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Khalifa Airways

Photos © R.Leeuw

Homebase:Algiers, Algeria
Founded: 1999
ICAO callsign: Khalifa Air
Flightnbr prefix: K6 / KZW
Operations: passengers and cargo

(c) R.Leeuw

While strictly speaking not a part of the Khalifa fleet, the Airbus A300B4-203(F) SU-BMZ (c/n 129), is seen operating in the livery of Khalifa Airways. In fact it is the only aircraft of "Tristar Air" of Cairo, Egypt (ICAO prefix TSY) and is a frequent guest of the cargo ramp at Amsterdam IAP, operating for "JetLink".
It so happens to be the only aircraft I have of Khalifa and because I wanted to add Khalifa to my "Airlines Remembered" gallery, I decided to use SU-BMZ. This photo was taken in April 2003 while the Khalifa titles had just been removed.

(c) Ruud Leeuw

SU-BMZ is seen here in better days (AMS May 2002), ready to accept cargo; part of the Khalifa titles can be seen next to the cargodoor.

Khalifa Airways stopped most flying by mid-March 003 after it failed to meet lease payments. Lufthansa and Pegasus (4 737s) reclaimed their aircraft, and delivery of aircraft on order were postponed and cancelled.
It became known that the the Bank of Algeria had appointed an administrator to manage affairs of Khalifa Bank (also owned by Rafik Khalifa), thus denying funds to the ailrine to meet lease payments and insurance. The Khalifa empire (the bank and the airline were a part of the Khalifa Group) was suspect of illegal activities, 2 associates were arrested with a suitcase of money (allegedly 2 million euros) while taking the company executive jet to Paris. With the Khalifa Bank thus curtailed, the whole empire crumbled and collapsed: aircraft were ceased and reclaimed.

The fleet during 2002

RegistrationAircraft typeC/nremarks
F-OHRNATR 42-320268lsf ATR Asset Management / cvtd -300
F-OHROATR 42-320304lsf ATR Asset Management / cvtd -300
F-OHRPATR 42-320178lsf ATR Asset Management / cvtd -300
F-OHRQATR 42-320203lsf ATR Asset Management / cvtd -300
ZS-AVLCanadair CL-604 Challenger5328lsf/opb ExecuJet Middle East in KZW-cs
F-OHGMATR 72-500 (72-212A)644lsf ATR Asset Management
F-OHGNATR 72-500 (72-212A)648lsf ATR Asset Management
F-OHGOATR 72-500 (72-212A)652lsf ATR Asset Management
F-OHGPATR 72-500 (72-212A)672lsf ATR Asset Management
F-OHGQATR 72-500 (72-212A)677lsf ATR Asset Management
F-OHGRATR 72-500 (72-212A)684lsf ATR Asset Management
TC-APDBoeing 737-42R29107 / 2997Lsf Pegasus Airlines (PGT)
TC-APTBoeing 737-4Y024687 / 1865Lsf Pegasus Airlines (PGT)
TC-APMBoeing 737-80928403 / 117Lsf Pegasus Airlines (PGT)
TC-APYBoeing 737-86N28591 / 233Lsf Pegasus Airlines (PGT)
F-OGYMAirbus A310-324 (ET)457lsf Airbus Asset Management
F-OGYNAirbus A310-324 (ET)458lsf Airbus Asset Management
F-OGYSAirbus A310-324 (ET)467lsf Airbus Asset Management
F-OHPUAirbus A310-324 (ET)439lsf Airbus Asset Management
F-OHPVAirbus A310-324 (ET)449lsf Airbus Asset Management
F-OHPYAirbus A310-324 (ET)452lsf Airbus Asset Management
F-OIHSAirbus A310-325 (ET)674lsf Airbus Asset Management/cvtd -324
C-FRAEAirbus A330-322143lsf SSV
C-FRAVAirbus A330-322171lsf SSV
7T-VKMAirbus A340-313 (X)139lsf Boeing Capital Corp.
7T-VKNAirbus A340-313 (X)149lsf Boeing Capital Corp.

Khalifa Airways was liquidated by a French court on 10Jul03 after it failed to make a Eur 5 million payment to its creditors.

Fleet info: JP Airline Fleets

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