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Ceased operations: 30 Mar 2003
Homebase: London-Stansted, UK
Founded: 1998
ICAO callsign: Go-flight
Flightnbr prefix: GO / GOE
Operations: passengers

Boeing 737-3Y0 G-IGOA (cn24678/1853) at Amsterdam IAP, 13Sep02.

During 2000 it became known that founder British Airways was putting up Go for sale. BA realised that they weren't cut out to operate a low-cost carrier and sold Go to the 3i Group.
By early 2002 easyJet reached an agreement for the purchase of Go. The sale was made official in August 2002, but it was agreed that Go and easyJet would operate seperately until March 2003.
Last flight under Go's callsign was on 29Mar03.
By 30Mar2003 Go ceased as a seperate company.

The merger of Go into easyJet, in April 2003, coincided with the war in Iraq. Also a mysterious virus was spreading from Hong Kong: SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome); there was no medicine and the threat kept passengers out of airplanes... SARS was hurting some airlines more than the war in Iraq. By April the airline industry was in turmoil, jobs were axed:
In Britain EasyJet faced accusations of betrayal from unions after revealing plans to axe 114 former Go employees, despite promises that its takeover would involve no redundancies. EasyJet said it intended to shut a Go call centre at Stansted airport, leaving its team at Luton airport to handle all telephone reservations. It intends to restrict telephone bookings to flights within seven days, encouraging customers to use the internet.
The trade union Amicus reacted with fury, saying it had been given assurances as recently as Monday that Go jobs were safe following summer takeover. Derek Simpson, Amicus general secretary, said: "This is a real slap in the face for Go staff who have been loyal and who have taken EasyJet's assurances that there would be no redundancies from the takeover."

G-IGOABoeing 737-3Y024678 / 1853Y148
G-IGOBBoeing 737-36Q28660 / 2883Y148
G-IGOCBoeing 737-3Y024546 / 1811Y148
G-IGOEBoeing 737-3Y024547 / 1813Y148
G-IGOFBoeing 737-3Q824698 / 1846Y148
G-IGOGBoeing 737-3Y023927 / 1580Y148
G-IGOHBoeing 737-3Y023926 / 1562Y148
G-IGOIBoeing 737-33A24092 / 1669Y148
G-IGOJBoeing 737-36N28872 / 3082Y148
G-IGOKBoeing 737-36N28594 / 3107Y148
G-IGOLBoeing 737-36N28596 / 3112Y148
G-IGOMBoeing 737-36N28599 / 3115Y148
G-IGOOBoeing 737-36N28557 / 2862Y148
G-IGOPBoeing 737-36N28602 / 3118Y148
G-IGORBoeing 737-36N28606 / 3124Y148
G-IGOSBoeing 737-3L927336 / 2587Y148
G-IGOTBoeing 737-3L924571 / 1815Y148
G-IGOUBoeing 737-3L927337 / 2594Y148
G-IGOVBoeing 737-3M825017 / 2005Y148
G-IGOWBoeing 737-3Y023923 / 1540Y148
G-IGOXBoeing 737-3L924219 / 1600Y148
G-IGOYBoeing 737-36N28570 / 3010Y148
G-IGOZBoeing 737-3Q824699 / 1886Y148
G-ODUSBoeing 737-36Q28659 / 2880Y148

Fleet info: JP Airline Fleets 2002/2003

Boeing 737-3Y0 G-IGOC taxiing to runway 01L at Amsterdam IAP for take off.

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