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Frits was rummaging through a selection of photos one day and decided to scan me a batch and send some over. He had provided several others on earlier occasions (here & here), but this time I decided to create a page dedicated to his material.
Frits included some Martinair light aircraft too and since I have a history with this company (albeit with the airline, not the flight academy at Lelystad), I decided to include them. They are also a signature to Frits' interest in aviation.
Frits Klinkhamer

Of some photos the details may be lacking, that is what time does to us all, but if anyone has something to add on missing data please feel free to write to the Webmaster. EMAIL


Frits sent me some photo negatives and slides from his conscription period in Surinam, 1973 - 1974. He did not have the fascination for classic aeroplanes yet, but as a keen photographer he did photograph these..
Propliners at Georgetown

8R-GAS DC-3 Guyana Airways
8R-GAS (c/n 19691) of Guyana Airways, seen at Georgetown,Guyana. Note the deHavilland DHC-4.

PZ-TLC of KLM Aerocarto; note the unpainted rudder. C/n 6053 was registered to KLM 02Jul76 and continued to Gum Air NV, and later again, to Aviateca Guatamala as TG-AXA (16Mar79).
It was destroyed, at some point in time, at Carmelita, Guatamala. Photo taken at Zanderij.
Guy Verlinden ( wrote about PZ-TLC: "I flew this aircraft in Zanderij from 25/10/1972 till 04/04/1973 for KLM AEROCARTA and logged a total of 115:25 in 53 missions."

The photographer
A buddy of Frits in the tropical heat..

DC-6 Surinaamse Overzeese Luchtdienst
Douglas DC-6 or DC-7 of the Surinaamse Overzeese Luchtdienst (Surinam Overseas Airservice)

Fernand van de Plas suggested the following identity: "PZ-CLG Douglas DC-6A (c/n 44259). Registered in 1975 to Caraibische Lucht Transport, ex/ PJ-CLG. In April 1976 it went to Bellomy-Lawson Aviation, registered as N6259C, 06May77."
TAHS' Piston Airliner Production List offers the additional info: 'delivered to Pan American World Aws May 1954 as N6259C and bought by Ariana Afghan Word Airways in April 1960 to become YA-DAN. Became PJ-CLG in 1972. From Bellomy-Lawson Aviation it went in Feb.78 to Aggie Aircraft Corp. and was registered TI-AOQ for Ruta Aerea Nacional SA (RANSA) upon its purchase dated 16Jul79'; but whether it ever flew for them..?
Its final fate is unknown but I suppose it has been scrapped by now."

Fernand reconsidered and followed up with: "I don't think it could be a DC-6A, but rather a DC-6B because of the wide cockpitdoor and its off-center window; so either a DC-6B or (reconfigured) DC-6BF. But it could also be a DC-7, a DC-7B or DC-7C."
Fernand continued and wrote: "It has to be a DC-7BF.., they obviously have the same forward fuselage as the DC-6B or DC-7C... And I think this is c/n 45335, former Eastern Airlines, with registration PZ-TDA; the owner was Ed Kelly from the US, in 1971, and he operated from Paramaribo and Miami!" 

On PZ-TDA I found: 'PZ-TDA Douglas DC-7B 45335 N836D (Eastern Airlines) 01.04.1970 rgd Edward Kelly. Operated by Surinaamse Overzeese Luchtvaartmij. Last flight during 1971, abandoned Paramaribo (Surinam), derelict.'

Frits provided another photo (taken at Zanderij Airport 1973-1974) of PZ-TDA, which shows the similarity of the paintwork with above photo. Ferdinand got it right!!!
The fleetlist by shows PZ-TDA was never officially registered.

Rolf Larsson wrote me in February 2009:
"Maybe not of any help in identifying the nose with the text "Surinaamse Overzeese Luchtdienst", but the enclosed pictures could possibly be of interest anyway...
Pictured is DC-6A c/n 44259 PJ-CLG at Miami on 16 October 1975; left side of the aircraft was in C.L.T.M. colours and named "Boebie" , right side of the aircraft was in Surinaamse Luchtvaart Maatschappij NV colours."


