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On a regular basis people sent me photos, to share their enthusiasm for vintage airliners or to illustrate a question. These photos have been lingering in a scrapbook or a discarded box somewhere and/or probably wouldn't find their way to Online-use or publication.
To prevent them from getting lost, with permission of the sender, I would like to share them on this page.
Photos already online (personal websites,,, etc) are not meant to be included here.


To prepare you for the coming winter, here's a photo by Ruch Hulina:
"Rusty Myers at Fort Frances base, on 02 March 2012"
Bushplanes in the snow..


Ron Mak sent me this image with some questions:

Aer Turas registered PH-DSG, seen at Amsterdam IAP Schiphol (East area), 05Apr1969.
TAHS Piston Engine Airliner Production List provided the history of this DC-7C c/n 45186.
'Del'd to KLM as PH-DSG on 26Jun1957, converted to DC-7CF in 1962, sold to Aer Turas op 08Apr1969, sold again 25Apr1969, 17 days later, to Pollet en Fils, who sold this DC-7CF again on 25Apr1969 to Affretair, reg'd as TR-LOJ; ended service/wfu Jun1970 at Salisbury, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe).'
Checked Airline Publications Productions DC-7 by John and Maureen Woods (April 1980); it adds '..rereg'd TR-LNZ and went to Biafra and then sold to Gabonaise d'Affretements Aeriens as TR-LOJ.'

Propliner magazine no.10 (p.16 - 25) features article 'Aer Turas', Ireland's Pedigree Independent - by Eamon C. Power Part 1.
Part of that text (p.22) is relevant here:
"With the acquisition of the Argosy it was decided to dispose of some of the existing fleet, the first to go being DC-7CF EI-ATT. The 115/145- grade fuel used by the DC7's Wright R-3350 Turbo-Compounds was becoming scare with the general decrease of DC7 / Super Constellation usage, and so an opportunity to sell the aircraft in Gabon during August 1971."
The following caption can be found under an Aer Turas photo:
"The ones that got away, EI-ATV and EI-ATW, are rarely seen. Neither entered service with the airline, although both were painted up in the carriers full livery for a short time."
And Propliner no.11, featuring Part 2:
(Page 46) "EI-ATW, delivered Amsterdam - Shannon 08-04-1969, sold to Pollet et Fils and delivered Shannon - Le Bourget 26-04-1969, having never entered Aer Turas service, Irish registration cancelled 30-04-1969, registered TR-LOJ to Cie Gabonaise d`Affretements Aeriens in July 1970."

Question: was registration TR-LNZ (Biafra episode) ever applied to the aircraft?

Other Ron Mak photos on this website HERE..

Martin Mars C-FLYK 'Philippine' is seen being painted at Sproat Lake on 29Aug12.
Martin Mars C-FLYK being repainted

See for more details the page on Dirk Septer's work here on my website.

For a report on a 2010 visit to the airtanker base at Sproat Lake see my page CANADA 2010

Pat Donaghy wrote me in Sep.2012 with this on Norseman (the oldest still around) CF-BFT:
"Norseman CF-BFT, s/n 17, went into service in January 1939 with Hudson Bay Air Transport, a wholly-owned company of Hudson Bay Mining & Smelting Co. Ltd. of Flin Flon, Manitoba.
Alex More was the first pilot hired and went on to become Superintendent & Chief Pilot of HBAT. Alex retired in April 1967 and passed away in June 1977."
Norseman CF-BFT

"CF-BFT is presently on display at The Bushplane Heritage Center at Sault Ste Marie,Ontario. It is the oldest still serviceable Norseman in the world.

On the 21 Jan 1941 while landing on the Cochrane River (57 51 30 N 101 07 29 W) it went through the ice to the leading edge of the wings. Alex More and two passengers escaped and then Alex took off all his clothes and dove into the river to salvage their emergency box of supplies. They spent three days there before searchers picked them up.

The salvage of the aircraft was a very unique operation. Since there were no trees big enough to construct an 'A' frame for hoisting, it was decided to sink the aircraft to the bottom of the river and skid it ashore!
A crew of men were flown in from Flin Flon and several local natives hired to help.

