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Ceased operations: June 2008 but was restarted; then ceased 09Apr2010.
Homebase: Manston (UK) and Ostend (Belgium)
Founded: 1990
ICAO callsign: Kruger Air
IATA / ICAO prefix: 7G / MKA
Operations: cargo

McDonnell-Douglas DC-8F-55 9G-MKA (45804) at Manston, it was parted out not much later.

Information from the

MK Airlines 9G-MKK
DC-8-62F(AF) 96MKK (c/n 46022) at Amsterdam IAP on 20Dec01

From JP Airline Fleets 2007:

MK Airlines 9G-MKFDouglas DC-8-55F(JT) 9G-MKF (c/n 45820/246 seen at Manston,UK on 25Aug2000.

MK Airlines, a UK-based freight carrier, suspended operations June 2008 and appointed administrators after failing to secure investment to help refinance the company and secure more fuel-efficient planes.
The company, which had a fleet of 8 aging Boeing 747-200s, appointed administrators from BKL Business Recovery owing to its financial position.
Administrators were continuing during the summer of 2008 talking with interested parties and MK Airlines management to try and rescue the company.
MK Airlines focused on routes from Europe to Africa, China, India and South America.
The cargo carrier joined a growing list of airlines that have ceased flying during 2008 due to the rising cost of fuel.

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DC-8 9G-MKK being worked on at Lasham
Douglas DC-8-55F(JT) 9G-MKK (c/n 46022/254) is seen being worked on at Lasham,UK 23Aug2000.

A new financial backer soon brought MK Airlines back to life; it had had to cease operations for a period of 11 days, causing great anguish for it's freight forwarding clients (mainly Panalpina, in Switzerland).
The following appeared on the internet 07Jul08:

- Freight Feeder Aircraft Corporation (a U.S. private corporation 25% owned by Utilicraft Aerospace Industries, Inc. (OTCBB:UITA)) announced today that the company has entered into a Letter of Intent with MK Airlines, the British-based all-cargo carrier, for the purchase of 10 (ten) FF5000 Freight Feeder Aircraft, with an option to purchase an additional 5 (Five).

Mike Kruger, CEO of MK Airlines stated, "The Freight Feeder Aircraft could play an important role in the future development of an air cargo industry that is already short of competitive and cost-effective airframe capacity. Its use of state-of-art technology makes the FF5000 regional container aircraft an innovative option for us to select and MK Airlines is delighted to sign this agreement as the first European airline to commit to this project and to help launch the aircraft into the global market."

John J. Dupont, President and CEO of Freight Feeder Aircraft Corporation stated, "We are very pleased with MK Airlines' decision to enter into an LOI for FF5000 aircraft for its UK cargo airline operations, and for its commitment in helping the FF5000 come to market in the European, and global marketplace. We are looking forward to a long-term mutually beneficial relationship with MK Airlines as one of our valuable launch customers, as we continue to develop the FF5000 and bring it into production."

Officials of both Freight Feeder Aircraft Corporation and MK Airlines plan to meet within the year to complete the final negotiations. The purchase order will become finalized upon "first flight" of the FF5000 Prototype currently under construction. The planned completion of the FF5000 Prototype Aircraft is in the spring of 2009.

About MK Airlines:

MK Airlines was originally established in 1990 in Ghana and served a number of African routes, is now a UK based airline operating a fleet of Boeing 747 freighter aircraft. It is the largest dedicated cargo airline in the UK and the 21st largest cargo airline in the world as measured by freight carried. MK has developed niche routes into Europe from the emerging markets of Africa, China, India and South America establishing key long term relationships with its customer base. In many cases MK is integral to the supply logistics chain given that the cargoes it carries are perishable or high value.

Mk- Airlines 9g-mkc
DC-8-55F(JT) 9G-MKC (c/n 45692/207) seen at Amsterdam IAP in 1995.


The airline is headquartered in Sussex, near Gatwick, with 49,000 sq ft of office and engine maintenance facilities and ample room for expansion. In August 2006 the airline was granted its Aircraft Operating Certificate and Operating and Route licenses by the CAA. This was a major watershed in the history of MK and is of huge significance in a highly regulated market place.

The business has generated significant revenues in recent years with annual growth of approximately 15% driven by the efforts of the Company's strong management team lead by founder and CEO, Mike Kruger. The development of long-term relationships, understanding client needs and planning niche routes and schedules to meet client requirements are the hallmark of MK Airlines.