9Y-TDY DC-3 Beach Airways
9Y-TDY (c/n 19759) is a DC-3 of Beach Airways, this photo was also taken at Surinam's airport Zanderij.
It seems that this DC-3 9Y-TDY survives anno 2009 at a Guyana airport! :
It was posted by 'noizeedave' on the Warbird Information Exchange (WIX, topic) forum 01Jun09, initially identified as 9Y-TGY, but corrected 'she is 9Y-TDY (c/n 19759). I reviewed my pics and the G is a D. The exact same tail numbers and letter are faintly visible still.'
The location is Georgetown, Cheddi Jagan Int'l Airport, Guyana.

Cessna 402A PZ-TLB of KLM Aerocarto; of c/n 402A0037 I found the following history:
OY-AGO (N4537G) - 27.08.1970 rgd KLM Aerocarto 07.1971 cancelled - to YV-E-APU - 19.06.1972 registered PZ-TLB again - date ??? cancelled - to C-GDWT.
PZ-TLB KLM Aerocarto

F-AZJU c/n 103
CASA 352L/JU 52 F-AZJU (c/n 103) at Lelystad Airport (EHLE) augustus 2004.
Operated by L'Amicale Jean-Baptiste Salis, based La Ferte Alais, France.
D-AQUI / D-CDLH c/n 130714
Junkers JU 52/3MG2E 'D-AQUI' (D-CDHL c/n 130714) at Lelystad Airport (EHLE), Sep. 2003
Operated by Lufthansa Traditionsflug.
Junkers JU 52 on Wikipedia.

UPDATE 26Jan2019:
'In an effort to reduce expenses, Lufthansa has announced that they are withdrawing their financial support to their foundation, the Deutsche Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftung. The foundation has been operating the Junkers Ju 52/3m D-CDLH among other aircraft since 1986 and offered paying recreational flights in Germany and Europe. The aircraft is the oldest airworthy Ju 52 in the world and carries the historical Lufthansa colours of D-AQUI in 1936.
It is possible that the aircraft will still be available for display flights at airshows and other events but no decision has been made yet. Without their prime sponsor at least the 2019 season seems lost.
The tragic accident of Ju-Air’s Ju 52 in August 2018 was reportedly not a factor in the decision.'

D-CDLH was disassembled at Munich and put on ground transport to Hamburg for some future preservation (May 2019 update).

Ford Trimotor N414H
Ford Trimotor N414H c/n 1929 - Planes of Fame museum Valle AZ oktober 1999
Ford Trimotor on Wikipedia

VP-BPS c/n 1997Consolidated PBY-5A VP-BPS (c/n 1997)
Open Day & air show, Koninklijke Luchtmacht, Deelen air base - 1998 .

VP-BPS crashed 27Jul98, details on AviationSafety Network

N423RSConsolidated PBY-5A N423RS (c/n 1785) at Duxford in August 1999.

N423RS on

On (Feb,2008 news edition) I read the following update:
"Here in the UK, the future of PBY-5A N423RS looks somewhat uncertain...
It has been in open storage at Lee on the Solent airfield, the former HMS Daedulus, since its arrival there and it has not flown since that date. Rumours of a sale have circulated from time to time but without apparent result. Now, to add to its problems, the future of the airfield itself is looking unsafe!
Owners of resident aircraft have been given notice to quit and the airfield is to close to all aviation use except for the resident Hampshire Constabulary which flies from there.
However, the closure date has been extended twice and is currently set for late-Spring. Whether the airfield will be reprieved or the Catalina will be restored to airworthy condition once more and flown out remains to be seen."

My page Photos by Friends & Guests (42) has an update on its 07Mar15 arrival in Florida.
James Lyle had eventually purchased this PBY and contracted with Mark Edwards of AirVenture, Ltd to start the restoration. Then the decision was made to halt the work and ship N423RS to the US.

