originally delivered as a CV340 it
flew as N90857 for many operators (a.o. North Central Air Lines, Republic, Westates and Gray Line Air).
The Boeing 737-400 is C-FLEN of Flair Air.
Almost all my photos this trip were taken with my Sony RX10M4 and I was very pleased with its performance, even
with its 600mm lens extended to the max.

Alexandre Avrane of ATDB, which shows C-GKFU as stored, wrote me: "Very doubtful that C-GKFU is still active. No report on tracker sites, no online pictures since 2014. Registration was cancelled 30jun15 and reinstated on 31jul15. A test flight was possibly done on 08oct15. Nothing since."


Kelowna Airport, BC
I could not find any markings on this Convair, but I this must be Convair CL-66B C-GLWF (CC-109; c/n 2).
A number of ex/ military Canadair CC-109 Cosmopolitans (CL-66B, Canadian version of CV580) survived for
a number of years after their careers at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, awaiting sale to commercial parties. But
these aircraft had specifically been certified for military use and export abroad seemed impossible.
The 'diaspora' of these CL-66B's (they all left) is described on my page CANADA 2007: Sasakatoon.
Only this CL-66B survives from the batch ferried to Kelowna, the others were scrapped.

Kelowna Airport, BC
Convair C-131F, N157JR (c/n 284), ex/ BuNo.141001. Also ex/ ex N820TA of Trans Air Link, purchased Oct.'93.
During late-1990s seprted as N157JR at Columbus,IN with Rhoades Int'l, still in basic USN colourscheme.
Rereg'd to J&R Leasing on 22Feb02 (N157JR). Reported 12Oct02 at Columbus,IN with 'Rhoades'- titles but
no.1 engine missing en no.2 engine had no propellor. For sale by Feb.2003. Bt 30Dec03 by Tatonduk Outfitters,
reg'd 12Jan04 to Int'l Trading Company of Yukon Inc. Ferried on 22Jan04 to Kelowna, but the engines went
to Everts Air in Alaska (one eng ex/ N152JR had been put on N157JR). Reg N157JR canx 02Oct07.
So N157JR has been here stored at Kelowna for the past 15 years, what is there left to salvage from this bird?

On OldProps website I found 'CV580 N538JA (c/n 34). Spares use by Kelowna Flightcraft, BC.' Permanently scrapped?

Kelowna Airport, BC
This Fokker F.27A was delivered to Pacific AL as N2774R, went to Air West, the as C-GCRA to Norcanair, to
Time Air (converted F.27J), to Perimeter Aviation, reg'd N31800 for ? (broker?), C-GCRA Norcanair,
to KF Aerospace but unused, parted-out and derelict for 10+ years here at YLW in Norcanair c/s. [] (2009 photo A.Net)
On my website, on Kenneth Swartz's gallery, C-GCRA is depicted with much more colour (2006).



Kelowna Airport, BC
We stopped for coffee at a small airfield east of Calgary (Beiseker Airport's Flying Monkey Cafe, Hwy 9) and glimpsed
this SeaBee on a trailer. I braced the snow (in september!) and took a few photos. I have a soft spot for the SeaBee!

Kelowna Airport, BC
The shows a photo in the same state taken in 2011. I copy the most relevant data:
c/n 292 was manufactured in 1947 and N6109K was delivered by Republic Aviation Corporation to Dakota
Aviation Co. of Huron, South Dakota, USA. Rereg'd N300RH 02May1972 to Earl R. Barrett (Gales Ferry, CT).
03Sep2011: Observed by Trevor McTavish at Beiseker Airport, Alberta, Canada. Reg canx 25Sep2012.

The RC-3 Seabee was designed by Percival Hopkins 'Spence' Spencer, an aviation pioneer who built his first hang glider in April 1911. At the time, he was 17 years old.
In September 1940 Spencer left the partnership to form his own company. His resulting design was the Spencer
S-12 Air Car Amphibian. The S-12 was a fabric covered amphibian with a unique boxlike forward cabin; a high wing with a two-bladed propeller in pusher configuration; and a long, slender tail boom.
The two-seat S-12 prototype, registered NX29098, made its first flight on 08Aug1941.

In order to meet the anticipated postwar demand for civilian light aircraft, Republic endeavored to build the Seabee as inexpensively as possible, while still retaining reasonable performance and range.
On 22Nov1945 the prototype RC-3 (NX87451) came off the assembly line at Republic's factory in Farmingdale, NY and on 01Dec45 it made its first flight in Farmingdale with Spencer at the controls.
In the late 1940s, aircraft manufacturers hoped that military pilots returning from the war would want to continue flying civilian aircraft for pleasure and sport. This never occurred to the extent the companies imagined.
On 04Oct47 Republic Aviation Corp. announced that it was discontinuing production of the RC-3 Seabee amphibian for the personal plane market.
By the end of production 1.060 Seabees had been built.
[Wikipedia, more..]



Kelowna Airport, BC
On 30Sep2019 I visited Air Spray and was shown around; I have made a seperate report for this visit HERE..

