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Emery Worldwide Airlines

Photos © R.Leeuw

Aug 13, 2001 --- Emery Worldwide, the international US cargo airline, voluntarily grounded all its flights as part of an agreement with the Federal Aviation Administration.
The carrier's parent company, CNF Inc, made the decision following speculation that the FAA would stop Emery from flying because of increasing concerns over poor maintenance. The FAA has carried out four major inspections in the previous 12 months, but Emery was unable to meet the agency's demands for an improved maintenance performance.
Emery Worldwide air freight operated a network of service centers in North America and had operations in more than 200 countries. The company's hub was in Dayton, Ohio.
Two Emery planes have been involved in crashes over the previous 18 months. A DC-8 crashed in February 2000, near Sacramento. The plane's three crew were all killed. Another Emery DC-8 crash-landed at Nashville April 26, 2001after mechanics apparently installed the wrong part in the forward landing gear.

Dec. 05th 2001 --- CNF announced it was shutting down its Emery Worldwide Airlines after a safety dispute with the U.S. government and would roll three units into a new company to be called Menlo Worldwide. The airline, an in-house cargo carrier with 37 aircraft, had not flown since 13Aug01 when U.S. regulators said they had uncovered alleged maintenance shortcomings and threatened to ground all its planes.

Emery's N792FT at Schiphol (unknown date) (c) R.Leeuw

DC-8-73F N792FT (cn46046/444) is seen here at Amsterdam Int'l; unfortunately I cannot recall the date, probably late 1980s.
Emery dates back to 1946 when it was founded as Emery Air Freight. It was reorganized in 1980 and bought by Consolidated Freightways in 1989.
Its business was delivering parcels worldwide using a fleet of aircraft, including re-engined DC-8-73s.

DC-8s of Emery Worldwide stored at Smyrna (c) R.Leeuw

DC-8-62F(AF) N998CF (cn46139/537) is seen here, "signed, sealed and delivered" at Smyrna,TN (USA). Several DC-8s of Emery are stored at Smyrna in the care of Tennessee Technical Services (TTS) and I was kindly shown around on August 06th, 2001.

EMERY WORLDWIDE Airlines, Inc. (a CNF Company) (Subsidiary of Consolidated Freightways Inc.)
Homebase: Dayton-Int'l/OH, Indianapolis/IN & San Jose/CA.
Flightplan prefix: EB / EWW
ICAO Call sign: Emery
Founded: 1980
Operations: cargo