2018 sees it awaiting restoration, owned by the Tunison Foundation Inc., at St. Lucie County Airport in Florida. It shares a hanger a C-47 named 'Placid Lassie' (DC-3 N74589 '224064/N'. Both are owned by James Lyle.
N423RS waits on funds to be raised to enable re-start the restoration.

In Aug.2018 I received following email-
"It was nice to see a reference to C-47 Placid Lassie (N74589) on your page, Cherbourg: Douglas C-47's & 70th anniversary D-Day
Shortly after you took photos of her, during the Market Garden 70th, the flight crew was privileged to meet her last surviving crew member, Ed Tunison. He told us her name ('Placid Lassie'), along with engine names and brought us to a wartime photo. We have added these details.

Since that time her owner, myself and a few others formed a 501(c)3 organization to keep her flying.
Placid Lassie was donated to the foundation. As was a PBY-5 project, tailnumber N423RS.
Ed has sadly passed, so we named our organization after him:
The planes are indeed based out of Treasure Coast International Located in Fort Pierce, FL (ICAO: KFPR).

We are bringing Placid Lassie back to Normandy, for the 75th anniversary next summer in concert with the UK 'Daks over Normandy' organization.
Our Foundation Chairman, Eric Zipkin, vowed to bring a whole squadron across from the US!
We are organizing/leading that mission with a jump off from KOXC in May 2019.
So far 22 planes have signed on including That's All Brother. Check out for more.
If you know of anyone that would like to support our mission via donation, please send them our way!"
Ben Allan Smith

Nov.2019 update by'World Catalina News'--
'One Catalina that was a resident in Europe between August 1997 and January 2015 is PBY-5A N423RS, once the US Navy’s BuNo 48423.
Donated by James Lyle to the Tunison Foundation Inc, and reg'dd to them on 28Dec18, it has recently been moved from Fort Pierce,FL to New Smyrna Beach,FL; where it has joined the various Catalinas in the care of American Aero Services.!
The Tunison Foundation also operate an airworthy C-47 and C-45 – the former known as Placid Lassie visited the UK and mainland Europe this year as part of the events commemorating the 75th Anniversary of D-Day (see my report).
N423RS was last flown as far back as March 2013 when it was moved from North Weald, Essex to Biggin Hill, Kent before being dismantled for the sea voyage to the USA.
It is hoped that these recent developments will see the one-time 'Greenpeace Catalina' back in the air again!'


DH89A Rapide G-AIYR cn 6676
Duxford augustus 1999
DH89A Rapide G-AKIF cn 6838
Duxford augustus 1999

Tanker 160DC-4 / C-54E N96358 (c/n 27284), Tanker 160 of Aero Flite Inc.
It was registered to Brooks Fuel in Jan.2007 and migrated to Fairbanks,AK for its new employer.

Frits came across these Douglas DC4’s on an airstrip near Chester, CA (south of Lassen Vulcanic Park, on Hwy 36).
The photos were taken on 23Oct99.

N82FA Tanker 161 DC-4 / C-54G N82FA (c/n 35960), Tanker 161 of Aero Flite Inc (based at Kingman,AZ).

N82FA was bought by Brooks Fuel too, but crashed 17Jan07 in Alaska when it suffered an uncontrolled fire in flight, some 5 miles short of Nenana,AK. The crew got out ok but the aircraft was written off.

N82FA on

S-2 Tracker
Grumman US-2N Tracker 159/V (c/n 720) - Lelystad Airport (EHLE), september 2003

PZL Mielec An-2P
HA-ANI cn 1G13255

Ameland Airport Ballum (EHAL)
April 2004

Antonov's An-2 production responsibility was transferred to Poland's PZL Mielec in the 1960s, with the first example flying on October 23 1960. Aside from the An-2P, Polish versions include the An-2PK VIP transport, An-2PR for TV relay work, An-2S ambulance, An-2TD paratroop transport, An-2P cargo/passenger version, An-2 Geofiz geophysical survey version, passenger An-2T and An-2TP, and agricultural An-2R. More...