Kelowna Airport, BC
While walking the ramp I also photographed a number of Buffalo Airways aircraft, see same RED DEER VISIT 2019.

Red Deer - Air Spray & Buffalo Aws (2019)
C-GWCB/140 reduced to garden gnome status..


Kamloops, BC
I checked out Kamloops Seaplane Base / Water Aerodrome (03Oct19), but found no seaplanes there. I did note nearby
C-FPOT, a Lake LA-4-200. C/n 809 is reg'd to one J. Grusing of Louis Creek,BC. It was manufactured in 1977.

The Lake Buccaneer is an American four-seat, light amphibious aircraft originally developed as the Colonial C-2 Skimmer.
The C-2 Skimmer was developed in the late 1940s as a four-seat variant of the earlier C-1 Skimmer. The manufacturing rights were acquired by the Lake Aircraft Corporation in October 1959 and the aircraft was built as the LA-4.
A military version was called the Seawolf. [Wikipedia]

Kamloops, BC
While not my prime interest, I thought this Canadair CF-5 (officially designated the CF-116 Freedom Fighter in Canada)
116740 preserved as a gateguard at Kamloops Airports worthy of a place in my report! And it has a distinct historic
value in even a general sense, for on 02Jul2019 Kamloops Airport celebrated its 80th anniversary of providing air
access to and from the Kamloops community. To mark the occasion, officials gathered for a rededication of this
iconic CF-5 Freedom Fighter monument, gifted to the airport by Kamloops 419 Squadron in 1995 to mark the strong connection between the City of Kamloops, Kamloops Airport and the squadron, a relationship that dates from 1941!



Whistler Seaplane base, BC
Wow, did I have problems with locating the Seaplane base at Whistler / Green Lake Seaplane Base!
My SatNav guided me through an urban area and told me I had reached my destination on the parking of a hotel!
No water and no plane in sight! While driving off, disgusted, I glimpsed a tail at the end of a foottrail. Behind
that hotel ('Table Nineteen Lakeside Eatery') I found the Valley Trail leading to this nice spot with DHC-2 C-FWAC.

Whistler Seaplane base, BC
deHavilland DHC-2, C-FWAC (c/n 1356).
This Harbour Air livery seems to date from 2013.
The following info came from Neil Aird's
Delivered 12-Jun-1959. 58-2025 US Army # 1905. L-20 No. 906. Command A-16. Built as L-20A and
re-designated U-6A in 1962 --- 1976: Stored at MASDC (Davis Monthan AFB, AZ) --- Purchased by Kenmore at
the Davis Monthan auction sale on 29Jan1976. Reg'd 27Feb76 as N68089 to Kenmore Air Harbor Inc. ---
Reg'd Feb.'80 to South East Alaska Airlines of Ketchikan,AK and canx 01Sep89 --- R12Sep89 as C-FWAC to
Waglisla Air Inc. (Bella Bella, BC but based Alert Bay, BC) --- Canx 15Jun94 --- Regd 16-Dec-1996 to
Baxter Aviation Ltd. of Nanaimo,BC --- R17May2007 West Coast Air Ltd. (Vancouver, BC) --- subsequent
cancellations and reregistrations by same owner over number of years --- Registered 15May12 Harbour Air.



Sealand Aviation, Campbell River, BC
Visit to Sealand Aviation at Campbell River Airport (YBL/CYBL) on Vancouver Island. Date 05Oct2019.
I had come across N31522 (c/n ) in Alaska. My Lake Hood 2012 report. It seems to have arrived here @YBL in 2018.
Note that N5347G below is also an ex/ Civil Air Patrol, the future may yet be new & exciting!
From a few details:

Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962. Delivered 09Sep1953 to USAF, 52-6142. Stored in 1965 at MASDC, Davis Monthan AFB. But 52-6142 served again with Maryland ANG from 18Oct65.
As N9771F (possibly 1968) with Florida Division of Forestry until July 1970.
Reported that the Florida Division of Forestry fitted aircraft with a 300-gal. interior mounted tank for dropping ammonium phosphate on wildfires in Florida.
The N9771F registration may have been a government test phase, for in 1972 ownership was stil reg'd to the USAF.
Registered 30Sep1980 to Civil Air Patrol, as N31522.
Accident 09-Aug-1987. On a local flight from Kenai the pilot lost directional control after landing on a gravel bar causing the aircraft to strike a log. Aircraft tipped up on nose and substantial damage was caused to aircraft. Pilot and passenger uninjured. ANC87LA120.
For sale by Oct. 2016. Total time 4.017hrs. Incomplete logbooks.
Reg'd 05Jan2017 to Aircraft Marketing & Leasing LLC (N31522).

Unfortunately my itinerary brought me here to YBL on a saturday and everything was closed for the weekend. But I found
someone in one of the buildings who allowed me a peek inside, however I could take only photos of N5347G, the
other 2 were still 'projects'..

