Vintage Jet Airliners, photos by Friends & Guests


On a regular basis people sent me photos, to share their enthusiasm for vintage airliners or to illustrate a question. These photos have been lingering in a scrapbook or a discarded box somewhere and/or probably wouldn't find their way to Online-use or publication.
To prevent them from getting lost, with permission of the sender, I would like to share them on this page.
Photos already online (personal websites,,, etc) are not meant to be included here.

Frans Truyens sent these images from his collection (see alo his propliner photos)
Caravelle F-WQCT Eureka
Caravelle F-WQCT 'Lyn' of Eureka Aviation at Wevelgem,Belgium in july 1996.

Caravelle F-WQCU Eureka
Caravelle F-WQCU 'Thomas' of Eureka Aviation at Wevelgem in july 1996.

Eureka Aviation, Belgium.
Fleet: 3x Caravelle, 3x BAe780 Andover, 1x Shorts Skyvan
History: formed on April 12 1995 by Tony De Bruyn and Renaat Ceulemans, business is focused on supply of spare parts & aircraft leasing.
Most important fact was the purchase of three ex French Air Force Caravelles during 1996. Ferried and stored at Wevelgem Airport near Kortrijk, they were sold to African operators in 1997 (2) and 1998 (1). When the last airframe left in January 1999, this was the last ever movement of a Caravelle in Belgium.
With the accident of msn 251 on 27Aug04, none of them are operational, as msn 264 was withdrawn from use during 2000 and msn 240 is stored (but airworth) since 2002, both at Kinshasa.
In Belgium, at Antwerp Deurne, a BAe780 (9Q-CDY) was laid up between 21Jan98 and 14Sep06 and is currently used as an instructional airframe for a fire school at Emblem.

Tony de Bruyn crashed his OV-10 Bronco in July 2012 and suffered serious wounds and burns that kept him hospitalized for months;


Rolf Larsson sent me this photo of N1001U, seen on Miami on 16 October 1975.

Caravelle N1001U by Larsson
More information on this caravelle N1001U and the operator, Aero Service Corporation, can be found HERE...

Nordair 737
Ray Fread noticed my Airlines Remembered gallery and suggested to include this one. However, that gallery is restricted to airlines I saw & photographed myself.
But I thought to add this photo here as it is indeed a very nice shot by Ray, of a vanishing breed and an airline fondly remembered by many.
C-GNDW is a Boeing 737-204 with c/n 21694/542. The photo was taken in 1986, at the Dryden terminal (Ontario).
Ray's personal note: " I was once the contact engineer for Nordair in Dryden. They operated 737-200's. They were noisy gas gobblers and now are not allowed to land at many airports."
History of C-GDNW by ATDB
The above info is by 'ATDB Online' (IATA code ARG refers to Walnut Ridge,AR)

Nordair history-
1947: Formed from a merger of Boreal Airways and Mont Laurier Aviation, Montreal Québec.
1957: Became subsidiary of Maritime Central Airways.
c.1985: Acquired by Canadian Pacific Air Lines.

Sam Warren forwarded me the link in August 2009:
Hotel at altitude
"The fully outfitted, meticulously detailed, two bedroom, Boeing 727 fuselage suite. We have refurbished a vintage 1965 Boeing 727 airframe, which in its prior life shuttled globetrotters on South Africa Air and Avianca Airlines (Colombia).
We salvaged this airframe, piece by piece, from its San Jose airport resting place. We carefully transported the pieces on five, big-rig trucks to the jungles of Manuel Antonio where they have been resurrected into a unique jumbo hotel suite. Our classic airplane, nestled on the edge of the National Park in our Costa Verde II area, is perched on a 50-foot pedestal. At this height, you will enjoy scenic ocean and jungle views from the hard wood deck built atop the plane's former right wing."

Olav 'Propfreak' suggested: "..seems to be c/n 18895, HK-3133X, ex ZS-DYP, ZS-SBD, EL-AIZ, N95GS according to ATDB. ->HK-3133X on

DC-8 Aeronaves de Mexico
Aeronaves de México was formed in 1934, with assistance of Pan American World Airways.
It was nationalized in 1959. It had taken over LAMSA in 1952, AV Reforma 1954, AL Mexicanas 1960 and Guest Aerovias in 1961.
It was renamed/merged into AeroMéxico in 1972. [Source: online database]
Simo Lallukka wrote me in June 2009: "The photographer's name of these photos is Martti Liesmaa, from Finland. The photographer is my uncle, but sadly he died in the year 1983.
I have the permission from the family to send you these pictures. These were taken during 1960-1961, very likely in the USA."
DC-8 Eastern Air Lines

