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Pacific Northwest & Alaska

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On the trail of vintage aviation in Oregon, a side trip in Washington and my fourth visit to Alaska.


WAAAM Hood River museum
First visit was to the Western Antique Aviation and Automobiles Museum in Hood River.
WAAAM's Crown Jewel is the 1917 Curtiss JN-4D, but they have a huge selection of planes dating back to the 1920s and 1930s. As well as a unique selection of classic cars, equally worthy of a visit.

WAAAM Hood River museum
(1929) Curtiss 50-H Robin J-1NC8332 (c/n 213)

I have dedicated a seperate page to my visit to the WAAAM



DC-7 N756Z Butlaer Aviation Redmond
Douglas DC-7BF N756Z (c/n 45400), faithfully serving Butler Aviation for spares supply.
Upon my visit I was told 'the other two aircraft were out, one at Madras (60 miles north) and the other in California'

I photographed N756Z in May 1996
Its career started with American Airlines, as N347AA, on September 06th, 1957. Click the link for a description of its history, which also includes a tale of a little known phase of its career, when it supported a lobster fishing operation but also about an armed stand off with the police at Long Beach airport…!
In Oct.2014 I found it scrapped at Madras,OR, except for the cockpit and various parts: Erickson Aircraft Collection 27Oct2014.

On 12Dec12 this website published the takeover of Butler by Erickson Aero Air:
--Aero Air buys Butler, intends to convert 7 MD-87s into air tankers--
Aero Air of Hillsboro, Oregon, has purchased the air tanker operations of Butler Aircraft from Travis Garnick.
Aero Air acquired Butler’s three DC-7 air tankers ( (N401US, N838D, N6353C; reg'd to 'Corsair Two LLC' -Webmaster) , support equipment, and spare parts in Madras, Oregon.
They will take over the lease of Butler’s new city-owned hangar at the Madras Municipal Airport (map) as well as the contracts with the state of Oregon for the three air tankers. The company did not have a contract with the US Forest Service for the DC-7s.
Kevin McCullough, now the President of Aero Air, and Jack Erickson, founder and former owner of Erickson Air-Crane, became co-owners of Aero Air in 1998 and since then have been growing the company.
After Mr. Erickson sold Erickson Air-Crane to ZM Private Equity Fund in 2007, they began talking about getting into the air tanker business. A couple of years ago they decided to go with MD-87s and pulled together teams to develop a tank design and to handle obtaining the supplemental type certificate (STC) from the FAA.
(N756Z, pictured above was registered that same date (27Dec12) to another part of the group, Aero Air LLC -Webmaster)



Albany MAP, Oregon
deHavilland DH.114 Heron N82D (c/n 14130) 'Devil Dog One' was registered 25Aug09 to Happy H. Miles (Albany,OR) and seen at Albany Mun'l Airport on 13Jun12; I'd welcome more info on 'Young Marines'..

The deHavilland DH.114 Heron was a small propeller-driven British airliner that first flew on 10 May 1950.
It was a development of the twin-engine de Havilland Dove, with a stretched fuselage and two more engines.
The DH.114 was designed as a rugged, conventional low-wing monoplane with tricycle undercarriage that could be used on regional and commuter routes.
150 were built, exported to around 30 countries.
Herons later formed the basis for various conversions, such as the Riley Turbo Skyliner and the Saunders ST-27 and ST-28.
Wikipedia, more..

There was more here at Albany MAP:
Douglas A-4 Skyhawk 3A646 at Albany
My days as a 'military plane spotter' are decades behind me but I always liked the A-4 Skyhawk, not in the least because of the Buck Danny comic series! This one had the AMARC code 3A646, which would make it BuNo.152012 Douglas A-4E Skyhawk according to
But wait there's more:
A-4 Skyhawk amarc 3A741 at Albany
This one had AMARC code 3A741, which would make it BuNo.151050 Douglas A-4E Skyhawk, according to the same website; the other 'spares' I could not identify.


Had a frustrating day, trying to chase a few propliners but turning up empty handed..

My records showed Corvallis to house DC-3 N84KB, but no such aircraft was known at the small airport.
Instead I found Mooney M20A N6038X (c/n 1629, mfr 1960) stored in a rather deplorable condition.
Later, in 2015, I learned that N84KB is parked at a nearby farm! See images by Johan van Helden.
Wikipedia (!) has a reference to it: Flying Tom airfield on Wikipedia: "Flying Tom Airport (FAA LID: OR39)
is a private Airport located 6 miles northwest of Corvallis in Benton County, Oregon, USA.
A Douglas DC-3 is stored at the site and is visible from nearby Ryals Avenue."
N84KB was ferried for Basler Turbo Conversions in Oct.2018 to Oshkosh, a future conversion project.

Suddenly this Luscombe 8A N72070 (c/n 3497) appeared; it was manufactured in 1946.
So I bagged me a vintage aircraft after all, albeit a single engine plane rather than a multi engine transport.


Next I visited Aurora State MAP, hoping to photograph Catalina's N5PY, N85U and DC-3s N3006 and N18121.
Alas, I did nothing of the sort. The FBO only knew of 'Paul Bazely's DC-3' and were so kind to bring me in contact.
When I talked to Mr Bazely over the phone I learned that the DC-3 was doing flighttraining and I was best to proceed to McMinnville; which I did and I saw it fly over twice but it did not land, so I was unable to photograph N18121 (see
Where those other aircraft reside, I could not tell you...
(Update: PBY-5A N5PY was offered for sale through Courtesy Aurcraft Sales early 2017)


N3113V Beech 35R
On my way up to McMinnville I ended up taking a detour and found myself at Mulino Airport.
I found no large transports here, but a few single prop planes of interest. N3113V is a Beech 35R (c/n D-535R6), manufactured in 1951 and registered to Jeanine McCall (Canby,OR) on 17Nov2008.

Cessna 140 NC2404V
Cessna 140 N2404V (c/n 14647) was manufactured at an even earlier date: 1948

Timothy R. Mix wrote me in Sep.2012:
"If you go to this is my page on 'The Arctic Tern'.
She flew in Alaska the first year of her life on floats up above the Arctic Circle. Pretty neat history!
Also look up Harmon 'Bud' Helmericks; he flew the Ce.140 the first year in AK and he is the one that nicknamed the 140 'The Arctic Tern'.
(Mix Aircraft Solutions LLC)


Cessna 120 N77257
N77257 is a Cessna 120 (c/n 11719), manufactured in 1946.

At Canby - Dietz Airpark I was supposed to find Lockheed L.12A NC33RA, but found this privat airstrip to be a community with a grass strip and all aircraft were tucked away in their garage-type hangars, at each owner's house. Not an aircraft in sight!


Beech D95A N969MG
I waited at McMinnville for DC-3 N18121, which I'd seen pass overhead while still twenty minutes away from this sleepy little airport, but it did not show. Until that moment I parked at the nearby museum and it passed again overhead, so I rushed back to the airport... only to find it hadn't landed but gone elsewhere.
The Beech D95A N969M (c/n TD-553), manufactured in 1963, was a consolation prize.

