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Elf Air

Photos © R.Leeuw

Ceased operations: 2003, renamed
Homebase: Moscow-Zhukovsky
Founded: 1991
ICAO callsign: Elfair
Flightnbr prefix: EFR
Operations: passengers and cargo

Ilyushin Il-18V RA-75811 (c/n 182004504) is seen here on a late afternoon arrival at Sharjah, on 26Apr2000. It is a "combi" aircraft, carrying both passengers and cargo on the maindeck.

Elf Air was renamed Grizobudovoy Aviation Company, who was a famous & highly decorated Hero of the Soviet Union, a female pilot in WW2.
Elf Air is a subsidiary of the Zhukovsky Research Institute, which by now seems to have been renamed into LIIPim. Grizubudovoy (Flight Research Institute named after Grizubudovoy).
The marketing department must have been real pleased with this name change !

The fleetlist in 2001:

Yakovlev 40KRA-872199932059Executive/Combi
Yakovlev 40RA-882389640951Y32
Yakovlev 40RA-882399641051Executive
Antonov 26RA-133982607Combi
Antonov 12BPRA-133212340301Freighter
Ilyushin 18DRA-75431186009405Combi, lst Primair
Ilyushin 18VRA-75811182004504Combi, lst Primair
Ilyushin 18VRA-75834182005104Combi
Ilyushin 18VRA-75851182005501Combi, lsf LDF
Ilyushin 76TRA-767560013428839Freighter
Ilyushin 76TDRA-768230023441189Freighter

Scramble (June 2003) magazine
Fleet info: JP Airline Fleets 2001
More Il-18s at Sharjah: in April 2000

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