Sealand Aviation, Campbell River, BC
What a fine looking Beaver! Note this N5347G (c/n 762) is an ex/ Civil Air Patrol DHC-2!

Sealand Aviation, Campbell River, BC
Neil Aird has a fine series of photos on this 1950s vintage bushplane, check his
Some details from that website: Delivered 15Feb1955 (FAA's N-inquiry website show year of manufacture 1956).
Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962. 53-7945 US Army.
Reg'd 09Sep77 as N5347G for Civil Air Patrol, based in Alaska.
Photographed at Lake Hood,AK - My Lake Hood 2012 report.

Sealand Aviation, Campbell River, BC
C-GWKD had previous identities 60-3528 ¬ N88901 ¬ N211PC ¬ N437CH.
It seems to have been overhauled and repainted durig 2018 by Sealand Aviation. In 2018 photos at Vancouver IAP
and here at Campbell River in that new livery. Perhaps still for sale, awaiting a new customer? EMAIL

C-FCDT is DHC-2 c/n 390., a few details:51-16570 USAF (1952) --- Stored at MASDC bu tno date
--- N9758Z Kenmore Air Harbor, Inc. but no date --- Reg'd Aug.1970 as CF-CDT to Triway Air Services Ltd. of
Vancouver, BC. --- Various owners as CF-CDT --- Reg'd (circa) Oct82 as C-FCDT t Air Nootka Ltd. ofTahsis,
Gold River, BC. Registration canx 18Apr1988. --- Various owners as C-FCDT, including Pacific Aircraft Salvage Inc
+ Waglisla Air Inc + Baxter Aviation + Lakelse Air + Bear Creek Contracting Ltd + Ootsa Air and Ptarmigan
Logging Ltd., Burns Lake, BC (Canx 17-Apr-2013) --- Regd 25-Jun-2013 as C-FCDT for Island Aero Services Inc of
Sidney, BC and canx 25Jun13 --- Next (25Jun13) to Island Airmotive Inc, Sidney, BC (dba as Island Aero Service);
based at Campbell River --- Receiving mods at Sealand Aviation, Campbell River, BC. Late 2013 ---
Registration canx 01Apr14. R16Apr14 C-FCDT for Air Nootka Ltd., Gold River --- Accident Mooyah Bay, BC 22Jun19:
During the take-off run, the aircraft's left float was punctured after contacting a partially submerged log. ASN. ---
And we can hope for a full recovery for C-FCDT with Sealand Aviation!

Campbell River Seaplane Base (YHH) - 2019
Day 11 and only the 2nd day with the sun out and the 1st day with pleasing temperatures (max 16 C). Did a quick
walkround for the planes here on the Tyee Spit, Campbell River's Water Aerodrome (Seaplane Base) and then
we sat with our coffees on some driftwood, watching the river. That felt real good, really tired of the rain.

Campbell River Seaplane Base (YHH) - 2019
deHavilland DHC-2, N64393 c/n 845 (
I had come across N64393 at Ketchikan in 2006 -- see my report.

Campbell River Seaplane Base (YHH) - 2019
deHavilland DHC-2, C-FSCM (c/n 1583) -

Campbell River Seaplane Base (YHH) - 2019
C-FSCM is an old hand here at the Tyee Spit.

Campbell River Seaplane Base (YHH) - 2019
deHavilland DHC-2, C-GACK c/n 711 (

Campbell River Seaplane Base (YHH) - 2019
deHavilland DHC-2, C-GADD c/n 1153 (
R27Sep13 Corilair Charters Ltd, Campbell River. Undergoing a bit of 'TLC' there!




Comox Air Force Museum
Left: Canadair CT-114 Tutor 114115 'Snowbirds'; at the Comox Visitor Center.
Right: CF-101 101057 gateguard at the Comox Air Museum (CFB Comox), 'Hawk One Canada'.
In 1984 the 409th Squadron wanted to mark the 60th anniversary of the RCAF/CAF so 'Hawk One
Canada' paint scheme was applied to Voodoo 101057. (

Comox Air Force Museum

Comox Air Force Museum

Comox Air Force Museum

Comox Air Force Museum

Comox Air Force Museum

Comox Air Force Museum

Comox Air Force Museum

Comox Air Force Museum


Catching a glimpse over Sproat Lake for Coulson's Martin Mars planes (06Oct2019)
Martin Mars C-FLYL 'Hawaii Mars' on the left and C-FLYK on the right.
More on the Martin Mars here can be read on my CANADA 2010 report.
Also on my Photos by Friends & Guests #33. And on PAGE #13. And PAGE #15.
I read a statement on Facebook that the Martin Mars were officially retired (by 01Nov2019).

A fine tribute to Coulson's firefighting Mars planes at the BC AirMuseum!
Hopefully C-FLYL and C-FLYK will see preservation: the British Columbia Air Museum would be fitting!




Nanaimo Seaplane Base, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)
Nanaimo Water Aerodrome (Seaplane base). The fun thing is this is the view from a bar/restaurant!