So the museum was next.


Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum

Evergreen museum McMinnville
Douglas C-47A Skytrain '315512' (c/n 19978) stands guard outside the main display hall;
ex/ 43-15512, NC62376, 'N56589'.

Evergreen aviation museum McMinnville
Douglas DC-3A-197 NC16070 (c/n 1910) is dwarfed by the humongous Hughes H-4 Spruce Goose.

Evergreen air museum McMinnville
The giant Hughes H-4 Hercules (HK-4) NX37602 (a.k.a. the Spruce Goose) only once made a brief flight, on 02Nov1947; after years of storage it was put on display at Long Beach, CA from 1983 until the early-1990s.
It was then dismantled and transported to Oregon, arriving here at McMinnville 22Feb1993.

Evergreen airmuseum McMinnville
The iconic Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress is also on display, here B-17G N207EV (c/n 324426).
Through modifications and use it went through the following designations in its career: CB-17G & VB-17G.
Its USAAF serial was 44-83785 and was registered also N809Z during civil use.

Follow the link for more photos of my visit to Evergreen's Aviation and Space Museum and read what
happened to Boeing B-17G N207EV.



A bit of history on this DC-3 c/n 13310:
To USAAF as 42-93402 delivered 15May44 and as KG587 for RAF Montreal transferred on 21May44 for ferry flight th the UK 29May44. Service started with 48 Sqdn 12Jun44, the no. 435/436 Sqdn 08Sep45 and no. 436 Sqdn 17Feb46.
Returned to Canadian Gov't per 23Jun46, registered for service with RCAF on 26Aug46 serial CAF 12931.
Designated CC-129 this DC-3 operated with the Canadian Forces Airborne Sensing Unit, later (13aug75) assigned to Dept. of Energy, Mines & Resources. Served with NWAC Whitehorse in Dec.1950 according to station diaries.

At some point registered as C-GXAU for B. McEwen, Moncton; a lease by Gilley Airways was not taken up and registry returned to B. McEwen. To B. Carruthers, trading as Alberta Northern (date???).
C- GRTM Buffalo Airways, Ft Smith, NWT, registered on 04May79.
First registered as N115SA for Saber Cargo Airlines, Charlotte,NC. (leased from First Charlotte Leasing Co.) 03Dec85.

Tom McCune Aircraft Sales Inc., Charlotte,NC Sep.1991. Bought by First Charlotte Leasing Co., 17Dec91.
Saber Aviation leased N115SA in May 1994. On 16May2011 it was registered to Saber Cargo Airlines Inc.

N115SA was registered 03Dec03 for First Flight Out Inc., Charlotte,NC. By Nov04 First Flight Out had ceased to operate and N115SA was offered for sale on eBay during Nov.2004; with a recorded ttl 27.863hrs.
Soon after it was located on private airstrip near Hondo,TX.
Reg'd 23Feb07 to James T.Hunt of La Habra Heights,CA. Reported on 26Oct07 at Chino,CA.
Then 25Jun09 it was reported as N1159, but this could be a mispole.
Since 12Nov09 registered to Classic Aircraft Aviation Museum of Portland, OR.

Here is its history as of 2005, when it was offered for sale.
It made its way to Aerometal at Aurora Airport (near Portland) for possible restoration; see Ken Swartz' photo dating Aug.2016 on Photos by Friends & Guests (48).

In Scramble #479 (April 2019) I read that N115SA was reg'd to Aerometal in May 2018 but spotted on 03Mar19 at Basler's Oshkosh facility (wings fitted but various parts missing).





Pearson air museum
Cessna 170B N3241A (c/n 25885) with (yellow) North American SNJ-5 Texan and North American T-28A Trojan

More on this museum see my report on visit to PEARSON AIR MUSEUM

Pearson aviation museum
Meyers OTW N34324 (c/n 69), what a beautiful biplane!  




A visit to Alaska is always special.. It is more than twice the size of Texas but with a population of only 740.000! And a coastline longer than those of all other states combined! The size of this US state is so big that only 18 countries in the world are larger..
L.188 stored at Anchorage IAP
Upon landing, just before touchdown on rw07R, I caught a glimpse of N281F (c/n 1079) Lockheed L.188AF Electra.
I've seen it in 'better' times and described its history on ALASKA 2003

Conair Convair airtanker at Palmer

Upon arrival of our Alaskan Airlines flight from Seattle we drove to Palmer for the night, avoiding the high hotel prices in Anchorage.
There was time to have a quick peek at Palmer's airport and found Conair's C-FKFA on standby for aerial firefighting.
Tanker 52 is a Convair CV580 c/n 100, in a previously life built as a CV340.
The next morning I visited the airport more thoroughly, starting at the tanker base first. The firefighting crew were a bit bored because they'd seen very little flying. This was June 12th. A few days later a storm caused fires to erupt along the Parks Highway and they were called in action, but I wasn't in the area then.

UPDATE: Conair's Tanker 52 seen operational @Fairbanks June 2022, Photos by Friends & Guests #64.

Conair C-FKFA at Palmer
During my 2nd visit to Alaska, in 2003, Conair still had a DC-6 (C-GIBS) here at Palmer on contract.
Below: The set up at the airtanker base. Airtanker station at Palmer, Alaska

At the other side of the airport one can find some tired iron stored for many years now.
Tired iron at Palmer

Both Fairchild C-119s are owned by John Reffett, who went through considerable trouble to get these 'Dollar Nineteens' here, but I expect that his efforts to get some commercial use from these old warhorses have become hopeless.
N1394N, C-119F (c/n 10840) was once operated by Stebbins-Ambler Air Transport. John Reffett has been owner since April 1989.
N8501W is a Fairchild C-119F (c/n 10880) and sat for years (about 1994-2000) at Anchorage IAP, without much use.
The intention was to use these sturdy aircraft to transport building materials to the north slopes, but that never came to fruition and both C-119s languish their days here.
More details on my 2003 page

UPDATE (dec.2014, courtesy of Ralph Pettersen): "John Reffett and a small group of volunteers have been workinghard in recent months restoring C-119F N8501W.  This resulted in that the aircraft had successfully completed three high-speed taxi runs on Wednesday 10Dec14. 
With Chris Houchin at the controls, the aircraft was accelerated to 80 knots on the runway at Palmer Airport, before reverse thrust and brakes brought it to a stop.  All systems worked perfectly and the team expects the first post-restoration flight very soon!"
Nicolai Musante added: "A couple of videos from Palmer in August showing an engine start and gear-retraction test on the C-119 can be found on Youtube."

UPDATE: Seems N1394N has been moved to the other end of the airfield. Photo update on JoeJoe's gallery on my website. Now sits among the weeds...

