China Aviation Museum, 2004

Photos © Ronald Stevelink

Ronald Stevelink sent me these photos in 2004, made on 08th of July 2004, in support of the log report he sent me earlier (see link bottom page).

C-46 unmarked
Unmarked and unidentified Curtiss C-46 Commando

Lisunov Li-2 311 (c/n 18439703)

Tu-204 50257 (c/n 5351809)

Harbin H-6A 10794 (c/n 052408)

Shenyang J-5 (MiG-17) registered 2424

Shenyang J-8 20255

Shenyang J-6II (MiG-19) 40404

Nanchang Q-5B 31124

Harbin Z-5 (Mil-4) 3529; by others identified as Mil Mi-2 ?

A Harbin Y-11 "Chan", 3884.
The piston powered Y-11 and turboprop Y-12 are Chinese developed regional airliners and utility transports. Design of the Type 11 Transport Aircraft, or Yunshuji 11 (Y-11) began during the mid 1970s as a replacement for the Antonov An-2 utility biplane in Chinese service (licence built in China as the Y-5). A prototype was built and flown at Shenyang in 1975, while pre series and production aircraft are built at what is now the Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Company. Production Y-11s were built from 1980. Features include two radial engines, capability for rough field operations and STOL performance. Y-11s have seen service as commuter airliners and have also been configured and used for ag spraying.

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