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Nationwide Air Charter / Nationwide Airlines

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Ceased operations: 29Apr08
Homebase: Johannesburg Int'l & Lanseria, South Africa
Founded: 1991
ICAO callsign: Nationwide Air
IATA / ICAO prefix: CE / NTW
Operations: passengers and cargo

Boeing 727-116(F) ZS-NYX (c/n 19811/520) is seen here at Lanseria, stored, on 18Apr04.

Nationwide Airlines was formed in 1995 as a seperate division to Nationwide Air Charter to operate scheduled services with aircraft being interchanged within the Nationwide group as needed.

Nationwide (Airlines) was grounded by S.African authorities on 29Nov07 over safety concerns following an incident on 07Nov07 when 737-200 ZS-OEZ had an engine detached itself from the wing, on departure from Cape Town. At this point Nationwide's maintenance certificate was revoked (30Nov07) by the authorities.
In the months of December and January Nationwide resumed operations and attained a gradual recovery of the business, however in the months of March and April the company faced a 30% increase in fuel costs coupled with a decrease in passenger load factors...

Citing cashflow concerns, Nationwide Airlines abrubtly ceased operations and was placed in provisional liquidation at 1500 on 29Apr08. Jet fuel prices had risen 83% over the year and passenger loads did not improve which led to cashflow problems in 2008.

From JP Airline Fleets, 2002 edition:

From JP Airline Fleets, 2002 edition:

Stumbling on a blog "An Airline says Goodbye" (posted: 09Dec08 by Paul Ash) made me check my photo files and I came across photos of stored BAC 1-11 aircraft at Lanseria, photographed on 29Apr04).
Paul Ash wrote: "Three of Nationwide Airlines’ Boeing 737s went under the hammer today and sold, for the flyaway bargain price $1.07m, to an unknown bidder.
The sale rings the last bell for the airline. Since its grounding for several weeks last November after an engine fell off a 737 on take-off from Cape Town International, its CEO, Vernon Bricknell, has tried very hard to find a buyer for Nationwide.
A press release sent to The Wanderer says that a potential deal fell through at the last moment and the liquidator was forced to sell off Nationwide’s aircraft which have been parked in a lonely huddle at OR Tambo International Airport since November.
It’s sad end. The Wanderer enjoyed flying Nationwide – friendly crew, good food and cheap fares. It also added that little bit of extra competition which has been really good for the domestic airline business in South Africa."

BAC 1-11 ZS-NMS Nationwide

BAC 1-11 ZS-NMT Nationwide

BAC 1-11 ZS-NUG Nationwide

BAC 1-11 ZS-NUH Nationwide

BAC 1-11 ZS-NUI Nationwide

BAC 1-11 ZS-OAG Nationwide

About the SABENA titles: "Nationwide entered into a code share agreement with Sabena, in South Africa, flying their pax to domestic destinations. I think there were also some small TAP titles at some stage, if I am not mistaken."
Morné Booij-Liewes

Richard Church added: "Nationwide code shared with SABENA from early 1997, until they ceased serving South Africa in Dec00.
TAP- Air Portugal was added as a code share from early 1999 until 2001, when they too stopped serving South Africa.
The third code share partner was Virgin Atlantic from early 2000 until Nationwide ceased flying.
All these code shares were shown on the lower nose, while the SABENA titles were initially carried above the cabin windows, alonside the Nationwide titles.
Most of the domestic routes were marketed with joint flight numbers over these periods."

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