C-119s at Palmer, Alaska

C-119s stored at Palmer

Here's an update by 'JoeJoe' Prince dated 28May2017:
C-119 N8501W at Palmer 2017



DC-3 long time stored resident at Palmer

Douglas C-47 N305SF (c/n 6208) has been stored here for well over a decade and since its owner/operator crashed and died little hope remains for it ever to fly again.
There's damage to the tailcone, caused when it was thrown about by a bad storm and wasn't properly tied down like it is now, with weights to the maingear.
More details on its history my 2003 page:



Super DC-3 at Wasilla

First time I came across this C-117D Super DC-3 was at Ft Lauderdale,FL in 1993 and I must say its looks hasn't improved! Then it was still adorned in US Navy colours, with 'NAVSTA Midway'-titles.
Later, while based at Tamiami,FL it was owned and flown by Super Three Inc. A period of inactivity followed when it blew an engine in 2003. It was being reported being rebuilt in 2005.
During 2009 it was bought by TransNorthern and ferried from Florida to Alaska. Possibly because of the global crisis, business for them has been slow to develop and N27TN (c/n 43332, their 4th C-117D) is used as a spares donor and may be put to use when business warrants its use (no.3 is being restored this year for exactly that purpose).
While looking forlorn here at Wasilla, I have good hopes N27TN will fly again in years to come.

TransNorthern Aviation has 3 other C-117D's based at Anchorage: MY VISIT TO TRANSNORTHERN 2012


HU-16 Albatross at Wasilla  

This Grumman HU-16D Albatross N20861 (G-425) here @ Wasilla was a pleasant surprise for me. It has been registered for Upper Limit LLC (of Big Lake,AK) since 13Jan2004. Its construction number is G-425 and its owner is Rob Hutchins.
See my Photos by Friends & Guests #65, N20861: facing the other way, has it (ever) flown?

Bushplanes at Wasilla Airport
N232RC is a Daytona Cub PA-18, c/n RC-1 and according to FAA Registry manufactured as recent as 2005!
Since 12Aug05 reg'd to Mark S. Callahan of Wasilla,AK

Bushplanes of Alaska!
N79KH is a Piper PA-22-150 (c/n 22-6778) and reg'd to Robert Jewett since 24aug05.

C-1A Trader of John ANderson at Wasilla
Grumman C-1A Trader, N27PH, former BuNo.136791

At the time of my visit to Wasilla I googled the specifics of this C-1A Trader and came across the website, which showed the owner as James Haggland of Fairbanks, AK - while its use was connected hauling freight for gold mines.
Later, upon completion of this webpage, I found it was registered on 16Jul12 to Fuel Services LLC of Anchorage,AK. Below is more information, read on.

Frans Truyens came across the same N27PH at Umiat,AK in 2001, see HERE..

Its career with the new owner was however short-lived and ended up in tragedy.

Martin Prince Jr sent me the FAA accident report ANC13FA004.
On October 15, 2012, about 1557 Alaska daylight time, a twin-engine Grumman C-1A “Trader” airplane, N27PH, sustained substantial damage when it collided with tree-covered terrain about 19 miles west of Willow, Alaska. The airline transport rated pilot, who was the only occupant, was fatally injured. The airplane was registered to Fuel Services, LLC, Anchorage, Alaska, and was being operated as a 14 CFR Part 91 visual flight rules (VFR) cross-country fuel transport flight when the accident occurred. Marginal visual meteorological conditions were reported at the airplane’s point of departure. The accident flight originated from the Wasilla Airport, Wasilla, Alaska, about 1520, en route to the Nixon Fork Mine, about 28 miles northeast of McGrath, Alaska.

According to the co-owner of the airplane, the purpose of the flight was to transport approximately 900 gallons of diesel fuel to a company owned tank that supplies fuel for a mining operation.

When the airplane did not arrive at its destination, the co-owner of the airplane reported it overdue to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) at 1757. After being notified of the overdue airplane, personnel from the 11th Air Force’s Rescue Coordination Center initiated a search for the missing airplane along its supposed route of flight. On the morning of October 16, an Air National Guard C-130 Hercules was able to locate the wreckage. Rescue personnel aboard a HH-60G helicopter were able to reach the site later that morning, and confirmed the pilot was deceased.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigator-in-charge (IIC), along with an additional NTSB investigator, a FAA inspector, and a representative of the operator reached the accident site on the morning of October 17. The wreckage was located in an area of level, tree covered terrain. A postaccident fire consumed a majority of the airplane. Portions of the fragmented airplane were scattered along a debris path oriented along a magnetic heading of 130 degrees, and measured about 240 feet from the point of initial impact to the furthest piece of wreckage. A detailed wreckage exam is pending following recovery.

The closest weather reporting station to the accident site is the Skwentna Airport, Skwentna, Alaska, about 22 miles west.

Note this was copied from prelim report; for actual or updated report visit the FAA website!

Aad van der Voet ( provided additional information:
"Jon Anderson is the owner of the Fuel Services LLC. But it was his friend and business partner Peter Iverson who died in the crash; Peter got caught up in bad weather, wanted to return to the airport but was too late, iced up bad and crashed...
Jon Anderson is the same guy who bought the GAF Hawk (I remember him telling me that last summer-Webmaster) from 'Wild Bill' Michel (All West Freight)."


Wasilla Transportation Museum

Little history is known of this Douglas C-47A 43-15200 (c/n 19666).
It was delivered under that same serial to the USAAF in Feb44; it served with the Alaska ANG (144 ATS) as 0-315200.
It is now preserved at the Transportation Museum, outside Wasilla,AK.
The '0' stands for 'obsolete', an indication planes received in the USAF if the plane was older than 10 years.

Wasilla Transportation Museum

I came across this bird in 1995 and I quote from that page:
This airframe started with the USAAF (serial) 41-18482 on 31Jul42. It was transferred to another Government Dept: Civil Aeronautics Administration with tailnumber NC5 (14Oct45).
In Dec.1958 this body changed its name to Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). NC5 was changed to N99 on 01Feb73. It was transferred to USDA,Forestry Service on 25Jul77 as N101Z.
At some point it found its way to Woods Air, still with the USDA colourscheme. It probably was active in Alaska while operating for the Forestry Service, as there is a report of "damaged at McGarth,AK, Jan.1967". Another reported stated: "USDA c/s intact, at Palmer Minicipal Apt, Jul89".
It seems to have found a way to the 'The Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry' at Wasilla,


Wasilla Transportation Museum
This C-123 Provider has tailnumber N98 on it and is former USAF 55-4548; it's construction number (c/n) is 20219 and was registered to the 'Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry' on 19Jun96 as N3144W.
I have no details of its service records, where and when it went for the USAF.
Looking at its colourscheme it has served the FAA for a few years.

Wasilla Transportation Museum
C-123 spares plentiful, stored in its cabin.

Wasilla Transportation Museum
A look aft inside the C-123 Provider.


Wasilla Transportation Museum

Remains I could not identify; must be a recent addition to the museum, it wasn't here a few years ago.

Michael McMurtrey to the rescue: "Those unidentified remains is a Cessna Bobcat. I don't know its identity
offhand, will get back to you on that." Dave Peel: "The UC-78 at Wasilla is N44793, msn 5064."
Aad van der Voet added:" Ex USAAC UC-78 43-7544, that appears to check out very nicely. I have updated the captions of the two photos at to show the correct info."
Thanks guys!

