Ray Fread's Photos of Propellor Planes


Ray sent me a reaction when he saw a photo I had made during my 2007 trip in Canada. I am glad Ray has put some photos available to me, as in my opinion he has some unique images to share.
Ray's initial introduction was: "I worked for Ontario Central Airlines from 1972-76 as an engineer. I now live in Dryden and fly water-bombers for the MNR.
I'll be leaving to fly in the Caribbean on Saturday for the winter!"

Photos © Ray Fread Collection

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Turbine Beaver in winter

Plane and team The team with at Attawapiskat with Turbine Beaver C-FOER (c/n 1671TB41 DHC-2 Mk.III). It was registered to Province Of Ontario, Ministry Of Natural Resources - Aviation and Forest Fire Management Branch on 31Aug07 (though original registration dates from 28Jul67, maybe having to do with reconfiguration to turbine powerplant).
C-FOER close up Close up of the antenna on the aircraft; it is used for tracking of Caribou which have radio collars attached.
The Barrens
Attawaspiskat First Nation Attawapiskat First Nation is an isolated community located in Northern Ontario, Canada, at the mouth of the Attawapiskat River which drains into James Bay.
According to Indian and Northern Affairs Canada statistics, there were 2,800 registered members of the Attawapiskat First Nation.
In 2001 the on reserve population of Attawapiskat was approximately 1300. [Wikipedia]

James BayThis is over James Bay.
James Bay (French, Baie James) is a large body of water on the southern end of Hudson Bay in Canada. Both bodies of water extend from the Arctic Ocean. James Bay borders the provinces of Quebec and Ontario; islands within the bay (the largest of which is Akimiski Island) are currently part of Nunavut, but the islands have been ceded to Quebec and Ontario in a soon-to-be-signed agreement. The James Bay watershed is the site of several major hydroelectric projects, and is also a destination for river-based recreation. Several communities are located near or alongside James Bay, including a number of Aboriginal communities such as the Kashechewan First Nation and nine communities affiliated with the Crees of northern Quebec.
The bay first came to the attention of Europeans in 1610, when Henry Hudson entered it during his exploration of the larger bay that bears his name. James Bay itself received its name in honor of Thomas James, an English captain who explored the area more thoroughly in 1630-31.
(Source: Wikipedia]
The Barrens
Close up of the herd

Close up of the Caribou; note the shadow of the Turbine Beaver.

CF-TBD Ray found Daxair's single plane, a Beech D18S on 29Nov06 on the dock, probably at homebase Red Lake, he did not say.
I missed this Beech on floats upon my visit to Red Lake in 2007, probably out on a flight. See my report on Red Lake 30Sep07.
CF-TBD (CA-89) was registered to Daxair Inc on 15Jan04 and is a former military RCAF 'Expeditor', serial 2291
CF-KAO Norseman Ray caught this Noorduyn Norseman CF-KAO (c/n 636) at the Chimo docks in Red Lake.
Here is some history on this sturdy bushplane:
Delivered to the USAAF as aircraft No. 44-70371 on 28August1944. Made available to Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC) 21 Mar46 for disposal as surplus.
It was sold to the U.S. Dept of Agriculture, Washington, DC. and registered as NC58690. Later transferred to the U.S. Department of Agriculture inOregon.
This Norseman was imported into Canada in 1957 and registered to Noorduyn Norseman Aircraft of Montreal as CF-KAO in 1958. In 1959 it was registered to Rod Air Service, ofMontreal, Quebec, modified in 1962 to Rodair Inc. of Montreal.
In 1968 it was bought from Air Brochu by Austin Airways of Toronto. Next it was registered to Ronald Michaluk and George Brotherston (dba St. Andrews Airways) of Winnipeg, Manitoba on 04Jan72.
It went on lease to Gayle Air. Then again registered to St. Andrews Airways Ltd. on 14May72.
C of A expired on 27April76.
Sale was reported in 1977 but no details given. Then on 14May82 it was registered to Sally W. Young of Perrault Falls, Ontario and later (30Jun82) to Lac du Bonnet Air Service ofLac du Bonnet, Man.,
on lease from Sally Young.
It became registered to Gawley’s Northern Waters Air Service of Red Lake, Ontario on May 13, 1986 and then to Peter A. Kay of Ear Falls, Ontario on April 20, 1990.
Since 30Nov94 it has been registered to Chimo Air Service of Red Lake.
[Source: http://pweb1.mts.net/~donmag/index.htm]

C-FODQ This is Chimo's DHC-3 Otter C-FODQ; the photo shows clearly how large loads are carried: outside!

The history of C-FODQ has been written out on my Red Lake 2007 report.

