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Greybull,WY 19 Sep.1983

Fred de Ruiter was way ahead of me, when he visited frosty Greybull in 1983. I asked to see some of his photos and hoped they would help me in identifying some of the mystery planes at the Hawkins and Powers lair... I liked his photos very much, some have a distinct classic black&white quality, and therefor I asked his permission to publish some of his photos.

Photos © F. de Ruiter

C-119G with registration 22116, later reregistered as N5217R. It ended up at the National Infantry Museum at Ft Benning (GA).

C-119 (cn 10860) 22116 in close up. Behind it sits N3003, which is a mystery in itself as there were 2 aircraft marked as N3003, sighted in 1987.

See also John Chapman's 1989 photos.

This Douglas C-117 Super DC-3 is marked as N2123Y. It was reregistered N212DD for D&D Parts Inc and ended up at Opa Locka,FL where I saw it in 1992. It has construction number 43386 and was delivered to the US Navy with serial 50786. This "Super DC-3" was made out of the original C-47 c/n 26424. It served with VT-29 USN squadron with code "3C-17" (1963). It was transferred to the US Marine Corps in Oct74, but found itself stationed with the USN in Keflavik,Iceland in 1976. It changed its icy surroundings for those of the desert upon storage at Davis Monthan AFB in Arizona; this lasted from May77 to Oct81. It was registered to Hawkins & Powers Aviation Inc of Greybull,WY as N2123Y on 17Jan83. This did not last long, as it was purchased by D&D Parts Inc and registered on 19Mar84, while reregistered as N212DD on 31Jan87.
It reported still at Opa Locka in Feb.2003 and described as "wreck".

A huge plane this is: Boeing KC-97L N397HP (c/n 16990), still with the aerial refuelling boom fitted to the aircraft. It used to operate with the Arizona ANG as 53-0208. During 2003 it was still reported as stored at Greybull.
Over the years Hawkins and Powers operated only one C-97: N1365N, Tanker 97. It was active in Alaska during the 2003 season. One can see that winter came early in Wyoming, what rotten weather !

A row of 5 former Royal Canadian Air Force Fairchild C-119 Boxcars. The one in the forefront has N8091 painted on as a tailnumber and what looks like "88" on the nose. The C-119 next to it has "07" on the nose.

In 1994 I visited Greybull myself.
In an attempt to solve the mysteries, I have compiled a list of various logs and hope people will contribute info that will lead to all registrations accounted with a construction number, click HERE !.
Ralph Pettersen sent me some photos taken in May 2003 of unidentified airframes at Greybull.

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