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Cougar (Leasing)

Photos © R.Leeuw

Ceased operations: 17May03
Homebase: London-Stansted
Founded: 2000
ICAO callsign: Speedcat
Flightnbr prefix: GCR
Operations: passengers and cargo

Cougar operated ACMI(=Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance & Insurance) flights on behalf and under the AOC-Air Operators Certificate of customers.

Boeing 727-225(A/RE) G-OPMN (c/n 21580/1435 of Excell Airways a.k.a. Cougar Airlines on final approach into Brussels (07Sep01).

Can you imagine a more impressive colourscheme ? And that callsign: "speedcat"...!

Fleetlist 2002:

G-BPNDBoeing 727-2D3 (F) (A/RE) (Super 27)21021 / 1082Freighter 22t, cvtd -2D3
G-OKJNBoeing 727-225 (F) (A/RE) (Super 27)21453 / 1314Freighter 22t, cvtd -225
G-OPMNBoeing 727-225 (A/RE) (Super 27)21578 / 1409Y185, cvtd -225

G-OKJN was ferried Southend-Shannon-Gander to an unkown destination in the US or Canada on 03Jun03. Regretably the Boeing 727s are getting very rare in Europe !

Aviation Letter (June 2003) magazine
Fleet info: JP Airline Fleets 2002

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