Once ashore a huge canvas, tent-like cover was constructed to enclose the entire aircraft. Several wood-burning heaters were kept constantly burning to thaw out the aircraft. There was of course no Herman Nelson heaters and no electricity. Environmental temperatures ranged between -30 and -45 degrees F.

As thawing progressed the cylinders, magnetos, starter, radios, instruments and generator were removed and reconditioned. Fuel and oil was drained. With hand drills, holes were drilled at the lowest points of all the structural tubing to drain the water therein.

Eventually the aircraft was skidded back onto the now well frozen river surface and flown out to Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba for a complete overhaul.

The overall logistics of supplying all the equipment required, the accommodation and feeding of the workers at that remote and inhospitable location is mind boggling. As an example two men were employed all day, everyday just cutting the wood to feed the heaters.

In the meanwhile to replace CF-BFT, another Norseman s/n 18, and registered as CF-BFU was purchased from the Norwegian Air Force, who were based at that time at 'Little Norway' at Toronto Island Airport.

HBAT went on to operate until 1982, when the hangar doors were finally closed. Thousands of hours were flown in Norseman, Beaver, Otter, Cessna Crane, Harvard, Grumman Mallard, Cessna 185 fixed wing aircraft and Sikorsky S-55 and Fairchild-Hiller FH-1100 helicopters. There was never a fatal or serious injury incurred during the entire history."

Intro on Pat's background: "I am a long retired pilot from a bush-military-bush-Corporate Jet-Accident Investigator -Corporate Jet career...
I trained in the RCAF 1952 & '53 with pilot trainees from the Netherlands. My room-mate was a Noel Van der Haar who came from Veenendaal, Holland. Sadly he was killed in Harvard accident in 1953 while at the Advanced training school at McDonald, Manitoba."
P.H. 'Pat' Donaghy
Norland, Ont. (Canada)


For more of Pat Donaghy's aviation archive, go HERE..


Cessna T50 near Ft Yukon, wreckage

More on this: Abandoned Plane Wrecks of the Arctic North.


Mark Saxon wrote me in June 2012, in aid of my Greybull log report; this is one of his 2009 images, for others click the link.
Greybull 2009

Roger Botting sent me this photo taken recently at Lake Hood, Alaska and requested help in identification of the Grumman Goose. No distinguishing markings can be seen. Perhaps in some form of restoration?
For reply see below.
Grumman Goose hangar Lake Hood

Roger added: " I failed to get the registration after taking the picture, the hangar it was in was on the land side of the road/taxiway by Lake Hood.
I must have gone around the Lake Hood loop a dozen times but this hangar I only caught open once and I was not getting good vibes from the guy in the hangar either, unlike most of the folks I met in Alaska."

Bill Bailey provided the identity: N703, c/n B-81.
FAA website N-inquiry privided additional details: the Grumman G.21A was reg'd to John W. Pletcher III (Anchorage,AK) as early as 27Jul94. C/n B-81 was manufactured in 1946.

Here's a video on YouTube.

While I didn't see this one, I saw plenty of planes & aviation activity at Lake Hood during my visit earlier this year!

Donna Clayson from Whitehorse, Yukon provided these photos:
'Yarn Bomb CF-CPY August 11, 2012'
CF-CPY fell victim to a knitting group!
DC-3 CF-CPY should be warm enough to sustain the harsh Yukon winter!
But what if it rains, will the wool shrink? Anyway, a unique initiative I think.
More about this unique DC-3 see my 2003 page

Roy Gorris wrote me an update, stating the restoration of C-119 N15505 (ex RCAF 22101) at Fort Campbell has been completed.
C-119 restored at Ft Cambell Kentucky
More on this C-119, and more photos, HERE..

DC-3 N5831B
Patrick Nagle sent me this photo in july 2012, he wrote: "Noticed your very detailed page on this wonderful DC-3. Attached is a photo I took of N5831B at CYFB, Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada in May of 2005.
I guess this was on the ferry flight over to England."

Graham Robson sent me this images recently; he wrote: "..found an opportunity recently to visit to Seattle, it was fantastic that I could meet and fly with the owner of On-Mark Marketeer 'Sexy Sue' N7079G!"
Invader 'sexy sue'

Graham has made a name for himself as an air-to-air photographer, you'll find some of his work over the years on my website HERE, including what I consider to be the best Invader photo I've ever seen!