Nanaimo Seaplane Base, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)
The Air Harbour DHC-3T Otter is C-FHAD/315 (see my Vancouver Seaplanes page)

Nanaimo Seaplane Base, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)
deHavilland DHC-2 C-GFLT (c/n 279). I had seen it at Tofino while with Tofino Air. CANADA 2010.

Nanaimo Seaplane Base, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)
deHavilland DHC-2, C-GFLT c/n 279 (

Nanaimo Seaplane Base, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)
Such a tremendous sight; take off of a turbine (in the future an electrically?) powered aircraft does not compare.

Nanaimo Seaplane Base, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)
DHC-3T C-FITF/303 of Harbour Air seen arriving



Pat Bay Seaplane Base / Pat Bay Air
Pat Bay Seaplane Base / Pat Bay Air (07Oct2019). A water aerodrome I had overlooked on previous visits.

Pat Bay Seaplane Base / Pat Bay Air
deHavilland DHC-2, C-GVPB (c/n 1551) of Viking Air Ltd (Reg'd 24Apr2009)

Pat Bay Seaplane Base / Pat Bay Air
DHC-2 C-GVPB c/n 1551 (
Those cars cut in half, used for towing the seaplanes, always surpise me. Who was it that came up with the idea?



Pat Bay Seaplane Base / Pat Bay Air
A drive around Victoria IAP in search for interesting airframes. This is Convair CV5800 (c/n 004), a converted
(stretched) Convair C-131F (c/n 277). Kelowna Flightcraft a.k.a. KF Aerospace uses C-GKFS for a Purolator contract.
Pity this modification did not take off - see my CV5800 page for more details.

Pat Bay Seaplane Base / Pat Bay Air

Pat Bay Seaplane Base / Pat Bay Air
deHavilland DHC-2, C-FEGE (c/n 1539) - Reg'd Viking Air, Sidney,BC.

Pat Bay Seaplane Base / Pat Bay Air
I had not request a visit with Viking Air and stepping into their office unannounced it was no surprise I could not
go out on the ramp. Their office did not bring a better vantage point for photos and all I could do was circle and
get details on camera to identify the CL.215 I understand Viking Air has obtained the STC on this Canadair product
and perhaps we'll see similar developments as what Viking Air has done with the DHC-6-400!

Pat Bay Seaplane Base / Pat Bay Air
Tanker 296 is CL-215-1A10 C-GDHN (c/n 1089), it is ex/ Buffalo Airways (see my Photos by Friends & Guests #29
with 'Nortwest Territories'-titles while for practise at for practise at Okanagan Lake in 2011) and a very large
sticker 'Viking - CL-415EAF' can be seen on the aft fuselage. R27Nov2017 Longview Aviation Services Inc., Calgary,AB.
UPDATE: It was reg'd N419BT to Bridger Aerospace on 22Jul21, Tanker 284, for contract in Washington State.
The DHC-6-300 with Viking titles is C-FDHT c/n 434.

Pat Bay Seaplane Base / Pat Bay Air
C-FUAW 'Shady Lady', in a far away corner of Victoria IAP (07Oct2019)
Shady Lady is based here at Victoria with Bob Dyck’s Pacific Flying Boats Ltd (of North Saanich,BC), reg'd 29Dec10.
It is fully airworthy and a beautiful looking aircraft.
Canso PBY-5A C-FUAW (c/n CV-302) has a very rich history, some of that has been depicted on Dirk Septer's
on my website, while still stored with Buffalo Airways at Hay River.
Note: there seems to be another 'Shady Lady' on display at Castle AFB Museum, a B-24 Liberator (see Ron Maks's gallery)



Visit to the British Columbia Aviation Museum (BCAM). Winter opening times were in effect which meant I had only
30 minutes for a hasty visit. A volunteer walked me over to the Vickers Viscount and the Lancaster project.
This museum has an excellent collection and is always involved in interesting restoration projects.
Perhaps the BCAM may one day be the of Martin Mars airtankers?

BC Air Museum, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)

Viscount c/n 224 first flew on 20Mar1957 at Hurn,UK. On 28Mar57 it was delivered to Trans-Canada Air Lines (TCA). Registration CF-THG. Wfu/std Winnipeg.
30Apr74 bt Beaver Enterprises Ltd. A total of 24 aircraft were included in this deal.
21Jan77 CF-THG sold to Harrison Air. Together with CF-TIC (c/n 383).
Ferried to Vancouver IAP and used as spares source. Never repainted.
10Jun80 sold (for Can$ 8.000) to British Institute of Technology (BCIT). Used as an instructional airframe.
27May82 CF-THG registration canx.
Sep.'95 retired by BCIT.
April 2005 sold to BCAM (for CAN$ 1,-). Transferred on a barge to Vancouver Island. Then by road to YYJ.
Oct.2007 partial repaint, TCA's white top reinstated.

