At some point in 2011 I noticed the steady deliveries of World Airline Fleet News magazine had stopped. At that time my interest had been fading a little, but I had always enjoyed the photography and was amazed that the aviation world I worked in was in so much constant change! I did not notice not getting the magazines at first, only much later in 2011, may have been 2012 even.
Later on I decided to research the 'when'- question, and again much later I was considering to write an In Memoriam page for this publication which I had enjoyed reading for so many years.
The yearly reference books were very much appreciated, though I have to admit I switched to JP Airline-International* reference books somewhere during the mid-1980s (which for me were replaced by online sources in 2008 and I also disliked the publishing move from BuchAir then to Flightglobal).
Compiling this page at last was triggered by the demise of Propliner magazine this year (2015).
Everything in print is under pressure from online resources, an interesting development where nostalgia fights for the traditional publications but common sense sees the reason for these changes.

World Airline Fleets
One of my oldest World Airline Fleets referance manuals: 1979. I have saved 4 of these, am considering collecting a few others.
I have editted it with a depiction of how the content was displayed.
Below: some examples; they are still offered for sale on eBay. I threw mine away (2013) when I found no one interested, had to clear the loft.

World Airline Fleet News

Some reactions I found online, in remembrance of this publication:

(Summer 2006) "Sad news that World Airline Fleet news is no longer. has had some part in its downfall, as who wants to buy a mag to see photos that have been seen weeks ago on A.Net!
But its not many years ago that this was the only way to see new Airlines from around the World and some of the top photographers on today started with photos in WAF, and WAF set the standard of high quality ramp shots in good weather."

(2006) "I remember them from when they were A5 size, before they progressed onto A4. The quality if the images was superb."

(2006) "When I had my first photo published in WAFN I was excited as heck. I have always enjoyed seeing my work displayed in such quality....will certainly be missed."

(2006) "It was a really nice and great magazine! But don't blame A.Net/the Internet, perhaps some other issues are involved.
WAFN is gone but if it still wasn't a good business, many other magazines would have also disappeared by now."

(2011) "I've been a subscriber to this magazine since the very beginning (as World Airline Fleets Monthly in 1976). The last issue I've received is February 2011 (number 270). The website has not been updated since issue 268. I have emailed without success and the telephone number now appears unobtainable. Does anyone know if they are still publishing? I recall that they ceased for a while between 2006 and 2007.

(2011) "I have only got the January 2011 issue, received it in March and around 6 weeks ago I got the February edition. Have sent them numerous emails, but have recieved no reply what so ever. I think you should know that this publication has ceased and restarted at least 3 times since I started to subscribe to it more than 20 years ago."

*) On that other publication, JP Airline Fleets, this one ceased in 2013! It was only 5 years after BuchAir sold it to Flightglobal.




Created 03-May-2015
Updated 03-Mei-2015