Frans Truyens took this image of Douglas C-47 N473DC on 27Jul2006 at Vliegclub Keiheuvel (Belgium), during an air meet celebrating50th anniversary of that same flying club; the event took a tragic turn when Fokker S8 PH-HTC made a fatal crash.
C-47 Drag-'em-Oot
More of Frans Truyens images on my website HERE..
Much more on this interesting warbird, named Drag-'em Oot, HERE..

Richard Lewis wrote me in Feb.2012: "Wonder if you have some info on past Hawkins and Powers (H&P) pilots I was with in Galena (Alaska) station, during 1971 - 1981?
One of the living pilots is a guy named Rudy Parks. He worked for Rowan Drilling last I knew, Louisianna area. He flew a PBY.
Whether it was the 123 or another plane, I would not know. The slide I have does not show a number.
Below are photos of some of the Galena planes."

PBY Privateer at Galena AK

"This one was taken at the retardant mixing site off the edge of the Galena strip. I have a hunch H&P owned several PBY’s.
The airport airstrip was designed for F-4 Phantom jets so it was ideal for retardant bombers. The military guys must have loved to watch these things take off!
I also know the fueler, Ken Erickson, known as the 'Buffalo'. He worked as a contract fueler rather than a BLM employee. He lives in Leavenworth,Washington. I would bet he knows who all the pilots were and I would not be surprised at all if he knows the guys who died when PBY 123 went down."

Catalina at Galena
David H. Marion: "About the “Grumman Goos in the distant background, I am inclined to believe that I can see a dark smudge (under 400x magnification!) indicating the presence of the McKinnon STC SA355WE hull vent on that Goose. If that is so, that would mean that it is N642, i.e. a McKinnon G-21C (s/n 1204)." More below.

Galena AK
Richard wrote:" This Turbo Grumman Goose is photographed on the Kobuk river I think, near Noorvik."
See David's comment below, which includes the identity.

Grumman Turbo Goose
The Grumman Goose N640 being fuelled at Galena,AK.

Bill Bailey wrote in Sep.2012: "..the red/yellow Turbine Goose, shown refueling, is N640 (c/n B-123).
At the time it was owned by the US Department of the Interior's Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

Not enough info to ID the other two photos, aside from the fact that it/they are also BLM airplanes.
It/they would have to be either N640 or N642 (c/n B-137) since they were the only 2 McKinnon conversions in those colors."

David H. Marion came to the rescue (18Dec12):
"With regard to the close-up photos of the two red and yellow turbine Gooses, the aircraft in the first photo (supposedly taken on the Kobuk River) is N642, nominally identified as McKinnon G-21C 'Hybrid".
This is a turbine conversion of a supposed model G-21C, even though it has never conformed as a 12,499 lb. model G-21C; it was modified with turbines per STC SA1320WE or not it was really just a 10,500 lb. Grumman G-21A 'Hybrid' turbine conversion - or its McKinnon equivalent, the model G-21E, even though it was converted more than a year before the model G-21E was first approved!
In any case, I can tell it is N642 in particular because of the installation of the STC SA355WE Hull Vents (per McKinnon dwg. no. MPD-5260) which is visible just at the waterline behind the main landing gear.

On that 2nd photo the '..40' can be made out: N640.
Grumman G-21A N640 (s/n B-123) was converted the year before N642 (i.e. 1966-67, as compared to 1967-68; but -btw- which was never re-certified as a 'McKinnon' aircraft under TC 4A24 actually, by or as far as McKinnon himself was ever concerned*).
N640 never had that hull vent modification installed.
Hence the second close-up photo is of N640 'being fueled at Galena, AK'; also because instead of the McKinnon hull vent mod, the OEM Grumman G-21A extended primary hull step is still evident..."

("*Angus G. McKinnon died in November 1991 and it was not until May 2001 that the current owner of N640 started claiming, completely without any merit in my professional opinion, that it was an actual 'McKinnon' aircraft when really up to that point in time, it had been certified, registered, and otherwise officially identified only as Grumman G-21A s/n B-123.")