29Sep2018 Lancaster B.X FM104 arrived by road at the airport, in sections; accommodation for this project meant that CF-THG had to move outside and brace the weather conditions.
[ ]

BC Air Museum, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)
In March 2012 the cabin interior and seating restoration was completed. And in Dec.2014 the restoration
of the galley area was completed. Look at the barge transport in 2005 on my Photos by Friends & Guests #1.
And the atrocious condition before the exterior was repainted: my Photos by Friends & Guests #09.
My visit to the BCAM in 2010 has also more photos and details: CANADA 2010.

BC Air Museum, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)

BC Air Museum, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)

BC Air Museum, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)
Noorduyn Norseman VI (C-64A / UC-64A) CF-JDG c/n 538 - parts from c/n 131 CF-DRE.
On my CANADA 2010 visit it still had a place of honour inside!

BC Air Museum, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)
Douglas A-26B Invader CF-BMS (c/n 18506, ex/ 43-22357, N91348, CF-BMS, C-FBMS).

BC Air Museum, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)

BC Air Museum, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)
Stinson SR-10F Reliant, CF-OAZ; at one time operated by Ontario Provincial Air Service (later Ministry of Natural
Resources and Forestry, MNRF - Wikipedia).
Online I saw photos of CF-OAZ still flying during the 1990s. It may still be airworthy, as its registration is
current for one Douglas Anderson of Calgary,AB. But CF-OAZ is reportedly based here: guest accommodation?

BC Air Museum, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)
The remarkable Republic RC-3 SeaBee, C-FJLC (c/n 710); previous identities were NC6459K, N6459K, CF-JLC.

BC Air Museum, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)
Trigull info:

BC Air Museum, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)

BC Air Museum, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)
29Sep2018 Lancaster B.X FM104 arrived by road at the airport, in sections; accommodation for this project meant
that the Vickers Viscount had to move outside and brace the weather conditions. A long term project!

BC Air Museum, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)
Lancaster FM104. Follow the project on, some nice pics there too.

BC Air Museum, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)

Facebook 27Sep2018: NEWS RELEASE SEPTEMBER 26, 2018
The BC Aviation Museum is very happy to announce that it has formally taken possession of the Lancaster bomber FM104 from the City of Toronto.
"We are very grateful to the City for giving us the opportunity to display this iconic aircraft – a first for British Columbia, said museum president John Lewis. "The components of the aircraft are on their way west by truck.
The museum anticipates that the Lancaster components will arrive at the museum on Friday. The museum is located at 1910 Norseman Road in North Saanich near Victoria International Airport.
"Now begins the long process of restoration, Lewis said. "The components of the aircraft will be on public display throughout the work of restoring it.
The aircraft was built in Toronto in 1944 and was in service until 1966. It then stood on a plinth near the Toronto Lakeshore for more than 30 years before being put in storage.
The BC Aviation Museum was the successful bidder in July to receive Lancaster FM104.
The museum is restoring the aircraft in cooperation with Victoria Air Maintenance, an internationally known firm of aircraft restorers. The long term goal of the museum is to restore Lancaster FM104 to flying condition."
John Lewis
President, BCAM


BC Air Museum, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)
Various stages in the career of Lancaster FM104
Informative video at the outset of this worthy project.

BC Air Museum, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)
Douglas C-117D, C-GJGQ (c/n 43307)

BC Air Museum, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)
'R4D-8-DC-29 43307' is Douglas C-117D ex/ C-GJGQ (c/n 43307). Rebuilt from DC-3A-456 (R4D-5) BuNo.17116
From my files: C-GJGQ Millardair of Toronto-Int'l,Ont. (freighter) was bought by Skyfreighters of Victoria,BC
upon the demise Millardair. Stored at Nanaimo Jan.'97 (CG-JGQ). Pictured at Victoria Air Museum, see my visit
to Victoria CANADA 2010. Still at BCAM 10apr02. Reg'd 07Feb08 C-GJGQ Victoria Airport Authority
See my Photos by Friends & Guests #43. By late 2010 the fuselage was in half, scrapping in progress
but the cockpit was to be preserved. During the summer of 2011, the cockpit was more or like but the other parts were
still present outside the museum. I did not see anything of thos parts remaining upon this visit (hasty, cursory glance).

BC Air Museum, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)
Fleet 2 CF-AOD (c/n 6)

BC Air Museum, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)
Recently completed and proudly pointed out by my guide and volunteer: the Hoffar HF-1 Replica Project.

From the museum's website (editted as the website has not been updated to the completion of the project): "Two Vancouver area boat-builders, Henry and Jimmie Hoffar, were so enchanted with the magic of flight, that in 1917 they built and flew a bi-plane of their own design. In so doing they created the first successful aircraft that was designed, built and flown entirely in British Columbia, created the first aircraft in Canada with a single float, and built the first floatplane in Western Canada.
This full-scale, externally-correct replica honours these achievements, and the contribution the Hoffar brothers made to the advancement of air transportation in the province."

BC Air Museum, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)

BC Air Museum, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)
Bristol Bolingbroke IV 9104 (incorporates parts from 9093 and 10163).

