Vliegbewijs (Certificate of Flight) KLM -1934

When (commercial) aviation was still in its infancy, airlines were keen to earn extra money with scenic flights which, of course, also introduced aviation transport to the general public. Jan Westera was so kind to donate me a certificate that proved another "dare devil" had taken to the skies !


Name S.F.Hazelaar
has flown in aircraft PH-ADN,
scenic flight over Schiphol
a distance of: 20 kilometers
on June 23rd, 1934
(signed) The leader (!) of the airfield: (unreadable). Slogan at bottom of page: "Time Flies, fly with your time".

Back side:

"Show this flight certificate to your relatives and friends.
Tell them about your experiences.
Take them with you to the airfields of Schiphol and Waalhaven.
Encourage them to take part in a scenic flight".

"They too, must have experienced a flight!"

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