I received an update, in June 2019 by Scott Alford, with photo, showing C-FODQ having received a new colourscheme: PHOTOS BY FRIENDS & GUESTS #57
(ODQ was rereg'd to Superior Airways 16Apr2018)

Spring 2018 I read the following: "CHIMO AIR SERVICE and CHIMO LODGE AND OUTPOSTS have been purchased by Superior Air.
Watch for big changes in the near future for the air service.
After building 2 very successful businesses, Peter has decided to retire. Birgit Wilson will be working for another float plane business operating in the area.
Ian Partridge and Steve Rickli are staying on as pilots after the takeover. The rest of the staff have found other employment in the area.
The 2 turbine otters are painted blue and white, while 'SMS and Peter's plane, 'NPO will stay as they are. To all our friends and customers,it is so hard to say goodbye. We wish you well on all your adventures!"
./end quote


Ray did not state where & when this photo of C-GCKE was taken, but I have the following information on this DC-3:
USAAF C-47B-20-DK s/n 43-49942, to RAF KN270.
Operated post war by RCAF with RAF serial number. With Ontario Central Airlines of Gimli, Manitoba as C-GCKE, this registration cancelled in 1984.
Subsequent owners included Nunasi-Central Airlines Ltd. of Winnipeg until December 1985, then back to Ontario Central for 4 months, then to Perimeter Airlines Inland of Winnipeg for 2 months, then to Ata Construction Ltd. of Norman Wells, NWT until 1989. Also with Calmair in 1989, dates unclear.
Last recorded owner was Randy Daoust of St. Albert, Alberta, registration cancelled in 1995.
[Source: www.ody.ca/~bwalker/CAF_Dakota_detailed_list.htm]

"C-GCKE is now N47HL 'Bluebonnet Belle' of the Commemorative Air Force."
Johan Visschedijk 1000aircraftphotos.com [Dec.2008]

N47HL was destroyed by fire 21Jul2018, see photos & report on my Photos by Friends & Guests #55
This DC-3 was replaced by a DC-3 donated to the Highland Lakes Air Museum (CAF) in 2019 and was expected to join in 2020 after maintenance. In 2015 I visited this museum in Burnet,TX - but alas the DC-3 N47HL was elsewhere at the time and I never got to capture it on camera.
Report of the donation can be found on my Photos by Friends & Guests #59

Noorduyn Norseman CF-KVB of Ontario Central Airlines, at Pickle Lake in 1976.

Sam Cole wrote me in 2009: "I was flying the Norseman CF-KVB at the time of the pictures Ray Fread sent you". Sam also wrote a captivating eye-witness report on the crash of Beech 18 CF-XVF at Red Lake...

Delivered to the USAAF as aircraft No. 44-70296 on July 10, 1944.
Flown to Greenwood AAF, Mississippi, arriving July 15. While based there, it was involved in an accident in Virginia on October 14, 1944. Pilot – Warren H. Died.
Assigned to the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, Bush Field, Augusta, Georgia on February 25, 1946 for disposal as surplus. Sold to H.W. Harbican, Whitehaven, Tennessee.
Imported to Canada in 1958 and registered to C.K. Foods, Winnipeg, Manitoba on June 6, 1958 as CF-KVB. Registered to Northland Wild Rice, Winnipeg, Manitoba on September 11, 1959 and then on June 14, 1960 to Northland Airlines Ltd., Winnipeg. On April 3, 1962 it was registered to Saskatchewan Government Airways, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and then on June 11, 1962 back to Northland Airlines.
Registered to Chiupka Airways Ltd., Lynn Lake, Manitoba on August 28, 1962 and then on December 12, 1978 to Ontario Central Airlines, Kenora, Ontario.
Bought by Wayne Sturman, Florida on April 23, 1979.
Donated to the U.S Air Force Museum, Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton Ohio and is now on display painted in the colors of 44-70534 (c/n 799) as it appeared with Air Transport Command in Alaska in 1946.
[Source: http://pweb1.mts.net/~donmag/index.htm]

Ed Zaruk wrote me this in Jan.2008:
"I was browsing Ray's photo's and would like to add some additional information about the Norseman, CF-KVB.
Chiupka Airways at Lynn Lake burned Norseman CF-KVB. Rollie Hammerstadt flew up to Lynn Lake to do an appraisal for the insurance company. Upon his return to Redditt, he discussed the condition of the airplane with OCA owner, Barney Lamm and said, given a couple of weeks, they could actually fly it out of there. Barney made the decision to buy the air plane from the insurance company.
They were dealing with very cold December weather in Lynn Lake, so Rollie and Vic Sarapau went up and took it apart. It was shipped it by rail to Redditt. When they rebuilt this airplane they decided to go further with metalizing than they had on SAN. The back of the cabin doors a couple of feet in an area where the fabric was often punctured loading cargo, received metal covering as well as the section between the front and rear door. While doing this they also put in a modified and slightly enlarged cabin window that followed the tube structure in the air plane. This was in addition to the metal belly installed first on SAN.
The site tracking Norseman indicates that KVB showed up on OCA on the registry in 78. I have a Barney's Ball Lake Lodge postcard of KVB that would have been made in the late-1960's. Probably about 1968/69 when OCA finished rebuilding KVB at Redditt. This in addition to Rollie's account of it being rebuilt firmly places it on OCA's roster in 1969.
Ray has been a great help in researching OCA material from the Gimli era and has shared many of his pictures with me."