BC Air Museum, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)
Avro Anson 652A Anson II, FP846

BC Air Museum, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)

BC Air Museum, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)
Supermarine Spitfire (Scale R)

My CANADA 2010 has a more complete report of what this museum has to offer!

The museum's website:

Spitfire Cafe at Victoria Int'l Airport
The Spitfire Grill has a nice setting and a fine view on the ramp of YYJ

Victoria AP, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)
deHavilland DHC-2T, C-GDTB c/n 1672TB42

CF-WSD Delivery date unknown. Canx circa 1970. No Certificate of Airworthiness renewal after 13-Oct-1978.
Incident: 22-Jan-1970 - Crushed by hangar door at Downsview, ON. Pre delivery wearing 5X -UVU marks. Repaired.
5X-UVU Uganda Police Air Wing. Entebbe. Photographed at Luqa, Malta in 30Apr1970 presumably on delivery.
Again an accident, at Arua Airport, Uganda. 09Dec1975. Details unknown. Note in Kenya gazette requesting information from any persons on scene.
5X-UVU Registered to Uganda Airways. Entebbe, Uganda. As quoted in the notice mentioned above.
Ca.2001 retrieved from Africa by Atlantic Aircraft Salvage Ltd., Halifax, Nova Scotia. Passed on to Viking Air for full rebuild.
Reg'd 11Feb2002 as  C-GJZX for Atlantic Aircraft Salvage Ltd., Enfield, Nova Scotia. Canx 03-Apr-2002
C-GJZX to Viking Air Inc., Sidney, BC on 02Jan03. Canx 05Oct03 (again 23Jul2004).
C-GDTB to Viking Air Ltd. on 23Jul04. Canx 29Aug11.
Reg'd 29Aug11 to Pacific Sky Aviation of North Saanich, BC, but based Victoria BC.
Canx 10Apr13 but registered again on 23May013. And current.

Victoria AP, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)
This one has me confused because this one maybe the 4th DHC-6 Twin Otter registered C-FVAM!
DHC-6-400 C-FVAM c/n 950.... or c/n 869 or c/n 884 or c/n 908 []




Victoria Airport Water Aerodrome (08Oct2019)

Victoria Seaplane Base, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)
deHavilland DHC-3T, C-FODH (c/n 3!). I love those special colours: the Canadian maple leaf.

Victoria Seaplane Base, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)
DHC-3T, C-GUTW/302. Photographed in 2010 still in yellow Harbour c/s. Reg'd to Harbour Air 14JUN91.

Victoria Seaplane Base, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)
deHavilland DHC-6, C-GFHA/610 (c/n 779; Reg'd 08Feb2008)

Victoria Seaplane Base, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)
deHavilland DHC-3T, C-FIUZ/306 (c/n 135; Reg'd 28Mar2001)
Seair Beaver C-FPCG collided 21Feb2020, in an attempt to steal it at Coal Harbour, with Harbour Air's Turbo
Otter C-FIUZ; report at +

Victoria Seaplane Base, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)
deHavilland DHC-3T, C-GHAZ/316 'Whitecaps FC' special colourscheme. Another early Otter: c/n 19 (R23Aug07)

Victoria Seaplane Base, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)
deHavilland DHC-3T, C-GVNL/304 (c/n 105)
Many of these Otters I also found at Vancouver's Coal Harbour and Vancouver South (YVR Seaplanes)

Victoria Seaplane Base, Vancouver Island, BC (2019)
deHavilland DHC-3T, C-GEND/321 (c/n 371)

Otter c/n 371 was delivered to the US Army on 12May1960, with serial 59-2224 (tail number 92224). Through Fort Knox, Kentucky (1960-1968) where it served as an operational support aircraft, it was taken to Vietnam, arriving with the 388th Transportation Company in March 1969. It was then assigned to the 54th Aviation Company, where it served for only two months before being badly damaged in an accident in May 1969.
The wrecked Otter was shipped back to the United States, where it remained in storage there until deleted from the Army inventory in Mar.'73 and was then put up for disposal.
It was sold on 13Jul73 to General Aircraft Supplies of 7149 Perimeter Road, Boeing Field, Seattle, the company of that well known Otter rebuilder Harold J. Hansen. For a mere $272!
On 08Sep73 it was allocated registration N94469 but this was changed on 30Nov73 to N8HH. Rebuild was completed on 23Mar74.
On 25Mar74 the Otter was sold to Kodiak Western Airlines of Kodiak in Alaska and reg' N83U. Sold on 21Dec77 to Beaver Leasing Inc of Seattle. Sold on 18Apr78 to Exeter Developments Ltd of Madeira Park, BC.
That month, it was refurbished by Aeroflite Industries at Vancouver. Its total time had by then increased to 5,668 hours.