Eastern Air Lines was a major United States airline that existed from 1926 to 1991. Before its dissolution it was headquartered at Miami International Airport, Florida.
Eastern Air Lines was a composite of assorted air travel corporations, including Florida Air Ways and Pitcairn Aviation, the latter of which was established on April 19, 1926, by Harold Frederick Pitcairn, son of Pittsburgh Plate Glass founder John Pitcairn, Jr.
In the late 1920s, Pitcairn Aviation won a government contract to fly mail between New York City and Atlanta, Georgia, using Mailwing single-engine aircraft. In 1929 Clement Keys, the owner of North American Aviation, purchased Pitcairn. In 1930, Keys changed the company's name to Eastern Air Transport, soon to be known as Eastern Air Lines after being purchased by General Motors and experiencing a change in corporate leadership brought on by the Airmail Act of 1934. [More: Wikipedia]
Lockheed L.188 Electra N5510
Lockheed L.188 Electra N5510 (c/n 1040); here is a picture on Air-Britain's Photographic Images Collection.
Note that the titles are different, 'Eastern's Prop-Jet' has been revised and simplified to 'Eastern'.

Caravelle firetrainer at Schiphol
Roger Soupart sent this photo: "the last moments of the Caravelle firetrainer, former Transavia airliner, a final blaze for a KRO television team." Amsterdam IAP (EHAM, 1978 or 1979)

Keith Burton sent me these images of the demise of EL-AKJ...
707 EL-AKJ stored Sad photos from Southend,UK: Boeing 707 EL-AKJ during November 2006.
The photos below show the process of scrapping in March 2007.

Various identities of this Boeing 707-321C on

EL-AKJ being scrapped
EL-AKJ scrapped at Southend

Alan Miller sent me this photo in Oct.2008. He thinks this photo was probably taken at Gulfport-Biloxi Regional Airport (KPGT), but no date was given.
Suthern Airlines
The nosewheeldoor shows '905', which makes it McDonnell-Douglas DC-9-15 N95S (c/n 47205); it was manufactured 03Jan68 by Douglas and was at some date scrapped at Ardmore,OK (KADM).

Southern Airways began its life operating Douglas DC-3 aircraft on a route system which covered the south-central portion of the U.S. By 1968, Southern's route system extended from its most northerly stop at the Bristol-Kingsport-Johnson City (Tri-Cities regional) airport in Tennessee southward to its most southerly points at New Orleans and Jacksonville, Florida. The westward boundaries of Southern's route system were marked by Baton Rouge and Monroe, Louisiana. Routes extended eastward to the Atlantic Ocean at Myrtle Beach and Charleston, South Carolina.
Southern began acquiring 40-passenger Martin 4-0-4 piston airliners secondhand from Eastern Air Lines in 1961, and its final DC-3 retired in 1967. The airline began acquiring 65-75 passenger Douglas DC-9-10 fanjets in 1967 and 85-95 passenger DC-9-30 fanjets in 1969. Some of these were bought new from the manufacturer. Southern did not operate turboprop aircraft as a transition from propeller equipment to pure jets, as many other airlines did. Instead, like Trans World Airlines, it moved directly from piston-engined equipment to jets. However, by the time of the merger with North Central, Southern had replaced its Martins with a small fleet of 19-passenger Fairchild Metro II turboprop commuter airliners.
By the late 1970s, Southern Airways had begun to experience difficulties. Two fatal accidents (Southern Airways Flight 932 November 14, 1970 and Southern Airways Flight 242 April 4, 1977) blighted the airline's otherwise excellent safety record. Improved highways and an increasing willingness among airline passengers to drive to airports farther away for more convenient flights made many of Southern's routes obsolete. With dramatic increases in the price of jet fuel in the 1970s, operation of many of Southern's routes was no longer cost-effective.
On 1 July 1979, Southern merged with North Central Airlines to form Republic Airlines and the "Route of the Aristocrats" came to an end.

Southern Airways employees website

See also my gallery of AIRLINES REMEMBERED

Braniff and Pan Am

Nigel Aylmer sent me this image of tired iron, two airlines with their histories still reverberating through the airline industry: Pan Am and Braniff. I remember them well: Pan Am and Braniff, both have enjoyed restarts after their initial demise. And went belly up again..
N410BN represents Braniff here, a Boeing 727-227 with c/n 20608/891; see

I mistook N410BN to be a former Braniff airliner, but Stefan Krause set me straight:
"The N410BN that refers to first, is B727-227 c/n 20608, originally delivered to Braniff (27 is Braniff customer code). It went on to American as N716AA later, but that is co-incidental.