This Noorduyn Norseman MkVI (c/n 625) was delivered to the USAAF as aircraft No. 44-70360 on October 30, 1944. Flown to Roswell, New Mexico, arriving November 6. And sssigned to the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, Augusta, Georgia on September 22, 1945 for disposal as surplus.
Sold to L. Barney, Clay, Minnesota and registered as NC51131. Bought by Central Northern Airways Ltd., Winnipeg, Manitoba and registered as CF-FQX on June 17, 1947. Re-registered to Transair Ltd., St. James, Manitoba in 1956 when Central Northern and Arctic Wings merged to become Transair.
It was damaged at Bowden Lake, Manitoba on April 23, 1966: directional control was lost during take-off and the undercarriage failed... The aircraft settled onto its right wing, causing substantial damage.

Norduyn Norseman C-FFQX at Ear Falls, 1982

In 1969 it was registered to AV Air Service, Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba and then in 1970 to Wendigo Wings, Lac du Bonnet. Registered to Pastew Developments, Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1973.
Damaged at Pine Falls, Manitoba on July 25, 1974: during a precautionary landing the aircraft hit a log on its landing run. The pilot was unable to bring it up on shore. C of A expired on June 29, 1975 and not renewed till May 18, 1978 when it was registered to Northern Waters Air Service (R. Reinhold), Camp Robson, Ontario. Registered to Stan’s Flying Service, Ear Falls, Ontario in 1980. Company assets sold to Berton R. Leman (Ear Falls Airways) in June 1980.
Registered to Ear Falls Airways, Ear Falls on January 16, 1981. On May 29, 1986 the aircraft overturned in high winds while on the water at Red Lake, Ontario. C of A expired on June 23, 1987.
Aircraft reported rebuilt at Redditt, Ontario and then on August 21, 1989 registered to Green Airways, Red Lake, Ontario.
[Source: http://pweb1.mts.net/%7Edonmag/index.htm ]

Registered 24Jan90 to Osnaburgh Airways Limited of Pickle Lake,Ont. (current at time of writing: Nov.2007).

Noorduyn Norseman Mk.V (c/n N29-47) CF-GSR has the following history to it:
Delivered to Canadian Forest Products Ltd., Vancouver, BC. and registered as CF-GSR on June 7, 1950. Operated for Canadian Forest Products by Queen Charlotte Airlines. Registered to D.D. Thompson Aviation Ltd., Montreal, Quebec in 1955 and then in 1961 to Austin Airways, Toronto, Ontario.
Reported as having been bought by Austin A/W from Ray MacLeod (Wheeler Airlines), Dorval, Quebec.
On December 31, 1971 it was registered to Northland Fisheries Ltd., Winnipeg, Manitoba and then in 1972 to Slate Falls Airways, Sioux Lookout, Ontario. Registered to Silver Pine Air Service, Pine Falls, Manitoba on March 31, 1975 and then to Wings Aviation, Red Lake, Ontario on June 30, 1975.
Registered to D.W. Graham (Silver Wings Air Service), Red Lake, Ontario on December 31, 1975.

Norseman C-FGSR in 1986

In 1976 it was registered to Sabourin Lake Airways, Couchenour, Ontario and then on March 31, 1978 to Ilford-Riverton Airways, Winnipeg, Manitoba. In 1979 it was again registered to Sabourin Lake Airways and later the same year back to Ilford-Riverton Airways.
Once again it became registered to Sabourin Lake Airways in 1980. And in 1981 it was registered to Walsten Lake Airways, Kenora, Ontario. Then in 1982 to Bearskin Lake Air Service, Sioux Lookout, Ontario.
Registered to Islandair Ltd., Winnipeg, Manitoba in September 1984 and then in January 1986 to Central Air Transport Ltd., Sioux Lookout, Ontario.
Registered to Bearskin Lake Air Service on May 14, 1986 and then to Icarus Aviation Inc., Sioux Lookout, Ontario on April 27, 1992. Registered to Stewart Lake Airways Ltd., Vermilion Bay, Ontario on June 18, 1993.
Next it was registered to Del Air Ltd. until cancelled on September 3, 1997. Registered to Huron Air and Outfitters on September 22, 1997, current at time of writing: Nov.2007).
[Source: http://pweb1.mts.net/%7Edonmag/index.htm ]

In Oct.2016 I found reference that CF-GSR had gone to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum of Mount Hope,ONT.