Reg’d C-GHYJ on 01Jun78 for a lease to Taylor Airways Ltd of God's Lake Narrows, Manitoba. On 26June78 a ferry permit was issued for a flight from Vancouver to God's Lake Narrows.
On 05Jul78 the lease was taken over by Ilford Riverton Airways Ltd of Winnipeg, reg’d on 19Jul78.
Sold in Dec.'79 by Exeter Developments Ltd to Contact Airways Ltd of Fort McMurray, Alberta, who proceeded to operate the aircraft.
Contact Airways then leased the Otter to Buffalo Airways Ltd of Fort Smith, Northwest Territories (from Jan.-to June 1980) and it then returned to the Contact Airways fleet. They continued to fly the Otter until it was sold to Hermens Air Inc of St. Mary's Alaska by Bill of Sale dated 27Sep83.
Registration N83U was re-issued for the Otter and a flight permit to Alaska on 30Sep1983. Now on 7,571 hours.

Hermens Air Inc operated N83U from Sep - May86. Sold to Bering Air Inc of Nome, AK 15May86.
On 19Sep86 it met with an accident. After landing on a 1,200 foot gravel bar on American River, Alaska the pilot paced off the available area, estimated the load to pick up, then loaded the aircraft. Due to a cross wind, he used less than take-off flaps. The terrain was rough and uneven, sandy, and with loose gravel. After lift off, the Otter "seemed to hit a downdraft". The pilot selected take-off flaps and began a slight turn but the aircraft impacted an earth bank and came to rest on the tundra.
There were minor injuries to 2 of the 5 occupants and substantial damage to the aircraft.

The wreck was taken to Kenmore Air Harbour, Seattle, where it lay for some years.
Sold on 10May88 it was sold by Bering Air to Kenmore Air Harbor Inc, but it continued to languish at Kenmore.
In 1994 it was sold to Randy D'Aout, trading as Quality Aircraft Sales, and was trucked to his facility at St.Albert near Edmonton. It lay there for some years until he sold it to another Otter rebuilder, Aviation V.L.Inc of St.Jean, Quebec, who rebuilt the aircraft during January/March 1999.
The front section of another Otter was used in the rebuild. The Otter was registered to Aviation V.L.Inc in March 1999 as C-GEND. The rebuilt aircraft was then put on board a rail car and taken across the country to the Aeroflite Industries facility at the Vancouver International Airport, having been acquired by Whistler Air Services Ltd of Whistler, BC.
Aeroflite converted the Otter to a Vazar turbine and it was repainted in a striking all-yellow paint scheme. It was at Vancouver on 1st July 1999 about to be delivered to its new owners, to whom it was
registered that month and entered service.

C-GEND at Green Lake Spb, by Kenneth Swartz (2018)
C-GEND at Green Lake Spb, by Kenneth Swartz (2018)

Whistler is an important ski and leisure resort in the mountains north of Vancouver. Here C-GEND
was based on floats, primarily serving the tourist industry during the summer months. Little
opportunity for flying exists during the winter months due to the weather
During the winter of 2002/03 an opportunity arose to use the Otter in the Antarctic. It would be the first time a 'Single Otter' was used in the Antarctic since N58JH (131) was used there during 1991 and 1992 and had crashed.
Adventure Networks Int'l, the company which organised the tourist trips to the Antarctic, were using Basler Turbo Dakota C-GEAI, operated by Enterprise Air of Oshawa, Ontario for transport around the Antarctic area. This aircraft had been damaged in a storm at Patriot Hills soon after its arrival there in mid-Oct. 2002, (details & photos on my Photos by Friends & Guests #39) and replacement capacity was required, a task which was entrusted to C-GEND plus a leased Twin Otter (CF-UGT).

Departing Vancouver on 01Nov2002 on wheels, the aircraft flying Vancouver-Reno, Nevada-Phoenix, Arizona-Brownsville,Texas-Vera Cruz, Mexico-Belize City, Belize-Panama City, Panama- Guayaquil, Ecuador-Lima, Peru-Antofagasta, Chile-Concepcion, Chile-Puerto Montt,Chile-Punta Arenas,Chile (where it was weathered in for days)-King George Island (where the wheels were replaced with skis)-Rothera, Adelaide Island (the British Antarctic Survey base)-Patriot Hills, Antarctica, arriving 02Dec02. The trip had taken 4 weeks, with ten days flying, the rest of the time spent awaiting onward clearances or weathered in.
The Otter flew in Antarctica during Dec. 2002 -  Jan. 2003
C-GEND arrived at Punta Arenas on 01Mar03 and then continued on its long trek back to British Columbia, re-entering service with Whistler Air.

This Turbine-Otter was overhauled at Paine Field, Everett,WA during the winter of 2006/07 and received a new colour scheme. The former pale yellow with a light blue cheatline was brightened up and an attractive ‘sky and mountain’ image was added to the tail. This work was finished at the end of February 2007, when the DHC-3T returned to service with Whistler Air at Whistler, BC.