Michael McMurtrey provided its history:
C/n 5064;
USAAF 43-7544 One of 574 aircraft built to Spec. 225, per Contract W535ac28713 Suppl. #2, 30-7-1942
Ordered as C-78, re-designated UC-78.
DMfr 7-8-43.
S/t The Ross Mfg. Co., Chicago, IL, by Defense Plant Corp.-Dallas, 17-5-45 ($8,500.00).
Reg’d. NC44793 18-8-45.
Civil conv. compl., AwCert iss’d. 18-8-45. Lycoming R-680-E3 engines installed 1-3-50.
Hartzell 3-blade props installed 21-11-56.
S/t Fischer Bros. Aviation, Galion, OH, 10-3-58.
S/t Yankton Aircraft Sales, Yankton, SD, 13-4-60.
S/t Contact Aviation, Inc., Sioux Falls, SD, 11-7-60.
Repo’d. by The Morris Plan Leasing Co., Cedar Rapids, IA, 18-11-60.
S/t The Morris Plan Leasing Co., 2-10-61.
S/t Midwest Aviation Service Co., Ottumwa, IA, 5-6-61.
S/t Richard McComas, Toldeo, IA, 26-9-61.
S/t A. R. Preston/John Kelly, Oklahoma City, OK, 15-2-63.
S/t Ira C. Parks/Ann K. Parks, Palestine, IL, 13-3-64.
S/t Dick Galleher dba Munz Northern Airlines, Nome, AK. 9-7-64.
S/t Larry T. Thompson, Pilot Point, AK, 3-9-73.
S/t L. M. Williams, Seldovia, AK, 9-2-79.
Larry T. Thompson, Homer, AK. Donated to Alaska Historical and Transportation Museum, Inc., Palmer, AK, 29-12-83.
Reg'n. canc'd. 25-6-86.
Seen stored outdoors at Wasilla Municipal Airport, AK, 7-03 and 7-12.


Willow Air
Willow Air, Alaska

N3740Z is Piper PA-18-150 (c/n 18-7496) R18Nov96 Stevan H White (Co-owner) Willow,AK.

N98JH is deHavilland DHC-2 Beaver )c/n 953) R13May98 BAL Inc, Willow,AK. - Specializing in Remote Guided and Unguided Hunting & Fishing Trips

Willow Air, Alaska

Through the website I found this DHC-2 N98JH has a Dutch history!
Registered 55-3487 for the US Army, it was shipped and delivered to the Netherlenads in Nov.1956; it served with registration S-3 in the 334 sqdn Koninklijke Luchtmacht (air force) until 01sep1974.
After a conversion ('AirService Caravan') it became registered N98JH for Willow Air Service.
Photos & history:

Another DHC-2 in Alaska, N77KZ, is also a former Dutch Airforce plane! They really do live forever!
A photo sent to me in Feb.2018 shows it on wheels, on the ice while back in business: Photos by Friends & Guests #53 and an update also on Photos by Friends and Guests #61, seen repaired from 2019 damage in Nov.2020.


(June 17th)


deHavilland DHC-2 N93DG (c/n 601, manufactured 1953) was reg'd to Aircraft Marketing & Leasing LLC (Fairbanks,AK) on 09Apr2009 and is leased here by Sheldon Air Service. Must admit I felt a bit guilty having booked with K2 Aviation for the glacier flight, as with my keen interest in history it would have been far more fitting to fly with the legacy of Don Sheldon!
Maybe next time.
Donald "Don" Edward Sheldon (21Nov1921 - 26Jan1975) was a famous Alaskan bush pilot who pioneered the technique of glacier landings in and around Mt. McKinley throughout the 1950s and 1960s. From his base in Talkeetna, Alaska, he operated Talkeetna Air Service, which ferried climbers, hunters, fishermen, and others to places inaccessible to ground transportation. Over the years, he assisted in numerous rescue operations, both civilian and military, and was awarded an Alaska Certificate of Achievement for his help. [Wikipedia]

c/n 601 was delivered 12Dec54 as CF-HGY to B. C. Yukon Air Service. During 1982 the registry was changed to Air BC.
As C-FHGY it was leased to Coval Air and next was Baxter Aviation Ltd (Nanaimo,BC).
It entered US Registry as N93DG on 09Apr92 and since then has served a variety of operators, such as
Rust's (Lake Hood) as recent as 2007.



N8134G is deHavilland DHC-2 c/n 1410 (manufactured 1959) and registered since 28Nov2011 to Nikolaus Steiger LLC (Talkeetna,AK).
Photos on Neil Aird's wonderful website show it at Kashwitna Lake,AK: a much more natural habitat for the Beaver than high and dry on the tarmac!


N727KT is seen departing from warm and sunny Talkeetna, but effects of winter are still visible: that pile of white stuff in the foreground is a pile of snow!
K2 Aviation is a subsidiary of Rust's Aviation in Anchorage (Lake Hood). N727KT DHC-3T (c/n 419) was reg'd to Rustair Inc on 31Jul2002.


Talkeetna, Alaska

N323KT is prime radial power and is seen returning from a trip among the snow-clad mountains.
DHC-2 c/n 1022 was manufactured in 1957 and has been registered to Rust Properties LLC since 19Aug1999.
The following information was copied from Neil Aird's comprehensive website:
Delivered 15/01/57 as 56-0353 to the US ARMY (type L-20). It was stored at Davis Monthan 30Jul72 to 28Feb77.
Reg'd as N99128 in Jan.1977 for Summit Aviation, Middletown, DE
Then it became C-FBDQ, reg'd 29Feb88 and 16Jul90, for Air-Sask Aviation, Pinehouse, SK (La Ronge, SK)
Reg'd 18Nov91 for William R. and Lorraine Marie Perrey of Courtenay, BC.
It returned to US Registry as N10RM in April 1992 for RMH Aeroservices Inc. (Orem, UT)
And in 1999, as stated above, as N323KT for Rust Properties LLC. (Anchorage, AK)

Sadly, N323KT crashed 04Aug2018. The aircaft impacted a snow covered mountain; some on board are believed to have survived the crash with injuries, but perished awaiting rescue. Weather prevented rescue efforts.


Talkeetna, Alaska

DHC-2 N777T (c/n 859) is reg'd to Thomas Henry Wilson III of Anchorage, AK since 20Jun07.
A brief history again by (try the link for more photos).
Delivered 03Feb56 as 54-1713 to the US ARMY (designated L-20).
Stored at Davis Monthan 29Dec71 to 09Feb76 and reg'd N99871 for William Morse of Grand Rapids, MI.
Its present tailnumber N777T was assigned in Oct.1987 for St. Cloud Aviation Inc. of St. Cloud, MN.
At some point it went to Alaska Frontier Resort Inc. (Illiamna, AK) and in 2007 to its present owner.

DHC-3T N424KT Talkeetna
deHavilland DHC-3T Otter N424KT is seen departing; in a few hours N424KT would carry us to the glacier!


Glacier flight from Talkeetna,AK
"Bush ops' on a glacier! I think it is called the Don Sheldon Amfitheatre here.
Don Sheldon's cabin was visibile on a rock outcrop.




