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Euroceltic Airways

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Ceased operations: Jan. 2003
Homebase: Waterford, Ireland
Founded: 2000
ICAO callsign: Echelon
Flightnbr prefix: 5Q / ECY
Operations: passengers

Bases at Waterford Airport, Euroceltic Airways operated daily services from Donegal, Dublin, Sligo, London Luton and Waterford for business and leisure travel.
The fleet consisted of 2 Fokker F.27 Friendships in an all economy configuration, providing seating for 48 passengers.

F.27-500RF G-ECAH (c/n 10669) at Lydd Airport,UK on 06Aug00. There did not seem much business going on at the time.

F.27-500RF G-ECAT (c/n 10672) at Lydd Airport on that same date.

During its existence Euroceltic hard a hard time finding a niche to operate in. The downturn in the market, as a result of the terrorist attacks in the US on 11Sep01, made things worse and the fact that G-ECAT was lost in an accident, must have been what broke the company. G-ECAT overran the runway into the sea on landing at Sligo with strong crosswinds on 02Nov02 and was found to be damaged beyond economic repair.

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Thomas Jaeger's Newsletter 22Jan02
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