The N410BN pictured above was not operated by or in any way related to Braniff Int'l. It is a former AA plane, delivered new to them.
The N410BN in the picture isc/n 21687 B727-223 (23 being AA customer code), originally delivered to American as N875AA. It was later registered to Ascend Air as N410BN. There are five more with N4xxBN registrations, shown as registered for Ascend Air on
I have not digged deeper into Ascend Air, but I recall they prepared to get various aircraft; some of which were operated, but others ended up in San Bernardino. All being ex American Airlines aircraft - some of which are still there today: saw some in 2007 there!
Various B727s were registered to NxxxBN registrations around 2000 and operated in executive schemes for sports or private charters. I never figured out what the resemblance to Braniff both in the registrations or the color scheme was, other than assume there is an ex Braniff employee behind this or similar?"

N348PA still wears the Pan Am livery, this is a Boeing 727-222 c/n 21921/1639; see
This photo was taken by Nigel on 07Dec08 at Brunswick Golden Isles,GA. (KBQK).

Alan Miller sent me this image...
deHavilland Comet at Miami
An unmarked deHavilland Comet, stored at Miami Int'l

John Stewart suspected he also came across this Comet: HC-ALT AREA; John wrote- "This is a photo shot in June 1966 of this aircraft in service at Miami.  I am pretty sure this is the same aircraft Alan later shot derelict at MIA. Sorry for the quality, this was shot into the sun after a thunderstorm and through glass.."
HC-ALT did not survive the 1970s, it was scrapped at Miami. A photo on HC-ALT

N102TV Trans International
McDonnell-Douglas DC-10 N102TV of Trans International at Miami [TIA on Wikipedia].

N102TV (cn 46801/103) was delivered to TIA on 04-06-73. Following a lease to Air Florida in 1981, it was sold on 19-03-84 to Federal Express, registered as N302FE and named "Brian Jnr".



Boeing 720 N8790R (c/n 18043) of Ambassadair.
See how Fred de Ruiter photographed it at Amsterdam in August 1979:


National Airlines
Boeing 727 N4621 of National Airlines, named 'Carol' . [National on WIKIPEDIA]

N4621 (cn 19166/303) was later converted to a freighter and flew as N150FN, OO-DHP and TG-DHP.


Boeing 727-100 N727M of Nomads; at Washington-IAD, no date.

Stefan Krause wrote me in August 2010: "Boeing 727 N727M of Nomads pictured is their first 'ship', c/n 19313 and a B727-100. It is original a Lufthansa B727, hence a -30 model. It wound up as S9-BAG with Transafrik, and was last noted stored in Upington, South Africa - look up on Google Maps, it IS REALLY in the middle of nowhere. Hence no further reports. I am curious whether it is still there.
The current N727M is c/n 22541, but a B727-200. She is still active around the world. "


Nigel Aylmer sent me this photo of McDonnell-Douglas DC-9-32 N817AT (c/n 47323/468), stored at Eastman; he wrote: "on 20Jul08 I flew over to Eastman,GA (KEZM). Here I found N817AT, formerly flown by Airtran Airways. It is in use here as a training aid with the Middle Georgia College. It has been here quite a while."
I found that N817AT (which rather confusingly shows '917' on the nosewheeldoor, perhaps of former registration N917W) had been registered to AirTran Airways Inc on 22Dec94 and deregistered on 30Sep04.
More photos of Nigel on my Guestpage for Propliners..

Close up

Nigel Aylmer sent me this image in June 2008, he wrote:
"While I was in Daytona Beach last month, I found this cockpit in a transport / storage yard on the road to DeLand.
The sign on the side reads:
'The Advanced Concepts Testbed and Cockpit Procedures Trainer
were built by the ACT/CPT Team
Completed April 1994'
It then lists all the people in the team.
It looks like either a Boeing 707 or 727; it would be kind of odd to put the eye brow windows in if it was a mockup..?
Wonder which was the donating airframe, must have been plenty of old 707s and 727s around in the early 1990s..."

Steven Smith wrote:
"The logo above the sign on the ACT/CPT Boeing nose is from ERAU: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. It is an early logo from 1926. ERAU moved from Miami up to Daytona Beach (KDAB).
Miami (KMIA) was the dumping ground for old jets (plus 2 and 4 engine props) in the 1950's/60's/70's/80's. The north west corner of the airport was the final resting place of many Boeing, Douglas, MacDD, Lockheed, Convair and Martin types.. Some surplus, many flown up from S.America for repairs and some bank repossessions.
KMIA not being a "formal" scrapyard like KMHV or KDMA, the Miami airport got creative when it came to 'disposal' of scrap. If a flight school could haul it away, it was most likely for free.
Tonnes of tin (scrap), found a spot at the George T. Baker Aviation School on NW 42nd Avenue.
Where this Boeing nose came from is a good question. Maybe some one on the staff at ERAU might know..?"


