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Ceased operations: 19Jan04
Homebase: Brussels, Belgium
Founded: 1946
ICAO callsign: Sobelair
Prefix IATA: Q7 / ICAO: SLR
Operations: Passengers

OO-SLR Boeing 767-3BG(ER) (c/n 30563/786) at Amsterdam IAP on 02Jun02.

The largest charter airline in Belgium was declared bankrupt on 19Jan04 and suspended all its operations.
Sobelair was formerly Sabena's charter subsidiary and survived the National airline by only 2 years. It was unable to find a viable plan to continue operations.
It's long career began in 1946 and Sobelair was acquired in 1948 by Sabena (100%). Plans to be taken over by Preussag (TUI) in 2001 failed. Upon Sabena's demise it was acquired by Aldo Vastapane (dba Belgian World Airlines) in 2002. It is expected that remains of Sobelair will live on in TUI-owned Sunrise, which is to start operations during 2004.

OO-SBX Boeing 737-3M8 25040 / 2017 Y149
OO-SBZ Boeing 737-329 23775 / 1412 Y149
OO-RMV Boeing 737-40824352 / 1705 Y170
OO-SBJ Boeing 737-46B24573 / 1844 Y170
OO-SBM Boeing 737-429 25729 / 2217 Y170
OO-SLW Boeing 737-448 24474 / 1742 Y170
OO-VAC Boeing 737-8BK (winglets)33014 / 1367 Y189
OO-VAS Boeing 737-86Q (winglets) 30285 / 1237Y189
OO-IHV Boeing 767-3BG (ER) 30564 / 798 Y236
OO-SLR Boeing 767-3BG (ER) 30563 / 786 Y270
OO-SLS Boeing 767-3BG (ER) 30566 / 817 Y270
OO-SLT Boeing 767-330 (ER) 25208 / 381 

767-300 OO-SLT

OO-SLT Boeing 767-330(ER) (c/n 25208/381) leased by Dutch Caribbean Airlines (DCA) at Amsterdam IAP on 28Oct03. Unfortunately, these trans-atlantic operations did not prove to be the lifeline they were supposed to be.

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