N82FA at Nenana,AK
The small airport of Nenana, not far from Fairbanks, houses the DC-4 wreck N82FA of Brooks Fuel.

N82FA at Nenana,AK

This was actually a military variant of the DC-4, a Douglas C-54G (c/n 35960), registered to Brooks Fuel on 28Feb06. Less than a year later, on 17Jan07, it was written off.
N82FA departed Fairbanks, carrying 3.000 gallons of heating fuel for the Nixon Fork Mine. En route the nr.2 engine started running rough. The pilot elected to shut it down and return to Fairbanks. During the shutdown procedure, the engine caught fire. The fire extinguishing system was activated.
The crew attempted to divert to Nenana Municipal Airport, AK (ENN), but a forced gear-up landing had to be carried out in the tundra. The left wing was consumed by fire. There were no fatalities.

More on this, on my website: Photos by Friends and Guests (6)

Brooks Fuel ceased operations during 2011.


N82FA at Nenana,AK

N82FA at Nenana,AK

N82FA at Nenana,AK
The cockpit of Brooks' N82FA: absolutely gutted..



My last visit to Fairbanks dated from 2003 and I was curious to see for the changes in the propliner scene here. Everts Air Cargo and Everts Air Fuel dominate the scene, esspecially since Brooks Fuel has sadly ceased operations.

I was pleased to note that a propliner fan still gets a warm welcome here at Everts!

Everts Air at Fairbanks

DC-6B N444CE (c/n 45478) is a great eyecatcher, though its paintwork is fading under the stress of the workload.
The Air Operator uses around 8 DC-6s for its cargo commitments, flying out of Fairbanks and Anchorage. Most operate a schedule, to a dozen or so regular destinations, but ad-hoc charters are operated as required.
In the back the so-called 'donor yard' awaits me..

DC-6 purchases continued at the rate of one a year until 2002, although Everts had begun flying the type during the 1980s. In a 2016 article in Airliner's World, by Mark Nicholls, Robert Everts is quoted, decribing the DC-6, as "..a reliable, hardworking and rugged aircraft". And Rob's decision to use it for hauling cargo was based on his father's experience hauling fuel.
Everts Air Cargo's DC-6s come from military surplus or other commercial operators and have an average payload of 28.000 lbs (12.700 kgs). This workhorse can land, and deliver its cargo, on packed ice, snow, gravel, frozen lakes and rough mining strips!
The DC-6 is equipped with a large cargodoor and is ideal for on-demand cargo services and the aircraft's versatility can satisfy an almost endles range of customers and industries.

Following useful graphic is from Mark Nicholl's article in AirlinerWorld (Sep.2016)
Everts' fleetlist


Everts Air at Fairbanks
A beautiful line up of DC-6 freighters and fuelhaulers; nowhere on this globe can you find a similar scene anymore!
Alas, most were missing an engine or a propellor.

The company headquarters at Fairbanks IAP is where maintenance, administrative and charter flights are controlled
from throughout Alaska and the Lower 48. Everts has a 2nd hub at Anchorage - Ted Stevens IAP, where one will find
the company's DC-9's based and (2015/2016) some 260 employees, 10 of whom work outside the state.
Overall there around 315 staff employed during the summer, falling down to 280 in the winter. Everts Air
Fuel retains some 25 staff all year round. - [Details from article in Airliner World, sep 2016, by Mark Nicholls.]


Everts Air at Fairbanks

The donoryard, where Everts Air stores a grand selection of Douglas Sixes for use of their parts. Initially I thought little had changed here since my 2003 visit, but most of Northen Air Cargo's DC-6s have been taken over and put in this yard next to Everts' main operating hangar.

Several DC-6s I found missing have been donated to parties off-airport, more on this on my webpage dedicated to the Fairbanks visit: link below.


Everts Air at Fairbanks

When I reported at Everts' headquarters I was met by some wonderful news: a great and wonderful restoration project had been completed recently! I was taken to the north hangar to be shown around the Travel Air NC9966.

The Travel Air 6000 (later known as the Curtiss-Wright 6B when Travel Air was purchased by Curtiss-Wright) was a 6-seat utility aircraft, manufactured in the United States in the late 1920s; it was developed as a luxury version of the Travel Air 5000 marketed principally as an executive aircraft, although its size proved popular with regional airlines, which purchased most of the roughly 150 machines built.

NC9966 was manufactured in 1929 and over the past four years restored with great dedication; I was told most of the work was done by Ron Klemm, who was also responsible for that 'The Spirit of America'-nose art on N444CE. Ron's career with Everts shows him flying the skytrucks as well as fullfilling the job of Director of Operations. But this restoration can certainly be classified as a true masterpiece!


Brooks Fuel at Fairbanks
Alas, Brooks Fuel (of which I have such fond memories) has ceased operations



Bradley Sky Ranch
I came here looking for stored Twin Beeches, but didn't see them. Found this N3560W instead.
Tailnumber N3560W adorns the remains of a Piper PA-32-260 (c/n 32-449), manufactured 1966.


Bradley Sky Ranch, Alaska
Hiding in the weeds... CAP is Civil Air Patrol but this one stopped patrolling long ago!
The faded registration on the fuselage is N5426V, a Ryan Navion A (c/n NAV-4-1748, mfr 1958).
A few more single prop planes photographed here can be found on my (link to be added later)

Terry Fletcher read about my unsuccessful search for Twin Beeches here at Bradley Sky Ranch and could relate to this as he'd been there in 2008 and 2010, exactly in the same position as I was in, but he got lucky, very lucky...
Terry wrote: "As we started to drive away my wife said: "isn't that a plane in the backyard of that house?"
So we drove around to the other side of the runway and while we were staring through the gate of this house a lady came to the door and asked if she could help - I asked if it was possible to photo the aircraft in her garden - she answered 'sure , and when you've done that you can photo the one my husband is restoring in the garage'!
I support Mike Henniger and his Aerial Visuals website:
This is the Twin Beech in the garden, N702FY in 2008.

And the one in the garage was N9551Z:

Whilst I was in the garage the lady's husband returned and asked do you want to photo another - because if you do, my brother lives just two houses away and he's got a fuselage in his yard too..!
How lucky can anyone get!
So around the corner we went to get Beech C-45F N7379C (c/n ?)s:

We got really lucky that day - and when you see where they are on a map you will see how close you got - maybe one for next time!"
Map at
(You may have to zoom OUT to see where it was in relation to the rest of the airfield)



North Birchwood (June 21st) 

bushplanes at N Birchwood,Alaska
Piper PA-18-150 N4355Z (c/n 18-8673) was built in 1968. A very popular plane here in Alaska.

bushplanes at N Birchwood,Alaska
N421QB '20421', names with the cockpit (backseat) 'Owner Carol Hunt' and (front) 'Pilot Col. Mike Hunt'

N421QB. Manufactured by Canadian Car and Foundry in 1952, this Harvard Mk.IV shows c/n CCF-4-212 on FAA Registry website.
I was sent a 2010 air-to-air photo of this Harvard (to some known as a 'Texan') recently, see Photos by Friends & Guests (29).
Member Mike Hunt donated the aircraft to the Alaska Wing, of the Commemorative Air Force in 2007.
See also

bushplanes at N Birchwood,Alaska
What a remearkable coincidence it was just leaving when I drove up! While I'd been looking for some long time stored
Twin Beeches hiding in the weeds here and couldn't find them (they seem to have been moved to Big Lake), to see and
hear a 'live' warbird is so much better! Hope to get a ride in similar backseat too some day!

bushplanes at N Birchwood,Alaska
The unique Evangel 4500-300-II N4501L

The Evangel Aircraft Corporation was established to design and build a bush aircraft particularly for use by missionary groups. For work in South America it had to have STOL capability and be simple to operate and maintain.
The aircraft that was designed was designated the Evangel 4500-300. The prototype first flew in June 1964 and the first production aircraft in January 1969. The aircraft needs a very short take-off run and can achieve a take-off to 50 ft (15m) within 375yds (343m).
The 4500-300-II is fitted with turbochargers.
Only 8 were built, N4501L was the 1st...