Ron Mak sent me these photos, taken in July 2008 at Caticlan-Boracay (Philippines); it suffered some damage after a landing gone wrong... It abandoned the runway and broke the nosegear plus suffered some additional damage in the proces. It is seen here parked awaiting repairs.



Ron Mak sent this vintage airliner, taken recently (2010):
Boeing 727 PK-YGZ

"Taken at DMIA Clark from the atc tower, with in the background a Fokker F.27 59--0259 of the Philippine air force. This is PK-YGZ B727-31 of TRI-M.G.
Intra Asia Airlines operates cargo flight from DMIA-Clark to Mactan Cebu in the early hours of the day, 6x a week, for Pacific East Asia Cargo, which doesn't have aircraft of their own any more."

Ron also added the following history:
Boeing B727-31 c/n 20112
f/f 14-04-1969
N7890 Trans World Airlines del 01-05-1969,
Gulf Air bt 03-12-86.
Jet East Inc bt 11-08-1988,
Gulf Air Inc lsd 11-081988.
N250NE Gulf Air Inc rr 05-89.
Express One International tfd 06-89, cvtd to B727-31F 08-1990.
OO-DHO Eurolease NV bt 01-10-1990,
European Air Transport lsd 15-11-1990.
European Air Transport bt 18-07-1995.
DHL Worldwide Express lsd 18-07-1995
European Air Transport ret 04-2002
Wfu and stored at Lasham U.K
Dlvd on ..Aug03 to TRI-M.G
(Source: o.a TAHS, Jet Airliner Production List, Volume 1, Boeing)

Following history as per
History of Boeing 727 c/n 20112

Actually, Ron found 4 Boeing 727s here that day though not all equally good to photograph...

And Ron provided the following information on this bird:
RP-C5353 B727-23F Pacific East Asia Cargo c/n 19131
N1902 American Airlines del 18-01-1966,
Frontier Horizon bt 09-1984,
International Air Leases Inc bt 14-01-1985
Frontier Horizon lsd 14-01-1985
International Air Leases Inc ret 16-04-1985
American Bank & Trust Co of Penn-sylvania bt 05-1985
International Air Leases Inc lsd 05-1985,
cvtd to 727-23F 08-1985
Flying Tiger Line sub-lsd 09-1985,
Spirit of America Airlines sub-lsd 28-02-1987,
CF Airfreight sub-lsd 07-1987
Flying Tiger Line ret 12-09-1988,
Federal Express mgd 07-08-1989,
N512FE Federal Express rr 29-03-1990,
Fairview Leasing Corp, bt 30-09-1991,
Federal Express lsd 30-09-1991
Fairview Leasing Corporation ret 06-11-1991,
Security Investment Bancorp ret 2203-1994.
The Ages Group bt 22-3-1995,
Wilmington Trust Company tfd 22-03-1995
The Ages Group tfd 30-03-1995.
ZS-NPX Phoenix Airways bt 30-03-1995
Safair lsd 30-03-1995
XPS Parcel Service bt 07-07-1995
Safair lsd 07-07-1995
XPS Parcel Service ret 12-1995
Air World lsd 05-1999,
Express Air Service ret 12-2001
Safair lsd 12-2001
Express Air service ret 03-2002
Mic-Dav (PTY) ltd bt12-2002
RP-C5353 03-03-2003 Pacific East Asia Cargo
RP-C5353 w.f.u Clark-DMIA 03-2010
RP-C-5355 seen at DMIA-Clark on 08Mar2010:

B727-223 c/n 20185
N6831 American Airlines f/f 02-04-1969 del 18-04-1969
Crown Aircraft Corp. bt 20-09-1990
American Airlines lsd 20-09-1990
Crown Aircraft Corp. ret 11-10-1994
Greyhound Financial Corp bt 30-12-1994
Southwest Airlines br 30-12-94
American Airways bt 30-12-94 cvtd to b727-223F 11-1995
TTC Hunt Leasing Corp bt 03-11-1995
EI-HCD Hunting Cargo airlines ltd lsd 03-11-1995
Air Contractors ltd nn 29-07-1998

Here is its history as presently (12Aug2010) shown on

And here is 727 no.4 seen that day 08Mar2010, just to show its there:
RP-C8019 727-227(F) c/n 21249/1219 of HeavyLift Cargo Airlines

See also Ron Mak's Propliners on my website HERE..

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