Antonov An-2
Antonov An-2
c/n 1G-17248.
Used to operate with the Lithuanian Air Force and was 'code 19 (yellow)'.

At Lelystad Airport,
Sep. 2003.

Reims Cessna F172N Skyhawk PH-MDF (c/n F17201842)
Lelystad Airport (EHLE) - September 2003

Reims Cessna F172N Skyhawk PH-MBV (c/n F17201849)
Ameland Airport Ballum (EHAL) - April 2004

American General AG 5B Tiger PH-MLA (c/n 10140) - Lelystad Airport (EHLE) Sep.2003

Piper D-EGAF
Piper D-EGAF - Ameland Airport Ballum (EHAL) - April 2004


Tico Belle Frits sent me this photo of Douglas C-47 c/n 19054, N3239T 'Tico Belle'.
He wrote: "This one has a totally different 'Belle' on the nose than I have seen on other photos!
This one was made on 29Mar1998 in the Valiant Air Combat Museum (Titusville,FL).
I quite literally found this photo in an old shoebox recently, from a period in which I had hardly any time to indulge in this hobby."



Frits Klinkhamer sent me these photos from his collection, in Nov.2009:
Frits added here: CF-DXO (c/n 12343) Kenting Atlas Aviation Ltd, note the skis, they did some charter work in the Arctic., the online database, showed the following operators of CF-DXO: Hollinger Ungava Transport, Keir Air, Air Commonwealth Alberta, Kenting Atlas Aviation, Superior Airways, Lambair and Nunasi-Northland Airlines. It has been scrapped.
DC-3 Aero Africaine

About this photo Frits wrote:
"A DC-3 from Aero Africane, I think the picture was made at Schiphol, see PH-… markings under the left wing.
So it must be F-BCYP, c/n 9158, (ex PH-TCG, KLM) or F-BCYG, cn 19328 (ex PH-TCA, KLM).
Aero Africaine was the operating name of the Societe Africaine des Transports Tropicaux (SATT)."


DC-3 (C-53D) CU-T127 (c/n 11645) of Aero Caribbean (Havana IAP, nov1991)
DC-3 CU-T127 Aero Caribbean
CU-T127 was transferred to Aero Taxi, became CU-T1059 and has been preserved at the Havana Air Park.
C/n 11645 career previously: 42-68718 (USAF), N44883 (Continental AL), N615SA (Southern AW), N6102 (Florida AL, North American AL, American AW Charters), CU-T113 (Havanatur, Aero Caribbean)-> CU-T127


Frits sent me some negatives, all taken some time during 1973-1974 at Zanderij Airport (Paramaribo,Surinam), with hopes of getting some answers too...

Unknown DC-3
Unknown DC-3
Unknown DC-3
The underwing registration has in part been crudely painted over 'PZ'- signifying registration to Surinam, but the remainder is less readable. Frits suggested either PZ-TAY (c/n 13173) or PZ-TAW (c/n 33189) - what still can be read may not be what became the registration but rather the 3 digits from previous registration.
That first letter could be a 'T' and that last letter an 'X'..?
Below is a fleetlist, by (copydate 01Nov10)
SLM fleetlist by
Timo de Vries offered his thoughts here:"I think this is (ex) KLM Aerocarto PH-DAW/PZ-TLA (not SLM); looking at the antennae lay out, but esspecially that second window left of the cargodoor! That would be the same modification as on PH-DAW and seems too much of a coincidence to see the same modification on another airframe on the same location. Considering the fact that PH-DAW went to the tropics in 1970 the miserable appearance in a short span of time (3-4 years) is staggering."

[PZ-TLA, Douglas C-47A, c/n 13458, KLM Aerocarto, Registered 16JUL1970, Cancelled 01JUN1972]

Brian Maddison added: "...there is a reference in the Gradidge (Air-Britain) DC-3 book to msn 13458 being 'engineless at Zandeney'. I assume this is the same place as Zanderij (in English)."