Norseman CF-ZMX, owned by Bearskin Lake Airservice at Kasibonika Lake in 1976:

For CF-ZMX anno 2007, see my Visit to Red Lake, Ontario

De Havilland DHC-6-300 Twin Otter C-FOPI (c/n 243) registered since 29Jul69 with Province Of Ontario, Ministry Of Natural Resources - Aviation and Forest Fire Management Branch
(latest renewal 31Aug07).

C-FOPAC-FOPA is a Turbine-configured DHC-2 Beaver Mk.III (c/n 1688TB56), registered on 22mar68 to Province Of Ontario, Ministry Of Natural Resources, operated by the Aviation and Forest Fire Management Branch (registry renewed on 31Aug07).
I came across C-FOPA myself, on a visit to Dryden Mun'l Airport 01Oct07, have a look here.

C-FOPA at a moonlit but unknown location, Jan.2005
C-FOPA in winter attire C-FOPA when the sun is up; no worries about this 'contaminated runway'..

The pictures of C-FOPA on skis, including the moon pic, were taken in front of the Dryden hanger.
The one with the moon was taken by our office secretary, as I was preparing to go to Geraldton for moose surveys at daybreak.

Fire fighting from the air Aerial fire fighting in progress...

Some details of the De Havilland Twin Otter in Ontario's fire fighting role:
  • Designer/Manufacturer: de Havilland Aircraft Canada, Toronto, Canada.
  • Type of Aircraft: High wing, all metal, twin-engined monoplane.
  • Uses: Forest fire fighting, utility and passenger transport.
  • Power Plant: Two Pratt & Whitney PT6-34 turbine engines, 750 shp each.
  • Wingspan: 19.81 m (65 ft.).
  • Length: 15.09 m (49 ft. 6 in.).
  • Height: 6.10 m (20 ft.).
  • Fuel Capacity: 1,741 L (387 Imperial gallons).
  • Integral Tank Capacity: 2,025 L (450 Imperial gallons).
  • Maximum Payload: 2,045 kg (4,500 lbs.)
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight - Disposable Load: 6,818 kg. (15,000 lbs.).
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight - Non-disposable Load: 5,682 kg (12,500 lbs.)
  • Flight Duration: Full Fuel, Cruise Power: 5 hours
  • Cruise Speed: 260 km/h (140 knots).
  • Fuel Burn per Hour: 600 lbs.

  • C-FOEH at Smoke Lake, date unknown, with a canoe tied down on the left float.
    Hunters, fishermen or tourists who go paddling on the lakes and rivers, are transported this way. The trip may be any length of time, with a possibilty of being resupplied with fresh food and goods at a predetermined time and location.
    C-FOEH is a turbine-powered De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver with c/n 1644TB24.
    C-FOEH on airliners.net

    Ray and C-FOPI
    This photo, taken in 2006, shows Ray standing in front of C-FOPI (c/n 243).
    The floats make the DHC-6-300 Twin Otter huge!

    A few words by Ray written during Nov.2007: "I was an engineer for many years before I started flying; worked mostly on DC-3's. For a while I would fly all day then do repairs all night. Didn't get much sleep but had kids to feed.

    If you go to Avcanada, look at airports and you'll see a picture of the St Vincent airport. Click on that , then click on my handle, NWONT, and it will say, view all pics by NWONT and you're there. I'm based in Dryden, but heading for the Caymans tomorrow, be back at the end of March!"

    "For a few years I was flying and maintaining a DC-3 for Bearskin Air; here is a photo from that time,
    CF-KBU at Big Trout Lake in 1983".
    CF-KBU 1983

    Before C-47 CF-BKU went to the US (as N9002Y) it operated with Norcanair, Aero Trades Western, Slate Falls Airways and Bearskin Lake Air Services.
    N9002Y may still be around, last reported owner: KDD Aviation Leasing, since 06Jan87. Updates welcomed.

    Twin Otter VP-CXB
    Ray likes to move to warm, exotic places when winter conditions in Canada slow down flying...
    He added following info: "Twin Otters were VP-CXA and VP-CXB (serial 602 & 563). These aircraft were sold or traded to China many years ago, had very little time on them and were brought back."

    "Photos taken April 2008, at Little Cayman airport. When you land someone stops the vehicle traffic so you can taxi across the road. The other pics are at Owen Roberts airport, Grand Cayman."
    Hauling freight and (right) Ray Fread himself...
    Hauling freight...
    Ray Fread
    I found VP-CXA was involved in an accident recently (24Apr08):
    "Flight KX 4423; engine caught fire 5 minutes after takeoff, pilots declared emergency and landed safely back at Cayman Brac"
    See Aviation Safety Network (ASN)
    On finals into Little Cayman Airport
    Little Cayman airport
    Terminal at Little Cayman Airport
    Terminal at Little Cayman AP

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