Emery also manages the air-operation for United States Postal Service - USPS. Those aircraft (20 Boeing 727-100/200) are contracted to/opb EXPRESS ONE & RYAN INTERNATIONAL for USPS.
N355QS Boeing 727-21 (F) (cn19257/385)
N356QS Boeing 727-21 (F) (cn19258/397)
N357QS Boeing 727-21 (F) (cn19259/408)
N359QS Boeing 727-21 (F) (cn19007/269)
N413EX Boeing 727-51C (cn19206/294)
N416EX Boeing 727-51C (cn19287/383)
N417EX Boeing 727-51C (cn19290/417)
N421EX Boeing 727-22C (cn19099/322)
N424EX Boeing 727-134C (cn20042/626)
N426EX Boeing 727-22C (cn19089/250)
N427EX Boeing 727-22C (cn19090/277)
N428EX Boeing 727-22C (cn19097/307)
N429EX Boeing 727-22C (cn19100/324)
N432EX Boeing 727-151C (cn19867/514)
N433EX Boeing 727-151C (cn19868/529)
N435EX Boeing 727-51C (cn19288/389)
N436EX Boeing 727-51C (cn19289/403)
N526PC Boeing 727-77C (cn20370/821)
N527PC Boeing 727-172C (cn19665/476)
N528PC Boeing 727-82C (cn19597/524)
N721JE Boeing 727-76 (F) (cn18843/170)
N311NE Boeing 727-223 (F) (cn19703/684)
N312NE Boeing 727-223 (F) (cn20193/755)
N313NE Boeing 727-223 (F) (cn19702/680)
N7635U Boeing 727-222 (F) (cn19908/653)
N7638U Boeing 727-222 (F) (cn19911/668)
N7639U Boeing 727-222 (F) (cn19912/670)
N7640U Boeing 727-222 (F) (cn19913/672)
N7642U Boeing 727-222 (F) (cn19915/681)
N7643U Boeing 727-222 (F) (cn20037/701)
N7644U Boeing 727-222 (F) (cn20038/716)
N7645U Boeing 727-222 (F) (cn20039/720)
N801EA Boeing 727-225 (F) (A) (cn22432/1658)
N815EA Boeing 727-225 (F) (A) (cn22552/1773)
N8878Z Boeing 727-225 (F) (A) (cn21451/1310)
N991CF McD.-Douglas DC-8-54F (JT) (45801/235)
N992CF McD.-Douglas DC-8-54F (JT) (45884/340)
N500MH McD.-Douglas DC-8-71F (cn45812/277)
N801GP McD.-Douglas DC-8-71F (cn46039/448)
N8076U McD.-Douglas DC-8-71F (cn45941/317)
N8084U McD.-Douglas DC-8-71F (cn45974/368)
N8085U McD.-Douglas DC-8-71F (cn45975/369)
N8087U McD.-Douglas DC-8-71F (cn45977/373)
N8091U McD.-Douglas DC-8-71F (cn45995/388)
N811AL McD.-Douglas DC-8-71F (cn46099/507)
N8177U McD.-Douglas DC-8-71F (cn45983/350)
N996CE McD.-Douglas DC-8-71F (cn45996/397)
N997GE McD.-Douglas DC-8-71F (cn45997/398)
N990CF McD.-Douglas DC-8-62F (cn46068/463)
N993CF McD.-Douglas DC-8-62F (cn46028/461)
N994CF McD.-Douglas DC-8-62F (cn45956/376)
N995CF McD.-Douglas DC-8-62F (cn46024/428)
N996CF McD.-Douglas DC-8-62F (AF) (cn46162/555)
N997CF McD.-Douglas DC-8-62F (AF) (cn46154/554)
N998CF McD.-Douglas BDC-8-62F (AF) (46139/537)
N950R McD.-Douglas DC-8-63F (cn45903/286)
N951R McD.-Douglas DC-8-63F (cn46092/505)
N957R McD.-Douglas DC-8-63F (cn46137/527)
N964R McD.-Douglas DC-8-63F (cn46000/386)
N105WP McD.-Douglas DC-8-73F (cn46095/497)
N2674U McD.-Douglas DC-8-73F (cn46062/486)
N602AL McD.-Douglas DC-8-73F (cn45991/380)
N603AL McD.-Douglas DC-8-73F (cn46003/401)
N604AL McD.-Douglas DC-8-73F (cn46047/447)
N605AL McD.-Douglas DC-8-73F (cn46106/490)
N606AL McD.-Douglas DC-8-73F (cn46044/432)
N791FT McD.-Douglas DC-8-73F (cn46045/441)
N792FT McD.-Douglas DC-8-73F (cn46046/444)
N795FT McD.-Douglas DC-8-73F (cn46103/483)
N796FT McD.-Douglas DC-8-73F (cn46104/488)
N831AL McD.-Douglas DC-8-73F (CF) (46149/538)
N832AL McD.-Douglas DC-8-73F (cn46063/457)
N870TV McD.-Douglas DC-8-73F (cn46086/478)
N873SJ McD.-Douglas DC-8-73F (cn46091/519)
N961R McD.-Douglas DC-8-73F (cn46133/534)
N68041 McD.-Douglas DC-10-10F (cn46900/34)
N68042 McD.-Douglas) DC-10-10F (cn46901/40)
N68047 McD.-Douglas DC-10-10F (cn47801/98)
N47816 McD.-Douglas DC-10-30F (cn47816/316)
N831LA McD.-Douglas DC-10-30F (cn46936/147)
N833LA McD.-Douglas DC-10-30F (cn46937/152)
Source: JP Airline Fleets 2001/02 (though I take full responsibility for any clerical errors).

Nothing is permanent in this world, least of all airliners at the end of their useful life.. As illustrated by this email from Mark:
"Fossco purchases an ex Emery Worldwide DC8-73F cargo airframe, tailnumber N831AL, for teardown and resale. Teardown Began April 9, 2007." [Source:]

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