You may also be interested in seeing N640 in a photo sent to me by Greg Lee, former Alaska smokejumper, on Photos by Friends & Guests (41).

And here is a photo sent by Stanley Wanlass, who wrote: "I took this photo of Grumman Goose N640 in 1963 while working for the BLM in Alaska; it was taken at Spenard Field in Anchorage."
Stanley sent me a 2nd photo of N640 but it was too poor in quality to reproduce; it was taken on Engineer Lake, on the Kenai Peninsula.
Grumman Goose N640 at Spenard Field in Anchorage



Argosy in Alaska
"The Argosy; this plane probably later crashed at the Anchorage airport - no recollection of casualties from that."

"The pilot I knew , Rudy Parks, was a handsome young Steve Canyon-type, with the bomber jacket. The only thing he needed was a scarf, a dashing fellow! I wish I had pictures of him, am trying to track him down. However, I am betting Bob Butler, who was an assistant fire management officer or Steve Worden, a support guy, are some of my best leads. Candy and Alan Ewell in Honolulu have contacts with a lot of these people and so I am pursuing that first."

Richard's personal website is

Jim Westfall sent me these images in jan.2012:
"here are pictures of 49- 0120 in Venezuela."

USAF C-119


Lars Opland sent me some more Super DC-3's flown by TransNorthern:

C-117D N28TN TransNortherns
N28TN (c/n 43354) was parked near the east end of Anchorage Int'l Airport; the titles of the previous operator, Kenn Borek Air Ltd, is showing through the paintwork.

C-117D N30TN TransNorthern
TransNorthern's N30TN (c/n 43159) with titles 'Aleutian Air' on the Alaska Airman's Association Trade Show this spring.

Lars Opland sent me this glorious image of TransNorthen's C-117S N29TN at Wasilla,AK this winter.
C-117D N29TN TransNorthern at Wasilla

C-117D c/n 43302 operated with the US Marine Corps (serial 44-76461 & 39097), became registered as N851M for Lee County Mosquito Control District (LCMCD) in Florida and went from there to the other extreme: to Alaska for TransNorthern (as N29TN).

UPDATE: on Facebook I read a news item by Air Heritage Inc that they had acquired N29TN (19Oct2018)

Doug Davidge sent me this nice photo of DC-3 CF-CPY at Whitehorse: "Douglas DC-3 CF-CPY... now located at the Yukon Transportation Museum near the Whitehorse Airport. It is still, I think, the only large aircraft on a pivoting pedestal so it is always turned into the wind!" More on CF-CPY see my page AlCan 2003

DC-3 CF-CPY Whitehorse

"Living in the north has made me appreciate the importance of some of the older wrecked aircraft. I noted you mention the B-36 2075 crash site in the Nass River Valley of Northern B.C. but no photos were posted.... "
B-36 wreck
More on this see my page Abandoned Wrecks of the North..

Alain Dubau wrote me (in Franch, the translation is mine): "DHC-3 (Vazar Turbine) Otter registered N9758N (cn/440) is seen here during its stop at Nantes, France; it was piloted by André Cantin and l'Enseigne de Vaisseau Robert de Lassus.
DHC-3 N9758N is see here in april 2000 on a celebration tour around the word (in 100 days!), celebrating the 100th anniversary of l'Aéropostale. But unfortunately this ambitious project was cancelled when in France the engine became damaged. "

Turbo Otter N9758N at Nantes

See for another photo, at Lyon: Photos by Friends & Guests (27)

An-12 UK-11418 Avialeasing AN-12B UK-11418 Avialeasing - Anchorage (AK), August 2001.

More photos by Frans Truyens see HERE...

Chris Mak went on an organized aviation enthusiast tour to North Korea! And I feel very fortunate to share this photo with you all:

IL-14  535 North Korea
Chris wrote:"IL-14 serial 535 at Pyongyang on 15May12, wearing the old titels 'Chosonminhang'
This must have been the highlight of this trip by JucheTravelServices (under sterling guidance by David I have to add!"

Chris Mak offers slides from his collection for sale on - - enjoy more of his photos HERE..

