PH-PBA Photo update, June 2004

Photos © R.Leeuw

While on reconnaissance in the maintenance area of Amsterdam IAP on 19Jun04, I ran into DC-3C PH-PBA (c/n 19434) doing testruns after a long period of maintenance. I witnessed both engines being run on various powersettings and PH-PBA should be fully operational again in a week or two.


The cyclist would make you believe this photo could be taken in the 1950s perhaps ...?
PH-PBA was sent away from Hangar 11's testrun spot as a KLM 747 had to take its place, quite a different sound (one I did not wait to hear, I followed PH-PBA to its hangar...).

Somehow this 'tail-dragging' seems an somewhat undignified way of towing this vintage aeroplane.
I considered myself very lucky with the sun popping through the clouds every few minutes, very nice conditions for photography !

The PH-PBA was returning to its roost, the Dutch Dakota Association hangar and hopefully it will soon join PH-DDZ in DDA's aerial activities.

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Created: 19-6-04
Last updated 25.7.2005