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Azzurra Air

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Ceased operations: 2004
Homebase: Milan-Malpensa, Italy
Founded: 1995
ICAO callsign: Azzurra Air
Operations: Passengers

D-AGEZ is seen here at Amsterdam on 09Dec02, it is a Boeing 737-73S (c/n 29077 / 104).

Azzurra Air was formed by Air Malta (49.10 percent%) and Italy's Air International Services (50.86 percent). AIS shares were purchased by UK's 7 Group in 2003, expecting purchase of Air Malta shares later in 2003.
Azzurra entered bankrupcy protection in 2004 and was liquidated. AOC purchased Jan. 2005 by Air Blu.
The 2002 flletlist consisted of 7 Avro 146 aircraft (EI-COQ, EI-CPJ, EI-CPK, EI-CPL, EI-CNI, EI-CNJ, EI-CNK) and 7 Boeing 737-700 aircraft (D-AGEY, D-AGEZ, EI-CRP, EI-CRQ, EI-CXD, EI-CXE, OY-MRK).

EI-CXD is a Boeing 737-76N (c/n 29885), here at Amsterdam / EHAM on 10Dec02.

Source: AeroTransport Data Bank
JP Airline Fleets, 2002 edition

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