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China Northern Airlines

Photos © R.Leeuw

Ceased operations: to merge into China Southern Airlines 2002/2003
Homebase: Shenyang-Taoxian & -Dongta
Founded: 1990
ICAO callsign: China Northern
Flightnbr prefix: CJ / CBF
Operations: passengers

(c) Ruud Leeuw
McDonnell-Douglas MD-82 B-2105 (c/n 49428 / 1241) is seen here at Beijing International Airport (17Jul02) while taxiing for take off.

The fleet includes Dalian & Jilin division & joint-venture (with local goverments) companies: Beiya Airlines (Sanya) & Swan Airlines (Harbin). Both joint-venture companies are reservation and code-sharing companies. All flights are in China Northern Airlines-colors and are operated under CJ-flight numbers.
The fleet in 2002 consisted of a wide variety of aircraft: Yunshuji Y5 (44), Yunshuji Y7-100(C) (10), McDonnell-Douglas MD-82 (24), McDonnell-Douglas MD-90 (13), Airbus A300-622R, some helicopters and some Airbus A321s on order.
By the end of 2002 it became known that China Northern Airlines would merge into China Southern Airlines. It seems to me, for the area covered, a name change would be in order...

(c) Ruud Leeuw
B-2323 Airbus Industrie A300B4-622R (msn 739) is seen here taxiing to runway 36L
map of Beijing airport

Fleet info: JP Airline Fleets 2002/2003
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