This WEBsite is dedicated to the designer, builders, those who flew and maintained them and those who supported all.


bushplanes at N Birchwood,Alaska
The Lake LA-4, quite a few seem still around, I keep bumping into one every so often in the USA.
N14KJ (c/n 322) was built in 1965 and its registry doesn't seem valid at the moment, for sale?
Lake Buccaneer on WIKIPEDIA



Remarkably about half of Alaska's population lives in the Anchorage metropolitan area, meaning around a third-of-a-million are spread across the rest of the vast state - many in Fairbanks and Juneau, the state capital. The remainder lives in hundreds of small towns, villages and settlements.
Communications with the outside world and securing regular supplies are incredibly challenging for these remote outposts.
The company I was about to visit, TransNorthern Aviation, also flies passengers and supplies to the sporting lodges, for people out hunting and fishing.


Transnorthern Aviation, Alaska

During my visits to Alaska in 2003 and 2006 I had received a warm welcome with Transnorthern Aviation; it was high on my list to revisit them again and good to see the company sees a steady growth, even in these trying times.
Their flagship is 'Super DC-3' C-117D N30TN.

For more on this visit see MY VISIT TO TRANSNORTHERN AVIATION.


Transnorthern Aviation, Alaska
Both N28TN and N30TN on Transnorthern's brand new ramp. They have found a perfect spot here, near rw25R.
When one exites town on Spenard Road, the tails of their aircraft are the first visible signs of the airport!
Both N30TN and N28TN would see mishaps and damage happening in 2021...


Transnorthern Aviation, Alaska
I don't care much for types such as the Swearingen Metro, but behind it sits C-117D N29TN which is being prepared
for an active role with Transnorthern Aviation, including an entire new upholstery in its cabin. However, that never came about and its fate was decided upon in 2022; see below link for updates..
(Photo on MY VISIT TO TRANSNORTHERN AVIATION plus its history & continued career).


Transnorthern Aviation, Alaska
Douglas C-117D N29TN once was a mosquito sprayer and is being prepared here for a new future (a non-
flying one, alas, as I found out in 2022).


Transnorthern Aviation, Alaska
A glorious sight and sound to witness the Super DC-3 taking to the air!



Bush Air Cargo DC-3 

C-47A N50CM (c/n 13445) was registered to Woods Air Services in 26Dec89 and put to good use when I photographed it first in 1995. Its history, from the time it was delivered to the USAAF as 42093524 on 29May44, until recent time, is described on my ALASKA 1995 page.
Woods Air folded in 2000.
N50CM was registered to Bart Tiernan 11Apr05 and it was nice to finally meet with Bart after exchanging irregular emails over the years.
His DC-3 N777YA was parked somewhere up north and he intended to bring it south this summer (N777YA did return to Palmer,AK - see photos Thomas Bouwens on Photos by Friends & Guests - 37).
Extensive photo coverage of N50CM can also be seen on my ANCHORAGE 2006 page .

In 'Propliners Roundup' by Ralp M Pettersen in Air Classics (apr.2016) I read that Bart Tiernan was selling the business, dissolving Bush Air Cargo. He was quoted as "I lived the dream! Now it is your turn!", while offering N777YA and N50CM for sale.
At the time of N777YA's failed landing on 22Nov15 at the Nixon Fork Mine obviously won't help help selling it, but he will make an attempt to recover it from the site and see it flying again.
Pity to see Bush Air Cargo gone! N50CM was ferried to Ohio on 08/08Nov2015 and reg'd to Priority Air Charter on 29Jan16.


Desert Air, Anchorage
T-29B/CV240 N153PA and associated spare parts were for sale (update by early-2019).

Other guests on the TransNorthern ramp are the propliners of Desert Air.
Dennis Gladwin is the owner of Desert Air Alaska and he started hauling cargo to Alaska's remote sites in the Spring of 2001.
Years ago I called him up and his reply to my queries (called him twice) was so rude I never bothered to contact him again.
UPDATE Nov.2019: 'Joey Benetka has purchased Desert Air Alaska in early-2019 from longtime operator Dennis Gladwin.'
UPDATE May 2021: "I recently received a report that Desert Air CV240/T-29 N153PA was going to be scrapped in the very near future, with its two R2800 engines going to Everts.
I contacted Desert Air owner Joey Benetka who confirmed that indeed the aircraft is being scrapped.
While N153PA appeared to be in good condition, it hadn’t flown for many years and didn’t fit into Joey’s business plan. Joey plans on operating the DC-3 for years to come."
¬Ralph Pettersen / 02Apr21.

Desert Air, Anchorage
N44587 is a Douglas C-47A, registered to Desert Air 16Jun2010. C/n 12857 was delivered as 42-92995 to the
USAAF on 27Mar44. Its history is described on my page ANCHORAGE 2003
UPDATE: the name derives from its base Salt Lake City,UT: Alaska Desert Air Transport (1996); it operated seasonally in Alaska, flying freshly caught fish to the plants. The company moved in 2001 to Alaska, hauling freight over a wide network. Longtime owner Dennis Gladwin sold the airline to 32 year old Joey Benetka in February 2019; the
base remaining Anchorage Int'l Airport (ANC).
See also JoeJoe's pix dated 01Jul2021 HERE..

Desert Air, Anchorage
N153PA is a Convair T-29B, c/n 304 and former USAF 51-7892. It used to operate with Air Tahoma.
There seems to be a prop missing. Over the years it has been reported as seeing little activity (if at all).
Convair T-29B/CV240 N153PA and associated spare parts were for sale by early-2019.



Alaska Aviation Museum, Anchorage

Alaska Aviation Museum, Anchorage

For more photos taken this day at the museum see my ALASKA AVIATION MUSEUM 2012 REPORT





Bushplanes at Girdwood,AK
On our way to Kenai, we made a lunchstop at Girdwood. A quick look at its airport brought only some
single prop planes, such as N179C, which is a classic Stinson 108-2 (c/n 108-3179), manufactured in 1947.