Perhaps below DC-3 is a candidate, nice to see an SLM DC-3 in obvious better days!

Fascinated by the unknown DC-3 of SLM - Surinam Airways on this page, Ravin Raktoe sent this postcard (postmarked 1975) as an addition.
DC-3 Surinam Aws postcard submitted by Ravin Raktoe

Ravin wrote (webmaster's translation): "During my research on a different subject I stumbled upon Mr Klinkhamer's photo on your website, about an unknown DC-3 in Surinam dating from 1973-1974.
The aircraft seemed similar to me and though it does not help to identify the aeroplane, I thought it a nice gesture to send the postcard (stamped 1975) all the same!"

DC-3 PZ-TAM by Frits Klinkhamer
DC-3 PZ-TAM (c/n 19247) of Surinam Airways, not going anywhere...

Lockheed Constellation N7324C c/n 1030
Lockheed Constellation N7324C c/n 1030
Abandoned after being damaged beyond repair on a contraband flight...
Subscribers to Propliner magazine may want to check No.16 (Winter 1982! page 38-39) 'Graveyards of the Giants', photos by Stephen Piercey.
Lockheed Constellation N7324C c/n 1030
Rather worse for wear... Lockheed Constellation N7324C
Lockheed Constellation N7324C c/n 1030

History on L.1649A c/n 1030:
Delivered in 1957 to Trans World Airlines as N7324C, service lasted until 30Jan1961 and was handed over that day for reconfiguration to freighter. TWA used it as such until 1964 and a sale to Lineas Aereas OPatagonica Argentina (LV-ILN), but remained unconfirmed and N7324C was stored at Mid-Continent Airport at Kansas City.
Aero-Tech Inc bought it on 24May68 (it had amassed 15.772 hours) and '24C was delivered to Miami,FL and resold to American National Bank of Jacksonville (03May68), being leased (06May68) to Woodrow W. Tilton, later that month a lease registered to Trans American Leasing Inc.
Ownership was transferred to Six T Ranch (T for Tilton?) on 23Feb70.
The plane was damaged beyond repair when the aircraft hit trees after take off at night on a contraband flight from Zanderij Airport, Paramaribo, Surinam in late 1968 or early 1969. A leading edge was damaged and no.2 engine caught fire. It manage to return to the airport and abandoned; landing/parking fees were never paid. It was flying for Trans American Leasing at the time, some of TWA's colourscheme can still be distinguished.
N7324C was scrapped around 1988.
Source: 'The Lockheed Constellation' by Peter J. Marson (Air-Britain Historians Ltd, 2007)

Stef Bailis wrote me on this: "As to L-1649A N7324C, the aircraft was hauling contraband; which in the context of that era did NOT mean illegal rugs but, rather, consumer goods smuggled into countries in order to evade import taxes (duty taxes). 
At the time, South American governments had very steep duties, thus inviting this smuggling trade.  Trans American--basically the Robinson brothers (H.B. and Roy) plus their cousins, Woodrow Tilton, and Gene Hawkins--flew many contraband hauling trips deep into South America with their Starliners.  Some time in the 1970s, the steep duties were reduced to reasonable levels and the contraband flying era came to a close."


C-47 FAA Israeli Defense Force

When Frits sent me this image he wrote:
"Here is a C-47 of the Israeli Air Force, the FAA; I presume this is the 4X-FAA, which should make it c/n 26972, but one never knows with these Israeli military aircraft."
Eric wrote me: This C-47 (registered FAA, of the Israeli airforce), it is at Blackbushe Airport in the UK; it is outside the paint hanger of Eagle Airways. We had maintenance contracts for many DC 3 owners, including Israel airforce."

C-47 KN665
C-47 of the RCAF, KN665 (c/n 33368); unfortunately no details are known on these C-47s of 'where & when'.


Frits made a useful index (MS Exel format), one he found lacking, for the DC-3 'bible' THE FIRST SEVENTY YEARS, by Air-Britain.




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