Roger Botting sent me these: "In April 2011 I visited the 'Meseu Aerolespacial at Campo do Afonsos' which is close to the city centre of Rio; they have quite a few propellor transports on display. And more in reserve, which I could not photograph: a C-119 being one and some more DC3's."
HS-748 Campo do Afonsos (Rio)
Avro 748 Series 2/205 (C-91) C91-2504 (c/n 1554)

C-47 Compo do Afonsos (Rio)
Douglas C-47A C47-2009 (c/n 14234/25679) ; ex/ 43-48418, FAB 01.

C-47 Campo do Afonsos (Rio)
Douglas C-47B Skytrain (DC-3A) C47-2015 (c/n 14240/25685; ex/ 43-48424, FAB 07.

C-46A Campo do Afonsos (Rio)
Curtiss C-46A Commando C-46-2058 (c/n 155); ex/ 43-47084, Bu50711, PP-XBR, C46-5058, PP-ZBE, PT-LBP.

C-82A Campo do Afonsos (Rio)
Fairchild C-82A Packet, either PP-CEL (c/n 10153) or C82-2202 (c/n 10220).

Information about (previous) identities from: Aviation Museums and Collections of the Rest of the World - Bob Ogden (Air-Britain Historians, 2008)

Roger Botting wrote me in Nov.2011, sending me photos taking during a recent Latin-America propliner tour.
These images were taken at Villavicencio, Colombia - one time Big Doug Props Capital of the World.

HK-1700 DC06BF Villavicencio
This is Douglas DC-6BF HK-1700 (c/n 44419/491).

This Douglas DC-6BF was at one time registered in the US as N4419R. As HK-1700 it operated for Interandina-Interandina de Aviacion el Condor,Ltda. In 1997 it was named "Aerosol", but on these photos it has the name "Fenex", though I doubt whether it will rise from its stored status once again.
During March 2002 HK-1700 was reported as stored for almost 2 years, but meanwhile had been registered to another owner: for Orion Cargo. It did actually become operational in 2002.
Someone referred to a nickname: 'The Popcorn Machine', due to a characteristic engine sound..
In 2008 it was reported stored, without any markings, and it hasn't flown since (afaik).

HK-1700 was scrapped durong 2012, only the cockpit section remaining - a photo from 2013 on Photos by Friends & Guests (38).


Air Colombia DC-3
Air Colombia DC-3; no tailnumber visible.


DC-3 HK-2663 Villavicencio|
Douglas DC-3 HK-2663 (c/n 12352).
Previous identities: 42-92540 / KG345 (RCAF) / CF-XUS.
While registered HK-2663 this DC-3 freighter, flying for SAEP-Servicios Aereos Petroleros (Colombia), its identity was in doubt. Official Colombian did not help, having HK-2663 as c/n 4212352, while other sources tied this c/n to HK-2666. The tie HK-2663 = 12353 is considerate to be correct.
It was seen stored in 1997 at Bogota, having been replaced by an Antonov An-32 JP95 ties 12352=HK-2663 but Air Britain (Macfadyen & Jenny Gradidge) cfm 12352=HK-2666. .
Later that year (Sep97) a sighting reported full El Dorado colours and, operational.
During Feb.2001. at Villavicencio feb01 it was seen as all silver, no outerwings/engines. Same in March 20mar02
On 21Dec04 it was damaged while operational for Aral, somewhere in Colombia.
Fortunately it was restored and reported operational at Villavicencio during Sep.2006.
This photo shows it once more in a less operational mode, but it could just be an extensive maintenance check.

HK-3359 DC-3 at Villavicencio
Douglas DC-3C HK-3359 (c/n 17030/34295 - former C-FTFV).
This HK-3359 has been reported over the years in Colombia as being stored and returning to operational status. It wears the titles of 'Transamazonica Colombia', and that company has been reported as ceasing operations: Air Colombia moving into their offices in 1997; but apparently it continues to be present in some form or shape.
In March 2008 HK-3359 was reported as being worked on, but its status here seems like a provider for spare parts for other DC-3 aircraft.

Roy from Kentucky sent me this 20May12: "The latest and greatest on the project I have been working on: vertical and horizontal are completed and attached to the aircraft, plus new step painting!"
C-119 restoration Ft Campbell, Kentucky
One can read all about this C-119 "Dollar Nineteen" in Kentucky HERE...



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