N9210 Alaska Air Supply, Kenai,AK 

Beech G18S N9210 has c/n BA-472 and was manufactured in 1959; it continues to soldier on, the fuselage show Air Supply Alaska, but the FAA Registry has it registered to Aero Equipment LLC since 03Sep08.
I only stumbled on it while waiting for my bearviewing flight in a remote corner of the Kenai airport.
I' ve seen a 2006 photo when N9210 was wearing Methow titles. See also my Photos by Friends & Guests #27.

JoeJoe Prince came across N9210 stored (03Oct20) at Bethel,AK; see JoeJoe's gallery on my website

N9210 Alaska Air Supply
The CoA expired on 30Sep2019 and while at Bethel Airport,AK parts were removed and this Beech G18S
was moved to the outskirts of Bethel Airport. It is for sale, but where can it go?


DC-6A N7780B at Kenai,AK
DC-6A N7780B at Kenai.

Everts' N7780B (c/n 45372) was working the fuel hauling contracts from Kenai, while the usual Curtiss C-46 Commando was at Everts' base in Fairbanks for routine maintenance.

This Douglas DC-6A started its career on 12Nov1957 with delivery to Riddle Airlines, registered N7780B. Hughes Tool Co. bought it that same year, but stored it !
It remained inactive for many years, until Dec73, when it was bought by Partners of America. Robert G.Sholton bought it in 1974, N7780B was leased to Northern Air Cargo (a legality, as he was the co-founder of NAC and owner) .
Ownership was made official to NAC in June 1981. It was reconfigured to fuel hauler and operates in this role since 1998.
See how I photographed N7780B at NAC on my ALASKA 1995 REPORT.

When Bobby Sholton bought this DC-6, it had only 9hr50mins total time on the airframe!
Is that a bargain or what ?


DC-6A N7780B at Kenai,AK
The fantastic nose art of Howard Hughes is a clue to its past, while 'The Aviator' is as well as a hommage as
a link to the film starring Leonardo DiCaprio ( Funny how Mr Hughes' stare follows you around!

DC-6A N7780B at Kenai,AKDC-6A N7780B at Kenai,AK
Click on the thumbnails to have a closer look of 'the front office'!

In 2005 Everts Air Fuel took over Northern Air Fuel and N7780B was included in the package; during early 2006 N7780B was presented to the public at the AACA trade show; it had been lovingly restored and 'The Aviator' nose art had been added.
Vintage photos of Howard Hughes visiting Fairbanks,AK in 1938 can be seen on my webpage Photos by Friends & Guests - page 7

DC-6A N7780B at Kenai,AK
Thanks to Francis for showing me around! Co-pilot of '80B and this saturday was going to be a busy one for
him; the program called for return flights to Donlin Creek Gold Mine & Iliamna Airport and then via
McGrath for one last delivery before heading to Fairbanks, to close the day - a long day for sure!
UPDATE: Noted at Fairbanks, apparently stored, 23Jun22; see my Photos by Friends & Guests #64

Fuelling the Found Bush Hawk
Found FBA-2C1 Bush Hawk N108J (c/n 39) is far from being a classic, manufactured as recent as 2003, but it
was our plane for a bearviewing trip to Lake Clark NP; pilot Tom is doing the refuelling and what a trip that was!

Universal DC-6s at Kenai
Taxiïng out for take off from rw19R I noticed the two Universal DC-6's which had escaped my attention thusfar.
They were parked at the far end and I don't think you can see them from the road.

N170UA is a Douglas DC-6A c/n 45518 and has been registered 20May2010 for Race Coast Aviation LLC. Their two Sixes are based here for contracts, probably hauling fish.
History for this DC-6A with Universal Airlines dates back further, as it had been registered to that operator 03Jun06; so the change of name and adress meant nothing for the aircraft, probably a corporate legality or different investors...

Update! N170UA was reg'd to Tatonduk Outfitters of Fairbanks,AK on 23Oct2015. The same for another Universal AL Six, N500UA, reg'd on that same date.

N500UA Universal Airlines DC-6

DC-6A N500UA (c/n 44597) has a similar history being registered to Race Coast Aviation LLC 22May10 and Universal AL 03Jun06.

It flew both for the US Airforce as well as the US Navy: delivered as 53-3226 on 27aug54 to the USAF and transferred as BuNo.153691 on 15Jun65 to the US Navy. Upon retirement (date?) it was stored at Davis Monthan Air Force Base (MASDC a.k.a. AMARC) in Arizona.
Arctic Select Seafoods Inc bought it in march 1987 and registered it as N766WC; but the United States Customs Service saw cause to seize N766WC in Feb88.
Florida Aircraft Leasing Corporation became the next owner, in June 1990.
I photographed it as such at Ft.Lauderdale in 1999: must remember to scan it for the website some day.
For more of its history see my KENAI 2006 page

Update! N500UA was reg'd to Tatonduk Outfitters of Fairbanks,AK on 23Oct2015. It will be interesting to see if Everts Air Cargo will put them to freighter use or for spare parts supply.

Another Universal DC-6 (N600UA) is missing as it met with an accident in 2011, when it was involved in a wheels-up landing at Cold Bay HERE..

Update! In april 2022 I received a somewhat odd request (disclaimer: I don't know this person, I cannot vouch for his sincerity and stand nothing to gain whatsoever on a deal for DC-6B N600UA or this person or persons)¬
"I have been a fan of your website, it is an iconic reference for us who love and defend, to death, all forms of radial engines and propeller airliners. we sincerely would like to extend our gratitude and thank you for the good and continious job of keeping these airliners alive on the web.
The reason for this letter, resides in our need to contact Mr. Tim Smith at Universal Airways; in order to, purchase his N600UA, DC6B freighter, belly landed at Cold Bay airport in Alaska.
Our desire is to restore N600UA and put it back on the job again in Venezuela, preforming general cargo/mail operations.
We have been trying for some time now, to call Cap Smith at his phone number at Victoria Texas (361)570-0074, adress: 207 Store House Dr. Victoria, TX 77904; with no luck.
But, unfortunately due to our blockade, we no longer enjoy calling directly over the regular phone lines to the USA. And due to this situation, we now depend on the internet(email)/wassup (phone number) connections only.
We would really appreciate; if you can foward this message to him or send us his email adress/wassup numbers; in order to, contact him directly and start negotiations.
I am personally good friends of Mr. Jim Smith, son of late Conrad Smith, from Miami/Opaloka airport since 1998
Sincerely; Ing. Xavier Ferrer M. - President, Uranus World Airways,SA.UWA).
wassup: +58-424-689-2040
email: juventudenaccion2000 -ATsign- gmail -DOT- com
avidelca2019 -ATsign- gmail -DOT- com

My note to the above: If he has problems with communications (with the US), how will he be able to import a plane (from Alaska)?
Some inquiries led to the following reactions
"Given the current political turmoil in the country I doubt that any American would want to become involved in a deal to sell a damaged old Douglas to a bunch of unknown individuals.
Captain Smith, may want nothing to do with the idea as presumably the insurance company paid out after the incident, so why complicate matters!"
"Got some feedback from Alaska. The consensus opinion is that the airplane hulk is still at Cold Bay but most likely cut into pieces. I checked a May 2015 Google Earth image and I could find no trace of the airplane. So, I think you can tell Mr Ferrer that N600UA is not a likely candidate for his project."