THE ABOVE HISTORY IS FROM KARL E. HAYES' MONOGRAPH & UPDATES ON THE DHC-3 (Editted by the Webmaster here to shorten it for readability). LINK

C/n 371 may have been a composite rebuilt with another airframe; see 'C-GHYJ' on Derelict DHC wrecks at Delta,BC Dec.2019!



Seaplane Base YVR South (2019)
Seaplanes Vancouver South

For a full account of seaplanes at Vancouver's Water Aerodromes see my 'YVR Seaplanes 2019'

Seaplane Base YVR South (2019)

Seaplane Base YVR South (2019)
Vancouver Harbour Water Aerodrome (CXH / CYHC)


Pitt Meadows Regional Airport

Pitt River Meadows Airport, BC
Received a warm welcome here at Pacific Rim Aviation Academy. No less than 3 DHC-2 Beavers in the hangar for me!
Thanks for the hospitality Chris!

Pitt River Meadows Airport, BC
deHavilland DHC-2 Beaver, C-GJZQ (c/n 207). Reg'd 22Oct03 to Beaukent Developments Inc, current.

Pitt River Meadows Airport, BC
Special modification of the socalled 'Alaskan door'. Note that fine deHavilland logo inside.

Pitt River Meadows Airport, BC

Pitt River Meadows Airport, BC
'Longneck Beaver"

Pitt River Meadows Airport, BC
Aero Engines of Los Angeles,CA.

Pitt River Meadows Airport, BC
DHC-2 Mk.III Beaver, C-FSJV (c/n 1646TB25). I was told this had come from the manufacturer turbine-equipped.
Reg'd 07Sep12 1645311 Alberta Ltd. Reg'd 20Sep19 to Michael Rauch of Abbotsford,BC

Pitt River Meadows Airport, BC
DHC-2 C-GEZS (c/n 1277) in a rather dazzling colourscheme.

Pitt River Meadows Airport, BC
C-GEZS (c/n 1277) from my files: sold by Baxter Aviation to West Coast Air Ltd of Nanaima,BC Reg'd 17May07.
Reg'd 25Jun2012 to Seaflight Industries Inc, of Vernon,BC. Current by Nov.2019.
So what is it doing here? For sale again?

Pitt River Meadows Airport, BC

Pitt River Meadows Airport, BC
On a proud display here: Engineering And Research Corporation Erco 415-D, C-GZOG (c/n 3890).
Manufactured in 1946! Reg'd 06Dec1999 to Lawrence Samoil, registration cancelled 31Jan2019.

Christopher 'Chris' Georgas told me he did his daily commute, from Sechelt, in his 1979 Cessna 152 C-GQOU.
What a brilliant way to go to work!

Pitt River Meadows Airport, BC
Challenger XL-65, C-INBC (c/n CH2-0614-LSS-L65-0253); manufactured by Quad City Ultralight Aircraft Corp.
in 2015. It is an 'Advanced Ultra-light'. While nowhere near 'vintage', included for its resemblance to the SeaBee.

Pitt River Meadows Airport, BC
deHavilland DHC-2, C-FMPD (c/n 1510) -
From my files: C-FMPD Mission Mud Control of Garden Bay,BC R07Jun07. Rereg'd 19Mar09 C-FMPD to Three
Point Equipment of Victoria,BC. Reg'd 28Jun10 to Bullmoose Mines Ltd, Yellowknife,NWT. In 2010 and 2012 reported sightings at Yellowknife-YKF.
Chris told me he once owned C-FMPD (Pacific Wings Airlines Ltd, 2002-2003) and he pointed out the meaning of 'PD:
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Air Division(delivered 1962). Chris also made me aware it had been sold: reregistered 23Oct19 to Dax Wilder of Camano Island (WA) so we'll see an N-number assigned soon!

Pitt River Meadows Airport, BC
The only day that a photo could be effected by heat waves (16 C), of course that had to be the day before our flight home!

Pitt River Meadows Airport, BC
DHC-2 CF-GQA (c/n 72)

Pitt River Meadows Airport, BC
From my files: C-FGQA Air Mont-Laurier (1985) Inc, Riviere-Rouge, Quebec R09Oct07.
Rr 21Oct08 Cargair Ltee, St.Hubert, Quebec. C-FGQA Air Mont-Laurier (1985) Inc., Riviere-Rouge. R02Sep09.
And R29Apr10 Jesleran Holdings Ltd, Aldergrove,BC C-FGQA. Current to this date (Nov.2019, CCARS).



Bewfore returning the rental car a quick check on the cargo ramp of YVR: three KF Convairs!

Convairs of Kelowna Flightcraft at YVR - closing shot (12Oct2019)
Convairs of Kelowna Flightcraft at YVR; CV5800 C-GKFS has been discussed further up this page.
The Convair CV580 seen from behind is probably C-FKFZ (c/n 151). See Photos by Friends & Guests #11 & CANADA 2010

Convairs of KF at Vancouver-YVR
Convair CV580, C-GKFG (c/n 22) of KF Aerospace.
After these images it was time to return the rental car and check in for our flight home. Catch you next time!



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