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Tower Air

Photos © R.Leeuw

Tower Air ceased operations Sep. 2000
Homebase: New York-JFK, USA
Founded: 1982
ICAO callsign: Tee Air
Flightnbr prefix: FF / TOW
Operations: see below

Tower Air's N606FF in approach (c) R. Leeuw

Tower Air, Inc. (Tower Air) provided low-cost scheduled and charter, passenger and cargo air service in diverse domestic and international markets. Tower Air offered international and U.S. scheduled service to Athens, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Paris, San Francisco, San Juan and Tel Aviv. The airline also provided charter service to several United States and foreign tour operators, principally serving Greece, Italy and was a major supplier of charter passenger and cargo services to the United States military and the United Nations.
It had to file for Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy Law on February 11th, 2000.

N607PE @ MIA feb99 (c) R.Leeuw
N607PE is seen here at Miami in feb. 1999.

Tower Air operated an all Boeing 747 fleet; from JP Airline Fleets 1999:
N104TR 747-237B(SF) (21446/318)
N602FF 747-124 (19734/58)
N603FF 747-130 (19746/12)
N606FF 747-136 (20273/184)
N607PE 747-238B (20011/162)
N608FF 747-131 (19672/28)
N609FF 747-121 (20354/142)
N610FF 747-282B (20501/178)
N611FF 747-282B (20502/189)
N616FF 747-212B (21939/449)
N617FF 747-121(SF) (19650/24)
N6186 747-212B (21439/312)
N618FF 747-212B (21937/419)
N619FF 747-212B (21316/309)
N620FF 747-212B (21162/283)
N621FF 747-259B(SF) (21730/372)
N622FF 747-283B (22496/540)
N623FF 747-2F6B (22382/498)

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