G-ANAF and G-AMRA in temporary colours

Dave Jackson, chief photographer for the Coventry,UK-based Air Atlantique Classic Flight, wrote me in Jan.2005 and sent me these photos.
He wrote me: "Hallo Ruud,
Thought you might like to have these, various shots of our DC-3's in their short lived green coat's !
We had these two Daks painted up: G-ANAF ex KP220 and G-AMRA ex KK151. The aircraft were only in these colours for a few weeks, both aircraft flew a 3 million rose petal drop mission over the Thames in London on the evening of Nov 11 2004.
The crews for the flight were Captain's Paul Sabin and Peter Parker in 'AF' whilst 'RA' was captained by Simon Chambers and Jonny Dover. The event was covered on the national TV news here in the UK.
The paint was water based and came off really easy with a high power hose !
I took all the photos in my capacity as chief photographer for the Air Atlantique Classic Flight.
Many thanks Dave !

11 NOVEMBER 2004 "It was Air Atlantique's great pleasure and privilege to be involved in the Armistice Day events held in Bedworth, Warwickshire and at Westminster in London. DC3, G-AMRA completed a pin-point poppy drop over the Bedworth Cenotaph followed by a spectacular night time Rose Petal drop along the River Thames accompanied by G-ANAF. Both aircraft were resplendent in their World War II replica livery and once again completed the drop, flying at 1000 feet above the surface of the Thames with remarkable accuracy. Special thanks to the teams of 'dispatchers' from the Bedworth Branch of the Parachute Regimental Association. (Registered Charity). "
From: http://atlanticdhg.com/AACF/News 202004.htm

Air Atlantique and their website www.airatlantique.co.uk is no more...
On 30th September 2012 AIRBASE @Coventry was closed! The end of an era!
I have updated my page dedicated to a visit to the air museum at Coventry in 2011, with details of its demise.

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