history of DC-3 c/n 12873, by Gil White

C/n 12873

Manufactured by Douglas Aircraft Corporation at Oklahoma City in Oklahoma and rolled off the production line on 28/3/1944. Aircraft was designated as a C-47A-20-DK. During the war years it was allocated the U.S. serial number 42-93009. On 12/4/1944 acquired by the Royal Australian Air Force under the terms of the Lend-Lease agreement and given the serial number A65-44 seeing war service with 38 Squadron, which was based at Richmond in New South Wales, using the radio callsign VHCIA. Later saw service with 33 Squadron based at Townsville before finishing up with 86 Transport Wing.

Struck off charge and sold to Qantas Empire Airways Ltd and registered VH-EAP to the company on 8/6/1948. On 29/7/1957 aircraft was reregistered VH-EBY to the company. Sold to Australian National Airlines Commission for operation by Trans Australian Airlines in New Guinea and reregistered VH-SBG on 8/12/1960. Whilst in service with company aircraft was named 'Kavieng'. Its first revenue earning service for the company was flown on 1/9/1960. On 31/10/1973 withdrawn from service.

Sold to Air Niugini and registered to the company on 12/2/1974. On 1/6/1974 struck off the Australian civil register when it was reregistered P2-SBG in Papua New Guinea. During November 1975 reregistered P2-ANP to the company. On 31/7/1977 withdrawn from service and placed in storage at Port Moresby to await its fate.

On 25/2/1980 sold to Insured Aircraft Title Service Inc and reregistered N5590A. It was the intentions of the company to use this aircraft for operations by the Red Cross in Thailand. It has not been confirmed as to whether aircraft went over to Thailand. Sold to J J Ford III on 30/6/1981 and resold to Air Queensland Limited and reregistered VH-BPL to the company on 15/10/1982. Whilst in service with the company aircraft was operated as a freighter.

Sold to Air Rambler (Australia) P/L that was based at Stratford and registered to the company on 7/4/1988. Sold to L J McIver of Elanora Heights and registered to the owner on 27/8/1992. Ownership of aircraft transferred to P D McIver and registered to the owner on 28/8/1995. Sold to J D Williams of Hobart and registered to the owner on 29/10/1996.

Still registered to the owner in January 2004.

© Gil White

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