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Amsterdam Airlines
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Ceased operations: 31Oct2011
Homebase: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Founded: 2007
ICAO callsign: Amsterdam Airlines
IATA / ICAO prefix: WD / AAN
Operations: Passengers

Amsterdam Airlines PH-AAX
Amsterdam Airlines A320 PH-AAX at Amsterdam-Schiphol IAP in 2009


Amsterdam Airlines was formed by ex-Denim Air and Martinair staff, along with investors from Saudi Arabia, in 2007. Its first aircraft, an Airbus A320, arrived at Schiphol on 18Jun2008, operations could commence. The 2nd A320 arrived in 2009.
The initial logo, introduced in 2008, was changed in 2009: compare the tailfin on the photo to the new design on top of this page.

Initially passengers were flown to holiday destinations in Turkey, but a sizeable, long term contract failed to materialize. Instead AA operated a contract to transport Scandinavian military to Afghanistan, performed ACMI & adhoc charters plus a small share of holiday charters to Marocco.
The start of this airline coincided with the bankruptcy and aftermath of the Lehman Brothers Bank, followed by the deepening world wide economic recession, and dark clouds appeared on the horizon for Amsterdam AL. And
While the company spoke reassuring words as recent as in June 2011, claiming AA was growing, rumors appeared not much later that the company had difficulties paying the bills.

Amsterdam Airlines' operations ceased on 31Oct2011, after loosing important contracts; also the airline had been under scrutiny by the authorities for their safety documentation and a new contract to fly tourists on Inclusive Tour charters failed to materialize.
For a few days some hope for a restart of operations lingered, but a newspaper reported on Nov.19th that staff had formally rapplied for bankruptcy since management had failed to confirm proceedings and were nowhere to be found..; the staff (90) took these steps to be able to apply for 6 weeks of wages to be paid by social security (UWV), since they had lost all hope the airline would be able to pay any remaining wages.
Thed court spoke a verdict of bankruptcy on 22Nov11.



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