Vintage transports surviving on off-airport locations

Aviation enthusiasts find their bounty at airports; even aviation museums and salvaging companies are often at airports or close by. However, some aircraft survive on remote locations away from airports, as part of a restaurant, hotel or even a chicken coop; these survivors are easily overlooked.
I hope to remedy some of that with this page and would welcome tips & photos and if possible the story of how and why the aircraft was enrolled in its new career.
Note: the webmaster accepts no resposibility for accuracy or actuality of any of the information published here.

North America

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Latin America


KC-97s at San Cugat

Middle East and Central Asia

(c) Gordon Stretch


ET-AJH at Asmara

Asia and Pacific

ZK-CLU by Steve Mills

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North American Survivors, by Roy Blewett "North American Survivors" by Roy Blewett (Gatwick Aviation Society, 2005) is an excellent handbook to take out on the road or use at home as a reference guide.
It offers status and information on vintage transports (both propellor and jets) and are listed by Canadian and US States; there are three appendixes covering aircraft in Mexico, a listing of extant Beech 18s and “US Army Air Force Skytrains and Skytroopers; where are they now?”.
The book is in easy to use A5 format and fits easy in any size of bag. The 358 pages offer a huge amount of information and is of great use in planning a trip to N.America.

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