About Freight Feeder Aircraft Corporation

Freight Feeder Aircraft Corporation is a U.S. private corporation registered in the State of Wyoming. In December 2007, Freight Feeder Aircraft Corporation acquired the Freight Feeder aircraft technology and development program form Utilicraft Aerospace Industries, Inc., (OTCBB: UITA) which included the aircraft design, related intellectual property, patents, and developed hardware and software including a mockup aircraft, and fuselage tooling - with the intention of completing the development of the aircraft project, and to bring the Freight Feeder aircraft into commercial production for global sales into the freight aircraft market.

The Freight Feeder aircraft - now designated the FF5000 by the Company - is specifically designed to address a niche segment of the global air freight market, specifically the need for a new and updated state-of-the-art effective containerized freight feed air transportation system requiring the development and implementation of a new regional-sized-container-capable turboprop-aircraft, specifically designed to economically transport containerized/palletized air shipments to and from regional manufacturing and freight distribution facilities (located in smaller communities) to and from the major international hub airports - world-wide. On December 12, 2007, Utilicraft Aerospace Industries, Inc., filed a Form 8K with the Securities and Exchange Commission; (See details of the transaction in the UITA 8K filed on December 12, 2007)

For more information on Freight Feeder Aircraft Corporation and the FF5000 Aircraft, please visit:

During October 2008 I learned that MK Airlines had changed its name to British Global, using a new IATA prefix 'BGB' and was reported operating 3x weekly B747F flights Johannesburg (JNB) - Nairobi (NBO) - Manston/Kent Int'l (MSE) on mondays, wednesdays and fridays.

MK Airlines (7G/London Gatwick) added two ex-Orient Thai Airlines B747-200F freighters during late 2008.

747 MK Airlines 9G-MKM 2003
Boeing 747-2B5B(SF) 9G-MKM (c/n 22482/484) seen at Amsterdam IAP on 12Apr03.
Always considered MK AIrlines the quintessential 'freight dog', looking forward to see a crewmember publish his memoirs!

MK Airlines 9G-MKI
Boeing 747-244B(SF) 9G-MKI (c/n 22170/486) is seen at Amsterdam in Feb.2001. It crashed on 27Nov2001

'Following a cargo flight from Luxembourg, the MK Airlines Boeing 747 descended towards Port Harcourt. Company policy stipulated that approaches to Port Harcourt were to be flown by the captain. In this case first officer was pilot flying during the approach. He was following a non-standard autopilot approach, tracking a localizer radial inbound and descending using vertical speed mode. MK Airlines company policy was to not use the autopilot below 2000 feet agl. There were other indications of non-adherence to procedures, including the failure to make appropriate calls between the pilot flying and pilot not flying. A
lack of situational awareness due to poor cockpit coordination was apparent, and there was a problem interpreting the visual references on the approach.
The Boeing 747 freighter crashed about 700m short of the runway. The front section broke away from the fuselage. A fire erupted in the main fuselage.'


Update from Wikipedia on 26APR2010:
After the company’s joint administrators secured an initial funding arrangement with Transatlantic Aviation Limited (TAA), part of The Belfairs Management Group of Companies, MK resumed operations in mid-June 2008 with a reduced fleet of five aircraft.
On the 25Jun09 MK Airlines was officially released from Administration.
On 09Apr10 the airline was again grounded after financial worries caused the UK CAA to become involved.

MK Airlines forced from the sky


MK Airlines has suspended all flying after the struggling cargo carrier failed to secure sufficient funding to continue its operations.
The struggling UK-headquartered B747-200 freighter airline only exited administration last June with the promise of new investment. However, this appears to have failed to materialise and the future is now in extreme doubt.
Air Cargo News believes that the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) visited MK's headquarters last week after learning that the airline was under financial stress. It is believed that staff salaries had been unpaid for several months and fuel and handling bills were also in arrears.
The airline is believed to have had until today to find new investment, but failed. The airline is reported to have voluntarily suspended operations.
In a statement, the airline's prime customer – Panalpina – said: "Panalpina has been informed by its partner MK Airlines that the carrier is temporarily suspending its operation due to a lack of adequate resources.
According to MK Airlines it cannot maintain a service and safety level expected.
"Panalpina and MK Airlines have been close partners for many years, cooperating mainly on the traderoute between Europe and Africa. Panalpina has secured sufficient capacity to guarantee its customers uplifts and highest service quality as usual. The company has worked out alternatives for the short-, medium- and long term, ensuring a smooth service for all customers."

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