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Constellation Int'l Airlines

Photos © R.Leeuw

Homebase: Brussels, Belgium
Founded: 1995
ICAO callsign: Constellation
Flightnbr prefix: CQ / CIN
Operations: passengers

OO-LLS 727 of Constellation
Constellation International Airlines, S.A, was founded in 1995 and started operating with Boeing 727s. OO-LLS cn22608/1727 is seen here at the R-ramp of Amsterdam Int'l Airport Schiphol, probably in 1996. Constellation used the ICAO callsign Constellation and prefix CQ (or CIN) in its flightnumbers. Its homebase was at Brussels International Zaventem and the company transitioned later to newer equipment, A320s leased from ILFC.
Its market were holiday flights and subservices for other companies, when the need arose.
It ceased operation in December 1999.

The fleet in 1999 consisted of:
OO-COF Airbus A320-232 (542)
OO-COH Airbus A320-232 (543)
OO-COL Airbus A320-231 (344)
(Source: JP Airline Fleets 1999)

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