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Fly Air

Photos © R.Leeuw

Ceased operations: Oct.2006
Homebase: Istanbul-Atatürk, Turkey
Founded: 2002
ICAO callsign: Fly World
Prefix IATA: F2 / ICAO: FLM
Operations: Passengers

Airbus A300B2K-3C TC-FLE (cn163) is seen here landing on runway 18R at Amsterdam IAP, 27May05.

Formed by Air Anatolia, Fly Air ceased scheduled services in Sep06 and its AOC was suspended in Nov06. It had operated a domestic network, as well as holiday charters in the European theatre; aircraft were also used for leases and charters.
Early 2006 its fleet consisted of McDonnel-Douglas MD-82 (TC-MDM) and MD-83 (TC-FLO), and Airbus A300s (TC-FLE, TC-FLJ, TC-FLK, TC-FLL, TC-FLM).

Airbus A300B4-203 TC-FLA (cn127) is seen here in take off, homeward bound, on 02Jul04.
Initially the aircraft were all white, devoid of any markings, then a modest 'Fly Air' in red was put up on the aircraft, later followed by the curious tailmarkings.

TC-FLF is an Airbus A300B4-2C (cn194). Its livery is that of former Japan Air System (JAS) and 'Sultan Reizen' refers to one of its Dutch touroperators. TC-FLF is seen here on final approach into Amsterdam on 08Aug04.

Fly Air on

AeroTransport Data Bank
JP Airline Fleets, 2006 edition

In June 2007 I noticed on a photo plus added remarks:
Photo by: Konstantin von Wedelstadt (Date: 22.06.2007)
Airline: FlyAir [TC-FLK]
Type: Airbus A300
Airport: Turkey Istanbul (IST)
Comment: FlyAir is apparently back in service with two A300s having already received the latest livery.

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