Xavier Ferrer emailed me the photos he received & collected after I spread the word for his project...
N600UA crashlanded

N600UA crashlanded, photo by John Maxwell, forward by Mr Xavier Ferrer. Not cut up (yet?).

 N600UA crashlanded

EMAIL updates

N600UA crashlanded



High Adventure, Sterling,AK

High Adventure, Sterling,AK
The weather only fit for ducks... In the office were about 8 fishermen waiting for the weather to clear.

August 25th, 2012, the Penininsula Clarion published the following:
"Six people walked away with only minor injuries after their de Havilland Beaver crashed while attempting to land on Big River Lakes on Saturday morning. The plane was operated by High Adventure Air Guides and Outfitters. The Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the cause of the crash."
DHC-2 N314HA crash


High Adventure, Sterling,AK




Lake Hood planes 

Lake Hood planes

Lake Hood planes

Lake Hood planes

Lake Hood planes

Lake Hood planes

Lake Hood planes

Lake Hood planes

Lake Hood planes

Lake Hood planes

Lake Hood planes





Douglas C-47A N272R (c/n 13678) had arrived in Desert Air corner of the Transnorthern ramp at Anchorage IAP.
has a nice selection of photos over the years of this 'skytruck'.

Its history only shows the following tailnumbers: 42-108983, NC88824, N272R.
TWA had operated it as NC88824 nov45-jan52. Piedmont Air Cargo flew it for a considerable time, in The South, already registered.N272R at that time.
It was named 'Miss Catharine' whene operating for Cascade Air Service.
Jeff Jordan bought N272R in the summer of 2005, with a partner, for fish hauling contracts; DC-3 N91314 was also part o their project.
Next it was registered McCollough Holdings LLC (Parker,CO), on 06Jun06, but continued operating for Cascade Air. It was based at Ephrata,WA when not out on charter.
In May 2010 N272R was bought by Desert Air Transport Inc..


Anchorage, june 2012
deHavilland DHC-3 turbo-converted Otter N17689 of Katmai Adventure Trips (Everett,WA) Reg'd 18May05.

C-119 Anchorage, june 2012

C-119F N9027K has been stored for a long time at Anchorage IAP. Its history is described on ALASKA 2003
There's a nice story on my C-119 Info Page (2), a personal account by Jay Carter.
On a posting on Facebook in Oct.2016 I got the impression it resided in the same spot.
N9027K was moved to the South Side, see Jan.2018 update by 'JoeJoe' Prince on his gallery on my website.

Long time companion, DC-3 N67588 (last seen on the image Martin 'JoeJoe' Prince Jr sent me a few years ago) seems to have vanished. database has it as 'destroyed'.
Must be sometime after my ANCHORAGE VISIT 2006

It sat here sinking in the mud for approx. 25 years and is/was in very bad shape.
N9027K was moved to the South Ramp to make room for ramp expansion in 2018. Roger Brooks turned it over to the Alaska Aviation Museum in May 2018 where it may, one day, be on static display here in Anchorage.
It seems to have survived storage in the open quite well in the harsh climate of Alaska.


Anchorage, june 2012
Embraer EMB-120FC N1105G (c/n 120.105) is seen arriving and being met by ground crew .
It was reg'd for Arctic One LLC on 19May04 and is operated by Everts Air Cargo.

C-46 Anchorage, june 2012

Curtiss C-46R Commando N7848B (c/n 273) of Everts Air Cargo, named 'Dombo'.
Most of the C-46s are used for fuel hauling flights and have a built-in fuel hydrant system accessible on the starboard side of the aircraft. AN exception is C-46 N54514 'Maid in Japan, which is configured for Part 121-certified all-weather freight use with two pilots onboard.
The C-46 has an advantage over the DC-6 in some conditions, e.g. due to its lesser weight it may be the choice when delivering or picking up a load on a frozen river or lake.

When compiling my ALASKA 1995 page I made an attempt to list all the C-46s owned and/or operated by Everts, perhaps of interest.
History of N7848B is described in detail on my page ANCHORAGE 2006.

See also my page C-46s in ALASKA.

Meanwhile the weather deteriorated...
But we did not complain: we'd had 8 bright sunny days in a row, one or two days such as this did not worry us in the least!

Anchorage, june 2012
C-118A N351CE (c/n 44599) is also depicted on my page ALASKA 1995 and includes its history.

Everts Air Cargo is a family-owned business, run by Robert W. Everts.
Robert's father, Clifford R. Everts, owns and runs Everts Air Fuel division (-current 2015). It specialises in carrying flammable and hazardous materials, particularly oil, diesel and petrol products.
The companies are based at Fairbanks IAP (FAI), where they have two large hangars, offices and storage compaounds.

Their roots can be traced back to Tatonduk Outfitters (now the parent company), founded in 1978 by Mark Lynch using a single Cessna 180 based at Eagle, 6 miles west of the Canadian border; its business was flying miners and trappers to sites across the state.

Tatonduk Outfitters operated according to FAR Part 135 regulations; for commuter and on-demand charters.
In 1993 Robert Everts purchased the outfit and had it certified for FAR Part 121 operations: airline for domestic, flag- and supplemental operations.
With the introduction of larger aircraft such as the Curtiss C-46 Commando and Douglas DC-6B, the company was divided into 2 carriers: Everts Air Alaska and Everts Air Cargo.

This graphic is from a 2016 article by Mark Nicholls in AirlinerWorld
Everts 2015/2016 fleetlist


DC-6 Anchorage, june 2012

DC-6B N151 (c/n 45496) once flew for Conair Aviation, registered C-GICD; it is featured on a page dedicated to Don McDonald's career flying propliners. others-mcdonald.htm
Going back further in history, it is featured on a 1972 photo as OO-LVG operating for Bangladesh Biman, see Frans Truyens' propliners.

Since June 1996 it has been reg'd N151 for Everts Air Fuel and later to Tatonduk Outfitters / Everts Air Cargo.
By 2019 this DC-6B N151 was near its limits of airframe hours; on my Photos by Friends & Guests #58 you'll see where it will end up!




Propliner flying at Anchorage IAP





Fairchild bushplane inside Anchorage terminal
Fairchild 24G NC3212 (c/n 2933); an Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum restored beauty hanging in
ANC South Terminal near C7-C9. It was our point of departure, how fitting...



This page is my INDEX PAGE to my USA 2012 Aviation photos; the following supplemental pages have been made-
Western Antique Aviation and Automobiles Museum (WAAAM), Hood River,OR
Evergreen's Aviation & Space Museum, McMinnville,OR
Pearson Aviation Museum, Vancouver,WA
Bushplanes and Glacier flight, Talkeetna,AK
Skytrucks & vintage planes at Fairbanks,AK
Visit to TransNorthern Aviation, Anchorage,AK
Alaska Aviation Museum, Lake Hood,AK
Lake Hood Seaplanes & bushplanes, Anchorage,AK



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