Early Coventry photos by Steven Howru

Photos © Steven Howru

By end-2004 Steven Howru sent me some early Coventry,UK photos, he spoke of a time "before there were ences..."

The Douglas DC-6 (G-SIXC) got home just before a storm on 10Jun90.
After corrosion was found G-SIXC was grounded and at some point converted to a restaurant.
The DC-6 Diner did not get raving reviews and closed Oct/Nov.2017.

Can not make out what aircraft it is in the background...?

The Douglas C-47 was taken at the Baginton Show on 25May80: Air Atlantique's livery has changed
somewhat since then.


G-AVXI: "I didn't record the date the 748 was photographed but, obviously, it was before the C.A.A.'s Flight Calibration Service was privatised."

Simon wrote me: I don't necessarily agree about the 748 being before privatisation, when the CAA operated them, here at STN, the planes wore the CAA logo on the fin. Have a look at:


The Bristol Freighter was also taken at a Baginton Air Show on 25May80. It did fly that day (in an air race!) but those shots were too bad for anyone to see.
The nose has 'INSTONE AIR LINE(S?)' written on it.

Titling on the side reads: 'AIR TRANSPORT'.

(c) Steven Howru
This British Air Ferries Viscount was taken during a display on 25May1986.

(c) Steven Howru
This unmarked ex/Reeve Aleutian L.188 was photographed by Steven Howru on 03Oct2004.

Lance Fishman revealed its identity to me: Lockheed L.188PF Electra N4HG (c/n 1140, formerly N9744C).
It is also featured on my page Coventry Classic Air Show 2003 as well as other (incl. Lockheed Electra) aircraft present at Coventry.
I still crinch every time I see the name Reeve, remembering the rich Alaskan history connected to the name Reeve, now no more Reeve Aleutian Airways. Sad.

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