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Harmony Airways

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Ceased operations: 2007
Homebase: Vancouver Int'l Airport, B.C., Canada
Founded: 2002
ICAO callsign:Harmony
IATA / ICAO prefix: HQ / HMY
Operations: passengers

C-GMYC seen climbing away in take off from Vancouver Int'l Airport (CYVR) on 22jun06.
Boeing 757-258 C-GMYC (c/n 23917/152) was reported in Oct.2008 to be partly parted out and derelict at Greenwood's Le Flore airport in Mississippi.

The airline was launched in November 2002 as HMY Airways, an abbreviation for Harmony Airways. The owner, Dr. David T.K. Ho, was an energetic Canadian entrepreneur born and raised in Hong Kong who earned a doctorate degree in Commercial Science from the University of Richmond in Virginia.
Dr. Ho started Harmony because he was dissatisfied with the service he experienced on other airlines.

Harmony Airways flew from Canada to Hawaii and Las Vegas, when they shut down. Flights from Toronto ended on 30Mar07 and from other cities on 09April07. The company cited market saturation (read - competition) as the reason for its demise. About 350 employees were laid off.


The airline started operations in 2002 and was originally named HMY Airways, before being renamed Harmony Airways in May 2004 . It was wholly owned by David Ho.
Even though the Canadian aviation market is very tough on new startups, a few early mistakes led to Harmony Airways' quick demise. The choice of late 1980s all Boeing 757 fleet did not help with rising fuel costs. With planes seating 171 passengers, the Boeing 757-200 compared poorly to Westjet's 166 passenger Boeing 737-800. The 737 had significant cost advantages such as landing fees, fuel consumption, and other operating costs.
The company was also impatient with its scheduling. They canceled new routes after only a short time and did not let the routes mature with the customer base. The Vancouver to New York route is very profitable for Cathay Pacific. They use a Boeing 747-400 on this route daily. Harmony Airways, thinking this would be a great route for them to compete in, invested significant dollars setting this route up with an enormous advertising campaign. Cathay Pacific lowered their fares and the route became unprofitable for Harmony Airways. The same scenario unfolded on their Oakland route.
After significant money spent on advertising they failed to compete with Alaska Airlines and United Airlines. They then re-focused their attention on Hawaii and vacation destinations. With Westjet placing two Boeing 737-800 on the same route, Harmony again could not compete. Except for their Toronto route, no destination was maintained for more than 7 months.
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